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Aunt Tabatha
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Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Robin in Boston
I just became a witch a month or so ago. my parents don t know and i only know one pagan. i want to learn more about my religion and meet more people yet i don t know what to do. i just pray to the elements and Lady Moon. how do you cast a healing spell
Dear Robin,
As you are only just starting on your path, you should not be thinking about casting spells at this point. Right now you need to learn and study, and continue for at least a year and a day. Why don't you join the Members on the main Children of Artemis site, where there is a Teenwitch Forum as well as plenty of chat, where you can learn not only by reading the postings, but also by asking relevant questions. Also there are some great books recommended in the Books Section.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Freya in England Beds
Dear Aunt Tabatha Bright Blessings Please could you tell me what a quickening moon signifies as I will be working ritual on this night. Blessed Be.
Dear Freya,
A quickening moon is a waxing moon, particularly the Imbolg waxing moon.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gilly in York
I have decided to rent out my house and move to London for a couple of years as I am unhappy in my job. There are few prospects in the area and want to look for something more fulfilling. I am educated to degree standard and am looking to move around September this year. I would like this to go as smoothly as possible as there are many things to worry about and it s easy to get discouraged Do you know of a charm or spell which asks for help in such a circumstance Thanks very much for your help Gilly.
Dear Gilly,
You sound like you have a good plan in place, and it's a matter of maintaining your composure and being relaxed and focused. More than using a charm or a spell, I would suggest first and foremost meditation on a daily basis to keep yourself calm, collected and stress free. Then just to keep your focus of will I would suggest a tiger eye pendant or ring, which you should bless and wear at all times, for inner strength and confidence in yourself. Keep it very clear though, cleansing it every month at the full moon, with spring water and salt.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
i have a book when i touch my hand became smelly but the book is not smelly what should i do
Dear in,
I would suggest you get rid of the book. Either bury it or burn it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Paula in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have to do a baninshing spell but im not a wicth as such and do not have the trained will power and knowedleged of one but have to finish this troment once and for all i know who they are and why but their will power is greater than mine and it is causing havoc in my life at all levels. do you have any sugestions or know of someone strong enough to banish them from my life once and for all someone told me about a purple candle and the waning moon and i have checked the ritual but fear not to be strong enough to make it happen. thank you for your attention
Dear Paula,
First and foremost you have to learn to protect yourself. There are other ways to do banishings other than witchcraft, Reiki is a good way, because it strengthens the inner self & will and gives great relief to stress. Before you do anything I would strongly suggest that you get some Reiki healing, which will help to strengthen your willpower. As to finding someone on the ground, which is what you need, you have not the experience to deal with this yourself, I would suggest you get in touch with Merlyn, who runs this site & he can put you in touch with someone trustworthy locally to help you. You can mail him at [email protected]
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Caila in Toronto
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am currently in a relationship with another female. However this has gotten between me and my mother. I would like to know a specific spell to help me mend the rift between my mother and myself. Thank-you.
Dear Caila,
Very often when a parent, mother or father, finds out that their child is gay, they take it very personally, as a failing on their part. It also changes their perception of you, you suddenly become someone else, not their child. The first thing I would do is give your mother a little time. You need to open up the bonds of understanding and communication with your mother again. I would suggest that you get some blue lace agate and malachite, preferably beads that you can make a necklace with. Cleanse them in salt and water leaving them for three days in a waxing moon:

Then create a space to work in on a Wednesday in a waxing moon.
Take a white candle and a piece of green thread three foot in length.

Tie 9 knots in the thread as you tie them

"Each knot I tie is openness,
My mothers love and tenderness,
Let her eyes be open to see
Me as I really and truly be.

Each knot I tie is to understand
She may know my life is mine to command,
But let let her know in her heart so deep,
My love for her is there to keep.

Each knot I tie brings clarity,
For her to truly know who is me,
The bonds are there for all to know,
my mother, her daughter, onwards go.

then write your initials on each side of the candle and wrap it in the thread.
& light it, as you light it you say:

As I burn this candle bright,
I ask for understanding this night,
My love for her in heart,
Let nothing drive us apart.

I ask the blessings of the God and the Goddess on this spell,
Let it all be right and well,
So mote it be"

Then as the candle burns,
Bless the malachite and blue lace agate.
and placing your hands over it just say,

May my mother know that I am who I am, I will always show her my love, and may she always show me her understanding, so mote it be.

Then give it to her as a gift.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From maxine in Wales
I am currently unemployed and am looking for work is there a charm or spell to improve my chances of finding work. Also I own a pure black cat is there any spells using cats that can help. Thanks regards Maxine
Dear maxine,
Here is a very simple spell for seeking work:

On a Thursday night, 3 hours after Sunset, in a waxing moon. Get a yellow candle, bless it. Annoint it with Frankincense.
" Candle, candle burn so bright,
Bring to me the job that's right,
Let it come to me so soon,
Before the turning of the moon.
God and Goddess who all can see,
Grant my boon,
So mote it be"

Burn the candle out and bury the remains.

As for working spells with your cat. Cats have a magic of their own, but they decide when and how they will help. If your cat has a magical inclination, then have your cat with you while your are working your spell, it will put its own energy in in the most appropriate way.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenny in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha Thank you for your advice but I ve already talked to my friends but they seem to not care about how I feel. I wouldn t dare try talking to the girl as she knows what she s doing and she is doing it on purpose. She would only laugh in my face. But thank you for your ideas anyway. So do you have a spell to stop her hanging around with us she does have other friends or a spell to stop her from splitting us up I m really getting desperate Love and thanks Jenny
Dear Jenny,
I know you really want this girl gone from your circle of friends, but unfortunately, you can't work for that, if you did, you could possibly end up losing them all. So far better to do something very simple that will open up the possibility of true friendship between the five of you. This way if she is there because she wants power or to destroy your friendship, she will not be able to stay. However, if you are going to do this, you have to put your feelings to one side and open yourself up to the possibility that she can become your friend. You need to get 5 pieces of rose quartz, if you can afford them get five pendants that you can all wear, if not then five small pieces, which won't cost very much. Cleanse them in water and salt, asking that they are open to friendship and love. Leave them for three days in the water and salt in a waxing moon. Then on a Friday take them out. Set up a clear space and light a green candle. As the candle burns, put both hands over the five pieces and concentrate on feelings of warmth and friendship, saying aloud:

These symbolise the circle of friendship,
Let there be honesty and trust,
Let there be willingness to help each other and sharing,
Let there be understanding and communication,
Let there be good times and sharing,
& when times are hard and I'm feeling down,
It's good to know I have friends around.

I call upon the air,
My friends to know,
I call upon the fire,
For the bonds to grow,
I call upon the water,
For each other we care,
I call upon the earth,
We'll always be there.
By the Powers of God and of Goddess,
I ask that these friendship stones they bless.
This is my will
So Mote it be.

Then give each of them a stone each, including this girl. As I said if she is not meant to be in your circle of friends then she will not be able to stay, & if she is then a friendship will develop between you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jo in St. Austell
I am new to this whole witchcraft thing and I have 2 other friends who are really intrested in this. Can you give me any information as to wear to start and wear any magick shops are around in Cornwall. Thanks
Dear Jo,
There is a shop in Truro called Faerie, that might be useful for you to visit. Also why don't you join the Members Forum where you can meet people online. There is chat and a Teenwitch Forum.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emmeline in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha My life has followed a strange path that has finally led me to the realisation/strong feeling that witchcraft is my calling. Over the years life has pulled me in the directions of psychology world religions and philosophies which I have read extensively on. I have always been a very passionate nature lover and an intuitive sensitive person. Reading about witchcraft and wicca for the first time recently really means something to me and has hit home on many levels. So now I have taken the serious decision to follow the path of solitary witch. My problem is that two years ago some very difficult things happened in my life which I feel affected me badly on many levels abusive boyfriend office job which I hated and numerous other little things all at the same time . Ever since I have had a constant nervous tension in my stomach and a change in my monthly cycle. The doctor says I am fine/just nervous tension but deep down I know that I need to heal before I can start practicing witchcraft because I am sure that there are still negative energies that I haven t managed to get rid of from two years ago even though my life is now absolutely fine finished with the boyfriend a year and a half ago met somebody caring and wonderful and just handed in my notice at work I have tried yoga and relaxation exercises but nothing has worked so far and I am getting very upset and frustrated because although mentally I feel fine now my body doesn t seem to agree... Best wishes.
Dear Emmeline,
First and foremost, though it is better to be in good health, that does not have to stop you from following your path. My word of caution here is to work and focus on yourself to start with and then as you become stronger then you will be able to divert your energies outwards. One of the reasons your stomach problems aren't going away as fast as they might is because you're not yet doing what you want to do. You need to start working on and balancing your chakras, as it appears that your problems lie in your sacral and solar plexus chakras. This could be caused by damage to other chakra points that are blocked and causing leakage and damage there. A good Reiki healer will help you in this aspect. The yoga and relaxation exercises will help, but you need a point to kick off from and Reiki will be able to help in that quarter. So start exploring yourself and your new path and may the Goddess and God guide and bless you on your journey.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gavin Smith in Oxford
I was disabled in a serious motorcycle accident three years ago and my life was put through a food blender how can I regain some of my old self confidence.
Dear Gavin Smith,
I'm sorry to hear about your accident. It is always tough when you have been mangled to make a fresh start and to put the past behind you to move on. Particularly if you have to make serious adjustment in lifestyle. There are many ways to go seeking that old confidence. One of the more practical ways might be through hypnotherapy, which will allow you to go back before the accident and access those old feelings of confidence and bring them into your present life. NLP or NeuroLinguistic Programming might also help you in that way too. A simple meditation for you to do is to set up your space where you won't be interrupted and visualise yourself as how you were, see yourself now stepping back into that old self, bring it into the present, then visualise yourself as you would like to be, see yourself now, stepping into that new self and then bring that back into the present. Another thing that you can do is to get a piece of tiger eye, and bless it for strength and inner power and wear it all times.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chris in kingwood
i ve recently become interested in witchcraft and i need some info on the right way to do the spells. i just need to go the right way about this.
Dear chris,
The book Spells and How They Work by Janet and Stewart Farrar will be very useful. Also remember some basic rules. First be very clear and precise in your intentions. Second work with the influences around you, ie, sun, moon, major astrological influence. Third use appropriate colours and correspondences-days of the week, etc. Fourth, remember to raise and release the energy you're working with appropriately and to earth yourself when you're finished working. Fifth, remember the 2 basic rules of "An it harm none (including yourself) do what thou will - which means use the force of will, not do whatever you want to do - and the Law of threefold return, in other words that for every magical action there will be a reaction that will come back to you in some way or another and generally will be more than you put out in the first place. And finally remember that when you do a spell, it's done, it may not have happened on a physical level, but on the astral level it has, so if you don't let it go & forget about it, it will not have a chance to work.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From angeline in ny
dear aunt tabatha i canot concentrate.i messed up badly in school.i canot keep on doing this anymore.sometimes i break down ad cry.i dont know just feels good to cry.i am fat and boyfriend is great.he wanted to hold my hand since we were walking down the street.they were people around and i did not let him.i dont want to embarras him.he is skinny and i am fat.i dont know.i think about death.i keep on having dreams that i am dying in a different getting hit by a car flash hospital flash my funeral.i tried to commit suicide.i canot die.the goddess wont accept is already hell.i canot spend eternity in hell.its so tiring.i wish i was never born.i need your help.what can i do i know talk to somebody.i am doing that but i need the goddess and god at my can i do this thank u.
Dear angeline,
You have many issues here that need help. First and foremost I hope that you are talking about these feelings of suicide and self loathing to a counsellor. If you are not then you need to be. There are things that we can get through on our own and there are things that we cannot. Behind that fear I sense a beautiful and delicate soul that has much to offer. But there is much damage there and you need to get help to recover. Your boyfriend sounds lovely, and obviously he sees the beauty in you beyond your body shape and sees the real you in a way that you can't because you're trying so hard to be something you're not. Dreams of death are not usually associated with your own physical death, but with change, big change going on in your life and your unconscious mind is preparing you for it. The God and the Goddess are watching over you and protecting you and you can rest assured in their love and protection. The thing is that around 14, you go through much physical and mental change and sometimes it is very hard to deal with. You need to see a doctor, if you're not already and you need to be referred to a counsellor and also get your hormone levels checked, because the crying can be partially associated with the massive swing in hormones that your body is going through. Better still, if your parents are into it a homeopath will help with those hormonal shifts in a less invasive way. But I must stress that you must go and see someone to get the help you so desperately need. Remember the first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one and you have already done that, so the have courage and take the next step.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gemma in Manchester
I know that you get alot of people asking you how to start off. I have taken an interest in witchcraft and i am ok with reading up and buying books but im wondering of how i can prepare myself body and soul to make me a good witch
Dear Gemma,
You already are preparing yourself. But you're going about it the right way, that is by reading and studying. Take your time, you have plenty of it. You will know instinctively in yourself, when you have read enough and feel ready to take the next step, of preparing a simple ritual. I'm sure in many of the books you're reading there simple exercises and rituals and that you're already going over it in your head.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Magda in Aldershot
Dear Aunt Tabitha I have been an actively practising Witch for 1 year but although i put in all my effort and emotion the few spells I have done dont seem to work. What am I doing wrong Am I a failure as a Witch
Dear Magda,
You certainly are not a failure. There is no such thing. I think though you need to look at the kinds of things that you are doing and how you are doing them. Firstly, the things you are doing. When working it is important to have realistic expectations. If you are working for yourself, is what you're working for achievable. If you're working for other people is your outcome realistic? For example when working healing for terminally ill people you have to be realistic in your expectation, and also ask yourself is this the right thing to do for this person. Sometimes things don't change because they're not meant to and you're being protected from yourself by not getting the result you're looking for. Secondly, you have to look at how much you are attempting to do. Are you spreading your energy too thinly. Sometimes it is better to concentrate on just one thing and see that through, than to try & do everything all at once. Thirdly, when you say they're not working, do you mean nothing happens, or that something happens that you didn't anticipate, sometimes again you get a result, but it is not what you expected, but if you go back and look carefully at what you have done, you find that actually, it is what you asked for, but seen from a different angle. So what I'm saying here is be good to yourself, have confidence in yourself, take your time with what you wish to do and be realistic in your expectations and relax. The other thing you mentioned is that you put all your energy and emotion into doing something, but when you have finished, do you relax & let go? That is one of the trickiest things to do, but really in order for magic to work you have to let it go, and visualise it as having been done on the astral levels, even though you haven't seen the results on the physical yet.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Vicky in Wales
For several years I ve been drawn to Wicca as a Spiritual path although I ve tended to push it to the back of my mind as I don t feel my family would appreciate the idea I ve always had an interest in Nature and as a result chose to study Ecology as a degree however although its enjoyable I don t feel spiritually fufilled. Recently I ve let my curiosity in Wicca resurface and bought The Real Witches Handbook which I have found extremely informative and useful. I feel I want to progress on this path as it seems to reflect my own personal feelings and beliefs. However I rarely keep secrets from my family as we are extrmemly close but in this instance I am not sure they would understand or approve. At the same time I am uncomfortable with keeping such a big thing from them. I feel it will be a long time before I ll be ready to call myself a Witch but in the mean time do you think there is any way I can allow myself to be more comfortable with keeping my beliefs from my family for now I hope you can help me. Thankyou. Vicky.
Dear Vicky,
The best way to approach breaking it to the family is to first of all sound them out on a neutral way. For example find out what they know and what they think about witches in general. If you get a fairly positive or open minded response then perhaps mention that you saw a book and were curious, bought it and have been reading up on it & are finding it pretty interesting, and so on, but it is important that you sound them out pretty carefully & use your judgement wisely, because you could end up causing rifts that aren't necessary. It is hard, if you come from an open family, to keep secrets from them and in the long run it is often better to be open about your beliefs. On the other hand, if you feel it would cause rifts in the family, then you are better saying nothing. I have seen people from both sides of the fence, particularly my generation, which is a bit older than y yours, who have never told their parents, even after over 20 years of practice.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Val in Nelson U.K
I have only been learning for a short while but i am drawn to the colour purple and amethyst can you en-lighten me please
Dear Val,
Amethyst is a stone that brings peace and tranquillity to your home and to you. Purple does as well. It connects with your crown chakra, allowing the spiritual side of self to be opened. However, always try and keep an earthing balance to it, either with a lot of plants and water, or natural stones, or stones like haematite.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From barbara in london
dear tabatha I have been asked by a friend how is go through a rough time and is going through a custerdey hearing with her ex husband over the two children i would love to help her out can you think of a spell i can use to help her i have looked in all my books but can t find a spell that will help in this matter if you can help i will be very gratefull barbara
Dear barbara ,
What I would suggest you do is to make your friend a wrist band. You do this by getting three lengths of cord. One for her, one for her children and one for protection to hold them together. The three lengths should be 3 foot each in length. They should be white for Protection, Green for the Children and Red for the Mother (embroidery silk is ideal for this). Set up your working space & invoke the deities that you normally work with. If you have a photo of her with her children then keep it in sight for you to focus on. Bless the cords through the elements & spirit and then tie a knot in one end and start plaiting them together. As you plait them you chant & keep chanting until you have plaited the entire length.

Into this I weave and bind,
Unity of heart and mind,
Three is one
& one is three,
Keep together this family.

Into this I bind and weave,
Joined together so fear may leave,
Bound by love,
from above,
Kept in perfect unity.

Into this I weave and bind,
So that now they may find,
Spirit's strength
to evry length,
As I will so mote it be.

Give it to her to wear & tell her she must not take it off until after the custody hearings are over.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Frederick in England
Can you please explain how one can see a sparkle in some else s eye. I would also like to know how to stop the transfer of thought from happening. Would it also be possible to know who is so desperate to end my life. Is it also possible to stop people from tapping into my subconcious withought my consent. I hope you will be able to help by providing answers to some of these problems if not all of it. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Dear Frederick,
Yes it is possible to protect yourself, I think this is your main problem. You are too open and so are drained and drawn upon. You need to learn to close down. One way is to shut down each chakra point, visualising them close tight like a flower. Focus particularly on your third eye, see it closing in on itself, forming a dark blue bud, keeping all its energy in itself. Also read Psychic Self Defence by Dion Fortune. It was written in the early part of the 20th century, but it is an excellent text and should help you. It is pretty well constantly in print. As to who is so desperate to end your life the answer to that is to look into yourself for the answer it will all be clear. I'm not too sure what you mean about the sparkle though.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenny in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have four best friends and we used to get on really well but recently two of my best friends have been introducing a new girl to our group. I wouldn t have a problem with this usually but she is a very big trouble maker and loves to see people suffer. She is spliting the five of us up and it makes me really upset. Do you have any suitable spells to stop her causing trouble or to find new friends Thankyou. Love Jenny xxx
Dear Jenny,
There are a couple of things you can do, I would only use a spell as a very last resort here. First of all, talk to your other friends about your feelings toward this girl, without blaming her, but ask them do they have the same feelings about her. Then talk to her, on her own, tell her that you don't want to exclude her, but you feel like she is trying to break up the friendship, instead of becoming part of it. It can be very daunting for someone coming into an already formed group from outside it, they're not part of the in jokes, and they can over compensate by trying to take control, sometimes a way of doing this is for them to scapegoat others in the group. But in the end it comes down to their own insecurity.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ade in Bandung-Indonesia
when it comes to fear..of the darkness and sadness what should i do ...and having this dream of someone its bothering me...and the dream is always come i a Wicca ..cos Indonesian people doesent believe of anything like that at all...pls help me...
Dear ade,
You sound very low at the moment. I think that if you choose Wicca as your path, then that is your path, it is not about what others do, but what you choose to do. I understand how lonely it must be for you to be on this path by yourself, but at least with the Internet it is possible to meet people, even if it is only from a distance. Why don't you join the Members Forum and there is chat there as well and you can start meeting people that way & break down your loneliness. Before you go to sleep each night I would suggest that you visualise a bubble of protective light surrounding your bed and you ask the Goddess and your guardians to protect you. It can be very frightening when you are so tuned in psychically, but the more you study and learn the more you will be able to control that aspect of your life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anthony in
Dear Tabatha I can t seem to find the will to make some bad habits go can I strenghten my will Thank you for your time blessed be.
Dear Anthony,
It can be very difficult to change habits, because they are what we do without thinking, & sometimes will can turn into our enemy, because we then focus on our habits & have them in the forefront of our mind the whole time. The best thing to do is to look for alternative behaviours. In other words instead of doing this, I'm going to do that, look at what will stop you changing the habits, look for what triggers the habits, sometimes you think you know the reason why you do something & when you examine it more closely you find that there is more to it. Without knowing more that is the best help I can give. The other thing I would say is to be easy on yourself, if you slip up once or twice, don't look on it as a failure, but instead look for something different to do.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in Wayne
Is there any spell to revive someone really close to you See I lost my brother and he was like my protector and even though it has been a year I still feel empty without him.
Dear Amanda,
I'm so sorry for your loss. When we lose someone close it is often hard to accept that they are really gone. But your brother, though his body is dead and that can never come back, will always be with you in spirit. You need to know that, you also need to know that you are alive and what your brother needs is to see his sister grow up strong and beautiful and independent, secure in the fact that her brother is at peace and in the Summerlands, and one day in the far distant future you will meet, know, remember and love him again and he will be so proud of all the things that you have achieved in your life and will be able to tell you so and how he has been watching over you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Angela in Philadelphia
Do you know any time travel spells I need a time travel spell that will help me travel to 2 days ago. Please help me.
Dear Angela,
No, you cannot change the past. That has already happened. You can only be responsible for what happens in the future. That is the real world, what you are looking for is a fairytale or Hollywood.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joanne in wales
I feel like I am having a midlife crises at 28 Im fed up with constantly cleaning my house doing the weekly routine of taking children to school and Im fed up of my husband I was wondering if there was a spell out there to help perhaps make me feel more settled with what Ive got instead of wanting something differant bb Jo
Dear Joanne,
How well I know that one. But without dumping your husband and children perhaps you need to look beyond just being a housewife and mother. Is there perhaps a part time course that you can do, something that will keep you interested in things outside the home? The other thing that I would strongly suggest is that you put aside some time either every day or one morning a week for yourself. It is such a thankless job sometimes cleaning up the house and just where you've cleaned someone drops a crisp packet, or their clothes or something else. So to find a moment where you can just be, some time to meditate, go for a walk, get your hair done, do a bit of pleasure shopping just for yourself. Having that special time can be a real boost.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From logan massey in jonesville la
dear Aunt Tabatha i really need some help. i am new to the art of witchcraft and i need help i really dont understand it but i can tell that i really like it. but where i live there is no where for me to buy books or things for the craft. im going to give you my address and im hoping youll write me and explain whats wrong.
Dear logan massey ,
I'm afraid I don't have the time to send out personal letters. You need to do a lot more exploring about yourself and the craft in general. Just because there are no local shops in your town, that doesn't mean you can't buy books. You can buy them over the Internet and you don't need a credit card you can use money orders. What you do is decide what book it is you want & go to a site called This site is connected to a whole network of second hand bookstores. You can order direct from the seller and arrange to pay by money order.

Don't be afraid that you are doing anything wrong. You don't become a Doctor by watching ER, you don't become a witch by watching Charmed. It takes many years of education to become a doctor, just as it does to become a witch, which in a way is even harder, because you have to set your own programme of learning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Realta in Dublin
Iam due to meet someone in May this year whom I have not met before. We have had some contact through the net and he is aware of me I am vey much aware of him and can even pick up on his moods at times quite strongly when I think of him but I was wondering if we will get on when we meet physically What can I do to enhance our chances of mutual attraction.
Dear Realta,
Be yourself. If he is right for you & it sounds pretty promising, then he is right for you. Using magic could be disastrous.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alshia in Dwight IL
Dear Aunt Tabitha I had asmia for years know I was woundering if there is any spells that will make it go away or not be as bad as it is .
Dear Alshia,
Asthma is caused by allergies and can be exacerbated by stress. So I would suggest meditation as the best way to cut down on the stress.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From crystal clark in Kingwood
I am new the practicing and was wondering if you had any suggestions on the right way to go about this I ve always been interested in witchcraft. I ve even had a few strange thing s happen after I would just concentrate really hard for something to happen. is this coincidance or could it have been from something else Sometimes all I have to do is space out and want things and sometimes they really happen. Am I just weird or could this be the inner witch thats always been their and I never really knew it Please help with my questions I m really confussed. thanks
Dear crystal clark,
These things have probably always happened all your life, but now as you're becoming more aware of your development it's becoming more noticeable. This phenomenon is known as synchronicity. Starting on the path is very confusing, things happen that you can't explain, you become aware of new feelings, and there is quite often a disintegration of things around you, as you start to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. However, keep your eye focused, and be true to yourself and to others. You also need to start getting discipline in your working and protection. The idea of "spacing out" and "wanting" things to happen and then they just "happen" isn't enough. You need to start looking at getting structure, looking at how to protect yourself, to draw energy from around you and build it up within you and then to release it and to earth yourself properly.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rebecca in London
Dear aunt Tabatha Is there a spell to ask for more life energy I am so tired all the time... people around me suck the energy right out of me it seems. I would like to try an aiding spell. Thank you so much
Dear Rebecca,
You need to learn how to shut yourself down more. You are too open and are beginning to burn out. When you start to feel this drain, immediately visualise yourself surrounded by a circle of light, see the light as being reflective. At the same time visualise a stream of light flowing into you through the souls of your feet and the crown of your head. Practise this at home.

You also need to recover. From the sound of things, you are pretty stressed as well. Make sure that you are eating properly, a balanced diet with enough essential vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, and also that you are getting enough sleep and the right kind of sleep. You might be better cutting out things that increase your stress levels, such as caffeine, nicotine (if you smoke) & alcohol (if you drink).
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From j-anne in manila
is it possible for me to become a real witch
Dear j-anne,
Anything is possible with discipline and dedication. Look at some of the other answers I have given in relation to learning the Craft. The gifts of the Goddess lie within you, but you have to work very hard to allow them out. Humility, understanding, patience, a strong sense of what is real and what is not. Remember that witchcraft is not Hollywood, it's not Charmed, Buffy or Sabrina. It is a religion and a way of life, that makes constant demands on us.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
Thank you very much sorry if i am very rude by the way there is a book what s a christian to do with harry potter by connie neal. page 142 it had said about harry potter and wicca. is it christian cannot practice witchcraft and does a witch allow to consult the dead
Dear in,
I don't know the book, but there are some Wiccan Christians I believe. I think the Christian church does not think witchcraft is right or is what they call a heresy or a sin. Therefore it would be difficult for a Christian to practise and to stay Christian. People who communicate with the dead are called mediums, these are of all religious persuasions. Many witches only invite the dead to their gathering at Samhain which is the time of our ancestors and we invite those who are in the Summerlands to join in our celebrations.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Robert in Ft. Atkinson WI U.S.A.
Dear Aunt Tabitha I am Knowledgable about craft practices but don t really practice unless there is dire need. I have been told by three competent occult practitoners that I have a malevolent other world presence attatched to me. One said he didn t know what it was or why one said it was something an old superior had done suggested i search my file... i was in prison at the time and the most recent said it was a mischievious spirit guide. Whatever it is it has been messing with my life considerably for most of my life. Strange things have always happened to me usually just as i have decided to do the right thing or about to take the steps to make positive change in my life. For most of my adult life this usually meant some type of involvement w/police which put me in jail. It usually happened due to my sitting on the fence until i couldnt stand the situation anymore and went out to drown my depression in gallons of alcohol like trying to put out a fire w/rocket fuel and ending up fighting w/someone i wasn t even really mad at. Now since i don t drink when I m down this thing is keeping me from getting any help from anyone at all. Social Service organizations from the parole officer to the people at the treatment program i tried getting into deny programs exist a day after i meet someone who is currently in them Books and reference materials i search for and find at one place become unavailable when i get there... i mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has gone right for me in so long that i can t even remember when they last did. Not one plan i ve made has happened. No matter how hard i try nothing i do works the way it should and would for anyone else. i am a good man...i don t like violence yet i would fight to the death for what is right even against friends. i never intentionally hurt anyone in any way if i can help it yet somehow i have this thing on me to the point that i am ready to quit fighting for anything and just kill myself because no matter what it is i try to achieve or gain i cant seem to have it until it is either worthless to me detrtimental to me or i just dont care about it either way. What can i do i have to do something or i am dead because i cant/WON T go on like this much longer.
Dear Robert,
I truly feel your pain in what you are saying. It seems to me that you have no direction at the moment, but are suffering depression. You are being very strong staying away from the drink. The key word that keeps jumping out to me is "trying". You keep trying to do something and you fail, sometimes, when we think of trying we automatically link the failure into it. Also because we do things the way we are expected to do them, that doesn't necessarily bring about the right result. So for what it's worth, stop trying. Start doing instead. Stop for a few moments in time and see what kind of future you want for yourself. Sit with yourself and ask for guidance from your guides and your higher powers. Look back at the things that haven't worked out the way you wanted them to and ask yourself "what would I do differently?" and do it differently. If you still don't get the result you want, do it a different way again. Take sometime with your inner self. Start to learn to be comfortable with that self. Sometimes, inside our own heads, there is so much noise that it takes a long time for it to shut down. If that is happening to you visualise a volume control in you hand where you are controlling the noise, channel in the wise ones, rely on their wisdom and take strength from it. Know that there are those who care what is going on with you, your guides, start to build up relationships with them again. Drink often destroys the instinctive self and numbs, you need to start moving towards a balance in feeling. Start working with the elements the 4 elements of earth, air, water and fire, balance these with your spirit.

As to the entity that is with you, sometimes these things attach and start to feed, causing great misery and unhappiness. I would need to be with you to diagnose what it is. But there are things that you can do about it. One option you have is to find a Reiki master or experienced magical practitioner who will help you banish it. The other option you have is to enter into a negotiation with it. This is not as safe, but basically to say to it, that it may stay only under the condition that it stops messing your life up. I wish you all the best with it and know that I have sent you strength.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Star in Mansfield
What do you do when you don t want someone to love you anymore I see all these love potions and love spells dont they have an un-love spell. I want a divorce from my husband I don t want another man I just want out of this relationship BUT I can t bear the thought of hurting this man. We have been together for 15 years aside from the verbal abuse he has been very good to my and my sons. I just want out. Without hurting him.
Dear Star,
When relationships come to an end it is inevitable that someone gets hurt, and often both people get hurt in one way or another. The best course of action that I can suggest is cutting the ties. A good Reiki healer will help you to do this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From travis in danville
I wrote a ritual yesterday and read it aloud when I was done. Some of the effects seem to already be taking place. What happened Is it good or bad Also just for reference I invoked the Goddess Hecuba and the God Pan
Dear travis,
Very often when we put together rituals for a specific purpose the intent of the ritual actually starts to take place as it is constructed. So it is not uncommon for that particular phenomenon to happen. But I would suggest that you complete the ritual in order to complete the work and ensure that all goes well. However, just to make a point here, I don't know what Goddess aspect you were looking for, but I haven't come across the Goddess Hecuba, the only Hecuba I know of is a Greek Queen, and not a Goddess.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From crystal in kingwood
I am now starting to practice witchcraft and I need some info on the right way to practice. I have always been interested but never got the chance. Any tips
Dear crystal,
Hmmm, that's a pretty tall order, there's so much that you can be doing. I suggest that you join the Member's Forum where there are plenty of different forums from the Gathering to the Witches Cottage for the solitary workings. There is also plenty of chat. Then you can talk through the difficulties you are having. Take a look at the Books Section to and read as much as you can. There are some great books there. Also have a look at the Links and explore the other websites. You could look in your area and see if there is a new age or occult bookshop or supplier who may be able to put you in touch with either a public moot or other individuals who will be able to help you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jennie in Dorset England
I have been practising scrying for a few months although I can see something coming through I dont always understand what it means after my last session something was coming through but I lost concentration the ball was very dark and cloudy for the next two days what does this mean even my boyfriend asked me what was wrong with my ball.
Dear Jennie,
When your scrying ball or glass goes cloudy like that it means that it needs to be cleansed. You will find that things may be clearer after cleansing. You can cleanse your ball, either by blessing salt and water and letting it sit in it over night, or by leaving it in the light of the full moon for the three nights. You will find that once it is cleansed, that it will be easier to work with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From amy in durham
where can i find a wiccan name that suits me i am iterlectuall and good with maths and computers. I love the earth and espessually trees and water.
Dear amy,
This is a tricky one, you're looking for a name that is going to suit you and trying to find it can be tricky, because you feel it has to be with your forever and what you like today may not be right tomorrow. The only thing I can say is that like so many things, you will know it when you find it, and you will find it when you are ready to take on a name, and it will be the right one. Whatever you do, don't pick a name just for the sake of picking one. It is much more important than that, and further try and pick the kind of name that suits your personality.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helena Arcuri in Cleveland Tn
do i have magical powers to make things real for other people
Dear Helena Arcuri,
No. Not yet, and maybe not ever. The type of power that is worked with in magic isn't the type that you see on Buffy or Sabrina. It is more subtle than that. With age comes experience and you have many things to learn before you start working with forces and energies that you don't understand.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hannah in Sunderland
Dear Aunt Tabatha When is the new moon this february as I have to cast a certain spells then Thank you so much Love and best wishes Hannah
Dear Hannah,
The February new moon is Tuesday the 12th.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lee in essex
dear tabatha I am planning on making a book of shadows have you got any tips
Dear lee,
A Book of Shadows is the book that you keep all you learn about the Craft written in. Traditionally when you get initiated into a Coven you copy your initiator's book. Generally most people have a couple of different books. The one they copied & the one they use. For the one you use I suggest that you either buy a hardcover blank book or make one. Decorate it in whatever way you consider suitable. The more money you have, the more elaborate your book can be. Before you write anything into it, ask for guidance and the blessing of your guardians and the Goddess and the God. Make sure you write the Wiccan Rede in at the beginning, to remind you of the path that you tread.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brenda in San diego Ca
Dear Aunt Tabitha I m writing to you in hopes that you can help me. My mother lost an important document of mine which I REALLY need and I was wondering if you knew of a way thatI could recover the lost item. Any help you could give me would be much greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Blessed be. -Brenda
Dear Brenda,
I think the best thing you can do is scry for it with a pendulum. First of all ascertain what is yes and what is no, by asking a question you know the answer to. Then make a list of all the places that it is possible for the document to be, and ask the pendulum.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Von Darllyne in Dumaguete City Philippines
Dear Aunt Tabatha I m practicing witchcraft for five years. And I ve got some new spellseveryday from this site. But some of the requirements in riyual are not available in our place. Like woodworm herb and nutmeg herb. Is their any replacement on it to complete my rituals Truly yours Von Darllyne
Dear Von Darllyne,
Nutmeg is a common spice and should be readily available, it is often used in cooking. Wormwood is different and you might be better seeing if you can find any suppliers on the Internet. I hope you're not looking to use it for anything that is eaten or drunk as it is highly toxic and will build up in your system. But if something requires a certain herb or spice, it is better to stick to what is looked for, or to use a different spell or recipe.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Menios in Liverpool
Dear Tabatha I am something less than begginer in the art. Because I am from Greece I was wondering if a translation to the words of a spell would affect the spell. I ask you because it s easier to memorize in my language. Also a last thing I would like to ask is how importand is the initiation Is there a way to do it myself because I don t know any other witches in my area That s all thanks for your time.
Dear Menios,
There is no reason at all why you can't translate spells into your native language to work them. Try and keep rhyme if you are working with incantations and make sure you have the meaning right. As to initiation. For some people it is very important, for others it isn't. If you want to find out more and make contact with more people I suggest you join the Member's Forums and meet people that way. Also have a look at the Links page of the site, a bit of surfing can make you new contacts. Also have a look in local occult or new age bookshops and ask are there any moots, you will be able to meet people that way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Atty in Chicago
Is there a spell for being atractive because at school I am haveing trouble getting a cute boyfriend so I wanted some help
Dear Atty,
The only thing I can say to you is that there are certain ways to do things and looking for spells to make you attractive will not solve your problems. Getting a cute boyfriend won't necessarily mean that you get the right boyfriend. Perhaps looking for a kind, gentle and understanding boyfriend might be better. It is about looking within and finding the goodness that is in you, and once you have found that, then you will find that you are attractive to the right sort of boyfriend.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Violet in Atlanta
Dear Aunt Tabatha My mother as well as three other family members suffer from a disease that causes them to be legally blind. My cousin Becca 10 was just diagnosed. No modern medicine can do anything for them. As my family is devastated I hope to find a way to help them. My parents and I strongly believe in natural and spiritual healing. Are there practicing healers that may be an option for my family If so who I appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.
Dear Violet,
I am so sorry to hear of your problem. It is very difficult to come to terms with that kind of illness. However, a holistic approach is better in many ways. My first thought is for you to find a good Reiki practitioner. Also to look into acupuncture. Ring around and don't be afraid to ask them for recommendations or references.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kitten in Leesburg
Do we as pegan/Wiccan s allow for human killing s
Dear Kitten,
Absolutely not. Killing is murder and evil. We work for the betterment of ourselves and where we can, we help others.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kendra in apollo beach
hi im 13 years old and i just recently got interested in witchcraft. i have a few books on simple spells and i like doing them. i dont really no alot about witchcraft and i dont have a teacher or any one to guide me on my way. i really want to learn more but i feel it is goin to be very difficult without someone there by my side helping me out do you have any way of hooking me up with a teacher of some sort i would really apriciat the help and if you cant do that could you give me any advise where to bye books candles insents spells any thing to give me a push in the direction i want to go would be so wonderfull thank you Kendra
Dear kendra,
I'm glad for you that you have started upon the path of the Craft, however, you will not find a teacher until your are 18 and you should not be practising any real spellwork until such a time either. You should at this point be looking to broaden your view of the world and your education with regard to the natural world and world religion in general. What I would suggest you do is read as much as you can about the subject, use the Internet as a tool. Why don't you join the Member's Forums, there is a Teenwitch Forum and plenty of chat, people who will be able to help with specific problems and give you a good insight. Remember it isn't supposed to be easy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From steph in lancaster
my parents don t believe in witchcraft but i would like to pleaze if u could help me some without me buying a book right now thank you.
Dear steph,
I cannot give you advice about becoming a witch if your parents have not given their consent. I'm very sorry, but you are living under their care and protection and until you are of an age to do otherwise, then you must abide by their rules. However, this will not stop you from finding out about the things that witches do, like caring for the planet, learning about the environment, and caring for the creatures of the earth. I would suggest for the moment that you confine your energies to doing just that until such a time as is appropriate.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nathan in Southampton
Dear Aunt Tabatha For a great deal of time now I have had a desire to become a witch. However I need your advice. After going through a past life regression I found out that I was a witch but I was of the black kind. There is a history of witchcraft in my family but again it is of the dark side. My mother and I have always had a gift where we can see those who have passsed on particularly strong in me when I was a young child. From a young age I have been interested in witchcraft but I have always gone back to being interested in satanism even when I am not looking for it. I wonder if it is because something has been passed down through generations. Could you tell me why I am drawn to the dark side even when I don t want to be I was not raised into the wicca religion but as a catholic which I do not practice and have not for a great deal of time as I do not feel comfortable with a religion with teachings I do not agree with. I always come back to wicca and feel comfortable in the religion but I feel it could be my destiny to enter into Wicca but why is it I am attracted to the dark side and go back and fourth between light and dark. I was hoping you could advise me on why I would really like to know how I get started as a witch how to and where I can reach those already in the religion and if there are any coverns in my area. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can help me.
Dear Nathan,
The Craft is a religion of polarity, recognising and working with the dark and the light. Keeping them in balance and realising that every action has consequences is a large part of being a witch. If you decide to follow the Wiccan Path, I suggest you join the Member's Forums and you may indeed find people in your area. Also have a look at the Books Section and the Links Section. & remember, it is not about what you were in the past, that you cannot change, it is about what you will be in the future, that is what you have control of.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cyndi in Allentown
My daughter and I are being harrassed by the school nurse she has called authorities making false accusations about me doing drugs and neglecting my daughter to the point the authorities are starting to want to take my daughter from me. I have gone every avenue I can think of including talking to lawyers. I am a witch but I am so fustrated with this situation I m having a difficult time thinking positively or correctly. Any ideas
Dear Cyndi,
You don't say what age your daughter is, but I think that there are issues there and perhaps she hasn't communicated them to you fully. Just as you haven't been communicating your needs well either. The school nurse believes that she is doing the best thing possible for your daughter, but is standing in judgement. I'm very glad you have sought legal advice. I think you might go further and look into family counselling for your daughter and yourself. There is something there that you're not completely aware of and it will help you to deal better with the situation and will also help to get the school nurse and the authorities off your back. As a witch you need to be working to gain insight and balance into the situation. Keep a piece of rose quartz cleared and charged with you at all times. At the new moon, on Wednesday work for clarity and communication between yourself and the authorities.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From bryan in arlington
I am not a witch but am open to many beliefs ideas and ways of thinking. My question is simply curiosity. What is the Pagan star the Pentagram Why is it also so closely connected to Satanic occultism My beliefs are very similar to those of Pagans and I understand how Paganism being satanic is a misconception. However the stigma created by the society around me is still strong and this symbol is my biggest barrier to dis-associating Paganism and Satanic occultism. The clue will only have me asking more questions but for now just the one. What is the Pagan star Thanks - g
Dear bryan,
The pentagram has many meanings and is a very old symbol. It is said to stand for the four elements of earth, air, water and fire with the fifth being spirit holding them together. It is also said to be symbolise Man as macrocosm, and his eternal quest for spiritual truth, the five points of fellowship. When it is inverted as in the Satanic meaning it is looking into oneself, when it is upright it represents Man striving for union with the Divine. Satanists use and pervert many symbols, including the Christian crucifix, just as the Nazis corrupted the Swastika, which is an ancient solar cross and symbol of life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jessica in huntsville
I need helpful advice I am new to being a witch. My mentor who lead me into the craft went to the dark side of vodo. That is not what I wanted. I am a mother and a wife please tell me how I can better my craft around the house and for my family
Dear jessica,
How very upsetting to lose your mentor in that way & how wise of you not to follow. The book Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham is one that you may find very useful. Bringing the Craft into your day to day life is so easy, keeping reminders of the earth and the Mother Goddess and Father God around us, just picking up stones on a beach or leaves. Following a more environmental lifestyle, recycling, watching what products you buy, etc. These are simple things, but so necessary. It also sets the tone for your family. Start teaching them about the Natural World, and the cycle of the seasons, that is what the religion of the Craft is about, the changing of the seasons and how we change within and without with them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Caer in Los Angeles
I have been interested in wicca for some time now but I have no idea where to start I am reading the book The Real Witches Handbook but I just don t know where to start can you help me
Dear Caer,
If you are reading and don't know where to start yet, it means that you are too young to start. Take your time. In the meantime why don't you join the Member's Forums, where there is both chat and places where you can post your questions. There is a Teenwitch Forum there too.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From gemma in sheffield
in my family there is a history of witches my boyfriend practises wich craft and i wonderd because strange things happen to me and people around me and things that i could be a witch too what do you think
Dear gemma,
Why don't you start reading about it, and find out for yourself. The Craft is a personal journey and path, that we all walk in our own way. You must choose for yourself and not let anyone else influence you or choose for you. Ask your boyfriend to lend you some books on the subject or go to the Books section and perhaps get some books for yourself. But the only person who can decide whether you're a witch or not is yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stokley in Kansas City
Lately my friends and I have become very interested in witchcraft. I m only 15 and my friends are 16 and we re not really sure how everything works. What are some simple spells we should try Does there have to be 4 people to perform spells We ve watched the movie The Craft a few times and we were wondering how we re supposed to figure out who belongs to which watch tower . Thanks for any information you can give us.
Dear Stokley,
Real witchcraft does not work like the Craft, which is only a movie after all. There are plenty of people who are working all by themselves. Why don't you have a look at the Books Section and invest in a few books on the subject, and learn what it is really about. Kate West's book would be a good place for you to start,and contains the information you're looking for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From christian in Uvongo
I need a job. Where can i get the best job possible for me
Dear christian ,
You need to set your sites lower than they are at the moment with regard to a job. You are not looking in the right place. You need money, but you also need to look for work that you are able to do right now. You could look to widening your skills by perhaps undertaking an apprenticeship or training of some sort.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jamez in Oakville
I just recently looked around on a catolog for witchcraft on the internet and im confused. a great deal of the items involve getting back at your enemies and such and i believe that this is wrong for what the Wiccan Rede states. I feel that even though they are your enemies it still breaks the Rede if you do anything like that to them. Do you think i should not buy anything from them even if the items i want to buy arent necessarily harmful Also what would happen if an item with magickal properties breaks thank you.
Dear Jamez,
If you are uncomfortable with any company that is selling things that you see as harmful then you must follow your own conscience. It is obvious that you are a very scrupulous person and you should stick to your principles. These companies are often only out to make money, & don't care about the consequences of what they're doing. But then you also have to weigh your own need into the equation. If you break something that you have been using, it means that it's purpose is over, the best thing to do with it is to bury it in the earth, burn it or throw it into the sea, depending on what it what was used for. As you do thank it for helping you, and thank the spirits that aided you when you were using it. Just remember not to pollute or litter either.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
can u sent mi a email about which day is what moon and wat its call thank you
Dear in,
You've asked a lot of questions over the last couple of days, so I'm answering them all at once. If you go to the Members Forum and join there, & then go the Advertisements Forum and have a good look there, there is a site for moons posted there. As to Druid's & Witches and the difference. There is a book called The Pagan Path, by Janet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, which will explain all the different paths to you. Satan does exist in Christian terms, and is the Christian manifestation of evil, therefore he does exist as the polarising force of evil to God's force of good. Evil is real and prevalent and as pagans it is important for us to realise that, even though Satan or the Devil doesn't really manifest as a force to reckon with. When you work with good, you must always be aware that evil is there. As for music and chants, there is also a Music forum on the Member's Forums, so perhaps you could put a posting there and get some advice. Also I think it might be a good idea for you to start posting on the Teenwitch forum, you obviously are really beginning to explore your path and you will come across a lot of helpful people there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From natalie in england kent
hello im a young practising which and would like to know if there are any good sites on the magical uses of the elements which i can copy into my book of shadows
Dear natalie,
Why don't you start by having a look at the Links page of the Children of Artemis site. Also if you're not a member why not go on-line to the Member's Forum, there's a Teenwitch forum and plenty of chat, you will make lots of contacts who can help you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alberto in Los Angeles
Dear Oracle... Oracle keepers.... What I have seen and expirienced lately is it real a sign am I under a spell or am I loosing my mind perhaps dying please answer me because I don t know what to do anymore thanks
Dear alberto,
I think that you need time away to consider properly what you have seen. I think it is real, but that there are explanations, you need to bring strength and hope into your life. If you go on the way you are going you will lose these things. Look to your inner self, you may have allies who will be there for you and they may be who you least suspect.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alyssa in ny
Dear aunt tabatha candlemas is coming soon.what sort of spells can i cast on candlemas blessed be
Dear alyssa,
Candlemas is also known as Imbolc, Imbulc or Imbolg (the B is silent & it is pronounced immoluc with the emphasis on the im), which means "in the belly". It is a festival of Light, sacred to the Goddess Bridget, Brigid or Brid, whichever way you want to spell it. It is the time to start thinking of planting or sowing, of bringing the light into your life & rekindling the flame. It is the time to work for fertility. There is a ritual of making Brigid's Bed, where you lie a doll, generally made from straw at the last harvest, with the phallic wand and make their bed in the ashes of the hearth. Another tradition is to make a new Brigid's Cross which is an equal armed solar cross, out of rushes to hang up over your door. The old one should be either burned or buried.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From angela kirkley in vicksburg
I do not consider myself to be a witch but I do practice magic herbalism etc. My question is How do I become A True Witch Also do you have any suggestions on how to teach children magic.
Dear angela kirkley,
I don't think it's a question of becoming a true witch, I think it's assessing what your spiritual beliefs are, and then seeing if they match to the beliefs of witchcraft. The practice of magic is one thing that witches do, but not the only thing, and then there are some people who are not witches who practise magic.

I think children need to learn more about our magical world through example. I don't think that it is something we should be consciously trying to teach them. For example, my children are aware of the Goddess and God, but I let them lead the way, they have so much natural magic about them. Teaching them about nature and Nature Spirits is enough for them, they will lead their own development from there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Bonnie in Oregon
Dear Tabatha I ve been doing a lot of reading on wicca/witchcraft and I agree with a lot of your religion I was wondering if I have what It takes to become one and if so how do I become aware of other wiccans around my area of living Please help Sincerely Don t Know where to begin Bonnie
Dear Bonnie,
The first thing I would suggest is you go to the Books Section of the Site and have a good look at the titles there. Kate West's book is excellent. You could also post on the Member's Forums and make contacts that way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
Is there any other rules for witch can tell me all thank
Dear in,
The basic rule of witchcraft is "An it harm none, do what you will". That means when you are thinking about doing spells or working magic you have to think of the consequences. Sometimes you think that it is all right, making things better, but you can be changing someone's destiny and that is not for you to decide. Also you may do something for someone that might bring harm to yourself and that isn't right either. It also means that you have to think of it in a wider context, about looking after yourself and your friends even in a non magical way, for example hurting someone physically or saying something that might hurt them. There is also the Law of Threefold Return. This does not necessarily mean that what you do will come back exactly three times, but it does mean there is a force at work that gains momentum and that what you send out may gather that momentum and come back to you 3 times more intensely.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From shyla in england
Ive been intrested in the spirit world for some time now and am able to read tarot cards quite easily. also i can comunicate with the spirits through my self it started off by me writing what the spirits are saying to me but now its through me they move my fingers spell things they tell me things whats gonna happen that day and it does. i can feel it getting stronger like sometimes we talk in my head and sometimes i thing im going crazy. i help my friends when they need to know things but im confused whats inside me and can you tell me is it evil am i crazy the energy i receive is great but what is doing this to me giving me the power to see. is there other people like me if its real id like to use it in my witch craft make me better any clues for me thankyou.
Dear shyla,
I don't think you're evil and I don't think you're crazy, but I do think you should seriously start thinking about learning to a) protect yourself and b) learn when it is appropriate to say no. If you carry on the way you are you're going to burn out, and you will find you start to get ill. The book Psychic Self Defence by Dion Fortune is a little old fashioned, but excellent from that point of view, and it will start you thinking about looking after your psychic body as well as your physical one.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From shyla in england
Ive been seeing someone recently as friends we have both just got out of bad relationships and he doesnt want to get involed were both misrable and lonley and talk alot for company. the thing is ive fallen for him hes perfect in every way i want to cast a love spell but cant decide which one to use can you please help me it seems pointless us being alone and unhappy when were together were so happy.
Dear shyla,
I don't think you need a love spell here, and I never recommend love spells because they generally don't bring about the desired result. What you need is a bit of courage and self respect, a new dress and ask him for a drink some evening. You will either end up as good friends or lovers, but whichever it will be worth it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sarah in Williamsburg
Please help me I can t make any spells work. Do I have to complete a ritual If so what is it
Dear Sarah,
There are many reasons why people can't make spells work. One is that the spiritual side of the spell work has to be fulfilled. There are many rituals involving that, which can be found in a variety of books, and it is always better if you believe that the Gods are working with you. Another, and even more common reason that spells don't work is because you don't let them. You're so busy concentrating on the spell and what you want that you neglect to let them go. The thing to remember with spells is that once they're done, they're done, they may not have happened yet, but they are still done, the energy has to be released. Another reason spells may not work is because you are not working for the right thing, or they have been phrased badly or they're not meant to work. Finally, often we think a spell hasn't worked, but when we look back to exactly what we asked for we find it has, but not quite the way we envisaged.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in england
dear tabitha thank you for answering my question unfortunately my friends still have not forgiven me... i keep telling them sorry but they blank me and say stuff about me loud enough for me to hear such we are gonna do this with all of us and no people who lie to us it makes me feel terrible about what i did and the spell didnt even work but they r still mad i lied to them which is allowed i guess but i knew that if they found out they wouldnt speak to me anyway so i am really stuck and i dont know what to do or anything they accused me of only using wicca as a power trip which really insulted me but the thing is i keep lying and everytime i say anything it conflicts with another thing... is there a spell 2 improve my state of mind or to stop me lying please i really need my friends back....
Dear sarah,
It's about maturity isn't it? Not only yours, but theirs as well. Give it a few weeks. Give yourself space and them space. Also look to what is important that is being true to yourself. Obviously when you and your boyfriend split up you were very unhappy, unhappy enough to do something really stupid? Would you have done it had you known that it would split up yourself and your friends? You cannot change the past, but you can change the future, remember you are in charge of your own destiny it's up to you to be the best person that you can. The Path you have chosen is not an easy one, because it is about self development and growth. You are now starting to grow. For the time being take time out, your friends will notice the changes in you in time, but if you push it, they won't be able to see it, so give it a bit of space, ok.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sebastian in Galati
Thank you Aunt Tabatha for your previous answer but it still can t help me. I will tell you more. I was and I m still into the Black Magic and Voodoo. At the begining I was thinking that when I will like to stop I will stop...but I was wrong Now I d like to change myself but after 5 seconds of positive thinking I m back into the evil mode. What s wrong [email protected] Thank you very much Bless you
Dear sebastian,
As I said to you before you have to get outside help. What you have at the moment is like and addiction. Unfortunately, you're too far away globally for me to help. You need to go and see someone on a regular basis, such as a therapist or counsellor who will help you. You have the conscious knowledge that what you're doing is wrong, but you haven't the strength of Will to change it, so you need support. Please find someone to help you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
do u have any nice names for a black cat and a white cat any spell to bless them or anything or even treats for them can help me thank
Dear in,
There are so many lovely magical names of cats. You could call them Merlin and Nimue if they're a boy and a girl, but you didn't say what sex they are. I once knew a big black tomcat called Bran, he was lovely. Hecate is a great name for a female (my cat is called Hecate). You could pick names from nature like Midnight and Snowdrop. As to spells to bless them, they are already magical creatures, so I suggest that you just give them a real treat of sardines in oil (not too much or they'll get fat) and ask the Goddess Bast to bless them both and grant them long and happy lives.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emilie in Manila
Dear Aunt Tabatha I ve ask help from a lot of wiccan practioners and it seems none of their spell works. According to them there s too much negativity thats surrounding me that s why my lover can t come back to me. I hope you could help me.
Dear Emilie,
There seems to be much emotional confusion around you at the moment. Not being on the ground its difficult to confirm or deny what you have been told by other Wiccan practitioners. But working magic to make a lover come back is not what you need to do. What you need to do is work on yourself and perhaps this is what they mean. You need to work for inner strength and confidence, opening yourself to the possibility of love and loving yourself, because in the end it is being able to love yourself that will allow you to be loved by others.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From melanie rundle in montreal
am i going to get married to my boyfreind inthe summer
Dear melanie rundle,
I think you need to look at your reasons for wanting to get married. If you're asking this kind of question there is doubt in your heart about something. I think you need to find out what that doubt is, whether marriage is really what you want, or is it just something to do? Examine your feelings for your boyfriend, what exactly are they? and what are his for you?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Connie in Jacksonville FL
I have not been studing wicca for all that long. I have many questions bbut I will save them all for another time. One of my questions are how do you go about getting your wiccaning and joining a coven I don t know any wiccans in my area so please help me if you can. thank you and I think that its great what you are doing for all of us.
Dear Connie,
A Wiccaning is usually the ceremony that is used to welcome a child into the Wiccan family. Most covens or solitaries have a Dedication ceremony to welcome you to the community and during which you can affirm your dedication to the Path you have chosen. Many books contain a self-dedication ceremony. In order to find a coven, you may be surprised, there may well be a coven in your area, but you have to find it. One thing you can do is start in your local occult or new age bookstore and see if there is any public moot or meeting. Also keep looking on the Internet, there are many groups that have websites. Take a look at the Links section to this site and try posting on the Members Forums, you might find some useful contacts there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Michelle in Lancashire
Me and my partner have had ups and downs in our realtionship will my marriage last
Dear Michelle,
Yes I think you're relationship will last, you may have your ups and downs but there is love there as well. Just remember a relationship does take work, you can expect those ups and downs, they are what makes the relationship stronger in the end.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in England
I have had lots of different realtionships that have not worked out when am i finally going to be married and happy
Dear Amanda,
I think you need to give yourself a bit more time. There is plenty of time before you need to thing about settling down and getting married and maybe more important things you need to be focusing on right now. You will eventually meet the right partner and it will be when you expect it least of all, because you won't be looking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Beth in Glasgow
i have been learning about Wicca for 18 months a sole apprentice and have not cast any spells as yet. However my Mum s dog has a cancerous tumour on her nose - she is not old...I have a hands on healing old gypsy spell which would be good but I cannot get quality time alone with the dog. I am trying this spell via visualisation bu wonder if there is somethign simple and straight forward that you would reccomend Thankyou BB
Dear Beth,
If you're having problems with the visualisation aspect, which is a good technique, why don't you use a stuffed toy which you would bless and name as the dog, and use as a "proxy" in other words it would represent the dog in every way except being the actual dog itself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helen in Liverpool
Dear Aunt Tabatha While looking a sevral rituals it mentions that a goddesss figure is places in the casting circle or on the alter is there a way i can make a small token to take place of the goddess figure till i can aford to buy one. with meny thanks and meny bright blessing Helen
Dear Helen,
There are many things you can do to represent the Goddess on your altar. You can make something as you suggested, a drawing or painting, even a figure in clay, perhaps something resembling the Venus of Willendorf. Most of us have Goddess figurines that we have bought in small shops which are reproductions of more famous Goddess statues, for example, I have a Venus of Willendorf and a Venus de Milo, but even a small cauldron can represent the Goddess, or an apple, which is one of the fruits of the earth. You could have a red candle which would represent the Mother aspect, a painting or even a picture out of a magazine which to you represents the Goddess force. You could even have a rock that represents Her. You should also have something to polarise her and represent the God force, so think along the same lines. I know the little statues can be very expensive, so take your time before you invest your money in something.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Duruye in Crayford
My boyfriend sent me a letter from Cyprus over a month ago and i still haven t received it. It was really important to me. Is there a spell or anything i could do to get the letter please.
Dear Duruye,
The only thing I can think of is a retrieval spell. Create a circle to work in. Get a photograph of your boyfriend a clear glass bowl of water, a blue lace agate stone. Place the photograph of your boyfriend underneath the bowl of water so that you can see it through the water. Place a white candle behind the bowl, bless the blue lace agate stone, afterwards hold it in your hand. Say to it 3 times, "you are the summoning stone, you will summon across the sea, you will summon this letter home to me". Light the white candle and then drop the stone in the water it should land on the face of your boyfriend in the photograph, and say 3 times "ripples are caused this I can see, the water calms, the light of the flame brings it to me". Let the candle burn out completely, the clearer it burns the sooner you will get the letter. If it leaves a lot of excess wax, then I fear the letter is irretrievably lost. Once the candle has burned out completely, empty the water into the earth and place the stone under your pillow until your letter arrives.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kelly in Durham
I ve been unemployed since November and I m starting to get very depressed. I ve applied for hundreds of jobs but I ve been rejected for all of them. None of my spells and rituals seem to work and I m starting to lose faith. Why can t I get a job and what else can I do to help my situation
Dear Kelly,
It sounds like you're going through a real run of loss of self confidence. But I'm going to make some suggestions here. First of all perhaps you are looking in the wrong place for work and this is why you can't get any. Now may be the time to seriously think about what you want to do with your life and to go for that, but it may require further training that you feel that you haven't got the resources to get. But there is a way, if you are willing to sacrifice other things. But go further in your training and many doors will open for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gillian in Newcastle Upon Tyne
My boyfriend suffers from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and has recently suffered a series of bad seizures. This has made him retreat into himself and withdraw from me. I know that he needs space to deal with this but I am worried about his state of mind and feel helpless. What can I do to assist in his return to good health and to help minimise the attacks so that we can resume what was a beautiful relationship
Dear Gillian,
Once his medication is stabilised things won't be so bad for him, but it is an enormous shock for him to deal with and for you to deal with too. Why don't you make an amulet or small medicine pouch for him to wear. He needs good earthing things in it like haematite and black obsidian, some small apache tears would be excellent. Also cinnamon bark, oak bark and crushed holly leaf, as well as that put in a small coil of copper, a chip of rose quartz and some rose petals these last three are for your love for him. On a small piece of paper draw a small square and inside the square a hexagram of an upright triangle and one pointing downwards. The square is for stability the hexagram the meeting of the forces of spirit with the forces of earth, write his name in the centre. On the other side of the piece of paper write this short incantation. "Spirit to bless, earth to heal, balanced and strong now you feel."
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From michelle in england
i have always been interested in all forms of witchcraft.i have let my parents know this and have been fine with it and tell me it is my choice as long as i am safe. i now want to follow wicca please could you tell me some good historical books so i can find the history of wicca belief and some books on library doesnt stock any witchcraft books.if it is possible-would you be able to tell me places i could contact other wiccans thank you very much.
Dear michelle,
Why don't you join the Members Forum, there's a Teenwitch forum where you can chat to people of your own age and there are also a lot of older people who will be able to give you advice and share their experience with you. Also for a good selection of books, have a look at the Books Section on the main site, you will find some good titles to start you off on your quest. All the best with it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sebastian in galati
Dear Aunt Tabatha. Until now I was a cruel and evil person. My plesure was to hurt people and I still like that but sometimes I m thinking to stop myself...and I can t What should I do Thank you bye.
Dear sebastian,
I'm very worried to hear your story. I think you urgently need to talk to someone, either a counsellor or therapist who can help you work out these feelings and help you understand why you are having them. You need to find someone to talk to, is there a counsellor at your school perhaps or your family doctor that you can go to. You have had the courage to tell me about your problems, please get the help you need as soon as possible. Please don't be tempted to ignore this problem, it may not go away on its own.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
Thank You for helping me
Dear in,
You're very welcome and I hope that all goes well for both you & your friend.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laura in Cheshire
I may only be a teen but I have been through many things in my life. I started cutting myself with glas and I did it for about two days then my foster carer found out about it. I feel like cutting myself again please help because I don t want to do it but it make me feel better. How do I stop
Dear Laura,
First of all you are not alone in what you are doing. Obviously cutting yourself is providing you with a release of some kind. You need to find other ways to find that release and this may not be something you can do on your own. Your foster carer obviously cares a lot about you, maybe you can have a talk and see about finding a counsellor you can trust and who will help you find better ways of finding that release.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Peachepash in Hampshire
Thank you so much for your advice. I will talk to her some more and find a good book. I feel it is a mix of a few things. Do you know where I may be able to find spells for healling as I have Arthritis and week spine bones which are at fracture point due to the drugs for the RA.I need all the help I can get at the mo. Thanks once again. Peachepash.
Dear Peachepash,
Arthritis is tricky to deal with, but there a lot of supplements that can help relieve the arthritis, but make sure that anything you take is not contraindicated by any medication you may be on. One of the best supplements is MSM which is organic sulphur or Methylsulfonymethane, you start taking it slowly 1 tablet for 3 days then 2 up to 5, and then stay on 5 for 10 days and then cut back to 3 -4 a day, whichever seems to have better results. High potency Cod Liver oil is excellent as well. If you are taking calcium supplements, which you should be, take them with magnesium as this aids the absorption of the calcium by your system. I have also heard that starflower or evening primrose oil tablets and B complex also help arthritis sufferers.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Avril in Alson
I have recently moved to the UK and have had to ship my books over which is taking some time. I am looking for the words to the following Darksome night and shining moon harken to the witches rune East then south west then north Hear come I call thee forth. Please help. Thanks
Dear Avril,
What you're looking for is the Witches' Rune as follows:

Darksome night and shining moon
East then South then West then North
Hearken to the Witches' rune
Here we come to call you forth
Earth and Water Air and Fire
Powers of the witch's blade
Work ye unto our desire
Come ye as the charm is made
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Hell
Horned Hunter of the Night
Lend your power unto our spell
And work our will by magic rite.
By all the power of land and sea
By all the might of moon and sun,
As we do will so Mote it Be
Chant the Spell
And be it done.

Eko Eko Azarak, Eko Eko Zamilak, Eko Eko Cernunnos, Eko Eko Aradia.(repeated)

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
no i mean when i talk to her she scolded me she wont even want to talk i didnt want to take revenge she even skip her weekly girl guide meeting i wrote a letter to her she didnt bother. she didnt have any friends. how i going to talk to her please tell me thank
Dear in,
Then the candle spell I sent before will help the situation and just remember be there for her, let her know that when she needs you, you'll be there for her and that you understand that she's saying things and doing things that she wouldn't ordinarily do because of her mother's illness.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cordelia in El paso
my family has been real messed up latley on account of my sister is being a real jerk. She is going through adolessence and is really cruel to my parents. She keeps saying mean things about my mom and it is tearing her apart. she has ran away once and has tried to get away again today. I really need to know if there is any kind of spell that can keep her from running away or hurting my mom again. Do you know of anything that can help me
Dear Cordelia,
Adolescence can be a really difficult time for some kids. Each person copes with it differently. Your sister needs a lot of understanding and help right now, & it's very tough on the rest of the family. I wonder what kind of people she's hanging out with too, I'm sure they're not helping the situation. Talk to your mom about how you're feeling and see if there's anyway that your sister can get the counselling that she urgently needs. There are problems with working magically for your sister, because it is interfering. But you can do something on a gentler and non manipulative level. You could do a simple candle spell for your mom, asking for strength, patience and wisdom in dealing with your sister and that the barriers of communication between them get broken down. A good day to work for that would be a Wednesday in the waning moon (which is next Wednesday). Get a blue candle and 2 small pieces of rose quartz. Bless them both, & light the candle and as you light it say:

"For eyes that do not see,
Let them be opened,
For ears that are blocked,
Let them hear,
For words misunderstood,
Let there be clarity,
For hearts that are broken,
Let them be whole,

Some things broken,
cannot mend,
But clarity and love
now I send,
as this flame burns,
Clear and bright,
Let them understand eachother,
to make things right."
Then speak your mother's name and your sister's name three times aloud.

Then take the 2 pieces of rose quartz and place your hand over them and say:

"Into these I ask that the Goddess of Love and the God of Wisdom pour their strength and energy, that (your sisters name & your mother's name) may find tranquillity, calmness and understanding, that they may know how much I love them and how much they love each other, and that these hard times may pass, and the good come for all of us, this is my will, so mote it be."

Then give your mother and sister one piece of rose quartz each. I suggest giving it them on Valentine's Day. If they accept your gift they will accept the healing that you have put into it. Rose quartz is not expensive either, and you don't need to get big pieces of it. Just remember before you do any of this to ask that you be protected in all you do and to give thanks after you have finished.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Spiritmouse in Surrey
My friends call me devil child because i follow wicca. my parents agree with me and say it is my choice. I just don t know where to get started I try and go into bookshops and ask for books but i always get really funny looks from people. i can t find any books and i can t order of the internet because i have no credit card What can i do
Dear Spiritmouse,
Well, I think you're going to have to just ignore your friends, don't bother trying to explain it to them, because they're not really interested in your explanations. Sometimes it is better to say nothing, if you're wearing a pentagram, tuck it away for a while, you don't need your friends approval for what you do, though it would be nice to have their support. But you do have support from the people who matter most, your family. You can order books from the internet if you use and arrange to order direct from the bookseller and you can send a money order for your books, in fact some of them don't accept credit cards.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kimberley in london
which books of spells are the best to buy for love luck health and happiness. also for controlling anger as we have some bad tempered family members.
Dear kimberley,
I'm not going to be able to be of much help here. The best book I can recommend is Spells and How They Work by Janet & Stewart Farrar, because of course, often the best spells are the ones that you create yourself, because they are tailored for your own personal use.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From angie in oxford
Help Are there any local courses in the way of witchcraft and wiccan as I feel there is only so much you can gain from books etc I needHelp From real people.
Dear angie,
I'm not too sure what is on the ground in Oxford, but what I would suggest you do is to go to your local new age shop or bookstore and start enquiring there, are there any local moots, etc, that you can go to. You could also try getting in touch with Merlyn and Epona who are the administrators of the site at [email protected] and they may be able to put you in touch with someone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amelia in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha Please help me. I seem to have reincarnated against my will and therefore I am drifting between my past life the Other World and this life. It s driving me insane I cannot connect to my higher self anymore and am completely lost. Help is hard to find since people around me don t understand and God won t speak to me it seems. What can I possibly do to solve my problem Thank you so much for your help.
Dear Amelia,
Whether you like it or not, nobody reincarnates against their will. There is always choice, but you may be having difficulties in undertaking what it is you sought to achieve in this lifetime, and so are reverting back to your previous life. We are all given a purpose, but you need to start helping yourself. I have done some divination on this for you and it appears that the best route to take in order to help you progress through this life and cope with it, is to find a good counsellor or psychotherapist.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
THANkYOU BUT my friend have bully me and all other people should i teach her a lesson but how
Dear in,
Even if your friend is bullying you, the best thing to do is to talk to your mother about it. Don't try using magic for revenge, because part of her problem is her problem with her mother's illness. She needs a lot of help and understanding right now. If you can talk to your teachers about it privately as well it may help. She is only bullying you because she is out of control with her mother's illness and is trying to gain control in other areas of her life. So no lesson teaching, she's learning a hard enough one right now.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jane in Northamptonshire
Thankyou for answering. I am a very very large lady.I have always been big. But lately as I m getting older my health is failing.I am not creating Rites just yet as I m not experenced enough yet.But when I do could you surggest a Spell to assist my flagging spirit and energy.
Dear jane,
You're not that old yet, and you have a responsiblity for yourself. I have been where you are and I know how tough it can be. But it's not so much about spells, but about lifestyle. The problem is making and sticking to the changes needed. Meditation is a very good way to start working on getting that energy back. Start by just focusing not on how you are, but on how you would like to be. Hold that picture in your head and then focusing on your breathing, let your body relax, start at the crown of your head and move down your body to your feet, all the while breathing in on a count of 5 hold for 4 and then out for a count of 9, all the while keeping in your mind's eye how you would like to be. Doing this alone is not enough, you will need to get advice on diet and exercise as well. You could also look into the complementary therapies, such as hypnotherapy to help you regain your health.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kimberley in London Uk
Help I have forgotten my username but have my password. How do I get back into the members area.
Dear Kimberley,
Just send an email to [email protected]
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kim in Zoetermeer
Dear Aunt Tabatha I hav a little problem for two years I have a boyfriend but we broke up 5 times. Now we re together again but sometimes he doesn t call me for days or he forgets that we had a date and then I don t see him for the whole weekend. And when I call him on work on monday he says Oh I m sorry you know I love but I m just so busy . I know he loves but please give me advice. Maybe you can tell me a good love spell so he won t forget me sometimes. Please help me I love him so much but I can t go on like this. I hope you can help me. Yours faithfully Kim.
Dear Kim,
No, I can't give you a love spell for him to remember to call you or to remember your dates, because that would be manipulating him and forcing him to change and it wouldn't work for either of you. I think you know well that if he truly felt the way you do, he wouldn't forget. It seems like you have got into the habit of each other, and he sees you when it is convenient for him, not for you. You are looking for stability in your relationship, but it doesn't seem like he is going to be the one to give it to you. I think it's time to look into your heart and make some decisions, and they may be tough decisions too, but once you make them stick to whatever it is you decide you really want.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anna in London
I ve recently moved into a new house and feel that the previous occupants were very unhappy and have left a lot of negative energies floating around the place. I never suffer bad dreams but have had nothing but since moving in. I have thought about cleansing the rooms by smudging but wonder if you can offer any further advice on the best way to deal with negative house energies. thanks
Dear Anna,
Before you smudge the house, give it a good clean scrub everything, while you do that open all the doors and windows, see yourself physically cleaning out all the negativity. The prepare yourself, with a long bath with some salt in it. Bless some salt & water, and then use your smudge stick literally go through the house and address the negative energy, do this on a Saturday, preferably in the waning moon, as Saturday is the day of Saturn. Having done that take your salt water and bless all the entrances to your house with the salt and water. Then take a pure white candle, ask for healing light and energy from the God and Goddess to come in and for their light to enter every corner and burn frankincense incense. Finally, get some rosemary and lavender and hang it bunches over your doorway or put it in pot pourri bowls in the entrance of your hall. I would also suggest if you have a garden you do some planting there, a rowan tree and sweet herbs in pots at your doorway. Another thing to look out for is a witch's ball, which is like a great big Christmas tree ornament and hang it at the window, this averts the evil eye. Another way to absorb negativity if it is concentrated in one place is to cut an onion in half and leave it overnight, then take it out and bury it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From rose-dragon in menifee
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have always felt a calling to the craft but I was neve able to follow it. Now I am old enough to do as I please but I don t know where to start. Can you help me
Dear rose-dragon,
First and foremost by reading, there are some great books on the Books Section of the site. Secondly by getting out there and meeting people, if there is a local occult or new age shop go in and have a chat, you might be surprised what they can tell you. Look out for local moots and meetings, where you can go & meet people too. The Members Forum is another great place for meeting people too, & they're a friendly bunch. The other thing to do is to explore the Links Section.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stacy in Worthing UK
Dear Aunt Tabatha After many moments of contemplation I have not come to a decision about my problem. I do not know whether to stay at university and finish my dance degree as finance and life juggling is becoming a large problem in my life and has been for some time. A year ago I was involved in a car accident which really knocked my confidence leaving me very low in self esteem. I feel I am at a cross roads and do not know which path to follow. i feel that I may be taking the easy way out but Im not sure if something is telling me to take another road. Im very confused and need some advice please could you help me understand where my path lies Stacy
Dear Stacy,
Sometimes, you get so caught up with thinking there is only this option or that option that you forget that you have many choices in front of you. At the moment I think that truly the best thing you can do is leave. You're not able to put the required amount of energy into what you're doing and the stress is really getting on top of you, but do you have to burn your bridges, is there anyway you can take a year or two out and then go back if you should choose to do so. There is no question that leaving university will give you much more control of your life, you have other skills that you have not fully utilised and ones that will bring life changes to you. So have a chat with your tutors & teachers & see if there is a way of taking that time out and then look to getting your health back to normal and then look to your new future.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tomar in Nashville
Have you ever seen a natural witch
Dear Tomar,
Yes, lots.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Peachepash in hampshire
Dear Aunt Tabatha Please can you help me.Im very new to all this. I have only done one spell so far. The problem is I have a friend who is very unhappy about her life. All the chat and advise doent seem to help her very much and I was wondering if there was a spell which I could do to try to bring her some happeness. Any advise would be great. Thanks for your time and help. Peachepash Imvery new
Dear Peachepash,
It is a tough one isn't it. You want to change the world when you get involved with witchcraft and yet you need to build up experience to work for your friend. I would need to know a bit more about your friend's unhappiness before giving you a definitive answer. But here are some pointers, you could consider making her an amulet,that is a little pouch with herbs & stones in it, but as to what angle you want to take on that I don't know. Does she need serenity, protection, self love? What is the root of her unhappiness? The problem with giving advice is that it's what you think, you can't get under her skin to help her, because you don't see her problems from her perspective. Perhaps she needs to see a counsellor or therapist who could help her to do that. If you decide to help her with an amulet, find yourself a book with correspondences in it & choose your stones and herbs according to her needs and then make up the amulet on the most appropriate day, eg, a Saturday to dispel negativity, a Friday for Love & so on.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sameer malhotra in chennai
i want to know how will be my future financially
Dear sameer malhotra,
You may find that there are delays facing you with regard to things that you want to do. Be determined and stick to it, but don't expect big changes over night, change will come, but it will be gradual.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
Thank for helping me But I want to know if I could cast healing spell to help my friend s mother I also don t know how to cast a healing spell too please guide me along. I hope those who see this letter e-mail me to help Thank You E-mail [email protected]
Dear in,
Unfortunately, your friend's mother has cancer and that is a disease that you should not work a healing spell for. But that does not stop you from working for her on a positive level. What I would suggest you do is to take a red candle on a Sunday, red is for health, life & strength, Sunday is the day of the Sun, in a waxing moon, the moon is full next Monday. Put your hands over the candle and ask that it be blessed for your friend and her mother, ask for guidance and help, then scratch your friend's name up one side of the candle, and her mother's name up the other side. Light the candle and as you light it say "I light you for strength, I light you so (your friend's mother's name) will have the strength to fight her illness, that this flame may burn the light of strength within her. I light you for strength. I light you for (your friend's name) that she may be strong for her mother, helping her where she needs to be helped, may the light of strength burn strong within her. I light you for understanding. I light you for (your friend's mother's name) that she may understand and help her daughter through her pain and fear. May the flame of understanding burn strong within her. I light you for understanding. I light you for (your friend's name) to be able to understand that no matter what her mother loves her and not matter what happens to her she will always lover her. I light you for courage. I light you for (your friend's mother's name) that she may face the future with courage to wherever this illness takes her. I light you for courage. I light you for (your friend's name) that she may face whatever her future is and her mother's future is with courage. Oh Lord and Lady, let them have the strength, the understanding and the courage to go forward into the protection of wherever you will take them, so mote it be." I hope this helps you somewhat.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From mariah in ny
Dear aunt tabatha What is abraxas I really need to know this.Are there such things as archcangels.if there are what are there names thank u
Dear mariah,
Abraxas is an archaic name of power, that should have no relevance to you in terms of beginning to learn about modern witchcraft or magic at this point in time. There are certain things that when you are ready for them you will learn about. Yes, there are archangels and they are invoked for certain magical workings, which you are not ready for yet. You are touching on studies that in the Jewish religion used not to be taught until the student had reached the age of 40. These are things that you should start learning about yourself and not relying on information from me about. I'm sorry to appear so mysterious, but as I said, when you are ready you will learn about them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Silvia Freitas in San Jose
I have been feeling a lot of negative vibes lately. It is now conflicting with my life I feel stressed out and in need of energy. I was wondering if there anything that I can do to make myself relax and enjoy live. My body aches and I m only 21 I have so much going on right now. I just to step back and just relax any idea s. Silvia
Dear Silvia Freitas,
There are a couple of things you can do. First is to look at your diet, are you eating healthily, plenty of fresh water and fresh fruit and vegetables, I know it sounds obvious but sometimes, at your age it could be just something as small as that. Also to cut down on sugar. To deal proactively with the stress I would suggest that you start to look at ways of cutting down on the things that make you stressed, plan your day, write down what you have to do, what you can get away with not doing, fix yourself to complete one task at a time. Also perhaps you could go to see a Reiki healer or get a good massage, give yourself room in your day, every day where you pamper yourself, even if it's only for half an hour, a long luxurious bath or whatever. Finally, relaxation exercises are so important. One good exercise you can do is to simply allow your eyes to close, and focus on your breathing, breathe in on a count of 5 hold it for a count of 4 and out for a count of 9. As you do that let yourself visualise a place that you find really relaxing, but not just visualise it, remember the sounds that you might here there, and the textures and feelings you might feel there, the colours and then just let yourself be there for a few moments, finding there calmness and relaxation, and telling yourself as you open your eyes that you are leaving your stress there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lorna in somerset
hi this is sarah and lorna. we have been interested in witchcraft for quitea while now. We have already done find the spirirt and the ritual of self dedication. We were wondering what we should do now as in what sort of witchcraft is siuted to our ability thanks lorna ans sarah
Dear lorna,
I would say that at your age you are still too young even to have dedicated yourself to the Path of the Craft. It is a big commitment and one that takes a lot of dedication and learning. You will be unable to train with anyone until your reach the age of 18. At this point, if I were you, I would think about exploring all aspects of Religion, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu and the other pagan paths too. Many of the roots of modern witchcraft come from these religions. The other thing that you should be looking at is the environmental aspect. Remember it's not just about the cycle of the year it is about the planet as a whole. Are there any projects that the two of you can get involved in with regard to recycling, etc. Are there any projects that you can involve your families in? Another aspect to start looking at is learning to identify what is around you in terms of plants and animals. Now is the time to start studying the use of herbs and so forth. Another good book to get your hands on is a book called the Pagan Path, which will teach you about other pagan pathways & how other people practise, it is by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone. Remember that just reading a book about witchcraft does not make you a witch, it is about learning about life that does that.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Bellez in Melbourne
Dear Aunt Tabatha Lately I have had many a dreams and have found myself drawn to the Craft. Over the past year I have been reading/practising meditation spells with candles only. A clairvoyant/counsellour i saw a few times last year saved my life sanity and my relationship. I am sure she is a white witch although she never actually told me so. i praise the woman i tried to contact her by telephone but it is disconnected. i feel she is with me anyway. What i want to do is move on further in my spiritual journey. i would like to meet the spiritual elements and my own personal guide. i would also like to initiate/dedicate myself but i suppose i am not yet ready. in the next few months i will marry in an orthodox church. will this interfere with my new studies / devotion. i am catholic but do not follow the rules. i believe in my God. The Gods of the air water fire and earth. i feel i am special and different. is it just a dream i dream of meeting my guide who gives me the tools for my altar and teaches me everything i need to know. Since i have discovered this personal interest of mine i have felt like i have filled in a missing piece of me. all of my life i have been a wanderer as such a dreamer i knew there was something . I would love to hear what you think. How would i choose my name for my initiation I am growing spritually so much . i Love it. Looking forward to your reply.......Bellez
Dear Bellez,
It is obvious that the meeting you had with this woman who helped you so much has started you on your journey, but that her part has been played and it is time for you to move on. You need to do a lot more exploring of your feelings and intuitions, but also a lot of reading on the subject too, to find out where exactly your beliefs fit. You may well be what is called an eclectic solitaire, taking on board what suits and working in your own unique style. You say you are getting married in an orthodox church soon, so I wonder how does your partner feel about your blossoming spirituality and where does he fit into it. These are matters that you have to take into consideration as you venture down your new road into married life as well. In time, when you are ready, I have no doubt that you will find a teacher who will continue to guide you along your chosen Path. You are also going to have to decide where your Catholicism fits in with this added awareness of the elemental world around you, because there is a contradiction in a lot of the beliefs of Wicca and witchcraft and Catholicism.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Meggan in Belfast
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am a 14 year old girl living in Northen Ireland. At the minute I am studying Wicca in order to be prepared for my Self-Dedication. Is there any books/a you can recomend that will help me out with gods/godesses My friend is also interested in becoming a Witch. Is it ok if we do our self-dedication together Thankyou
Dear Meggan,
The best book I know on Celtic Gods and Goddesses is Celtic Goddesses by Miranda Green. You could also look at the Witches Goddess and The Witches God by Janet and Stewart Farrar. These two books are like encyclopedias of the Godesses and Gods of the world and they also have some rituals in them as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in in singapore
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am from Singapore and as u know Singappore has no seasonal changes That very bad I could not cast a spell or even set altal What to do I wanted to become a healer to help my friend s mum but my friend was so bad that nobody like her She alaways act cute and this causes everyone to HATE her She once scolded and beated me before I think because her mum has cancer and this made her so attendtion seeker I wanted to help her but also want to let her know what she had done wrong Can you help me please p.s please reply this letter faster I need the reply faster Thank you If can e-mail to me I ready need your help it okay if my e-mail let everyone see so that everyone can share with me Thank E-mail [email protected] love teenwitch14
Dear in,
First and foremost with regard to your friend, it sounds like she is very unhappy and confused and really needs your friendship right now. I would suggest that you be there for her, she may be difficult, but her mum is ill and may be dying it is a frightening thing, she may be feeling lost and angry as a result, so just be the best friend you can be to her.
Living in Singapore doesn't mean you can't practice either, the Goddess and God are all around us. It may be difficult to recognise the seasons, but there is still growth and life and death all around you, flowers bloom & die, fruit ripens, & so on. You also see the Moon in the sky and are affected by her cycles, so perhaps attune yourself to that more.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From David in lawrence
dear aunt tabatha laterly ive been feeling lots of negative energy around me and i was wondering what i could be i to practice the arts and i cant figure out what it could be. Ive been having dreams that im going to get into a massive fight with my best friend who practices with me. Is there a way to prevent this from happening. what scares me is that my dreams alway come true and i really dont want to fight with him can u help me
Dear David,
Dreams can come as warnings too. There may be things that you and your friend need to talk about. There may also be somebody outside your friendship stirring things up, which is why you may be feeling this negative energy around you at the moment. The first thing I suggest you do is sit down with your friend and tell him about these negative feelings you are having. Tell him about the dream and ask him does he think that there is a possibility that someone might be trying to cause trouble between the two of you. If you are honest with your friend and encourage him to be honest with you, together you should be able to break through these negative feelings.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marie in Manila
Aunt Tabatha I m confused about the differences of witchcraft and wicca. and i m also confused about which instructions to follow when it comes to casting a circle. there s this book that i use that has different instructions from your instructions it is the same book that says the first spell to be cast should be find the spirit. what should i do.
Dear Marie,
It is a bit confusing, as different books will tell you different things. But the best advice I can give is to do what feels right to you. You still haven't mentioned the title of the book that you've been using, so I can't advise on that. The difference between Witchcraft and Wicca is subtle, because most Wiccans would call themselves witches, but by no means all witches would call themselves Wiccans. Wicca is the name of the religion that has grown from witchcraft and encompasses the belief in the God and Goddess as polarised deities. Practising Wiccans also adhere to the Wiccan Rede, which is "An it harm none, do what you will". They also work with natural cycle of the year celebrating the 8 Sabbats. Many other witches may do some or of these things, but in order to be Wiccan you must believe in all of them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tillie in Leeds
This is not really a queation more a thankyou. I wrote to you at the beginning of December the problem being that my husband was due to go to court. You suggested a spell to help the Judge with the guidence of the Goddess of Wisdom to break down any prejudices. I m not sure I did the spell 100 correctly as it was the 1st I ve ever done. But anyway it seems to have sort of wroked. My hubby got a shorter sentence than he had been told to expect and will be home in a few weeks. A few days later I cast a circle and asked that the Lord and Lady watch over him whilst he is away from me and that he be happy. I ve since spoken to him and he appears more at peace now than he has for 2 years much calmer. I think this is down to positive thinking and a little help from the right direction. What do you think Again many thanks for your help. Bright thoughts and many blessings to you.
Dear Tillie,
Well done, obviously you did do the spell 100% right, otherwise you wouldn't have got such a positive result for both you and your husband. I wish you both all the best for the future.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emma in Glasgow
Dear Aunt Tabatha Bit of a heavy one I m afraid but I am at a complete dead end. I am 25 and have been married for 3 years and my husband and I have been trying to have children for the past year. At Christmas I had a miscarraige at 9 weeks. I want to give thanks for the happiness that the pregnancy gave us in those few short weeks and to ask for the baby s safety and happiness. I have been a solitary practitioner for 9 months and every time I try and compose myself to do this I get upset and confused. Can you please help me. I have also been ill since I lost the baby and I feel that this is not helping. I keep re-reading this and it seems so silly but any advice would begratefully received. Blessed be
Dear Emma,
I am so sorry for your loss. When you miscarry it is often overlooked that you need time to grieve, particularly as you are unwell as well. You and your husband need to do something to mark the loss of your child, as well as celebrating the joy that that child gave you for the few short weeks you carried it. I would suggest that a small tree planting ceremony in your garden or in a nearby woodland area, would be appropriate. This is something that is best done together. Choose your tree carefully, and plant it together, once it is placed in the earth, put the earth around it with your hands, tell the tree why you planted it, ask for the Goddess's blessing on what you do, then speak your heart, whatever you feel and need to express, let yourself express it, the joy, the sorrow, the anger, the hope, let all of it come out, and let your husband express what is in his heart too. You will then have a permanent reminder of that life you both created together.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sharon in Cornwall
Dear Aunt Tabitha I have done Tarot for many years now and have found I am able to tell people about themselves without the help of my Tarot. I have alot of personal things going on at the moment I find it difficult to Focus will these problems resolve themselves so I can advance with my psychic powers
Dear Sharon,
Sometimes, the pressure of personal problems can cause problems for us psychically. You can use that same energy that you apply when working with others to yourself. But, you must give yourself a break from working psychically with other people until you have resolved all your issues. If you need to get professional help, such as seeing a counsellor to talk through your issues, then do so, don't be afraid to ask for help. You will get through this and come out the other side, but take it easy on yourself and do your best not to let others make unreasonable demands on you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lauren in frome town
we have no new age shops in out town and no wicca books in the library i can t find any books to read
Dear lauren,
The only thing I can suggest is to look at the Books Section here & on other websites, decide what titles you would like to read and then go to a website, which is a second hand site, you can buy directly from the sellers using a money order, but just check the postage, because it's different with each seller.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandie in byron
I have a boyfriend and he is really i love with me but our parents dont like each other and that is effecting us. my question is should i let it effect me
Dear Brandie,
It's a bit of a Romeo and Juliet isn't it. This relationship that you're in is between you and your boyfriend, not between your families. It would be lovely if your parents could accept him for who is and if his parents could accept you for who you are, but it doesn't seem that way. Both of you need to keep in mind what it is you want, not what your families want, it's about being resolved and sure in your relationship, about discussing and understanding that there is a possibility that your families will never reconcile themselves to your relationship and if you are strong enough for this. Why don't you take a white candle on a Sunday and burn it, ask that your families will see the light and allow understanding into their hearts for your relationship. & if you love your boyfriend then you shouldn't let other people affect how you are with him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Moonie in Independence Missouri USA
Dear Aunt Tabatha Gentle Greetings I am a 27 year old witch from the mid-west United States and I am in the midst of a dilemma. I feel I have found my soul mate the life partner I was meant to be with. However I m already married to another man. What are your thoughts on soul mates Is there a spell I can do to make my decision easier Thanks
Dear Moonie,
I do not hold the generally held belief that we have one soul mate and that's it, we have many, & we respond to them on different levels all our life. However, as to your problem with your husband and your soul mate, no there is no spell that will make your decision any easier, you have to make your own mind up. I would suggest that you take your time in making the decision, but obviously part of the karmic situation you're in now is making this decision, it is never easy, someone is going to be hurt and hurting people including yourself is never easy, nor should it be. I wish you all the best in what you have to do, be strong, be sure and be kind.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Agnetha in Stockholm
Dear Aunt Tabatha I feel so much and need to protection around me.I pick up other peoples energies so easily.And sometimes I ve sensed that I get so sad inside my heart from the lies in peoples hearts. What will you recommend me to do And wich talisman should I wear I know I lived as a witch before.I am one of the Daughters of Aramis for sure. As a littel girl a grow up in the country and had my secret escapes in the forests.I talk withoth words with the animals and always managed to find wild berries to taste and it was like I was drawn into the forests.And At night I still can look up into the sstars in the sky and know what will come next.And when the moon is full I vibrate in my eyes just by looking at it. I am very grounded person so please can you help me Thank You Lots of good thoughts back to You. Agnetha Tank You
Dear Agnetha,
Yes you need much protection when you are so open, when you find you are being drained by other people's energies, visualise that you inside a large bubble of blue light that negative energy cannot enter. As well as that visualise your solar plexus, just below your rib cage being covered with a golden shield. This will stop other people from absorbing your energy. I would suggest that you start to read a lot more about the Craft. You also asked about the significance of your birth date. You are a 9 which means that you have great strength for good or ill, you are active & courageous, ambitious, jealous, over hasty, high spirited, fond of excitement. You are capable of true creative living so long as you make the right use of strength & initiative.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tracey in Bedfordshire
I have been told on several occasions by different people that i have a Wicca Man with me Please can you explain this a bit further - is this good or bad Thanks
Dear Tracey,
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your question, but what I would say is use your gut instinct with this, and ask the people who have told you this to explain further. Without meeting you, I cannot possibly say what they are talking about, but really I would ask is do you feel it is a good or bad thing when they say it to you, does it make you feel safe or threatened? That will answer your question.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From paula in London
i have some Very unwanted people with me who don t let go and a blockage this are alive for now at least lol and resent me and are driving me to despairahow could i get rid of them
Dear paula,
The first thing to do is to realise that you can be helped, let despair go. I would suggest that the most effective treatment for you would be to go to see a good Reiki healer, one who is used to dealing with entities. They will be able to clear you of this blackness around and you and help you to build up your strength, as well as relieving you of the associated stress.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From delylah in bradford
Dear Aunt Tabatha my mom has done studies in the arts.. and our family has down graded her for doing it.. should she get back in the studies
Dear delylah,
You need to give your mother all the support and love you can. Encourage her to be herself, show her that you support her and love her in whatever she chooses to do and let her make the decision herself, to do what is right for her.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cordelia in El Paso
I have been studding witchcraft for about a year now and my best friend is very suspicious of all the secrets I am keeping about this though he have know idea what I am doing. I really dont like keeping secerts form him and I really feel it is time I told him what I am doing. Do you know of any ways i could tell him to make him understand
Dear Cordelia,
I would just suggest that you sit down with him and be honest. Explain that you are exploring this path, that you are comfortable with it, if he is your best friend, he will understand that you are growing and maturing and your friendship should prosper. But take your time, don't rush into explanations, find out what he knows about witchcraft, and then tell him what you know and how you know it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From toni in ellsworth
how can i tell if i am a witch and what makes peoples witches i have always wanted to be one so can you help
Dear toni,
People are drawn to the Craft for different reasons. Some because they have had a deep mystical experience, some because they feel the need to balance themselves with God and Goddess, some because they are drawn to the cycle of the year and wish to celebrate its natural cycle. Some because they want to do good and heal people. For each person the path is different. I suggest you go to the Book Section of the Children of Artemis site and have a look at that and look at books on the subject of Witchcraft itself, not spells. One book that is particularly good in describing the different paths that people work is called The Pagan Path, By Janet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenny in Breckenridge
I am just now starting my quest to bring the relm of magic to life inside me. What do you think is the simpleest spell to start out with
Dear Jenny,
Starting on the path of the Craft is not about starting to work magic and working spells. I would suggest that you get yourself a good book on the subject of Witchcraft and learn about the spiritual aspects. There are many people who never do spells, they light candles as simple prayers for others. I suggest you look at the Books section of the Children of Artemis site and find some books to start reading. You are very young yet and working magic at your age is not a good idea because your psyche is growing and developing and therefore volatile.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in Seattle
I am new to wicca and am eager to practice. I have read that having a mentor is a good idea when you are first starting. Do you agree and if yes how do I go about finding one
Dear Amanda,
It is always good to have someone to advise you and help you in your studies. However, don't let not having one put you off studying. There is a saying that you will find your teacher when the time is right. The first thing I would suggest is to find out if there are any local open meetings in your area, your local occult/pagan shop will probably have information on that. Start by going to these meetings and seeing if there is anyone there. There is also the Links page on the Children of Artemis site and that might put you in contact with other useful sites. You could also sign on to the Members Forums and post there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From pippa in Oxford
I have read in a book somewhere that you may not begin to learn/practise wicca if you are not well in yourself. I have an eating disorder that I am constantly battling with. Must I overcome this first As I fear I shall be battling with it all my life but I am keen to start learning.
Dear pippa,
It is recommended that you don't practise unless you are well in yourself, that's true. But what that means is that you don't use your energy to work for other people without working for yourself first. People can bring eating orders under control, but as you say it is something you will be fighting all your life. You can use the Craft to help yourself on the path of healing yourself, as many of us in the past have done. So don't let your eating disorder stop you studying and as you study you can learn how to concentrate on letting the eating disorder become something of the past as you find wholeness through the Craft.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sbastian in Galati
I wanna ask you Aunt Tabatha what should I do to became a wizzard I ve learned lot s of things about the witchcraft and now I want to practice. And another thing how can I get in touch with anothers wizzards or witches Thank you for your help Goodbye.
Dear Sbastian,
Most witches call themselves that witches, wizard is a bit Harry Potter isn't it? But to find contacts is always hard, you could sign onto the Member's forums if you like where you will meet a lot of people practising their Craft in all sorts of ways. You will find Chat there & different Forums to post on. I think you need to find out a lot more about it before you decide if it is what you want to do. Try having a look at the Books section, there are many good books on the subject listed there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sebastian in Galati
Dear Tabatha I have a big problem I m a gay boy and I realy need a guy by my side. I know someone but he doesn t like me. Please help me thank you.
Dear Sebastian,
Finding the right partner, whether you're gay or straight is always tough. There is nothing worse than being on your own & feeling that everyone around you is in a relationship. But, it is the same for all of us, the right person is out there somewhere and when you meet him you'll know. It's best not to rush these things. I know it is very tempting to work a love spell to find the right person, but you need to be loved for who you are & not because you've cast a spell on someone. The only thing I can suggest is that you visualise yourself attracting love to you, in a very positive way, from your friends both gay & straight. Let the world see you as someone who deserves to be loved & then love will find you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kat in NY
My love of one year claims he has found someone new. We are soulmates and I need him back. I have tried prayer to no avail. I am lost without Dennis. What can I do
Dear Kat,
I can truly feel your hurt and anguish, but unfortunately there are laws and for you to work magically to get back a partner who has left you breaks those laws. What you can do is a simple candle spell for him to see you in your true light of love, but I have to say if he is gone after a year, it could be that soulmate or no, what is between you is not going to be resolved this lifetime. It sounds to me as if he has much growing and maturing to do. But the best advice I can give you is that if you love him, let him go, give him the freedom of choice, if he chooses you of his own free will then so be it, but let him go.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marie in Manila
Dear Aunt Tabatha I can t really consider myself as a witch because i haven t even done the first spell the calling of the spirit. Do I really have to do the first spell in order to cast any other spells and about the wand i have read that a wand is suppose to be hazle apple or oak. But we don t have any trees like those in my country. is a wand really important what should i use instead
Dear Marie,
I'm not sure what book you are reading that tells you the first spell you must cast is "calling the spirit". However, it is a good idea to be properly prepared before doing any spell work. Being grounded in yourself and understanding the energies that you are working with is extremely important. As to materials for you wand, take a walk in a wood on a Tuesday, which is the day of Mercury, ask the spirits of the wood that your wand may be shown to you, when you have found it, if it is on a living tree, then ask the guardian of that tree permission before you cut it, if it is on the ground and dead wood, thank the guardian of the tree that it came from for the gift. We cast spells every day in little ways, even when we wish someone good luck. But just remember the golden rules: that you do no harm to anyone, not even yourself; you don't do anything that you're not sure of; you don't (at this stage) do anything for another person without their specific consent, and you'll be ok.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenna in Lincolnshire
I am a beginner at witchcraft but I am finding it very hard to find a pagan shop in my area that I can buy tools and supplies from and I am not able to purchase from the internet. Do you know of any shops in the Grimsby area of Linclonshire that I might find useful Thankyou.
Dear Jenna,
I'm afraid I don't know, but I suggest you join the Members Forum and ask there, as there are members from every corner of the UK.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kimberly in Omaha
I found out today 1-12-02 that a distant friend has a unoperable tumor in his brain its the size of a silver dollar with five smaller ones around it. I am interesting in healing Iam going to join a wicca school to become a healer. Is there a healing spell or ritual that I can perform I m just learning wicca so If I need help is there some one I can email or a coven to help me Thank you very much. The doctors have given him 6 months to five years.
Dear Kimberly,
What you can do as a healer is to visualise energy coming into you, through the soles of your feet and the crown of your head meeting in your heart and moving out from you to your friend. Visualise that energy streaming out to your friend and the tumour in his brain shrinking. Remember when you do anything like this to set yourself up in circle of protection. Also suggest to him that he find himself a local Reiki healer to see on a regular basis.

As to making more contact, you could join the Members Section and make contact with others through that. Also have a look at the Links section.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Danielle in indiana
Is there an easy way of conquring a fear In my case it s a fear of deep water. I ve had too many near drowning experiences because i still can t swim. i wish to know how to be unafraid of deep water. thanks for your advice
Dear Danielle,
Yes, there is a way, but not magical. A fear of water is quite a common phobia and there are many therapies that work very effectively with phobias. Have a chat with your parents and ask them if there is a possibility that you can see either a hypnotherapist, NLP or TFT practitioner who will help you overcome your fear. This is not something I recommend that you try on your own, or with the help of anyone lacking experience in this field.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Heidi in Miami FL
I m desparte to loose weight. Is there any time during the moon cycle that I can pray for help. Or is there a ritual I can do to give me strenth. Thank you.
Dear Heidi,
You can use any time of the moon cycle to help you in your resolve to lose weight, just modify what you ask for with the cycle of the moon. For example, as the moon waxes visualise your strength and determination growing, your ability to eat only the healthy foods that you need to eat getting stronger. If you have a photo of yourself when you were thinner then put that up beside your computer or somewhere that you go every day & say to yourself that is me, that is what I am. As the moon wanes, visualise the fat waning from your body, melting away from you. There was a simple spell posted on the Spellweaver Forum in the Members Section recently, which you might find helpful, which is to take a white or pink candle and inscribe it with the amount of lbs. you want to lose, & any other symbols of energy you find appropriate, then to light it and to focus on your ideal weight, then to put out the candle (do not blow it out) & visualise all the weight you want to lose being carried away on the smoke.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tim in Coventry / UK
Dear Aunt Tabatha im willing to learn but i dont know where to start. Can you give me some advice on where to look for infomation on wicca and what i can do for my friends. They all need help from someone who knows how to help them they need protection from them selfs right now and one from her own mother. im can only hope you can help me.
Dear Tim,
Well, there are a lot of things you can do. For example, just being there for your friends is a start. You have no idea how much an ear that listens is valued, even if it can't be more than that. With your friend who is having problem with her mother, try & direct her to a professional, such as a counsellor, is there one in your school?

As to the practical part of learning, you are still too young to find a group or teacher, but there is a Teenwitch forum on the Members section of the Children of Artemis site as well as a lot of people with a lot of experience in the other forums who would be willing to help you with problems. Also have a look at the Books section and start reading. This is a vast topic and one that you will find, if it is your path, that you will be studying for the rest of your life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From joe in oxford
my husband and i have been trying for a baby. will it happen this year
Dear joe,
I think that you are undergoing a lot of stresses in your life which is one of the reasons that you are having difficulty in conceiving. You may not have looked at everything in the clearest light yet or explored the difficulty you are having down the right avenues. Before you continue to try to conceive you should think about managing the stress you are under. Take time to manage your day better, prioritise things, and find time each day at least 20 minutes to half an hour to spend in quiet meditation. Time that is exclusively yours. Then you will find that you will be able to conceive.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Debbie in Marion
What can I do as a student of wicca to get my son off drugs
Dear Debbie,
Drug addiction is one of the problems that are very difficult to help. The person who becomes addicted to drugs does so through an act of their own will. It is your son's choice that he is addicted to drugs and until he chooses not to be addicted there isn't a lot that you can do to help him. There are limitations placed around magic and the working of magic, and working to cure someone of an addiction is contradicting their own free will. Having said that, there is nothing to stop you from working for your son to gain wisdom and insight as to the damage he is doing to himself and to his family. In other words opening his consciousness up to the damage he is causing. To do this a very simple candle magic working is probably the best. Where you would just take a plain white candle and work on a Sunday in a waxing moon. Word it in your own way, because it will be stronger that way, but basically ask that your son be shown wisdom and strength that he might realise that he has a problem, that he might know how much you love him and care about his well being, that he might go to the right people for the support that he needs to get off the drugs he is addicted to. Ask that the Goddess shine a light of hope in his heart & that She give him the strength to overcome the drugs. Once he recognises the problem and chooses to overcome his addiction, then you can help him by making a simple amulet out of Tiger Iron, which combines, the earthing energies he needs, with protection and will. I wish you the very best with him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From yael in tel aviv
im opening my own and first design ofice whith my girlfriend i wana give it a strong good vibes and sucessful name.. ive been searching for herbs mineral meteor and goddess names... an important date is 28/1/1995 id love to hear ur point of view...
Dear yael,
What an interesting question. I've taken a bit of thought with this and I get a strong impression of whites, greys, lavendars, purples, rose colours. A softness in colour but defined lines. An upright triangle above the door. Amethyst, quartz and rose quartz, running water over smooth pebbles. Artemis, Arianrhod and Brigid are the three Goddesses that most strongly come to mind, particularly in with the date you give, which is almost Imbolc. Rosemary, lavendar and sage are the three herbs that come to mind in terms of keeping tranquillity, welcome and clarity.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From rose in Neenah
is it true that the more that a spell is used the less powerfull it is
Dear rose,
A spell can only be used for something once. Because as you do it, it's done, it's like baking a cake, you can't bake the same cake twice, you can use the same recipe twice, but it won't be the same cake. When you cast a spell, that's it, it's done, gone, finished. You can use the same spell for someone else, but not for the same thing. If you start doing the same spell over and over again, it will become useless, because your belief has been tainted, you haven't let it go to do its work, you've held onto it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sandra in Prestwick
Are there any non christian marraige ceremonies that are legal and if so where and who can I find to perform them. I recently read a lovely Gaea s handfasting ceremony which suits us both. Kind regards Sandra
Dear Sandra,
Most people who have a non Christian ceremony have a civil ceremony as well, so the legal bit is done separately from the spiritual bit. This being the case, you can basically have your spiritual marriage where and when you please. However, if you wish to combine them, then I suggest you go to your local Register Office and discuss with them the feasibility of having the kind of ceremony you want in the Register Office. As to who can perform the marriage ceremony, again that is really up to you, if you are having it outside the Register Office is there someone you know who you would like to officiate, if not then it is up to you to research & find someone appropriate. You might try getting in touch with Merlyn and Epona who run CoA and they may know someone in the Prestwick area. Try their email at [email protected]
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in Millcreek
Okay. i have a crush on this one boy. But he is my ex boyfriends friend. But he was there for me when me and my exboyfriend broke up. and I think he likes me but I m not sure. And like today I wrote him a letter and I told him how I felt. And Like he hasn t told me if he likes me or not. I want to no. But like I don t wanna get annoying.What should I do Is there somekinda of spell I can do to get him to like me.
Dear Amanda,
I think you've done all you can in this situation. You've told this boy how you feel and now it's sit back and wait time. That really is the only way you're going to find out without being annoying. If he likes you he will let you know. On no account should you use magic to interfere on this level, it is manipulative and won't work out in the long run anyway.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Li Raven in Evanston
I have been reading about herbs and their properties some of which consist of different genders and planetary corrilations. What do you think of this Is there any relevance in the gender distinction and the magikal properties of herbs Also what are some good herbs for grounding energies Thank you - Li Raven
Dear Li Raven,
If you get a good table of correspondences, you will see that each planet rules certain aspects of our lives, for example Venus rules Love, being the best known. On top of that the gender correlations tell you if the herb is related to the God force or the Goddess force, so that you can create polarity when working with a particular herb. So you get a good idea when working with a particular herb, what kind of problems it will work best for. For finding out the plants that will ground you best, look to your ruling planet & see which ones correlate to that, & then work with them. Or see what aspect of your life you need grounding in.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ces ram in Winnipeg
I just want to know was is my true propose on life my reason to live the meaning of my life.
Dear Ces ram,
I think we all ask ourselves that question at some point in our lives. Why? The answer is intangible, as your spirituality & your wisdom grow, you start understanding more and more. When I was your age, I asked the same question and the answer was given to me in a very powerful way. I meditated for a long time on the question and I was made realise that I was part of the great pattern & tapestry of life, just as you are. We reach out in very simple ways & we touch & we grow. I feel that you may be suffering from depression at the moment, & it might be a good idea to find a counsellor or therapist to work through this with. You might also try meditating and asking for answers through meditation. Look around you & see the need that is there, how can you help resolve that need?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From nana in jakarta
dear aunt tabatha... hi it s me again. i ve read your previous answer of my question about how to cast a spell so it will work. you ve suggest me to read and study more about witchcraft. but the problem is in jakrta indonesia we don t have such things witch s books in book store. so how can i learn more but i don t have a place to go or to ask. there s no coven in this city. maybe there s no witch in this city.
Dear nana,
Have you joined the Member's Forum on the main Children of Artemis site yet? I think you will find there are a lot of people there from all different parts of the world who will consider your questions and help you if they can. The other thing you can do is try a website called It is a secondhand book network where you can buy books by post. You type in the name of the book you want & it will search for it & then you can either order it straightaway or contact the bookseller & order it directly from them, if you need to get a money order or something like that.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From erdem sanaldi in london
will witchcraft help me from controlling pestlike energy I been feeling around me and what do i have to do. thanks
Dear erdem sanaldi,
To be able to use the Craft for protection presupposes that you know something about it. But a simple protection you can do for yourself is to visualise yourself surrounded by a big blue translucent bubble, which will protect you from negative forces. But I would suggest that you read on the subject and find out more about it as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Katie in
I am doing a report on Witchcraft and I would like to know any of your statmenets pertaining to the subject. What would you like to say to anyone who would question your choice in beliefs Thank you for any response.
Dear Katie,
This is not an appropriate place to answer that question. I would suggest you go to the Member's Forum and post your questions there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rachel in Santa fe
I am a beginner in magic. I need help on where to get supplies. I am sort of afraid to do some spells for evil ones. I am also afraid of becoming greedy with money spells. could you please tell me how do you start with little spells and potions Thank you alot for your help.
Dear Rachel,
If you are only a beginner, you need to forget about spells for the moment and concentrate on yourself & your own development. Get yourself some good books on the subject and learn what it is really about. You will find some good titles on the Books Section of the site.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tosh in Iowa
I am having a very very hard time finding any book that is even slightly more advance. I mediate and do things of such to help myself grow and learn however I like some aid from the book since I am a solitare and have little help. Any suggestions or ideas
Dear Tosh,
Have a look at the Books Section on the Site, there are many titles under different topics there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kenneth in dublin
dear aunt tabatha i have been very interested in wicca since i was a child i do believe and have being told that i posess the powers that would be necessary to participate in ritual but unfortyunately i live in ireland and have tried to find a wicca cven or contact i have been searching along time and feel that i would have alot to offer the group.Can you give me a contact name or place which i can persue my quest
Dear kenneth,
There is a strong pagan element in Dublin. There is a local moot held on a monthly basis there too. There are many Irish people who post on the Members Forum of this site and if you put a posting there, I'm sure that someone will come to your rescue and tell you about what is going on there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Danielle in Indiana
I just would like your advice on dreams. Every dream i have ever remembered has always has a past friend or loved one in it. I believe it may be a message of some sort. Is there a book or site that has information on dream meanings
Dear Danielle,
There are many books available on the meaning of Dreams, you would be best to go to your local bookshop and have a look to see what is available. It could just be that you are a caring and nurturing person, with a strong sense of family and your friends become part of that family. But without more precise information on your dreams I can't help more than that.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chester in Washington D.C.
When you perform a spell what materials like candels would you use
Dear Chester,
For spell work I generally use whatever I would consider appropriate for the spell. I check my colours carefully & the moon carefully to make sure that what I'm using is appropriate for the work I'm doing. I also check my wording, to make sure that it is accurate for the work I'm doing & cannot be misinterpreted. However, the most important element is my own will & sense of purpose. I also think of the repercussions of what I'm doing, because sometimes things seem, on the surface, to be working for the good, but they are not necessarily. Remember that what you do will come back to you, & sometimes what you perceive as being good may not be so. Where possible if you are doing a spell for someone else, get their permission, if you are doing it for yourself, make sure that noone, not even yourself will suffer as a consequence.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jane in northamptonshire
Thankyou for replying.I have always loved the romantic side to witches from an out-siders view and wasanoutdoor /animal type.we livede country. I was always rescuing and mending birds rabbits wild kittens and knew when enough was enough. when I hit my 30ies I started to look for something after the birth of Jazmin our Daughter.And came across Wicca .I have spent the last year looking at snipits and now have an old computer.The last 4 months have been a flood of info and its confused me dont take much So do I stand a chance On the corraspondance course As this seems to be much clearer.
Dear jane,
I think the correspondence course sounds ideal, it's always good to do something that keeps you in contact with someone who can help you learn in a positive & guiding way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tillie in Leeds W. Yorkshire
Hello Aunt Tabatha I hope you can help me. I am fairly new to The Craft I have held a deep belief in the spirits of nature for many years since I was a child. However it is only recently I have seriously begun to research Wicca and Witchcraft. I truly feel that this is the way for me. I have told my husband of this and although not a believer he supports me as long as I don t buy a black cloak pointy hat and go all religious on him . I have found myself in a scarey place at the moment and I need some help. My husband has done aomething he shouldn t have he knows he was very wrong. He is due to go to court on Thursday 10th January to be sentenced by a Judge. I know that he was wrong in what he did I didn t know what was happening at the time. I believe that he has been punished enough for the crime he has punished himself. I know that it will serve absoloutely no purpose to send him to gaol he is a very gentle person though people think he is rough and tough because of his size . I do not expect the courts to be soft on him I was a police officer for 7 years until September last year but I know he has learned a valuable lesson very well. What I wish to ask you is Is there any spell I could cast to bring about fairness and justice in the sentencing That is all really. I truly would appreciate it if you could answer me in case I need to buy any tools to use etc. I look forward to reading you reply from what I have read you give very good advice to those people who write in to you with problems. I also think this site is one of the very best I have looked at and I have looked at a lot of them Blessed Be Tillie x
Dear Tillie,
I think you're on the right track here. You know that you can't change what your husband did, you know also that he won't do it again. So there are two levels that you have to work on here. January 10th isn't that far away. But it is a Thursday which will work in your favour. The moon waning at the moment though. So what you have to work for here is a breakdown in the judge's possible prejudice towards your husband. Get yourself a yellow candle & draw a picture of a balance scales as held by the figure of Justice. Early in the morning, before your husband goes to court, cast your circle and set things up. Light your candle, as you light it ask that Artemis, the Goddess of Wisdom be with the judge, that she break down his prejudice, you can write this yourself. Ask that the scales of Justice be balanced by Her. On your drawing of the scales on one side, write what your husband did & all his feelings about it, on the other side write the words Fairness, Justice & Wisdom & if you know the judge's name, put that there as well. Then say "What is done cannot be undone, what is lost cannot be won, but justice and right should always prevail, let prejudice be banished from the scale. I work for what is good and right, let the Judge see the light" then burn the drawing in the candle and let it burn out completely.

I hope that it all works out for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From poppy in rome
who to attract the opposite sex please reply
Dear poppy,
It's not so much about attracting the opposite sex, but being comfortable with yourself. Start working on yourself and your own self image and the rest will follow. Then the right man will come along. One spell I find that works well is to get a red rose and a pink candle and on a Friday night in the waxing moon, sit in front of your mirror light the candle and hold the rose to yourself. Say to the mirror, "I open myself to love with honour and with pride, I look to myself for respect and confidence, I ask the Goddess to teach me to love myself, to respect myself, to honour myself, as I do this to myself, may she teach me to love, honour and respect others, may I attract love, honour and respect in all that I do. So Mote it Be" Then sit for as long as you feel appropriate holding the rose to your heart. Let the candle burn out completely and when the moon is full, take the rose and the candle remains to a place of natural water, a stream or river or a sea and throw the rose into the water, and ask "Aphrodite, come to me, let me loving and loved be." If there are any remains from the burnt out candle throw that into the water as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From John Paul in Iligan City Philippines
can i be asuccesful one and i want to learn a witchcraft practice because i believe that if you know about witchcrafting thats the greatest gift i recieve from the goddest of good and ill do it for the good of mankind.can you please teach me to be a witchcraft and i want to know what is my role or my mission in this world can i be come a reach person because my parents and i are very poor that my own parent cannot sent me to college so i work a partime job to help from taking up my college degree.can you help me to a succesfull one becausemy ambition in life is to live and work in abroad like u.s.a.can you please tell me what to d
Dear John Paul,
I'm afraid I can't teach you, because that is not what I do here. But I can give you a little advice. I think you're on the right track with yourself, you understand that witchcraft will not change things for you unless you do the work yourself. I believe that if you believe hard enough you will never be in Need. Focus on your studies and your career for the moment that is where your energy should be going. Remember if you work for magically riches, there will be a price to pay.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in ny
dear aunt tabatha i am 14 years old.i started the craft when i was 12yrs old.when this show charmed work in the craft began.i know somebody guided me to it.i am also a muslim.did god guided me to wicca or the goddess guided me to it if there is a goddess who guided me to can i thank her thank u.
Dear farah,
You just thank him or her or both of them. You just say Thank you God and Goddess for showing me this path. Then think about what other things you can do to learn more about it. Remember it is very different to Charmed, which is one of my favourite tv programmes too. It is more complex and it isn't just about casting spells and fighting demons. It's about growing up and finding out who you are and how you fit into the world. Remember, that the more you learn about it the more you will learn about yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Danielle in Indiana
I have recently been reading a couple books and been to a few sites. i don t know if i could be a wiccan because i am not very open. Anyway my question is about a gazing technique/astral projection. I tried this gazing techique. When i starred at an object everything suddenly went black but my eyes were still open and when i moved them the light that was originally in my room came back. It kind of surprised me. Was i doing this technique right and if so is this a good starting point for a beginner
Dear Danielle,
Yes, you are on the right track, but I'm a bit concerned at you jumping straight into scrying without learning any techniques about protection etc. Perhaps you should start with a simple meditation and visualisation. What I suggest is to close your eyes and visualise yourself sitting in the centre of a bubble of blue light, visualise it growing stronger and brighter, then weaker, allow it to pulse with colour. Once you can get the visualisation strongly, then ask that those guardians who protect you be with you in a simple and prayerful way. Ask for whatever deity you believe in to protect you as well. You say you're not open to Wicca, so if it is the Christian path you follow then ask for God's protection. Then you can continue to practise as you have been, I would suggest lowering the light in your room though as it might more difficult for your eyes when they refocus. But spend at least a month working on visualising that bubble of protection.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From willow in aldershot
thirteen goals of witch
Dear willow,
I'm not entirely sure what you're
looking for here. You might look
in Doreen Valiente's ABC of
Witchcraft under Aradia, which has
the 13 skills of a witch if you like,
but is very archaic. Or you might
like to get your hands on a
Wiccan Bardo by Paul Bayerl which
puts forward all sorts of different
goals and ethics and ways of
living for people embarking upon
a Wiccan path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sian in exeter
I feel confused for years i have studied the spiritual ways of the Native Americans and recently after reading Kate West s The Real Witches Handbook I feel I have found something closer to home. Would it be wrong to combine the two As i feel I can t leave my Native American beliefs behind.
Dear Sian,
We each find our path where it leads us. Your Native American spirituality will never desert you, but you will broaden as you explore the new paths opened up by reading Kate West's book. Most of us adapt certain learnings to our path that seem most appropriate to us as individuals. Take it slowly and listen to your inner self and you will not go too far wrong. One of the problems with Native American spirituality in a European context is just that, it is in a European context, different land spirits, different animal spirits, which does not sit well with American teaching. I would encourage you to look at and read other books on the subject and perhaps explore some of the books by John Matthews, which is a Celtic Shamanistic path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kushera Knez Lavarch in Slough
I have five cats. Of these one is pure black. A true Mawkins if you will. However it is one of the others. Chas who seems to be most in tune with my workings as a witch. Chas will sit beside me silent and attentive even within a cast circle. He doesn t move until I complete whatever ritual I am trying to perform and on numerous occasions I have found him asleep on my altar. As I am fairly new tothe craft. Just one years standing and as all the books I have read stress certain criteria for a witch s familiar. I am puzzled as to why it is Chas that seems so perfect and readily adaptable to my moods and thoughts. There is one more thing. Chas is an ex-feral. he appeared at my house a few years ago. Could this be significant
Dear Kushera Knez Lavarch,
It sounds to me like Chas is the perfect familiar, he found you & chose you. You are privileged to have such a wise familiar working with you. I wish you both joy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenna in Lincolnshire
Several years ago I became very interested in Witchcraft so I read several books and did much research on ther internet and I realise that this is the path for me. I want to tell my parents and my sister about being a witch so that I can relax and concentrate more when I cast spells and such like. However I am afraid as to how they will react because i don t know how they feel about witchcraft and I am afraid they will have negative views about it. Please can you advise me on what I should do
Dear Jenna,
Why don't you take it slowly. Talk to them about Witchcraft as a concept. Discuss with them what you know about it, sound them out gently on the topic. Then if they seem open to the idea, then perhaps sit down with one of them and explain how you have been exploring the path for a while and feel that spiritually this is your path. The thing is not to make it dramatic, leave aside the spell side of it to begin with. As I said, start off with the member of your family that you feel would be most sympathetic to how you feel, the one you would feel would understand best, tell them, see how they react you can go on to tell the rest of your family or not. But remember you don't have to rush into it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sophie in ipswich
hi aunt tabatha i am 14 years old and will be 15 next july i understand that i m unable to join a wicca group or organisation. What i am finding hard to understand is that alot of spells i have seen and heard of involve many herbs that i m unaware of i know where to get them but how come in witchcraft you must use such specific herbs and materials Also i have heard things like that when becoming a witch you have to do something involved with being naked in a holy place or forest and some strange things is this true Is it safe to do spells at my age Where can i learn the difference between pagan and wicca and different types of witches many thanx sorry there are so many things i m asking but i m in the early stages. love jillybean_magic
Dear sophie,
You are right in thinking that you are too young to join any organisation as yet. But you can join the Teenwitch Forum on the Member's Forum Section of the site, that would at least put you in contact with others your age and you can share ideas and experiences there.

As to herbs & their uses, it is important to learn the properties of different plants. If you get an old Herbal, like Culpeper, even though he didn't necessarily understand the healing properties of the plants, he gives all the planetary correspondences, which also gives a good indication in how the herb can be used in spell work. Herbs also have medicinal qualities and everyone who is going to work with herbs should, before they do anything, get their hands on a couple of good books on modern herbalism, which will help teach you about them. You should learn as much as you can about them before you start using them in spells. A good place to get them cheap is to look in the Remaindered books section of Bargain Bookshops.

As to it being safe to do spells at your age, I would encourage you to learn more about the Craft first and about yourself too, before starting to do any spellwork. When you start to learn to cook you don't expect to produce a Cordon Bleu meal at the first attempt, it is the same with witchcraft.

I have no doubt that some covens will take their initiates off into a forest and hold their initiation ceremonies there. But if you should choose to work with a coven and if you should choose to be initiated by that coven, they will prepare you well for it and you will not be asked to do anything weird or that you feel uncomfortable with.

Paganism is an all embracing term that covers all beliefs centred around the old Gods, so Shamans, Druids & Witches & people who prefer not to label themselves as following any particular tradition, all come under the pagan cloak. If you go to the Books section of the Site you will see that there are a number of titles recommended but to get an overall picture I would suggest that The Pagan Path, by Janet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, is a good book to start with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cassy in
I have a problem. My grandmother is very sick and I would like to perform a healing spell on her. Two of the ingredients I am not sure where to find. They are 1. a teaspoon of lavendar 2. st. john s wort cream. Please help I am desperate
Dear Cassy,
You've neither given me your date of birth or where you're from, so I'm not sure how to answer your question. Dried lavendar is easily available, often from a pharmacy, as is St. John's Wort if you're in the US, St. John's Wort is known as hypericum, so that may be why you can't find it. There has been changing European legislation with regard to hypericum so it may be more difficult to get.

The other problem is the nature of your grandmother's illness and her age, which both have to be taken into regard when healing.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in ny
dear aunt tabatha how do u call upon the goddess or god
Dear farah,
When calling on the God and the Goddess you look into your heart and open it to their power. You can just say the words, as I often do "Most gentle Goddess, Mother of us all, most powerful God, Father of us all, I ask that you be here with me at this time". Your call will be heard.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Orc. in Maidstone Kent
Thank you Aunt Tabatha for your wise words. I have just spent a while reading through your previous answers to others and I believe that you have answered a few quite a few of my own questions. I have no doubt that I shall be posing my own questions to you in due course. Again many thanks to the Wise Woman.
Dear Orc.,
I'm glad you've taken time to read through the previous answers to other questions, as these can clarify issues, but please do write in if you have a problem, I'm always here.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Orc. in
My 13 yrs old daughter has been developing a keen interest in the culture of Wicca. I believe that she is a little young to become too deeply involved but I have no objections in principle. Can you advise me how to guide her in the best direction for the present. Thanks.
Dear Orc.,
You're quite right in thinking that 13 is too young to start thinking seriously of training in Wicca. No coven accepts trainees until the age of 18. But there is plenty for her to be getting on with. I would encourage her to explore other religions, as well as Wicca, which will allow her to form a wider picture of world religion and where she fits into it. The other thing to encourage her to do is to learn about the environment. Local flora and fauna, the uses of the local plants, the legends of the local animals. Learning to live a lifestyle more in tune with paganism and witchcraft generally, Wicca is an earth based religion, so therefore, she should be starting to learn the responsbilities that accompany that, recycling, diet, what larger corporations are doing to the planet. She can also start to learn about divination in a measured way. It is not inappropriate for a mature 13 year old to start learning about crystals, runes or tarot. If this is your daughter's path, she has a lifetime to learn about it. So start her slowly. There are quite a few good books on the Craft in the Books Section of the site. She is far too young for spellwork yet, let her learn about the responsibility that accompanies it, before she starts practising.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cassy in
I am trying to begin my trainingbut I m not sure how to go about it. Your advice seems to work wonders so please help me reach my goal.
Dear Cassy,
You have not submitted your age with this question, so I'm afraid I cannot answer it until you do.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London

Hi Aunt Tabbatha long time no
posts but as always i am making
progress. I have been learning to
trust my power for one and have
a so called boyfriend using grey
magic to manipulate me but he
has come up against some
difficulties as he knows not what i
am capiable of doing so i have
blocked his attempts and kept
myself protected. My grandad
stalls my car to alert me to such
happenings and i am getting
better at understanding the
messages from the other side.
On the new moon prior to this
last one which was my Cancerian
full moon i cast a circle while in
Belgium and managed to raise
the energy to the point of
shattering an ashtray doing my
21 Om s. I feel happy and
positive that i am finding my
freedom finally after having been
kept in limbo i am writing more
poetry daily at the moment too.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday
winter solstice and New Year.
Look forward to keep a more
regular update and thank you for
your kind words as they always
are. Blessed Be Monika
Dear Monika,
Nice to hear from you again. Glad to hear things are working out for you. It's always a pleasure to read your letters. Do keep in touch
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From john in dumfries and galloway
dear aunt tabatha some one my sister knows had a tarot card reading she was told by the reader that soon something very bad is going to happen and it concerned her young daughter and was told it was going to end by a grave the lady asked me to do a rune reading for her but even i can feel the strain now what should i do thanks and blessed be john.
Dear john,

Your sister's friend went to a very
irresponsible tarot reader. There
was obviously a warning in the
cards with regard to this lady's
daughter, but the future is what
we make it. No tarot reader, even
if they see it, should predict
death in a reading (even
obliquely). Please do the rune
reading for this lady to clarify
things for her. But be responsible,
if you do see something, read
further to see how this may be
averted. Every road has turnings
in it, direct her to those turnings,
reassure her, but at the same
time, if it is necessary keep her
on her guard with regard to the
event with regard to her daughter
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jamie in Jersey City
Hi Aunt Tabatha I m wondering of the most powerful witches that you have met what were there capabilities i.e. ESP Astral projection levitation ... I just bought 5 books including ones from Buckland Cunningham and Farrar s but haven t received them yet. I m trying to find out certain things that I ve exerienced in my life. Not sure if it s God/Godess demon or human. Anyway I would like to be able to do these things and will work on it. Thanks
Dear Jamie,
All of these gifts that you mention, though they are gifts that people practising witchcraft can possess, are not good indicators of what sort of person they are. The most powerful witch may not possess any of these gifts and yet have great personal power in terms of healing or scrying. Each of us has a wealth of untapped potential, this may lead us to the path of witchcraft, it may not. For example, look at Uri Geller, he has great psychic ability and yet I don't think he would classify himself as a witch. Stewart Farrar, who was one of the greatest witches of our time, claimed to have none of these gifts. You have chosen an excellent selection of books to start learning about the Craft, this will help you understand more. As to your other question about people communicating over long distances psychically, again, there is no reason to believe that they are practising witches. They may well be, but not necessarily. Again it may be just a person with very well developed psychic ability. It could be dangerous if they do not have a balanced understanding of themselves or good and evil. Occasionally people with an overdeveloped psychic ability can lose their grip on reality, because they spend so much time listening and operating on other levels.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Li Raven in evanston
I have recently reached my end with my current job and am looking for a new postion in a different field any insight on the new job search Also I was wondering about witches and flight like on brooms and whatnot do you know where the idea of this came from Do you think it s possible - Thank you Li Raven
Dear Li Raven,
With regard to looking for a new job in a different field, make sure that you have the right training and qualification that you need. It can sometimes be difficult to break into a new area when you don't have the relevant experience.

The tales of witches flying on broomsticks aren't as bizarre as they first seem. It's a question of getting the wrong end of the stick (sorry about the pun). The broomstick symbolises a phallic fertility symbol & often the phallus head was hidden under the besom. These phallic poles were ridden around the edges of the fields by the women of the villages and land at Lughnasadh (Lammas) to ensure a fertile crop. The flying bit comes from the use of a flying ointment which was made up with various substances, some of which were hallucinogenic, the substances were often rubbed onto the pole of the broom (or directly onto the skin) and when ridden the flying ointment would be absorbed by the skin and then the person would hallicinate the feeling of flying. This practice has basically.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From victoria in leicester
I ve been on a path for all my life towards a certain goal- all my life. I truly beleive that I am close to the acheiving my life s purpose - and yet time is running out and others already at the goal either dont want me to succeed or dont share my belief. If I dont succeed I know that I will feel that I have wasted many years of effort. Time is as I say running out for me. I have no wish to harm anyone or to deflect any others course but I feel very strongly that I need help to overcome these last obstacles and barriers I feel there is nothing more I can do - I am very tired and I know that I need help.
Dear victoria,
You must keep your resolve firm and stick to your path. Let yourself be open to help where you can find it. Something may have happened recently that appears to be catastrophic, you can let it take over or you can accept what has happened, and move forward. There is a part of the Charge of the Goddess which says, "Keep pure your highest ideal, strive ever toward it, let nought stop you or turn you aside". Keep your light of Hope burning bright and you will achieve your goal.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Phoebe in London
I have a friend who at the age of 24 has lost his mother to cancer. I am new to Wicca but I can see that he is not coping underneath his strong exterior -he will not ask for help and he will not show weakness but we aree close and I know I can break through - just need to know how to get to him without damaging anything - he I think is still in total shock and denial
Dear Phoebe,
Your friend needs gentleness and care right now, a shoulder to lean on. Don't press him to talk but be there for him when he's ready. Denial is one of the stages of grieving. If you knew his mother it might be appropriate for you to bring up your memories of her to him. He will talk about things when he is ready. If his mother died more than 6 months ago it might be appropriate for him to see a bereavement counsellor. The grieving process can take up to three years so be patient with him and as I said be there for him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From amanda in athol
how do you kno when you have the gift of witch craft
Dear amanda,
How do you know about anything, if you feel an affinity for the Craft and find as you study it, that it makes sense for you, then you are right for it. The Goddess and God turn no one away from their path, but you have to find it for yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kathy in Sweetwater
Well I ever be happy with my life
Dear Kathy,
Yes, you will, if you remember happiness is where you find it. I can see you've been through a pretty rough time recently with others taking things precious to you. You might consider seeing a counsellor for a while to help you through this time, but the Sun is shining at the end of it all.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Eleni in Wolverhampton
Dear Aunt Tabatha As a relative newcomer to the art I would be grateful if you could advise me re forthcoming University exams. Over the past few years I have suffered increasingly from anxiety especially when faced with such stressful situations. On the other hand I have never been more motivated in life to finish my degree I m currently revising and in theory know the subject area well but it s likely that nerves will get the better of me on the day. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Many thanks - BB...Eleni
Dear Eleni,
You have one brilliant tool working for you in this situation, your self - motivation. You can use some good visualisation here, and breathing. Just take some time each day to do some simple breathing exercises while at the same time visualising calmness and serenity around you it can help alot. Some people find visualising a pool of calm water helps bring them down into that calm space. You can also visualise each part of you relaxing downwards, contact each muscle in your body and allow it to relax starting at the crown of your head right down to your toes, & don't forget your innards as well. When and if the stress creeps up on you suddenly, then a very effective way to reduce it dramatically and break the cycle is to gently drum the sides of your hands, the fatty part below the little finger on a desk or table, visualising your anxiety at the same time. & remember, you have done the work, you have the motivation and the knowledge is there, all of it, your unconscious mind keeps everything and when you get into the exams you will find that the knowledge just flows out when it's supposed to.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Barbara in Windsor
Could you please give me some information about suitable spells/rituals for purification and luck when moving into a new home. Many thanks.
Dear Barbara,
First of all dowse the house and see does it need anything done, give it a good clean too, lots of polish and elbow grease. Then a simple ritual of welcome should suffice, if it doesn't need anything serious done to it. That is just setting up a circle and asking that the guardians of the house accept you and yours into this space. Ask that you may be happy and content there and ask if there is anything that they would like you to do. Finally ask the blessing of the Goddess and the God into your new home and all who share it with you.

Then you can do some of the traditional things that are meant to bring good luck into your home. For example a horseshoe facing upwards nailed onto your door or over it. Alway with the two ends facing upwards though, to keep the luck in. Another thing you can do is to get a witch's ball, which is rather like a large Christmas tree ornament and hang it from a window, this is said to reflect the evil eye. Another one is to get a fisherman's float and put that outside the house & it will prevent your windows getting broken. A large key that doesn't fit any of the locks is another thing you can use, you touch each lock in the house and then hang the key outside in plain view, & it will prevent burglaries. Planting outside is important, Rowan will keep away ill wishers, lavendar and rosemary are plants that welcome people in. As long as your bay tree flourishes you will never lose power in your own home and ivy will bring prosperity. I hope there's enough there to be going on with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sabrina in Phoenix
Will I make it through this devistating blow all right
Dear Sabrina,
Yes you will. It seems as if the
world has caved in on you at the
moment, but in time, it will right
itself and you will be stronger and
able to carry on. I have sent you
strength to help you through.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marin in Grafton AUS
I am a down under witch and the continenent is huge It is so hard to find like minded people. I know 1 and she is like my best friend now. I have other friends who I would like to tell of my situation but do not know if I should tell them only or to tell every one can you help Please send to my e-mail as well. Blessed be Marin.
Dear Marin,
Wicca is a religion, just like any other. I wouldn't tell anyone unless they notice for example that you wear a pentagram or something similar. After all wouldn't it be a little odd if one of your friends turned round to you one day out of the blue & said I think I ought to tell you "I'm a christian". The other problem is that you become something with novelty value. You know "Marin the Witch" rather than Marin the person. So I would take your time & if it seems appropriate then tell, if not, don't. Remember the saying "To Know, to Will, to Dare and to be Silent".
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dahly in Orlando
I recently ran into an old boss of mine we use to flirt on and off at the office in an innocent way . He asked me out and we had an awesome time that afternoon. I am not in tune with the rules of dating about 2 weeks later he called and asked me to come over and visit him we couddled all night long. In 3 weeks time we have spoken twice on the phone sent e-mails on and off and seen each other twice. He is a very responsable focused intelligent person... In a nut shell Arik is the man I have visioned in my mind for a very long time my match. My question is how do I go about this situation I am a very open girl friendly happy and full of energy but I don t want to come across to agressive or overbarring. My insticts tell me something about this guy but this is a new feeling I am unaware of and I side of me I have recently discovered so I am trying to make the right moves but I feel I m walking blindfolded and have no idea in what direction i should be headed towards. I know i want to persue him and I know he likes me... I seams as if everything around me happens so fast with the exception of the men in my life. If there is anything you could tell me I would really appreciate it. You insticts go way deeper than mine do so maybe you could see more than I can at this time. Thank you D
Dear Dahly,
From the way you describe things going on at this particular time, I don't think a committed relationship is what this guy is looking for. He needs patience and careful handling, certainly not rushing. He's been rushed before. I think you're both looking for different things. He just wants to have a bit of fun, someone he can get along with, be cosy with, but nothing more. Be careful, don't let yourself get too involved at this point, take each stage gently and if more is meant to be, then it will happen, but I think there are forces behind him that could cause problems if the relationship got too deep. You may be better off in not allowing the relationship to develop, you may be too honest for him. This is probably why you feel so blind with regard to what's going on. My advice to you is to enjoy it be don't become too involved.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura james in bedford
dear aunt tabatha. i am just starting to learn about wicca. i am perticualy interested in the religeon as i used to be christian but i found it wasnt the right on e for me. i have 2 problems. the 1st is a guy i like. it may seem like a crush but i have liked him for over a year. i feel drawn to him for some reason i dont knoow why maybe his individuality. anyway he does not like me. at all. i got really depressed and had low self esteem. when it got really bad i started to cut myself. i have since gotten over the depresion and low self esteem but i still feel as if i love him. i know that trying to make someone love you is black magick but i would like to know how he really feels if i can get ovr him or if he can be nicer to me. my other problem concerns my very best friend. i loved him dearly and now i realise we were soulmates.i think he was gay but it doesnt matter to me. i just really want to find him again as i have not spoken to him for over 2 years and i miss him dearly do you know how i could find him or if i ever will. i know this may all seem silly but i would be forever grateful if you could help luv laurax
Dear laura james,
It is very hard when you are attracted to the wrong person for the wrong reasons. When that happens you have to look inside yourself and ask why. But it sounds to me as if your common sense has told you this boy's feelings for you, you can't make someone like you, so hard though it may be, it's time for you to move on. It sounds to me as if you are suffering from a serious depression and it may not be something that you are going to be able to get over yourself. You need to find an adult, a parent if possible, or a a teacher or a doctor who you can trust and talk to. You may need to be referred on for counselling or do you have a counsellor you can go to in your school who can help you. I'm very happy to hear that you're not cutting yourself anymore, and if you feel you need to again, then please find someone to talk to about it.

As to your soulmate. We have many soul mates through our lives and they may spend a long time or a short time with us and then move on. Your friend has moved on and you have to be able to let go of that. You will find many people in your life who will be very close to you and they are your soul mates. The only way I can suggest you find him is if you know anyone who is a family friend or whatever and see if you can find an address for him. I hope all of this works out for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tiffany in las vegas
Dear Aunt Tabatha I just moved into my apartment 4 months ago and my bottom neighbors complain about my noise . I received a letter from the office stating that if i do not hold down the noise i will have 5 days to vacate.funny thing that that first day i moved my neighbor was talking to my movers before he came banging on my door to complain that my music was too loud ...... I KNEW THEY HAD A YOUNG CHILD AND SINCE I AM THE GIVING PERSON THAT I AM i gave his wife 2 bowes full of shoes clothes coats all just before xmas then 2 weeks later he starts complianing about me..... He even banged on my door one night and i did not let answer him. I FEEL THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO. I do not have the time to make complaints nor do i go out of my way to make it hard on anyone. I actually have to ask my 7 year old to try to be quiet and that terrible....... nothing else to do.... blessed be......
Dear tiffany,
Noise is always a problem in apartments, & you only need one unreasonable person to make your life unbearable. Often what happens is that noise gets magnified when it's above you so your neighbour is probably hearing more noise than you are actually making. Also he has decided you are a noisy person, so he's sitting there waiting for you to make noise, almost willing it so that he has something to complain about. I suppose you've looked at the practical things like floor coverings, some absorb noise better than others, bare boards are the worst. & I assume you've tried to talk to him reasonably to determine what kind of noise it is that is upsetting him. Music, if played at a reasonable level at a reasonable time of day should not cause this sort of problem. These are the practical things. There are also the things that you can do on a higher level, such as increase the defences around your apartment. Spend time visualising a sound-proof bubble encircling your apartment, it will take hard work and visualisation, but do it on a regular basis and really focus on it. The other thing you can do is to work for tranquillity for your neighbour. He is obviously a very stressed person, this is why he is over-reacting in the way that he is. Perhaps you can programme an amethyst crystal and give it to his wife as a New Year's gift. Cleanse the crystal thoroughly and meditate with it, programme it to bring tranquillity and calm to your neighbour at moments of high stress for him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Paul in Swansea
Hi Aunt Tabatha It s me again. I have had some strange but comforting experiences lately. I work in a call centre and several times customers have interupted their calls to ask if I have the gift. I met one of these customers she is a medium and wonderfully strong She told me that I have a gift but that it is bound up like it is inside an iron maiden. I told her that I am tentatively exploring my feelings and intuition. She advised that I would need guidance. a few weeks later I spoke to another medium. She told me that she had holy statues in her room that began to give off an aura particularly Buddha and Shiva. She also said that a spirit has been trying to contact me since I was twelve years old and that the clue to why this would be was in my surname. I gave her my surname and she couldn t believe that she had not picked this up as she had never felt anything so strong before. She told me that I am a rescuer she advised that I get guidance in opening to my gift saying that she sensed that I was damaging myself by not opening up to my psychic abilities. I have to admit I am very interested especially as the second medium managed to describe the spirit as someone I have also seen in dreams that I relate to a previous incarnation during the burning times. Then out of the blue I mentioned this to a cousin of mine who knows a man who lives locally that trains mediums in unlocking their gifts. I truly feel that this year I am being guided toward future friends who can help me to fulfill my potential in this life. I have already developed a good reputation locally for my tarot readings and some minor benign spells to help close friends with problems. My feeling is that somehow the support of these lovely ladies I am opening naturally I would also like to thank you for guidance over the past year. It has made me examine my motives both with regards to witchcraft and all other aspects of our lives. I just thought that I would share this with you as you have been a motivating force for me Blessed Be and Happy New Year Paul
Dear Paul,
I was delighted to hear of your experience Paul and glad to know that the Way is opening up for you. May you be blessed in all that you do.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From rintu in ranchi
dear aunt i am an indian guy.i have got not enough money but i think to make some can you help me so i could help my slef and others
Dear rintu,
The best help you can get is to help yourself. Remember if you will yourself to be successful then you will be working your way towards success.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Contrina in Fredricksburg
who do can people become witches and where can i get spells
Dear Contrina,
If you are interested in learning about witchcraft the first thing to do is to read about it, it's not about spells. Take a look at the Books section for some recommended books on the subject.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From shannon in ny
dear aunt tabatha i am fat.i would like to lose some weight.a lot of weight.i wanted a spell to make me stop eating food.i eat like a please can u help me with that.i also have another question to ask of u.i am a muslim.can muslims be a witch thank u so much.
Dear shannon,
It would be so simple if there were a quick fix spell to lose weight, believe me, we would all be using it. The only way to lose weight is to work at it. That's through healthy diet and exercise. You can help yourself a bit more with meditation and visualisation, that is visualising your ideal weight & what foods you should be eating.

As to whether a Muslim can be a witch. The two paths are not really complementary. At the stage you are, you should take time to explore the spiritual side of both and decide which is the path that you are best suited to.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lucy in e.yorks
hello me again. i have a question me and my boyfriend dont seem to communicate as much as i would like to when we go out for a walk we are both quite. im quite because he is and it always leads to misunderstanding of one of us thinking that the other in a mood when we are not. i was wondering if there was any spell that i could do that is not clased as a love spell but that can help me. i just want us to be able to sit down and talk about anything again.may be some sort of friendship spell or any tips what so ever. BB special star hope you have a good new year and had a wondeful christmas.
Dear lucy,
Communication is always difficult, I would suggest you just do a simple candle spell. Do it on Wednesday in a waning moon to break down the barriers in communication that are between you. About 9 at night. Use a pale blue candle, light it and say "As this candle burns, from silence to words he turns, let him be able to say all those things the things to clear the way, understanding all we may. So mote it be" Remember to set up a circle and to ask the God and Goddess to bless your work and to protect both of you from harm.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tanya in Kuala Lumpur
Can Buddhists become a witch
Dear Tanya,
Buddhists can be any religion they choose, so long as it does not conflict with their basic beliefs and lifestyle. Wicca offers no conflict so yes Buddhists can be witches too. I even know a few.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Katherine in Nashvill
i dont have alot of money and i have a baby on the way do you know a spell or a spell book that ant to much money that i could buy
Dear Katherine,
At this point in time, you are pregnant and carrying a child, your main concern should be for the child. You don't have much money, then save it & spend it on things for the baby. You will have plenty of time to read about the Craft when that baby isn't such a pressing concern. There are also plenty of places you can go on the web to find out about the craft, have a look at the links page, also go in search of second hand books, they are much cheaper.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stacy in
Im very interested in whichcraft...all the beliefs and spells and so forth..ive been to several site and some have been okay but entirely TOO big and as far as books mainly what i ve found are spells not religin and holidays and such i was wondering if there are any books that you would reccomend that are simple and cover everything
Dear Stacy,
Check out the book section in the Site, there are several good ones mentioned there. The Real Witches Handbook by Kate West is one such. The Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar is another. Wicca for the 21st Century by Jennifer Hunter is another.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sanja in Rijeka
Well I m litlle bit affraid of it all.. Not affraid of the answer then that my mail will be just a waste of time for You... OK I ll be short. What s gonna happened with my writeing Will my future job be attached with literature Sorry about my english
Dear Sanja,
Use your will, be hones with yourself and your future will be assured.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Barbara in Windsor
Could you please give me some advice/ides on purification and good luck spells/rituals when moving into a new home. Many thanks.
Dear Barbara,
First of all dowse the house and see does it need anything done, give it a good clean too, lots of polish and elbow grease. Then a simple ritual of welcome should suffice, if it doesn't need anything serious done to it. That is just setting up a circle and asking that the guardians of the house accept you and yours into this space. Ask that you may be happy and content there and ask if there is anything that they would like you to do. Finally ask the blessing of the Goddes and the God into your new home and all who share it with you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From a witch in trouble in
dear aunt could you help me please or could you give me a advice I m gofted well I know people who are to my friend has AIDS we want to heal her with spells by forming a circle .Coukd you give us some advice.
Dear a witch in trouble,
You do not give your age or where you are from, so I will not be able to answer your question fully. However, you can only help your friend by releasing the pain she is in, if any. AIDS is not a disease you can heal, it is up to her how she fights it. The only thing you & your friends can do is focus on giving her strength.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From qwizard in Allegan
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have a question for you and I hope that you can help me I am a beginner witch and I am trying to do a banishing spell on my husband and nothing is working. Please help me He is harmful and has a bad addatuid towards everything and everyone. Yes he has phsyicaly hurt me once and pushed me a few times but I want him gone for good I m not inlove with him anymore and he has lost all of my trust. He promised not to ever do anything like that again. And he still thinks that I m going to leave him but I need and want you r help to banish him for good. PLEASE HELP ME
Dear qwizard,
You need to protect yourself rather than banish your husband. Once you are protected he will be unable to harm you. The first thing you need to do is to find friends or a shelter and get away from him, where he can't harm you. Then you can think about how you can protect yourself best. You need to get yourself help on the ground. There is little I can do from here to help. If you have no close friend or family who can help you then look in your telephone directory for a helpline they will be able to give you the practical advice you need.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Steve in Hampton VA
Merry Meet Tabatha I have had a Drinking problem for a long time ..have tried alot of programs and do pretty you know a good spell and what day to do it that may help me in strentgh with my sobriety thank you and Blessed be....Steve
Dear Steve,
Well done! You seem pretty in control of your drinking problem right now. But yes it is always good to have something that you can have with you that will reinforce all the good that you've done for yourself. I would suggest that you make yourself up a little amulet, a pouch to wear around your neck. Put into it the things that make you strong. A bit of Tiger Iron for your will power, a label or a piece of one from a liquor bottle bound in a bit of copper wire to show that love for yourself has conquered the drink. A piece of rose quartz, and some rose petals to show your love for yourself. Some cinnamon and sage for protection from temptation. Then take a small scroll and write your own incantation, I could write one for you, but it will have three times the power if it comes from your inner self, and put that in with the other ingredients. Remember none of these should be big, they should be small things that will fit in the pouch. You may find there are other things that you wish to add to it as time goes by. I wish you all the best with it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jeffrey in
Hi Aunt Tabatha can you please help me you see when i listen to certain kinds of music enya s mostly i get this really sad feeling in my hart its like my heart is going to burst. Perhaps this sounds nuts but please help me... thanks and blessed be.
Dear Jeffrey,
There are lots of changes going on for you at the moment, you are reaching a threshold, where you are making the transition from child to adult. Many things will affect you emotionally as well as physically and sometimes the emotional response can be so strong that it actually creates physical feelings. It is important to acknowledge those feelings, even if it is from a piece of music such as Enya. I find her music very moving too. When you get these feelings it is probably a good idea to stop listening to the music that evokes that response. Find something a bit more upbeat to listen to. It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep a journal of your feelings too, to notice and write down how certain things make you feel, what happens before you get those feelings and after, it is all part of your own inner growth and development and soon you will find that you are able to control your responses better and you have a choice as to how you react.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alon malka in natnya
i have a BOYFRIEND and he doesnt treat me well i think he i afried to open to me. i the reationship going to work and can he ever love me i know the he does have some feeling for me thanX
Dear alon malka,
You haven't given me a lot to go on here, you say he doesn't treat you well or communicate with you. Have you talked to him about this, does he realise that he's making you unhappy. If he does, then there's very little likelihood anything is going to change. There is certainly no magic that will change him. If he doesn't, then talk to him, try and find out why he behaves the way he does. But it sounds to me that despite what he may feel about you, you are deeply unhappy with him and you do have a choice as to whether you stay in the relationship or not.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Keiko in Nuburben
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have a few questions for you if you don t mind answering them. I have been studying Wiccan beliefs for a few years now but I still have much to learn. I am experienced with Tarot cards but I only use the Celtic Cross spread. I have never tried any other spreads because I am very fond of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards I was naturally drawn to them so I knew they were the deck to choose and the spread that was included was the Celtic Cross. So for years I have only used that one. I know there are more spreads to use but I was wondering what spread would be considered the next step up If there is such a thing. My second question is regarding altars and where to cast spells. Just about all of the Wiccans I have spoken with have told me that they have/use indoor altars. I don t feel right indoors. My spirit feels uneasy and my mind cannot fully be at peace. Is it alright to have an outdoor altar I have a space in these woods by my house where no one goes except me. I feel that is the place for my altar and where I should practice my magick. Finally I was wondering if you know of any charms/magick stones/etc. that can ease my mind. I have been having touble sleeping lately because of many things such as work school and the lonely spirit which inhabits my room. This spirit is attached to me. I don t know if we share a bond or what but it follows me wherever I go. I can always sense him. I know it s a male spirit. I don t know how I know but I do. He doesn t bother me but I find it hard to sleep when he is around. I feel sorry for him and I try to comfort him which takes up a good hour or so. Is there anything I can do I don t want to rid myself of this spirit I just want to find a way to rest my mind and/or comfort him. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate anything you can respond to Blessed be Keiko P.S. - I don t know if this will help or not but my candles stand for Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami and Susano-no-mikoto
Dear Keiko,
I will answer your questions in the order you asked them. The Rider Waite deck is a very good tarot deck, one that I use myself. There are lots of other spreads out there, I use a Tree of Life spread myself, because like you I find the Celtic Cross limiting. You have two choices about how to learn about new spreads, one is to get yourself some new books on the tarot or to look on the internet, enter tarot into your search engine & you will get a lot of information.

As to having your altar outside, absolutely, if you can, why not. The only thing I would say is not to leave anything there that you might not want to fall into the wrong hands. Have a box that you can keep your things in in between times when working.

The thing that concerns me most is this spirit you write of. You are not alone in having this happen to you. It often happens that when people first start to explore the Craft they attract something that is lonely to them. But you should not be having your sleep disturbed and I suspect that you are becoming a bit of a loner as well. You need to let that lonely spirit move on to where he needs to go. He is disrupting your life. I think you need to thank him for being there and ask him first how you can help him move on. If you get no response, then you must move it out of your room. Simply cleanse your room and set up your circle. Open a gateway in the West and ask that the Guardians of this spirit's soul come and guide him to where he is supposed to be now. He obviously is not happy on this earth, so it is time for him to move on. You say you have Wiccan friends, if that is so, I would ask them for their help doing this. It is a big undertaking. Once you have seen your spirit friend move on, then close the Western gateway and banish your circle, cleans your room and set up a fresh circle scattering the perimeter with flowers. Sit and meditate in this circle, this will tell you whether you have indeed been successful. I hope this all works out for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From paul in rockmart
Dear Tabitha I ve always had strange things happen and i think i have the power of telekenisis what can i do
Dear paul,
I'm afraid I cannot answer your question specifically unless you submit your correct age. But telekinetic power is the ability to move things with the power of thought. If this is what you're doing, then I suggest you be very very careful. You need to develop wisdom and maturity with this and understanding or it will bring you much unhappiness.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From nana in jakarta
what is third eye
Dear nana,
Your third eye is the chakra point located in your skull just above your eyes in the centre of your forehead. It is the chakra of intuition. It is generally depicted as being the colour of lapis lazuli or indigo. We talk about the Third Eye opening as we become more psychically aware, but remember it should not stay open all the time, nor should it be any stronger or weaker than any other of your chakras.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From nana in jakarta
dear aunt tabatha... i m believe in witchcraft. but my parents and sisters don t believeit. they think that witchcraft it s only a kids imagination. lately i ve been practicing circle casting. ang i ve been learning more about witchcraft. but i can cast a spell. every time i cast a spell it doesn t work. can you tell me how to cast a spell so it will works
Dear nana,
Your spells aren't working because you don't know enough yet. I would suggest that you study a lot more before you start thinking about casting spells. Work on your meditation and visualisation techniques. Take a look at the books page looking particularly at the practise of witchcraft rather than the spell casting angle.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marrina in Croydon
Greetings Aunt Tabatha I have been studying the craft for some time now I am a solitary Wiccan but have friends who share the same similar beliefs as myself. I am a strong believer in reincarnation and hope to meet the acquaintances of a trained hypnotist to be able in assisting me in discovering what one or more of my past lives were like. I have always been curious as to the fact that in my next life will I be able to remember this life or parts of it Saying that I sometimes have visions or when meditating of certain events or places that may have been related to a past life/s however I m not entirely sure and maybe I will have found some answers when I am able to experience my past life/s when I do get hypnotised for that purpose. I want to know what is your opinion and any experiences you and people at The Children of Artemis may have had and whether you would like to share those. Also if you could tell me of any websites relating to this area and any highly rated or recommended hypnotists you know of in this country. Thank you for your time. Brightest Blessings
Dear Marrina,
Reincarnation is a fascinating subject. If you would like to ask members of the Children of Artemis to share their experiences, I suggest you go to the Members Forums and post there. As to finding a reputable hypnotist, you need to look at their qualifications and check that they belong to an accredited organisation. You have every right to ask questions from any hypnotist before going to see them. It would not be ethical for me to recommend any particular person or association here, but what I suggest you do is to look them up in your phone directory Yellow Pages and ask them what their qualifications and background are and then do a check on them yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chalin Mari in Phelan
i realy want to be a part of the whole wiccan culture and practice and ive been reading and trying to practice but in the back of my mind i see my parent hateing the fact in wich i belive in. my mother had her mother in it and is afraid i will go into black practice i still continue to study pray and try to practice but the fact of the matter still stands is there any way i can make them see what im truely trying to be
Dear Chalin Mari,
Once someone like your mother has her mind made up about what you're doing, there is going to be very little you can do to change it. I would just say to you to be discreet. Obviously your mother was hurt by the way her mother practised, and fears for you. You could probably tell her that the sun shines during the day and she wouldn't believe you if she thought it was to do with witchcraft. The only thing I can suggest to you is to be careful of her feelings. Try not to hide too much from her, but also try not to push it into her face. For the next few years you have to live with her and until you are 18 you will have to keep your feelings and practise to yourself. There are people out there who never tell their parents of their beliefs for fear of hurting them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stephanie Baker in London
Merry meet It is infact a question of love. There is a man and at first well it seemed to be the real thing however as he is growing up we met when he was 16 and i was 20 he is now seeing the ways of the world which i fully agree that he should do before settling down obviousley i have not actually said to him to go and do this I have let him since the day we met do things only for his own free will and never tried to impose anything ever even with the age gap . You see he is the most extraordinary young man i have ever met and now two years on i feel i really love this man. I have never got on with anyone like i do with him. always we are drawn back to each other if we don t talk to each other for a while we always seem to slip back into each others lives. We are not together but i can t help but wonder that in a few years that we may return to each other. Forever. So the question is Will we be together again soon or in the future thank you aunt tabatha Blessed be
Dear Stephanie Baker,
It is hard to let go of relationships and to move on, particularly when you have been with someone who is extraordinary, as this man apparently is. I can see that you had problems when you were together, probably from others, about the age difference. This grows less and less as he matures, but another problem is that he is maturing and changing and his needs are changing, just as yours are. I think the best course of action for you right now is to let go of the past, look forward to your future, get out there and meet other people and accept your life apart. From what you say, you and this man have something that will never go away, but now it is time for you to go and meet others, develop new relationships and let your future bring you happiness.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alley in illinois
I m interested in the Craft but some of the spells I cant do because my parents wont let me burn things in my room and I m not allowed to get any supplies athame wand etc... because my Dad wont let me. Is there an alternative way I can do spells but not have to use candles or tools Please help me
Dear Alley,
You must, first and foremost, respect the wishes of your parents. There are many things that you can do without tools at all, and you can make a lot of your tools yourself. But at this stage it is about learning to understand yourself and your development, getting in touch with your inner being. Reading about the Craft rather than doing it and learning discipline. Any witch worth their salt has a strong sense of inner discipline. Sometimes, because I am in a crowd, I can't work with any tools at all, this does not make it any less real or stop me from helping others. The tools - candles, incense, athames, wands - are only the exterior things, they keep our hands and eyes busy while inside we are doing the real work. So meditation and study is really where you have to start, not as exciting as spells, but in the end, far more important.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From samantha in san diego
me and my boyfriend have been togather for 4yrs and 9mts is there going to be anything between us
Dear samantha,
You've been together for nearly 5 years and you're wondering if there is going to be more between you. I suppose this is a way of asking are you going to be married or be in a life long committed relationship. You are both still very young, and five years with one person at your age can be like a lifetime already. What you need to do is to sit down together and talk about the future and what you both want from life generally. It may be that he is not ready to commit to anything more, but you need to find out what you both want, because a relationship is about what both of you want to do with your lives separately as well as together.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From cathy in maysville
i thought of practicing wicca and i did order a spell be done .my guy and me are in love and theres a age diffeence in the spell i just asked he realize his feelings and marry me .is that a bad spell
Dear cathy,
If you are worrying about it as much as I think you are, you already have your answer. It is not right to do any magic of that sort on another person without their consent. If you and your guy are meant to be together, you will be, but do not rely on magic to keep you together because it won't make you happy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mandy in lake ariel
I want to start witchcraft but i dont know where to begin. Could you help me
Dear Mandy,
When you say you want to start Witchcraft, I'm hoping you mean you want to start learning about the Craft, which is the subject in its entirety, not about learning how to do spells, which is a very small part of it. Many witches don't do any spells at all, they don't feel the need to. The best thing I can recommend you do is to go to the Books section of the website and also to the Links section. You will find some good books recommended there. Kate West's book is an excellent starting point. Best of luck in your journey.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laura in Worcestershire
Dear Aunt Tabatha Since becoming interested in Wicca I have performed only basic rituals and spells. I have found that the energies i feel and give out are very powerful i become completely overwhelmed and feel scared and out of control. Hence the reason i have only practiced a few. I am worried what these energies are where they are coming from and if i can work with them or stay away from practising. I also suffer from horrendous nightmares quite often do you think these might have something to do with it I d love to know your opinion.
Dear Laura,
You obviously have a lot of power and energy working with you while you are working and it sounds as if you are not earthing yourself properly. That is very common with people who are first starting and it can manifest in many ways. When you are finished doing whatever it is you are doing, then kneel on the floor with both palms and your forehead on the ground, visualise anything left draining out of you into the earth, rather like water being soaked into the ground, then get something to eat and have something to drink. This is why we have cakes and wine. You will find that the more you practise the more control you will gain over the energy you absorbe and give out. Again with the nightmares, you are very open, so it is important to protect yourself when you are sleeping. A dream catcher, is a very simple effective method. If you can make your own. Every full moon hang it in the moonlight to cleanse it. As well as that snowflake obsidian is another good stone to keep away nightmares. Again keep it well cleansed and sleep with it either beside your bed or under your pillow. Rose quartz can be very soothing as well. You might want to cleanse your room as well and set up a protection there, because very often when one is new to the Craft, you can attract not so nice things as they come to check you out. A mirror is a good protection, clean it and charge it to protect your room.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Carl in Preston
Dear Aunt Tabatha For the past three years When I ve been getting out of chairs at home I tend to become dizzy then become blind then fall to the floor and then I would wake up forgetting who I am and where I am for a brief period. I have been to the doctors since this started and They are not starting any tests in till the beggining of 2002. I have my suspisciouns that they don t know what this is. My first diagnosis was Low-blood Pressure but remember what I said about that it only happens at home.
Dear Carl,
I would not jump to any conclusions whatsoever at this point. It may be that your suspicions are well founded, or it could be that you are more relaxed at home and this causes your blood pressure to drop more than it would when you are not at home. Let them run their tests and see what the results of those are. In the meantime it wouldn't hurt to protect yourself, by visualising a circle of protection around, rather like a large blue bubble and asking for the Goddess and the God to protect you from harm.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mario Lazeero in
Dear Tabatha Can you please tell me if you think the terms White witch is the same as wiccan or White Witchcraft is the same as Wicca Can theres terms ever be viewed as synonomous If not by you then by other wiccan groups Regards Mario
Dear Mario Lazeero,
White witchcraft is not necessarily the same as Wicca. Wicca is the religion that has come from witchcraft. It adhere to the Wiccan Rede, An it harm none, do what you will. Worships the Horned God and the Goddess and reveres the natural cycle of the year as celebrated through the Eight Sabbats. There are many other forms of white witchcraft, Traditional, Hereditary, and Dianic to name but a few. Some of these have adapted to Wicca others haven't. Many solitary, eclectic white witches or hedge witches would not define themselves as Wiccan.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anne in Leicester
Hi I would like to ask your advice I am currently undertaking a parapsychology diploma as a home study course. I was suprised and interested to notice that in next years prospectus the school which I am enrolled with are doing a home study course on Wicca and Witchcraft. Now I have to admit that I am just a novice in the craft having only a few years experience . So I was wondering if this course would be a good way to help me learn more or would it be considered a farse and not a true way to learn Witchcraft Anne
Dear Anne,
That's a hard question to answer, not knowing anything about the course. But what I would suggest you do is to ask them if they could send on the reading list or something like that, then check out the authors they are recommending and see from that if it is a genuine course or not. Also who is in charge of the tuition. If it is someone reputable it shouldn't be too difficult to check up on them. You need to get more details on a course liket that. It could be just a history course, which in itself would be extremely interesting and instructive, but not necessarily what you're looking for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kim in Peterborough
Iv been interested in wichcraft since as long as i remember now im older iv started studying into the subject more intensly.I have done the magic circle and the experince is amazing but i dont know where to go from here i want to join a coven but have no idea of where there is one and need some help.
Dear Kim,
I'm afraid that until you're 18 you're on your own. No respected Coven will take on Neophytes under 18. The best advice I can give you is to keep on working, keep on reading, learn as much as you can. When you reach 18 then you may be able to find someone either through your local occult shop, if there is one or moot. Keep in touch with others in your own age group through the internet. There is a Teen Witch forum on the Members page on this site and have a look at the Links page as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ashley in crownpoint
I need some advice on where there are shops around here. I am just starting out and I am 14 so i dont have much money at al.... what can i do how should i start off. i have a circle of friends...there are four of us.what should we start first
Dear ashley,
I'm not sure where abouts you are exactly, so I'm afraid I can't help in that direction, however, there is a good Links page and a good Books page on the site. There are four of you so you can share the expenses. You don't need to spend a lot of money on materials and if you share the cost of the books you should be able to do it cheaply. Another good source of books on the net is, which is a second hand book network. You just type in either the author or the name of the book and if any of the sellers in the network have it it will come up. You can buy most of them by money order too. Just be careful about postage costs.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laura in High Prairie
I am a beginner where do I start
Dear Laura,
Well you have already made a start haven't you? You are too young to join any groups as yet, as any group or coven will not take on anyone until they are 18. Your best bet would be to look at the Teen Witch forum in the Members section, you might meet up with others your age and make good contacts. The other places to look are at the Books page and the Links page to find other sites of interest to you. But at the moment the best thing you can do is to read as much as you can, learn and understand, then when you reach the proper age you can start your training.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Trudy in Hampshire
Please can you advies me . I have ill health and was wondering if there are any spell that may help me. Im new to Wicca Im still reading up and finding out about it all. I just wondered if there was any thing tha I may be able to try in the future to help. Thanks for any advice you can give.
Dear Trudy,
I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering from ill health. One of the things you have to do when studying Wicca is to learn how to look after yourself. I presume you are seeing a doctor or health professional who is giving you good advice. A couple of things you can do on a practical level is first to meditate, feeling and pulling positive healing energy into yourself. Visualise it as clear white light pouring into the souls of your feet and the crown of your head and through your body, cleansing it of anything that is breaking down your health. At the same time visualise yourself as being strong and whole and healthy. Ask the Goddess and the God to give you the strength to get well. Balance the four elements within you, visualising each of them giving you healing energy. You can also get yourself an amethyst and a clear quartz, keep them near you at all times and cleanse them on a daily basis, allow them to absorb the ill health around you. You could also go to your local health food store for advice on herbal remedies, but if you're on any medication check that they don't contraindicate what you're taking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marin in Grafton AUS
I have been meditating for a while now and journying while I meditate. A fellow sister says it is astral projection. Recently the scene of my journey changed from a desert to a forest. Flying over I am wondering if this is an influence of my progression in my wiccan journey or just my imagination. Can you help Blessed be Marin
Dear Marin,
That's actually quite a tricky question, because the answer is yes and yes. Your imagination is what starts you on your astral journeying, but as you progress it extends from your imagination into a realm more real than that. There are certain checks you can make when you are there, for example what other than the forest do you see around you? Are there other people or figures present there, is there someone guiding you? The point about journeying, rather than imagination is that you learn something along the way that you did not know, or were not aware of before you started. That is how we measure progression. I hope you are keeping a careful journal of all your experiences because then you should be able to measure what progress you are making.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tara in ny
dear aunt tabatha i have a huge crush on a guy name carlos.its hard for me to talk to him.i stutter or something.i really like him.i want to know if he likes me.carlos is skinny and i am fat.i really dont want to humiliate myself in front of him.i think he likes only skinny girls but whenever i look at him and he looks back.he suddenly blushes.he looks at me sometimes.i really need your help on this one.i want to doesnot matter if i get long as i there a spell to attract a lover that the spirits has chosen for u thank u.
Dear tara ,
Though you may be very attracted to Carlos, a love spell is not the answer because love spells manipulate other people. What you need is a lot of self confidence. I think you may feel your weight is an issue, but if there is real attraction there, then it won't be. You might be better just making friends with Carlos, perhaps sitting with him at lunch and just chatting to him, to find out if he is really the boy for you. Until you get to know him, you won't know that. You might feel you need a bit of self confidence to get chatting to him, so get yourself a piece of tiger eye and carry it as a talisman.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tracey in Dartford Kent
I want to be initiated but I m not sure how to go about it as I am a solitaire please can you give me some advice.
Dear Tracey,
There are two things you can do in this situation. You can either find a coven and work with that coven until your initiation, but it would mean working with a group for a while or you can find a High Priest or High Priestess who will take you on as a student. You might want to get in touch with Merlyn & Epona who runs the site and they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help, their email is [email protected]
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alina in Bucharest
Dear Aunt Tabatha i want to ask u if i can do spells using stones like tyger_eye obsidian onix and other i also want to ask you where can i find cheep books on net or information about witchcraft spells. Thank you very much be blessed
Dear Alina,
Yes, stones and crystals are very powerful when used to make amulets. Tiger eye is a good stone for protection and to raise personal energy levels. Onyx and obsidian can be used to earth energies and to connect with your inner psyche when journeying. You must cleanse the stone first, in salt and water is the usual method, though you can bury them, use sunlight or even use other stones like amethyst to cleanse them. Then you can programme them, that is take them up and meditate on their use and direct them in how they should be used. For example, with Tiger Eye, you can tell it as you hold it, "You are tiger eye, you are strong, protect me all day long."
As for getting cheap books on the net, as long as you know the title or the author, I recommend you try, which is a second hand book network. One word of warning though, check the shipping price, because you can get caught. The other thing is that if it is a cheap shipping rate, you will have to wait a while before your book arrives.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emma and Lisa in Milton Keynes
We have both been interested in witchcraft from a young age. We would like to learn more from someone with experience. We don t really know where to start or where to look. Is there anything you can suggest If there is we would be very grateful. Thanx
Dear Emma and Lisa,
The best way to start learning is to read, read and read some more. There are two of you so you can share books. Most moots and covens have an age limit of 18, this may seem unfair now, but if this is your path then you will have your whole life to practise. There is a good reading list on the Books page of the site. There is also the Teenage Forum in the Members section. You might also try the links. There are also some on-line courses that you can try. But no teacher will take you on until you are 18.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rachel in
I m new to the craft and need help and someone to guide me. Where can I find this I ve looked almost everywhere. And are Ouji bad spelling evil I look forward to hearing from you thanks
Dear Rachel,
The only thing I can tell you is that when you are old enough, which is generally 18 then you can seriously start looking for a teacher. The Craft is for life, so it's not really a long time to wait when put in that perspective. In the meantime, check out the Links and Books section on the main site, this will give you a good idea of recommended reading material. Study & read all you can. There are general laws in Wicca, Do as you will and it harm none, which means to make sure that any action has a positive not a negative effect on the person you are working for & on yourself. The second one is the law of threefold return that for every action you do there will be a rebound effect three times as strong, so if you do something bad it will come back to you three times. Ouija Boards are not to be recommended as they have no protection with them. They open up doors in the unconscious mind and can also invite in unwanted entities as they open up other portals. Best to avoid them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kadamon in mechanicsburg
Have you heard of Whampiric or Vampiric Tendrils I was telling a friend about an odd feeling I had and he said it was Whampiric Tendrils. Have you heard of this Is there a particular way to ward against it
Dear Kadamon,
I have to say I have not, but I have heard of Vampiric tendencies and Psychic vampirism. Perhaps you could get back to me & explain the feelings that you are having. Are they of being drained when in the company of a certain person?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leah in edinburgh
i really want to join a local wicca group how would i go about joining one
Dear leah,
I'm afraid no Wicca group of any repute will consider taking on any new members until they reach the age of 18. There are several reasons for this, but mostly because at the age of 18 you are free to make your own decisions and take responsibility for yourself. In the meantime, I would suggest that you keep studying in your own way. You will find many contacts in the Teen forum on the main site and have a look at the Links and Books page for suggested reading and other good sites to read about the Craft.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nichole in Loveland
Dear Aunt Tabatha There is this girl I know that is trying to work spells.She has no idea what it is about or how to do it. She s going to hurt herself and others.What should I do
Dear Nichole,
Oh dear! Isn't it so difficult when you see people who are working from a state of ignorance. If you are close to this girl then it might be possible to sit down with her and discuss the whole principle of spell casting and magic and witchcraft with her, but if you're not, unless you try and befriend her, I don't think there is much you can do. The only thing I can say is that if she really doesn't possess a lot of knowledge, she will be largely ineffective in whatever she does.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From trisha in lawton
hi im asking this only because im not sure how to answer it for my husband i am a witch but i also feel and see things no one else see like all witches you my say im wrong but we do feel things that are there and well i see lost souls as well my husband took me to his friends house and i felt the unwanted feeling be for we got to the drive way its a old house and well i just didnt like the feeling that the house was giving me my husband wants me to tell him about it but it really har to explan to him can you help
Dear trisha,
I think you have to be careful here. You may want to talk to your husband's friend as to how he feels living in the house. Has he noticed any changes, does he like having people around to visit. Build up to it slowly. But if you spring it on to him suddenly, your husband could be short a friend at the end of the day. If he appears to agree with what you are saying then you might go to the next step of cleansing the house. But ultimately, it's his home & up to him what is done in it. Discuss this with your husband & perhaps the two of you can go together to talk to his friend so that your husband is there saying, "Listen, she's not wacky, she genuinely knows what she's talking about." But as I said before be careful about how you approach the subject with him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pyro in Melbourne
Hi i was wondering are the any guys in this witchcraft stuff
Dear Pyro,
I know you asked two questions but I'm going to answer them both together. First of all, you don't have to believe any of this stuff if you don't want to. It is a personal path for each person who chooses it. Nobody is interested in converting you & it is up to you to make up your own mind. & yes there are both men & women involved in witchcraft, Wicca and paganism generally.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From PaSSioN in
Hi Aunt Tabatha how are you I read somewhere that after death your soul goes to the summerlands and in time you rsoul will be reincarnated. And that tis happens again and again life after life forver. Is tis true if it is is there a way to escape tis cycle Please clarify my doubts.
Dear PaSSioN,
After death the belief is that you go to the Summerlands and your soul is reincarnated, but this is not a cycle that is repeated forever. It is a progression of learning. You start off as a new soul coming from the unformed cosmos if you like & you are born & you start to learn, each lifetime adding to your soul's experience and growth. There is a certain amount of free will too, you do not have to be reborn straight away, but gradually as you develop and grow you reach a state of perfection, and you become one with the whole. Then there is the Bodhisattva, who is the perfected reincarnated being, such as Buddha and Christ. But it is not a pointless cycle of death and rebirth ad infinitum.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tracy in Gloucestershire
Firstly thankyou for your advice. I have a second question I am writing to a 14 year old girl who is studying wicca - my fear is the fact that she and her her friends dabbled in ouja in the girls room a little while back - now she has let something awful through and the nightmare she had was awful - it was like a horror movie and in it she was possessed by something evil she said she kept singing an evil song whilst trying to kill her friends in the dream and her friends had to kill her with an athame to get rid of the evil spirit this is just a watered down version of this dream that she sent to me via email - i have told her not to dabble again - but now this spirit is terrifying her at night even giving her sensations of crushing her chest so she can barely breath - please can you advise on what she should now do
Dear Tracy,
The problem seems to be with Ouija Boards is that they open parts of the unconscious, also there is a lot of stuff associated with the dark side of them so that even if one doesn't actually invite dark forces into one's life. Your friend has definitely allowed herself to be open. The best thing you can do is help her do a cleansing in her room. Use a smudge stick and smudge the room all over, then a major tidy, and a ritual sweeping, open the doors and the windows wide, and light a white candle in the centre of the room. As you light it, you say
Gone are the forces of dark & fear,
let none but good enter in here,
where once was pain & once was fright,
let there be now pure shining light.

Then close the doors & windows and seal them with salt and water, by just sprinking it onto the window sill and the door sill. As you do so you say.

Let there be a barrier against all that is unseen from entering here.
By the God & the Goddess So Mote it Be.

I hope it all works out for you. By the way the best day to do this clearing would be a Saturday, when the moon is waning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lora in Peterborough
I like to know how can you move things with your mind by thinking
Dear Lora,
Moving things with your mind by thought is called telekinesis. Often poltergeist activity is uncontrolled telekinetic activity. It is something that generally requires a lot of dedication and self discipline, expends a lot of effort for (usually) a minimal result.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From PORTIA in SHINNSTON WV.
Your children are your children to bring up as you see fit. You are certainly, as far as I am aware allowed to bring them up spiritually in whatever way you see fit. There are many pagan parents who bring their children up as pagans, there are those who bring them up as Christian, & those who allow them to experience both sides of the fence. Your main priority should be whatever is right for your children. Make sure that whatever way you bring them up will allow them to fit easily into whatever community you are in.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kendra in Madison
Witchcraft is not in my family and im the only one to believe it my mother and father think its all a joke but i think im a witch because i can feel things before they happen like when someone is going to knock at our door i tell my mom to anwser it because i hear and see the door. Well i was wondering if you could give me some beginner love spells and i could practice on them. I love witchcraft and love working with fire But before i do any spells ill be sure to practice THANX LOTZ
Dear Kendra,
You may be a witch, you may not. You have psychic ability and that's wonderful. But you need to discover more about witchcraft before you think about casting spells, and certainly you need to balance the elements in your life. Learn about water, air and earth, and most of all about your own inner being and spirit. Take more time to read about the subject. Love spells are definitely out, which you will discover as you get older, these are spells designed to manipulate, true love does not need to be manipulated. So study and learn, go to your local bookshops, go to second hand shops find the books and read.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Paul in Swansea
Hi Aunt Agatha I recently emailled re a tchnique I ve found which seems to reduce the time taken when walking long distances. It involved visualisation and a chant and seems on average to reduce time taken on the route by fifteen minutes. This is the firstspell of any kind that I have developed myself despite being aware of my psychic abilities since a veryyoung age. Although I have worked with charms and amulets before which always seem to work well. I did this working more because it came to me very clearly from the small still voice I use to ascertain whether something is selfishly motivated or I am genuinely helping someone else. I have now tried this several times and it seems to work without fail. Have you heard of any others thathave used this method. Thank you for your time Blessed Be Paul
Dear Paul,
It seems that you are developing your magical techniques nicely. The wonderful thing about magical development is that we all develop at different levels and in different ways. I'm going answer your question with a question, do you think it's selfish? Look into yourself and ascertain why you're developing these techniques and what use they are to you and to others, and how you can go on from where you are now.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tracy in London
I have approached a Magikcal Craftsperson to carry out work on my behalf. I did not cast a Circle and this worries me now as I have read you need to do this. Have I put myself at harm and can Magic work in this way when a High Priestess creates the Spells for you
Dear Tracy,
If you have asked someone of experience and integrity to do magical work for you, then you really have nothing to worry about. It is not necessary for you to cast a circle when someone else is doing something for you. Even if she asked you to, it shouldn't have any negative effect, nor should it affect the outcome of the spell that she was working for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alastair in Glasgow
I ve been interested in meditation and creative visualisation for a while now mainly through swimming and some research I ve done into martial arts. Only today I discovered about true witchcraft. I ll admit that I ve mainly been drawn to looking into witchcraft by the idea of magick. I ve tried to do some research into meditation/creative visualisation in the past however I ll admit I m often lazy and lack persistence. I m also at an important stage in my education and I fear this quality may affect my final grades. I realise that I m not ready for spell work yet but is there anything else I can do Maybe meditation is an answer Even if it isn t do you have any advice on ways to start meditation I realised while making this message just how uncertain I am about what I want and I m sure you have picked that up but I d appreciate any advice you have to give. Thanks Alastair
Dear Alastair,
What I'd suggest is to keep up with the meditation and visualisation and develop those techniques, because they will help serve as memory aids and enhance your ability to study effectively. As to continuing your study of witchcraft, it strikes me that when you get involved in something, you truly get involved. You say your education is at a crucial stage, so I would say focus on that, achieve what it is you want to achieve academically, and then you will be able to focus on the study of magic etc. when you have less to occupy your mind and time. It is up to you to create the pace at which you want to develop. You have started to meditate already, but I would suggest at the moment to look for some guided meditation tapes and that way it will help you to develop meditation techniques.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rachel in Davao City PHILIPPINES
Since I was still five years old I have this inclination to wicthcraft. Though I didn t know it yet but I have practived already candle magic much to my innocence but of course didn t work. In my high school days I began to experiencing weird things around me like I sense the presence of spirits find lost things in my dreams and able to predict the future though I normally didn t say it aloud but I just thought of it and it really came true . I was wondering if this is the right path for me to study witchcraft.... Help me.
Dear Rachel,
It certainly sounds as if you are very aware psychically, but this awareness does not necessarily mean that witchcraft is your path. There are many allied paths. What I would suggest you do is to find out more about it, the spiritual as well as the magical side of it and then make your decision based on what you have found out for yourself. After all, if it is your path, you will have the rest of your life to explore it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leslie in toronto
I have been interested in wecca for a while but I am now finally looking into it seriously. Where do I start What should I read How should I prepare myself
Dear leslie,
The first step along the Path is to find out more about it. Get to know your local magic shop wherever that is, have a good root. Look around the different websites, check out the links and the books page here. Check in your local area are there any public meetings or pagan moots that you can attend. But most of all read about it. Make sure that it really is what you're looking for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From seema in ny
dear aunt tabatha i have been feeling depressed for many started when i first came to america five years ago.i hate school.i am a loner there.i talk to people but not very much.i am suicidal sometimes.i panick easily.i used to be an A and B i am a C student.i alawys feel depressed every single day.its so hard for me to be happy.i feel depressed no matter what.i dont know whats causing it.i am forgeting things very easily.i have been avoiding people.i am all alone and i have bad dreams.please is there a spell to stop this blessed be
Dear seema ,
It's horrible to feel alone, and we all, every single one of us go through some point of our life feeling like that. There is no magic that can help you out of it. You need to go to talk to someone. Is there a school counsellor or an adult friend or a parent who you can trust enough to talk to about your feelings. You really need someone near you to talk to and to realise that these are very common feelings. With regard to the dreams, get yourself a piece of rose quartz and sleep with it under your pillow or else get or make a dream catcher to hang over your bed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From rachael in mayfield hts
I m new to the craft I have been reading and doing some exercises. When ever I read about or do any exercises involving meditating channeling or anything that involves any brain power I feel like my brain is swelling and is about to explode. The most pressure is behind my third eye. Is this normal should I be worried
Dear rachael,
It appears that you are trying to hard and taking too much energy into yourself without earthing it. There should not be that feeling of swelling, but of letting go. You don't say whether you are working within a protective circle or not. But I would suggest that you don't spend as long meditating, but instead only spend a short time, and when that feeling of pressure starts to build, visualise yourself connecting with the earth, as if your feet were planted into it, and the pressure running down into the earth.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From SHABANA in Blackpool
i want to know how to develope my powers to get what i want always.
Witchcraft is not about developing power in order to get what you want always, but about developing yourself to be more aware both inside and outside. Maybe it's time to think about what others needs are.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jennifer in Sewanee
Aunt Tabatha I have this urge to use the art of witchcraft but every book I read says that you have to have all of this supplies that really cost too much for me to afford. Is it possible that there is a way to invoke the spirits without having all of the expensive supplies Also my family has pretty much all been into witchcraft and I have been told that I am a witch because I can wish for things to happen think about it and it happens. Most of the time it is something bad. What does all of this mean
Dear Jennifer,
I firmly believe that the best tools you can possibly use are those you make. The ancient Witches did not have a shop to buy their wares. They used nature and their hands to fashion what they needed. In as far as accidental spell casting, I doubt that this is the case. You may just be aware of things before they happen. Keep a log and watch for patterns. This should clarify the situation.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Vanessa in Buxton
My friend Lucy is very worried that a group of girls are going to hurt her Please can you give me any protection spells to protect her. Thankyou
Dear Vanessa,
You should never practise any spells without proper study. Even a harmless protection spell can cause chaos. I suggest that a protective amulet is the best solution. A Tiger's Eye stone is wonderful. However, if you cannot obtain one, use any stone and charge it with love and protection for her.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tracy Bennett in GLOUCESTERSHIRE
A few months ago i was feeling down when i saw a female witches face beside me i was in the bath with candles around the room at the time and she took me to what i can only describe as a coven - it was beautiful - almost roman looking and the priestess was behind an alter and each side of her was two huge marble white pillows - what did it mean and why did they come for me They were wearing white dresses/robesI am currently full of doubts regarding being a wicca but i want to remain as one so much i feel i am being perhaps tested and am determined to live this way of life as it has taught me many things and i have changed for the better too Please can you help I am a solitary witch but i just so want things to get better and feel good about myself too
Dear Tracy Bennett,
To me, being Wiccan is something you feel. It is not something you can change. The belief is your essence. It dwells deep within you. How you practice your beliefs may be where you are doubting. The Path of Wicca is not easy. Perhaps your vision was your inner self showing you the course you need to take. You must learn to follow your feelings and instincts. Happiness is not a guarantee on any Path. Life will always be hard work. But the joy is well worth it. Wicca or any religion will not solve your problems. It is just simply who you are.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Blue Fariry in atlanta
Dear Aunt Tabatha I started studying wicca and i want to tell my family but my mom thinks im christen she calls these religons cults and stuff so im afraid to tell her. Im only 13 so i can t move or anything. What should i do
Dear Blue Fariry,
It is scary at any age to try to explain what we believe. However, you are at an age where you must respect the wishes of your parents. I suggest that you are open and honest with them. Explain your beliefs. If they object, it's ok. Abide by their wishes and show them by example what it means to be Wiccan. Confine your studies to more scientific and nature issues until you earn their trust. I know it is hard, but patience is necessary.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Margaret in New York
Is there such such a thing as a soulmate
Dear Margaret,
A true Soulmate is not to be considered as the casual reference to one's partner. It is said that we have soulmates who have existed through many lifetimes with us. They are twin souls forever intertwined. However, the term is commonly used to refer to a partner. This is not true.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From elizabeth in
When casting a circle at home should I do it when no one else is at home If there is someone home with me and they are in another room are they in harms way I know this sounds silly but I can t seem to find an answer anywhere thank you
Dear elizabeth,
Simply casting a Circle should cause no harm to anyone else. However, when doing more complex spellwork it may be better to be alone. As you become more confident in your workings, you will know the difference.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From carrie in placerville
i ve tried to get a true teacher but no one will teach me nor can i find a coven do u have any advice
Dear carrie,
It can take many years to find a teacher or a Coven. I think perhaps you are overlooking your most important Participate in the online forums here for awhile and define yourself a bit more. You are the most important teacher you will ever have if you learn to listen.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cortney Elkins in Charelston
I m a very young witch does it matter what age u are
Dear Cortney Elkins,
Age matters because you need to reach a level of maturity before you can make commitments necessary to the Craft. You also need to have the guidance of your parents. I am sure you are mature for your age, so I suggest that you begin your work with meditation and nature studies. There is much to learn. Science in general explains a great deal about Magick. As you master these aspects you will be well prepared for furthering your devotion to Wicca.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Luke in Carlsbad CA USA
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have recently met a girl Kathleen who I love dearly and she has oppened my eyes to the wicca world. We have a problem. Some of her friends have become jelous of us and the time we spend together and so now they hate me because I see her more than they do. I have been thinking maybe there is a spell to make them not hate me and see that I love her and that they are being somewhat greedy. Maybe I am wrong for thinking that in the firstplace but thats why I am asking you. Let me know if i should just ignore it or I there is something we Kathleen and I can do. Thanks Luke
Dear Luke,
You are not ready to begin spellwork as you are new to the Craft. I suggest you deal with this by working things through with the friends. If they are true friends, they will work with you. If not, move on without them. No Magick is necessary here.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Willow in Tuscaloosa
Dear Aunt Tabatha I m kind of new to this but been studying wicca for about a year and I can t remember how to charge something like candles tools etc.Can you refresh my memory Thanks for your time. Willow
Dear Willow,
Each item can have a different method of charging. For general purpose, I charge most things on my Altar for a full Lunar cycle. However, many different methods are used. Some are charged by keeping them with you, placing under your pillow or cleansing with salt or sunlight.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Norton in Ayrshire
Dear Aunt Tabitha I am just starting out on the path as a solitary and want to study the Tarot. Someone has told me that the cards need to be a gift and not bought by myself to be truly useful. Is this true or can I purchase my own cards Thanks.
Dear Norton,
I feel you should always purchase your own cards. The deck must be suitable for you. It is extremely important that you can relate to the energy of the cards. For learning the Tarot, the Rider Waite deck is outstanding.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Danielle in Northampton
I ve always been interested in witchcraft and the like and almost feel that it is calling to me now and I feel the time is right. What would be the best way to go about learning and practising the wiccan way Thank you X
Dear Danielle,
A good place to start is with "The Real Witches Handbook" by Kate West. It is excellent for both the experienced and the beginner.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Raven in
what is The Rule of Three Thanx Raven
Dear Raven,
The Law of Threefold is very simple. Whatever you send out in life, returns to you by three. This does not just apply to Magick. If you send bad or good it is returned by three.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From caz in
im a 13 year old girl who is very interested in witchcraft and magik could you tell me if i have any magikal talents and where i can get some more information
Dear caz,
Everyone has Magickal ability. Learning the Craft is about discovering and nurturing our natural connection. This website has an online members area with many young people beginning their Path. It is an excellent place to learn more.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From paula in london
i have a curse put on me by a egytian woman everyone turns against me i have accidents no end lost everything i had and relationships are almost impossible to mantain if not impossible. can you help thank you for your time and attention your sincerely paula
Dear paula,
If you believe you are cursed, you will always be cursed. Take charge of your life and fill it with positive energy. Do not allow this curse to have any more power in your mind. You are feeding it, because you feel powerless. It is long gone except to you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From B Witch in malta
i really like to be a perfect witch but i am not felling ready to practise spells what i can do
Dear B Witch,
There will never be a perfect Witch. The Path is one that is constantly growing, changing and evolving. Perfection is an illusion. Continue your studies. It is ok if you never cast a spell. That is not what the Craft is about.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From SELINA in BOLTON
It is possible that something in your former house was making you feel frightened and uncomfortable. Perhaps your new house has be properly cleansed of undersirable entities.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Willow Greendove in Edmonton
How can i make my magick stronger. i ve been a witch for one year my magick has not seemed to grow. Can u give me some advice Blessed Be
Dear Willow Greendove,
You should be concerned with strengthening yourself and not your Magick. This is the key to success.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ed in Notts
Does witchcraft or wicca allow males to perform rituals or read spells
Dear Ed,
The male and the female are both important aspects of Wicca. In a ritual, different aspects are expressed by the genders. However, males and females are considered equal and both are considered Witches.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From angela in nashville
is witchcraft learned or are you born this way
Dear angela,
Witchcraft is learned and I believe we are all born this way. The word Craft indicates study and mastery. The inate ability is within everyone. Recognising and using the ability takes great study. It is a Path of continual learning and change.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From wes in pascagouls
I am searching for my one true love I think i met her today how will I know
Dear wes,
Searching for "one true love" is a quest of disappointment. Enjoy love where you find it. It is a great gift.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From mathew in rhyl
dear aunt tabatha how are you well anyway i find it hard to trust people could you help me to trust people more i know that magick is not a quick fiz im not asking for a spell just for some tips on how to trust people more thank you
Dear mathew,
Trust is always a matter of expectations. What you expect from people, alters your perception of trust. One of the best ways to learn to trust is to always know your expectations of others. Make sure that you are realistic. Those that are close to you should be clear on what is important to you. Unfortunately, trust will more often than not, be betrayed. Set your boundries on what is acceptable to you. As they say, "today's expectations are tomorrow's disappointments."
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jenny in canvey island
ok i turned 18 in june and from the age of 13/14. i have read books and have maintained a level of interest throughout this time. although i decided to consentrate on study also due to the fact i was not 18 and many covens would not have let me into their group due to the law. but now im 18 i was wondering if you could get me in contact with any groups near me so i may talk to them to gain a greater understading and mayb join them. i live in essex on canvey island inbetween basildon and southend. thanks for any help jenny blessed be.
Dear jenny ,
Full members of The Children of Artemis enjoy many benefits including a coven finding service. While it is always difficult to obtain entry, this is an excellent place to start. For complete details on full membership, please send a Stamped, Self-Addressed, Envelope to:
BM Artemis
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chris in daventry
I ve decided that I would like to work with a coven or group. The problem is I ve only been practising for about 6 moons I m stuck with regards how to further my learning in many respects and I have no idea where to start looking for a coven or indeed how to get around this mental block i seem to have. Could you please give me some advice
Dear Chris,
Joining a Coven can take many years. It is difficult to find a reputable Coven that has space. This is never to be casually approached. I suggest that for now, you focus on attending moots and getting to meet others in your area. Proceed slowly. Also, participate in the online members area for networking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From niki-louise in gosport
i have my gcse s coming up very soon and i m really worried about how i m going to do i ve been really depressed lately and i was wondering if there was anything i could do to calm myself down and stop panicking.
Dear niki-louise,
First, you need to understand that depression and anxiety are very normal at your age. People expect so much of you. Learn to set your own standards and expectations. A test is just that. It does not determine anything except for the opinion of the person who designed the test. Accept your weaknesses and love your strengths. These things cannot be measured. Do your best to study and prepare. This is the only standard you need to live up to. If you meet your own goals for learning, then you have done well. Keep this perspective throughout your life. Live to meet your goals and you will find the true meaning of success.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jennifer in birmingham
i am starting a new job in a weeks time my relationship has been though a tough time in the past 8 weeks although things are better now. we are thinking of moving south will things be alright for me if i do.
Dear jennifer,
Things will be ok but moving will not resolve your problems. You need to focus and address your issues. You are running and fearful now. Look at the situation honestly and decide what you truly want.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Vikki in Hawarden Flintshire
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am 16 years old and I ve been very interested in Wicca for a long time now. It s not just because it you can do spells etc I just feel that the kind if things Wiccans belief in work for me more than Christianity. My family are not religious in any way. I myself have looked into Christianity and other religions and have realised they are not the right religion for me. However after discovering Wicca I have to come to realsie that this maybe the religon for me. I have read quite a few books and have done alot of research online. It seems more appealing everyday. As Christmas is approaching I was wondering if there was a specific Wiccan way to celebrate it. I have read that Christmas was originally a Pagan celebration until the Christians kind of stile it way form them. Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read my letter. Vikki
Dear Vikki,
There are 8 Sabbats that Wiccans celebrate. Yule or Winter Solstice is celebrated on 22nd December. In approximately 273 AD the Christians adopted this as the Christmas celebration. Formally, Yule is about the death and rebirth of the Sun God. The Goddess awaits the rebirth of light and warmth from the cold darkness. Your celebration should be a Sabbat Ritual of your choosing. Traditionally a candle burns over night, the Yule log burns and Holly and Oak leaves are used on the Altar. The ashes from the Yule log should be scattered into the Earth the following day. It is a Sabbat of rebirth. Feel free to use traditional customs such as lights on your tree and a festive celebration. The tradition should be carried and built upon from year to year.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leanne and Becca in Manchester
Thanks very much for your reply it did really help. Therefore I would extra appriciate it if you could give us some kind of spell so we could actually speak to our nan or see her. Please make them safe though. Do you actually personally know anything about our nan If so please tell us anything because we miss her so much and she suddenly died of a tragic death. Thanks in advance Best wishes Leanne And Becca x
Dear Leanne and Becca,
I am sorry you lost your Nan this way. I know how much it hurts. I do not have any personal knowledge of her and would have to be near you to sense her. I know of those who I have lost. They come to you when they can. It is not safe to call them, as you can cause unwanted entities to come instead. Your Nan would not want this. Learn to trust your feelings. I hear in your words that you can still feel her. She has not left you. Look for simple signs, especially silver coins. Little things will tell you she is there. When you are ready, you will see her and hear her voice. Do not be afraid and trust in her love for you both.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Charlotte in Preston
I am 16 years old and very interested in wicca and witchcraft I know i m still young but the way I feel at the moment and in the past I strongly feel I am prepared to turn to Wicca and witchcraft as I feel it is the only way I can feel I am achieving everything possible in my life. Can you give me any tips on how to begin other than reading books as I have read many many books all very interesting though
Dear Charlotte,
I am not sure what books you have read, but most Craft books help to get you started and guide you in the beginning of your journey. You may wish to review your choices. Also, participate in the online member area here. You can ask questions and gain much knowledge from others in a safe environment. You are not ready to join a Coven or group.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leanne and Becca in Manchester
Hello. Im not sure if you could help me and my sister but we would like to know about are very loved one who passed away- our nana. please tell anything that you can mainly if she is okay. Thank you Leanne And Becca
Dear Leanne and Becca,
The Otherworld is a beautiful place. It is safe and wonderful. People have been given such terrible pictures of death. I know that Summerland is a place of peace and serenity that prepares for the next incarnation. Energy never dies, it stays within those we touch or keeps moving forward. If you close your eyes you will feel your Nan and know that she is safe and happy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leanne in sheffield
Dear Aunt Tabatha I find i get mentally down and lower physical energy levels in the darker winter. I try to get enough sleep but am having trouble staying motivated could you suggest anything
Dear Leanne,
Many people find themselves down without sunlight. They have even found a name for this. It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. They make a light bulb that simulates sunlight which can be of help. The Sun has a big influence on the body. You may also wish to try dietary supplements such as St. John's Wort. Get as much natural sunlight as possible. Also, do what you can to support preservation of the ozone layer. This is another key element to the Sun's wonderful properties.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amber in plymouth
i am very new to all of this and i wondered if you could tell me how i can get started and do good for other people
Dear Amber,
The Path of Wicca is a lifetime of learning. Start by reading as many books as possible. The "books" link from the homepage includes several featured authors that I highly recommend. Also, participate in the online forums in the website. There is much to be learned and always someone to help guide you on your Path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lucy in
mm aunt tabatha i just read your reply thank you for replying i spoke to her last night and asked nicely for a reason. she was reluctant to give one when she gave her replay which tryed not to turn in to a fight she said i dont like you and with magic you can do what you want. and with that recyling thing you do is wrong and you have no right to call your self a wiccan because the only link you had in your family is now dead my nan . which hurt. and she ended with i needed to be tourt a lason and i really do not know what to do.and i have to live with this person to the end of July and im really scared about this. but thanks for your reply - lots of love special star.
Dear lucy,
It is very clear that this person has no understanding of Wicca at all. I suggest that you perform a protection ritual with the full moon. I don't believe she has any Magickal ability or she would not be so abusive. If she tries to harm you physically, you must contact the authorities. You are more Wiccan than she will ever be. Trust in yourself and believe in your peaceful nature. If you do not have your own spell, I have included one from Julie. Stay safe, my blessings go with you.

Protection and Guidance
Materials required
A piece of red card/Black ink pen

Draw yourself a protective pentagram on the piece of card.
Visualise it's strength and protection. Hold it out in front of you,
Chant the rhyme.

Powers on high what ever be
Work your spell of good for me
Surround me in your clear white light.
Banish demons of the night.
Guardian forces mercy show.
Protective light around me glow.
Keep me safe from harm and woe
Point out the path that I should go.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From M McDonald in Aberdeen
How can I ivercome infertility problems
Dear M McDonald,
This is one of the most complex issues to answer. It is extremely critical that you and your partner are evaluated by professionals to pinpoint the problem. Once this is accomplished, the next step can be determined. However, be certain of the medical prognosis before using Magick.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Paul in London
Please can u help me.I ve been doing witchcraft for 4 years now and i m having trouble @ skool i dont have that many friends nd i feel a bit lonely is there a spell 2 help me make friends.Do u know of any wiccan stores in london Please can u help me
Dear Paul,
Click on the "shops" link from the homepage for some help with local stores.
One of the most important aspects of personal growth is learning to be comfortable with yourself. Teenagers can be very demanding. There are leaders who expect all others to follow. If you are in any way different, they will try to diminish you as a person. Learn your inner strength now. Be the person that you choose to be. Reach out to others who are lonely. One good friend is more valuable than 1000 false friends. Most importantly, believe in yourself, always.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tim in Norwich
I have read very little on Wicca but what I know I find interesting and coincides with my own belief systems. Can you suggest a good book or web page that would help me to understand more about it
Dear Tim,
A good place to start is "The Real Witches Handbook" by Kate West. Click on the "books" link from the home page for further information. There are also several other featured authors that I highly recommend.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lucy in
mm aunt tabatha i have a really big worry at the momment i think you know im new to wicca and who i live with is more experianced but i have a big problem as when i was talking to her about it she went on about controling people with magic and said that she would do it to me or she would hurt me make me ill for no reason and i dont know what to do to stop her from hurting me please can you give me some advice on what to do bb special star
Dear lucy,
This is a very serious problem. Wicca is never used in a harmful or controlling manner. The best suggestion, is not to live with this person. If that is not possible, you need to find a way to distance yourself from this person. This behaviour is violent and abusive. You can do protection spells, but this will be difficult because this person is so close to you. I am concerned for you. Please let me know if you have any other alternative living arrangements. For now, I send you protective light and strength.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From yan in
Help I m researching ancient healers known as mother red cap. This appears to be a generic term for village wise women using medicinal magic often utilising flyagaric mushroom. Can you help PLEASE
Dear yan,
Mother Red Cap is another term for Witch. You will find reference to this name in the study of traditional Witchcraft. Albions Craft of the Wise may help explain the term.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From donna in Cebu Philippines
hello my friend who happens to be an ex of mine suddenly turned cold and won t even talk to me. i tried many times so that we can talk but he seems really angry over something that i don t even know. i want to save the friendship but how can i do that when he s not returning my calls. is there a spell where i can use to make him lower his pride and eventually talk things over with me. i care for this guy so much and i d really want things to go back to the way they were. hope you can help me with this. thanks
Dear donna,
It is wrong to use Magick in this situation. I suggest that you tell this person you will always be a friend but respect his wishes. You must then give him the freedom to choose. It is the only way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Krystal in Hickory
hi I was just wondering does my mom have to know that I study witchcraft I don t want her to know.
Dear Krystal,
It is wrong to deceive your mom. I know it is difficult, but you need to respect her at your age. I suggest you confine your studies to physics, astronomy and meditation for now. When you are older, you will be ready to declare your Path with your mom's knowledge.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ross in Marquette
If you don t respond I can understand. I am not part of any Wicca or magic relatied association but I find that I m gaining many abilities that others call supernatural... though only normal for me. Is there any reasurance that you could give me or anywhere I could turn for further developments for my abilities I would appreciate any responce Thankyou.
Dear Ross,
It is not necessary for you to have a defined Path to wish to understand these changes. I suggest that you read and study about your situation. This will help you not to fear. Click on the "books" link and look for information to enlighten you in your situation. Your ability is natural and normal. All people possess the "supernatural." It is just a question of awareness.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From krissie in christchurch
during the waning moon my moods turn inwards which is making life very hard as i m in a fairly new relationship and all the little niggles get blown out of proportion. what can i do to fix this
Dear krissie,
The moon phase definately effects our emotions. Understanding your own response to these changes is the first step. From there, learn to compensate and refocus the change in your energies. You have the power to focus how you respond.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sally in Amersham
Dear Tabatha I m really hoping you can help me. A friend s son was given by a work colleaugue a Wicca/Wicker Witch as a gift from South Americaa year or so ago. He was then 16 or 17 years old and the person who gave him this is in his 30 s. Immediately after he acccepted the gift he was told by his work colleaugue that it wasn t a present but that it was something previously given to him that had given him years of bad luck. Since receiving this gift my friend s son has experienced 18 months of increasingly bad fortune in the form of car accidents and goodness knows what. My question is how can this young and vulnerable boy be rid of this so-called curse Personally I do not believe that an object can make bad things happen but I do believe that if you believe in it s evil powers it can have an effect on your life. He s so young and this could ruin his life forever. Can you please advise what we can do
Dear Sally,
Young people frequently go through this very awkward transistion stage. It is a time when things naturally are changing very quickly. While he has had some unfortunate things happen, I am sure there has been good as well. If he believes this item carries a curse, he should not keep it. The best solution is to cleanse it and return it to the earth. However, carefully look at all things that have happened. Things may be better than perceived.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From SARAH in nottinghamshire
I m very new to all this so can you give me some advice or recommend any books SARAH
Reading is the best place to start for every beginner. The "books" link from the home page has a featured author section with brief reviews. Choose the selection you are drawn to and begin your journey.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From cynthia in new rochelle
Dear aunt Tabatha I m having a problem with my relationship. My inner self is telling me there s something going wrong.Can you help me
Dear cynthia,
The discovery and communication with the inner-self is an ongoing study. Meditation will help clarify the message. Something wrong can mean many things. Perhaps you need to change your current Path. Open your mind to all possibilities.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sonya Galloway - Murray in pomona
Dear Aunt Tabatha When I was a little child I was able to see beings and hear people that no one else could see or hear. I knew things before they happened. I felt drawn to look at trees all nature really it was like they could talk to me. I see this same gift in my step-son but he is very destructive. After talking to his mother I was told she didn t want him at birth. He has killed two cats one at three the other last year. He cried over the grave and felt great remores. Our other cats like him some sleep with him.What kind of child am I dealing with and what should I do Thank You Sonya
Dear Sonya Galloway - Murray,
For this child a professional psychiatric evaluation should take place immediately. This type of behaviour needs prompt attention and should not be considered Magickal.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gerry in Glasgow
Hello Aunt Tabatha I ve been studying the Golden Dawn system for around a year and am at the grade of Zelator however I have come to a point that I would prefer to be involved in group rituals rather than being self initiated. The point is do you think it would be beneficial for me to become Wiccan and join a coven I ve been going through all the web-sites and joined a few clubs and Wicca seems to be more popular than the High/Ceremonial Magick I am very interested in the Alexandrian school of Wicca. What do you think. Gerry
Dear Gerry,
Choosing the Path that is right for you should never be based on popularity. All Paths take years to learn and are continually changing. Look within and question your choices and your motives. The only correct Path is the one that you follow with your heart and soul.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laianna in UK
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have recently purchased a Angel Board and having followed the instructions exactly I am finding that I still can t get a response. What am I doing wrong The Angel Board is similar to an Oeja Board but I have to ask for my Gardian Angel to answer and if any other spirit answere I have to shut down immediately. However I am not even getting that. Please help Thank you.
Dear Laianna,
You need to think about why you are using this board. You are opening doors that could be dangerous. Calling it an "angel board" does not change the premise for which it is used. I suggest strongly that you use a safer method to answer your questions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sylver in atlanta
What can i do to get this one person at work to leave me alone He is all ways doing something that gets to me.
Dear sylver,
I have found that the best way to get someone to leave you alone is to leave them alone. Discard any feelings you have about this person and do not permit them into your space. They will soon tire and leave you alone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From julie in manchester
dear aunt tabatha im new to paganism im looking for a group i could join. but i dont seem to know off any or how to go about looking for one.i hope you could help me thank you
Dear julie,
Since you are new to Paganism, joining a group is not the right way to go. Meeting people and getting to know them is more appropriate. Casual moots are an excellent way to get to know others of like mind. Also, participate in the online forums here to safely get to know those in your area. If you have the opportunity to make the Children of Artemis moot held on the first Tuesday of the month, make it a priority. It is well worth the trip!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monica in toppenish
Hello my question for you id that what dose everyone think of me do they like me really for me or its because of older siblings How id my love life doing right now is it going anywhere as of right now
Dear Monica,
Throughout your lifetimes there is one lesson that most people never learn. The only person who needs to like you, is you. Once you accept and love yourself, the doors will open.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From April in Blue Ridge
Greetings Aunt Tabatha I am in a small town living with my husband and two children. I am studying The Craft solitary anyway my husband dissaproves and thinks it is ridiculous. How can I continue to grow on this path when I dont have support or approval from my spouse It is very uncomfortable and would feel awkward if he walked in on a ritual. Yes I am proud but obviously I have some shyness about it in front of him. Do you have any ides for empowering myself to be completely open about this without having to feel some twisted shame Thank you..
Dear April,
Your partner may never accept your beliefs. You need to become confident without his approval. While he does not need to follow your Path, you should ask for his respect. In all of life, you need to be comfortable without approval. This is difficult, but a part of growth.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From helena in leeds
Hi i just wanted to ask why the pentacle has two names. i think the shape is called the pentagram and when the star symbolises something to a witch it is called the pentacle.Am i right If you see the shape in a shop what do u call it please answer helena xxx Blessed Be
Dear helena,
The Pentagram is simply a five pointed star. This is a simple geometric name. The Pentacle, is the star surrounded by a circle, and used on the Altar as the primary symbol of Mother Earth.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Annabel in London born in Singapore
Is my one true love / soul mate someone I ve already met or have yet to meet
Dear Annabel,
If you sepnd your life searching for the one true soul mate you will be disappointed. This term has come into very casual use in the last decade. You will love many people over your lifetimes. When love comes your way, enjoy it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jim in Ravena
dear Aunt Tabatha I am somewhat new to the craft and i am having trouble visualizing what I want to happen. What can i do to focus my mind more clearly and see things the way they realy are
Dear Jim,
Visualisation takes daily practice and patience. The technique develops with use. You shuold exercise daily. A simple method is to close your eyes and see a small, round, red ball. You must clearly see this. Hold this vision for as long as possible. Do this daily in a quiet environment and your skill will develop.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stephanie in leeds
hello i would like to know what an altar is used for and ow do you make one bb xxStephxx
Dear Stephanie,
An Altar can be made from anything; a small coffee table or even a simple box. The physical structure should be sturdy, but does not need to be special. You should have an Altar cloth that is used only for ritual. This can be a simple piece of fabric, a sheet or an elaborate cloth. The Altar should be consecrated with salt and cleansed. The purpose is to hold your working tools and ritual items. The Altar when prepared should only be touched by those you select. The purpose is simple and functional. It is an area that has been consecrated and prepared for Magickal workings.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Donna in
What do you think of Harry Potter Can you do some of the spells in the books Would you recommend it to prepare our children for Wicca
Dear Donna,
Harry Potter is a wonderful story of fiction. All children can benefit from expanding their creative brain with these books. The spells in the book are not intended to be real.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kerry in benfleet
I m very new to this but have always been very interested in witchcraft. Could you recommend good reading material for a beginner so I can get a good grounding so to speak. Thanks
Dear Kerry,
Click on the "books" link from the home page for an excellent selection of featured authors. Brief reviews are available.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Harika in Penrith Australia
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am a solitary witch from the Southern Hemisphere and find it very hard to find good links in regards to events and gathers or even a Australian based wiccan organisation. Please help if possible. Earthling from downunder.
Dear Harika,
The home page has a "links" feature to help you network with various groups. Of particular interest is the following group:
This should be a good starting place for contacts.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tuja in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I ve been an atheist all my life although it did not stop me to study I Ching and Tarot. Both of these studies helped me to grasp the minings of most of my questions and puzzles as well as other people s. I ve also learnt to closely watch my dreams and carefuly and seriously interpret them following my own simbols. In recent 10 years I descovered that conscious world is full of signs and signals just as well. As soon as I realised that I can actualy see them I started to treat them with an utmost care and respect. The reason I m writing is to find out if I realy have to accept myself as a witch and start practicing to chanel this energy or just cary on treating the whole situation as a ordinary .
Dear Tuja,
A Witch is not necessarily religious. You can be an atheist and practice as a Witch. Wicca is a religion and should be treated as such. However, studying Witchcraft will not interfere with your belief and should enhance your knowledge. The choice is entirely yours.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Melanie in Pittsburgh
Lately my life has been extremely depressing. Financial problems relationship problems and so on. Earlier today I remembered something that might be bringing me bad luck. About 3 years ago I was given a Pentagram ring that was illegally obtained from a magick shop where I live. I was not the one who stole the ring but I believe now i might be possessing the bad luck that was said to come to those who steal. I wish to somehow destroy the ring get rid of it or turn the luck around. I have looked through my various spellbooks and have not found anything I can use. What do you suggest I do to terminate the bad luck
Dear Melanie,
Probably of more importance is the three fold law and the casual use of Magick. If you have been sending out negative energies they will be returned. I suggest you cleanse the ring with sea salt and return it to whence it came. Then carefuly examine the changes needed to make your life better. Life is full of problems. Learn to handle them without spells first. You will ultimately be much happier.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From OaseDione in heiloo Holland.
dear aunt tabatha I am going to move to South Africa Cape Town. And I wanted to ask if there is a witchgroup to join there. I really want to join a group but I don t know how to find one. Please help me.
Dear OaseDione,
I would strongly suggest that joining a group is not appropriate. You are moving to an entirely new environment that you should get to know first. Globally speaking, Witchcraft is not the same everywhere. It would be very wise to do some quiet investigation before declaring yourself a Witch. You could find yourself in great danger.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jacquie in birmingham
I m recently diagnosed with a degenerative disease that doctors can t cure. Have you any advice how I can deal with this. Is it something I have so I can learn something.
Dear jacquie,
I think that why you have this disease is not important. We should learn from every experience in life. Empower yourself by learning everything you can about this. Network with others who have the disease. Most importantly, focus not on the disease, but on yourself. Make yourself as healthy as possible and structure your life to defeat any power this disease takes from you. You are still in charge of your life. Always remember this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Justina in Monessen
I have just started getting interested in wicca and my innerself. I live in Monessen PA and there isn t much here. I need some advice on how to get started and who can I talk to close to me.
Dear Justina,
As you are just starting out, I would suggest that you focus on reading and learning. It takes several years to discover the Path that is right for you. Participate in the online forums here to network with others. Once you are well established within yourself, you will be able to choose wisely.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From eagle in somerset
i v only fairly recently started exploring my iner-self and the practice of wicca with the help of an older reletive All was going well until i moved away and no longer have the experience of this elder to help me along my path of discovery and as a result i have come to a stand still I could really do with some of your advice on what is the best course for me to follow and what books and/or other material will help me. Thankyou
Dear eagle,
The "books" link from the home page reviews several featured authors, all of which I highly recommend. Participate in the online members area as well. There are many to help you along your way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hannah in Devon
I have been interested in Wicca for about 5 years and have spent this time reading and learning both from others and from myself. However now that I am a bit older I would like to know what the next steps are. I prefer to work alone but would like a guiding hand for some aspects ie book of shadows. I am still very confused about this. I have my own book with notes spells etc written in but I read that you should only receive a book of shadows when you have been intitiated. Is this true blessings to you
Dear Hannah,
Your personal book of shadows is a most valuable creation. A Coven will normally bestow a BOS with initiation, but your own personal book should never be discounted. Networking is very important for the Solitary. The online members area can provide valuable guidance for you at this time. Also, attending moots and events to meet others is very helpful.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lyric in kingsville
As a practicing wiccan I am always trying to help anyone who needs guidance. This time I need to speak out to a friend about the path he is taking and the consequences of his actions. My problem is how do I approach him and hlep him on his journey down the right path without causing pain to all involved.
Dear Lyric,
Truth is always painful and usually rejected at first. However, a good friend knows the risk, offers an opinion and allows the individual to decide for themselves. It is up to you whether to continue the friendship or step away. But always, offer the warning of danger in a non-threatening manner. Do not judge, but do speak your piece.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Malcolm in Washington UK
Dear Aunt Tabitha I am being drawn to having an interest to Wicca although all my life I have followed what I believe to be the Christian code of living which in my interpretation follows the Wiccan Rede in not harming anyone in any action that I may take. With this in mind is Christianity as I see it incompatable with Wicca or can my Christian belief co-exist with Wiccan beliefs Yours in respect and love Malcolm
Dear Malcolm,
The online members have an extensive discussion about this in the Gathering Forum. It is highly controversial. My personal view is that Wicca and Christianity are separate and distinct religions. However, I strongly encourage you to explore both. Dedication to any Path involves accumulation of much knowledge and a lifetime of study. This is a highly personal decision and depends on learning to explore many areas and beliefs. Ultimately, all Paths lead you to where you belong.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From LaToya in Batesville
I am really really interested in the practice of withcraft and I would like to get more involed and actually become a witch but I just don t exactly know where to start. Can you help me.
Dear LaToya,
The best place to start is by reading. You must define your personal Path. In order to do this, you must learn about the various traditions. The "books" link from the home page will provide an excellent starting point. The featured authors represent an experienced and balanced starting point.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From annelise in newcastle upon tyne
as i am only 13 i am a solitary witch and i have been studying for quite a while now. i am very responsible- i have tried telling people about wicca but no-one will take me seriously but then again no-one really objects. But my dad is a strict christian and he has been trying to get me baptised since the day i was born- i tihnk by now he realizes that i am not a christian....but i haven t toild him that i am a wiccan. he takes religion extreemly seriously and does not understand wicca- thinking that we worship the devil etc. how can i possibly tell him and educate a little on the subject i really need help- annelise
Dear annelise,
When you are 13 it seems that people will never take you seriously. It is important for your dad to understand your activities, but it is never easy. Even as adults, many people do not understand. I always feel that your actions speak for themselves. If your dad objects to Wicca you must respect his wishes. However, compromise can serve you well. If he does not accept your beliefs, focus your studies on meditation, nature and physics. These areas are extremely important and should not be objectionable.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Beth in Nottingham
I have recently found my beliefs are similar to those of paganism and wicca. I feel i need to know more and live my life in the ways of the wiccan along with my husband who had the same ideals. We know two people who are wiccans and they have differing advice. one says we ought to join the pagan federation and the other says we should stay away from them. The second one says she is a high preistess and u should have a god/goddess who u know to be with you and your alter should be like....etc and the other one is very vague. I dont know all the gods/godesses and i dont know where to start. I ve got books on it but i find it very hard to concetrate so dont read well. we have no idea where to start. We dont know of any coverns nor whats what. can you help us we would like to get to noe like minded people around our area. we have also read that you can get help from a teacher. where would we get a help from teacher. there is so much to know and we are finding it hard to know what to do.
Dear Beth,
Before you seek advice from others, you must know yourself. You cannot learn this from books or anyone else. You must direct yourself in the beginning and find your Path. Do not follow others, but learn to listen to yourself. While you are doing this, participate in the online forums and get to know others in a safe and learning environment. It takes many years before you are ready to even think about a Coven or a teacher.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kristen in Carmel
I have always been interested in Witches as a child and I am even more into it now. After finding this website I have decided to start practicing the craft. How do I start and where Do I have to have a history in my family of past Witches or something I was wondering if you could help me. Thank you.
Dear Kristen,
You begin by understanding that Wicca is a lifelong study involving constant evolution and change. For now, you should read as much as possible and begin to explore your inner-self. The "books" link from the home page will provide you with an excellent selection.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Charlene in Philadelphia
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have just begun on my journey and I don t know where to start and since I don not live near you all I m having trouble finding books and things so please help
Dear Charlene ,
The "books" section is an excellent guide to some very prominent and experienced authors. Click on the "books" link from the home page and review the featured authors. You can order online if you like. If this is not possible, you should be able to obtain any of these books from the book stores in your area.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gian in Chester
I and some of my friends are interested in Wicca and we tried a good spell together yet I still suffered from terrible bad luck after also at the same time I became more perceptive psychically speaking. That was the first time we had experimented with spells does what happened to me sound realistic or is it just my imagination Thanks for your time. P.s. why is using an Ouija board dangerous
Dear Gian,
Spells are not to be experimented with. You need to be versed in many areas or you will cause harm to yourself and others. A ouija board can open doors that are not ready or willing to be opened. If you do this, the consequences can be steep.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nova in Manchester England
I have always been interestedin Wicca and Witchcraftand want tolearn moreabout it and possibly to meet others who can teach or help me in my search for more knowledge.I wouldreally like to know someone who practises already. Every kind of event etc that I learn of seemsto be in the South of the country.
Dear Nova,
The online forums here are a safe and an excellent way to get to know others in your area. Please do not be too anxious for a teacher. For now, your learning should come from within.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London
Dearest Tabbatha As always things are ever changing. Apart from the fact my throat chakra has been worked on for sometime now my 3rd eye is beginning to open further even speaking about it make the swirl of energy surrounding it feel itchy. I am moving in with my fellow wise woman Mariah and we will be assisting each other in our growth. We need to be more grounded for a start. As for wonderful news i have a new guide Enokh joined me 3 days ago and i feel so privilaged. He is Noah s great grand father fromwhat i understandand what a great being he is. He spoke of my confidence which i lack and about living in the present which i have been steering clear of in thoughts of this move and renting out my home. There are many great things to come and i await them with open arms. Thank you Aunt Tabbatha for your kind words always and helping me with the lack of confidence which was take away from me in another life time. May i understand and grow from this knowledge. Blessed Be and Thank you.
Dear Monika,
You have great gifts yet to come. Keep on your Path and they will continue to unfold. Sharing this experience is one of your many gifts. Your continuing adventure is a pleasure to watch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anne in Cardiff
Dear Aunt Tabatha Since I m only beginning I wanted to know whether you could recommend me some books give me some advices... and if you knew where I could find something about witchcraft in Cardiff. Thank you for your time Sincerely
Dear Anne,
Reading is your best friend as you begin your journey. There are so many excellent books and authors. The "books" link features several prominent authors who are all outstanding and write from experience. Browse through the selections and reviews. Let your intuition guide you to the proper place.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From starchild in birmingham
Do you have any ideas on spells/charms to help with fertility
Dear starchild,
Fertility is a very delicate balance. The first thing to do is to make sure you and your partner are in good health. Also, pay particular attention to your diet and be sure and take supplements to prepare your body for changes. I have also included a fertility spell courtesy of Bella for you.
Fertility Spell
Cut an apple in half width ways so that the central star is visible. Write your spell on a piece of paper and attach to the apple then bury. As the apple breaks down the spell will be released.
Spell speed between the worlds
On magic tides flow
In the Old One's name
Let the seed within XXXX grow.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From natalia in
hello aunt tabatha i have a problem to ask of u.i am a practicing witch and had been three years.i wanted to tell u.does sailormoon exist sailormoon is a japanese anime.i have 4 friends who think they are chracters in saillormoon.i think that they are abusing themselves in the process too.i see scars on their arms and legs.should i trust them or try to stay away and get some help i dont know what to do.they also make fun of witchcraft.they make fun of me practicing it. they make up crazy stories that they can transport in other bodies and everything.what should i do
Dear natalia,
Sailormoon is not real. If your friends truly believe this is real, and are harming themselves, they need immediate psychological care. I suggest that you speak to an adult or counsellor and then remove yourself from all contact with them. This is not a problem that you can resolve. They need to work this out on a professional level.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Telisa in JHB
Please can you tell me the spell again for exams it was once the spell of the day but i didnt take note i am very nervious for them and they are coming soon thanx Blessed be
Dear Telisa,
Courtesy of Epona I have included an exam spell. Exams can be frightening, but do your best to focus on the exam rather than the outcome. Sometimes you learn more from making mistakes than getting the correct answer.
Exam Spell
Materials Required
Sprig of Rosemary/Rosemary pure essential oil/White handkerchief.
When revising for an exam, burn Rosemary oil in a burner, this will help to focus your mind. Close your eyes and smell the sprig of Rosemary, visualise it as an aid in helping you remember your studies. Wrap the sprig of rosemary in the white handkerchief and place it in the area where you will be revising.
The evening before the exam take the rosemary out of the handkerchief and attach it to a part of your clothing that you will be wearing during the exam. As you do this chant the following spell
Within my mind,
I shall see
All the answers
In front of me,
Focus my thoughts easily,
while smelling the scent of rosemary.
Take the Rosemary essential oil and put some on the handkerchief, during your exam smell the fragrance on the handkerchief to help aid you in remembering.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kathrine in concord california
how do i know what gods/priestess i use when doing a ritual. very new at this and dont wish to do anything wrong. kathrine
Dear kathrine,
The Goddess and or God invoked during any ritual depends on the type of ritual you are performing. Each representation of the Goddess/God calls specific aspects. When researching your ritual, you should invoke the aspect that meets the needs of the ritual.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Topaz River in Wales
We would like to begin a coven and are in the process of choosing a name. I was wondering if there was a special way to choose a name for a coven or should we go with what we like thank you for your time.
Dear Topaz River,
I do not believe that Covens can be started. Generally, there is so much more to Coven work that needs to be relayed by an experienced Eldar. However, I am sure this is only my opinion. When choosing any name it should reflect your goals and beliefs. Once you have determined these, the name will be apparant.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in harrigate
Both me and my best freind got into witchcraft at the same time. We have been into it not very long. She is reading a book on wicca and i am reading a book on magical crafts to help you master the crafts of the wise. we have both only read about 3 /4 chapters and she is already saying that she can controll a candle and make it fliker and stop and she says she can builds a magnetic force around a penticle to stop a pencil rolling on it. She has also done spells like protection spells which she says is working. Am i doing somthing wrong Or reading the wrong book as i am learning to meditate and learning the old crafts please help
Dear ,
You are not doing anything wrong. Careful study is very important to spells. I do not believe that your friend is being truthful with you. If she is performing spells like this, she will eventually cause harm. Be confident in your own abilities. Take your time and learn well. Spells should not be practised until you have completed much study. This is the only way to truly become a Witch. Always believe in yourself!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenny in stoke on trent
I am a third year psychology student and am conducting a dissertation about Wicca. I aim to use my dissertation to give Wiccans a voice to and allow them to challenge modern day ideas about the faith. I was wondering if you would be willing to take part or if you knew of any covens in the stoke on trent area I could contact. he research will ask wiccasn tpo talk openy and freely about thier faith talking about what wicca means to them. I hope that my research will be published in a psychology journal and will be used to challnege the opression which has doged this bueatifaul religion for so long. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to know more information or you know others who would be interested. Thanks Jenny
Dear Jenny,
I am not personally available for your work. However, you may wish to email [email protected] with your request and method of contact for further enquiry.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Peter in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I know you proberly hear this all the time but so I apologise I am in a new relationship with someone I care about very deeply. How can I ensure a long and loving relationship and to ensure their saftey while I am away waorking Thankyou.
Dear Peter,
The best way to grow a relationship is to tend to it with all of your attention and love. There is no spell to substitute for your love and affection. For protection, there are many protective charms and stones that you can create for a loved one. This should be something empowered with your love and have Magickal properties of protection. Personally, I usually use a Tiger's Eye or Moonstone, but there are many others to choose from as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emma in Bedford
I have been studying wicca for a couple of years and I recently had a miscarriage and I wondered if there is a spell/charm that will help prevent one
Dear Emma,
I am very sorry to hear of your loss. This is so difficult for you. I would suggest that a spell can be a dangerous avenue to take at this point. Your best power in this situation is to take care of your body and your spirit. Your diet and health are critical for the changes encountered during pregnancy. Be certain to eat well, exercise and make sure your doctor has fully evaluated any health risks.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From anna in England
Hi again. I am sorry to ask you another question because I am certain that you are very buisy but my queery has been bothering me . I have veiwed all the things that humns have done and doin the world and recently have grown to hate mankind. I have often thought that if there was a way that I could destroy all humans even the innocent painlessly in one go I would and I think that the world would be a much better place without us. I would never hurt/destroy any single or group of humans with thease thoughts in mind because It is not fair. Am I evil I am affraid of my mind please help. Thanx
Dear anna,
I do not believe you are evil, but I do believe that these thoughts are not healthy. We are faced everyday with situations that are cruel and unfair. Anger and hatred will not resolve any of them. You should focus on taking positive action and ridding yourself of these negative feelings. In order to create change, you must purge this hatred and replace it with love.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rainbow Starchild in norwich
hi. i live nr norwich and i know of a few shops that supply books howeva i still have not found a place that sells candles and oils etc that are not stupidly expensive. my candle supply is running low and i was wondering if u knew anywhere in norfolk as close to norwich as possible. my mum wont let me buy off the net so i cant do it from there. i also dont know know any places i can mail too. thanx bb
Dear Rainbow Starchild,
You can buy candles at any shop and consecrate them before use. Oils can also be created from common stocks. It is far more desirable to create your own than to "shop" your needs. Making your own candles and oils is actually quite easy and highly fulfilling.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ashley in Edinburgh
Dear Aunt Tabatha this may seem like a strange question but if someone takes up Wicca what can they benefit from exactly I ve considered taking it up but I m not sure I would be cut out for it...
Dear Ashley,
The true benefit of Wicca is the continual framework of learning and evolving toward a higher existence. Wicca challenges the mind to return to the ancient teachings and the Path of growth and learning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ruth in
I m really interested in the wiccan beliefs as it seems to really make u more aware spiritually and i ve had some starnge experiences recently that i d like to sort out. How can i get involved and what must i practice before i attempt any spells Thank u.
Dear Ruth,
You should be well versed in many areas before you begin spellwork. You need to fully understand the workings of a spell and the consequences of your work. You will need to understand casting the Circle, concentration, clarity of intent, raising/grounding energy, correspondences and closing the Circle. This is just the preliminary list. If you practise spellwork without understanding the basics, you will cause harm to yourself and possibly others.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Grace in
It s me again. I just wanted to ask what people are communicating with when they use a ouija board.
Dear Grace,
Generally, use of the ouija board is used to communicate with those in the Otherworld. Personally, I would not use this item. Great caution is needed. It is never something to toy with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Grace in Dublin
When i was in a chat room recently i noticed two wiccans in the chat room were talking abput some kind of festival called Samhain. I live in ireland so i m fluent in irish and in irish samhain means november or oiche samhain means halloween night . What is samhain in Wicca
Dear Grace,
Samhain, is indeed a word of Celtic origin and is celebrated as one of the eight major Sabbats for Witches. Traditionally, it is akin to our New Year's Eve. It symbolises several important events including the dying of the old and awaiting the rebirth of the new. It is considered the night where the veil between our world and the Other is the thinnest. Those from the Otherworld travel freely on this night.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Serenity in E. Prospect
Though I m only 13 I really believe in the Wiccan religion. My parents con t approve so I have to keep everything from them. I hate having to do this but there is no other way. They wouldn t even try to understand. What do you think I should do
Dear Serenity,
You are not at an age where you can disregard your parents wishes. It is important that you learn to work with them, even when you think they are wrong. There are many studies that will help you in the future that most parents will accept. Astronomy, physics, herbalism and meditation will all need to be developed. Show patience and maturity and confine your studies to the mainstream for now. When you are older, these will be invaluable to your work within the Craft. Do not abandon your beliefs, just take the road slowly for now.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From amanda in athol
my mom said she can do spells. she told me on my 16 birthday i will know if i have the gift. i didn t feel anything. my last name is smith.she also said that my last name will be in a spell book. is that true how will i no if i have the gift she has done spells befor but i never seen her do them.i am into all of this and i would really like to be a witch. how will i know if i am one please let me knowif i can be a witch. also let me know if my last name is in a spell book. thanks
Dear amanda,
Everyone has the ability to be a Witch. It is not about having special abilities. It is about learning to work within the elements and nature. I suggest that you begin reading the fundamentals of Wicca and Witchcraft. If this is the right Path for you, it will become clear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jayne in London
My best friend is doing spells that I think are to advanced but I don t know what to do. I don t want her to hurt herself.
Dear Jayne,
Spells should always be taken very seriously and never used casually. You are correct in your concern for your friend. You can try discussing this matter, but I fear she will not heed your warning. Unfortunately, many people are hurt before they discover this truth.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in calgary
I have a question. Im into wicca. I have only read about the basic and the past about it a bit I am just a beginer to it and I have had some spells come true some times all I have to do is think about what I realy want and it comes true. But it does not happen right a way It takes a bit to happen weeks months years even. I guesse what Im geting at is how do I better my self and does it happen to everyone this way
Dear Amanda,
There is a difference between casting a spell and intuitively sensing future events. Normally, spells do not work just by thinking about them. This is usually a well defined thought process combined with a developed intuitive force. You are aware of your insight. This is an excellent start. Your next step is to learn about Wicca and apply this knowledge to your instincts.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sez in Auckland
I am interested in Witchcraft and heard that there are around eight important festivals - I was curious as to whether or not this is true and could you please tell me about them. Thanks.
Dear Sez,
There are indeed eight Sabbats. The four greater Sabbats are Imbolg(2nd February), Bealtaine(30th April), Lughnasadh(31st July) and Samhain(31st October. The four lesser Sabbats are the Solstices and Equinoxes. They are Spring Equinox(21st March), Midsummer(22nd June), Autumn Equinox(21st September) and Yule(22nd December). The dates will vary especially on the Solstices and Equinoxes because of tradition and the astronomical calendars.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rosa in fontana
Dear Aunt Tabatha I ve been read alot about the study of Wicca on the internet and in some books but I cant find a good book to buy. I wanted to know what book would you recommend for a beginner.
Dear Rosa,
A good book is really dependent on your interests. I have several that I frequently recommend. Most of these are included in the featured authors section of this website. Click on the "books" link from the home page for full information.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From VALERIA in NEW ROCHELLE
Aunt Tabatha I ve resently met a new friend at school. And we ve started to hang out together consantly. We both seem to have powers beyon our reconision. This morning Something grabed my hand and dug its nails into my flesh. I awoke and jumped out of bed. No one was there. And my roommate asked me what was wrong with the clock. It was off. Latter I find out that my new friend was in her car at the same time that my hand was grabed and another car crashed into hers. She is alright but this is not the first occassion that something of this sort has happened to us. Please help us.
This is actually a very common event. When you are attuned to another person, you will frequently feel what is happening to them. This is not something to fear. Learn to understand the dynamic of having a link to others and you will feel more comfortable with the situation.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kamala in
hello- i need advice- i am strongly considering the possibilty of one of 2 things either i am completley insane or i have a strong connection with the spiritual world. i see feel and hear things that most people do not and i am constantly frightened by them. my question to you is is there any way i can stop or should i try to interact with these spirits or should i just check myself in at the loonie bin any advice would be GREATLY appriciated. thank you.
Dear kamala,
I am not sure what you are seeing or feeling so it is difficult to make a firm judgement. Many people are aware of their senses. This can be frightening. I do caution you not to interact with anything until you have done some study. I suggest that you read about the types of things you are feeling and determine if they are harmful before you proceed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London
Ok I went back to Crete and did so much everyday i had my brothers out at the crack of dawn we went to both the Samaria and Imbros Gorge fantastic energy in both and again the rocks have faces and pulsate. Also went to Elafonissi and Preveli which are closely linked with Atlantis. So i felt at home. It was sad to have to come back but we had a greta time and i want to return for longer next year. We had an awesome time in Scotland with my fellow wise woman Mariah and did a 550 mile tour from Glasgow through heaps of places up past the Lochs upto Inverness before returning via Edinburgh but we have to go again to see the underground city there. Our hotel was haunted so that was fantastic more fun for half the price We did a ghost tour and the guide loved it he had an experience with us both as we saw more than he did - We were also there for Halloween which was absolutely great. Love and Light and Blessed Be always Moni
Dear Monika,
Glad to have you back! The beautiful thing about Crete is that it never leaves you. It is truly a place of transformation. Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. You really need to write that book. It is a wonderful journey to document!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Steph in Newcastle
I was at my friends house and i saw a pool of water in an oil burner and in that pool of water was a fly i asked why it was there and she said because it was a sacafice sorry i can t spell .
Dear Steph,
Wiccans and Witches do not sacrafice anything. I don't know what your friend was doing, but it is clearly against everything we believe.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ruby in manchester
do you know of any resources for gay wiccans blessed be
Dear ruby,
The online membership here has many members representing the Gay Community. They are very helpful and an excellent network is forming. Introduce yourself in the forums and you will receive many support resources.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jemma in Swindon
i have just got into wicca/witchcraft. Will i be able to cast spells when i need to hope you can help please
Dear jemma,
Never attempt to cast spells without extensive study. This is not something to casually approach. We are not about spells. There is much more that you need to learn before you begin spellwork.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Claire in Glen Ridge
i have always been extremely interested in wicca and witchcraft and so is my friend. We are both 13. When i was younger i was accually able to blow out a candle and then relight it by blowing on it a second time. She and i used to sit there one of us would blow out the candle and then the other would light it back up. Since then most of our spells havent worked. Is there a way to enhance our spells and bring back our powers
Dear Claire,
You need to understand that "power" is simply an understanding of energy and the connection to the elements and nature. It is not something you lose. It is simply something you learn and discover. You should never practise Magick without substantial thought and education. Begin to study and the origin of your own power will become clear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura in ridgeland
I made the decision to practice the Craft this past Halloween. My family parents sibling etc. already think i m of the devil simply because I read palms and don t attend the family baptist church. If they knew I read Runes and now practice witchcraft and live by the Wiccan Rede they would probably try to have me committed. Their thoughts do not bother as much as they used to but my problem is that I have 2 sons 6 yo and almost 3 yo and I want them to be as enlightened as I am and be free to choose their own spiritual path. Do most parents who practice the craft raise their children to practice it as well This is all very new to me...any light you can shine on the matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your precious time. Laura Ridgeland Mississippi USA
Dear laura,
Each person needs to make this choice on an individual basis. Personally, I believe that we teach our children the value of knowledge and independent thought. The best we can do as parents is put the choices before them, provide them with a solid education and allow them to grow. You may want to visit the new Pagan Parent Forum for the online members. This is a good place to explore these questions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From toby in reading
I have read the harry potter books and would like to know how much they are based on real witchcraft and wizardry could the things in the book be real and do you think that they are based on real witchcraft. Do witches actually read Harry Potter
Dear toby,
Witches are normal people and we enjoy reading everything! Harry Potter is an excellent work of fiction. As with all fiction, it should not be taken literally. While these books are based on lore, they do not intend to present a "real" picture.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jaime in lancashire
my husband and i are trying for children but i have had an injection which lasts upto 3months that ends in nov but i think i am pregnant now is there any way i can tell with out doing these home pregnancy tests any help u can give me will be greatfully recieved as i have already done 4 test and got 2 neg s and 2 poss s but my doc says i will have to wait another 6 weeks b4 i can tell my emotions r all over the place and i just need to know why
Dear jaime,
I will assume at this point the injection you are referring to is a Depo shot. This medication induces the body into a state of pregnancy and thus acts as a method of birth control. This effects the hormonal balance of your body and will indeed produce symptoms of pregnancy. You should follow your doctors advice. Use an alternative method of protection until it is safe to conceive.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From donna in newcastle upon tyne
dear aunt tabatha is there a spell that can help me to give up my addiction of amphetamines. i know i need help to do this
Dear donna,
Addiction to any substance is a very sensitive matter. I suggest that your first course should be to seek medical help to help with this addiction. You can work with other professionals for hypnotherapy and herbalsm as well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Telisa in JHB
Please can you help me please the wicca and witchcraft magazine i really want to get a copy but i live in South africa in johanesburg is there any way i can get one Thanx XxXxXxXxX
Dear Telisa,
You can subscribe to the magazine by post. Please send an email to [email protected] for further details.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura in cardiff
i would like to study witchcraft but i havent a clue how to go about it could you please give me some tips
Dear laura ,
You should start by reading. This is the most direct way to obtain basic knowledge and learn about your chosen Path. Click on the "books" link from the home page and choose from one of the featured authors. Also, participate in the online forums here. There are many who will help guide you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ben in greenwich london
i am a young a level student and very keen on witchcraft and herbalism and am considering doing a degree in herbal medicine at university. i also enjoy art and music. the problem is i seam to have lost my way and cant seam to find my focus on life again. is there some kind of way to get intouch with my inner self and find out what i want to acchive in life and a way of finding out what kinds of jobs that will be avalible to me once i have finished at university. many thanx ben
Dear ben,
Honesty with yourself and others will achieve the most results.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From emily in bainbridge
I am laughed at at school for dressing weird and rumors are going around that i am a witch. how do i tell them the truth and not cause more painand confusion
Dear emily,
All young people are laughed at for some reason. They choose to pick on you because you dress differently. Telling them of your interest in the Craft will only make things worse. I do not advise this. If you feel overwhelmed by their attacks, please turn to someone for help. You are at a very painful and vulnerable age, but there are many who will help you get through this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From thomas in atalanta
Ok I an a male witch but I have to know if a warlock is a male witch. I have talked to some witch that say it is and some that say it not.
Dear thomas ,
Both males and females are considered Witches.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sharon in bristol
Dear Aunt Tabitha I would like to know if there is a spell to help me get out of the very depressive state i am in at the moment. I am a strong kind and giving soul and would like to use this to heal myself so i can then help others. I have been through many unfortunate things lately and would like to leave them behind and move onward. thankyou x
Dear sharon,
I am hesitent to recommend a spell because your experience within Witchcraft is unclear. Depression is an illness. You have had a great deal of trauma and need time to heal naturally. This is not a process that you want to stop. Healing is like breathing. Please do have a medical evaluation to make sure your health is optimal. Then look at the nature of your depression. If it is in response to the recent events, it is different than a chronic state. A qualified therapist working in conjunction with an herbalist would be your most effective approach.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hannah in Huddersfield
If i wanted to take up witchcraft seriously how would would i come about that
Dear Hannah,
Witchcraft can only be taken seriously. You must understand that it is a Path of continuous change and learning. To begin, you should read as much as possible about the Craft. The "books" section provides an excellent selection of featured authors to choose from. You may also want to learn the art of meditation, basic science and Earth studies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dani in London
I m only 13 however I have been brought up into wicca and am familiar with the cycles of the earth. At the moment I m having troubles with my boyfriend you see I dob t want to hurt him and I m not sure i want to dump him. I was wondering if you knew of any good spells that might make it clearer for me to see what is best in this situation becasue i am having family troubles at the moment and tests at school I dont need the extra stress. Please help I d be very great ful. Blessed be Dani
Dear Dani,
There is no substitute for knowing your own heart. I suggest that you look inside and see without fear. This cannot be replaced by spellwork. It is very important that you develop this insight. If you are unsure about your boyfriend, and have an unusual amount of stress, it is best to stand back from intense relationships and take care of yourself first. Have faith in your instincts. They will guide you well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ray in chicago
i know this sounds crazy but when i go out at night sometimes direct moonlight makes me feel energized espically a full moon why what does that mean
Dear ray,
The Moon has tremendous effect on all things. From the tide to emotions, this phenomenon is scientifically well documented. The Magick of the Moon is undeniable. Allow yourself to enjoy her whenever possible.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Eleanor in West Midlands
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have a distant friend who is practising Wicca and she gave me some information about it. I practise meditation as often as I can but I m not sure where to go now. I read Conversations with a witch by Louis Bourne but other then reassuring me Wicca is a wonderful way of life it didnt help me much. Could you offer some advice as to where I go from here Much thanks Eleanor
Dear Eleanor,
You must ask yourself if you feel this is the right Path for you. If you do, then understand that it takes many years of study. The best place to begin is by reading. Click on the "books" link from the home page and investigate some of the featured authors.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From William in Canyon Lake Tx
Tabatha for years I have felt that someone or something has cursed me or has cast a spell over me. I am an intellegent man and used to have the world at my fingertips but for the last few years no matter how hard I try I cant seem to get ahead. I think someone has cursed any ability I have to be successful in life. is there a way to find out if there is a curse and how do I reverse it
Dear William,
If you believe you are cursed than you will truly be cursed. I suggest that you clear all negativity from your spirit and replace with positive energies. You must believe in yourself. A curse does not sustain power indefinately. As of now, you are feeding this idea with your own energy. Take back your power and perceive only the positive.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From marie in new rochelle
Is cynthia my girl friend cheating on me and will we have a happy future together in this relationship
Dear marie,
Until you can ask your partner this question, and receive an honest answer, your relationship is doomed to mistrust and certain failure.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jackiee in interlochn
im a 15 year old grl and im haveing problems with my parents could i do a spell to make my home life a little better without hearting eny one
Dear Jackiee,
If you wish to do a spell to make your home life better, I would suggest that you cast for you to understand the situation fully. Being 15 is not an easy age. You should never use a spell to control the behaviour of others. At this point, you should work on yourself to gain a mature understanding of relationships.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Victoria-leigh in Essex
Hi Aunt Tabatha I am 12 years old and I am very mature for my age. I am studying witchcraft and I am very interested. Am I old enough to take part In witchcraft I know it s a religion and I have looked at the reid rules and everything. Thanx XxXxXxX
Dear Victoria-leigh,
While you are not too young to begin your studies, I would not advise you to do so without the support and permission of your parents. This can be difficult as many parents do not understand. If you feel your parents are uncomfortable with Wicca, then you should respect their wishes. I normally recommend that young people begin by studying meditation, astronomy, philosophy and physics. These will provide an excellent basis for future learning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Shana in Brooklyn
Hey I wanted to know what does the star represents My auncle and other people have told me that the five triangles stood for the devil himself his to horns and goatee. I wanted to know if this was true. Thanx for your time. shana
Dear Shana,
The pentagram, as used in Wicca, is of ancient Pagan origins. Since we do not recognise nor worship the devil (he is entirely Christian) it has no reference to him whatsoever. The Pentagram signifies slightly different things depending on the tradition. Basically, the top point symbolises the Spirit. To the right, clockwise, the next point is Water, then Fire, Earth and Air. When drawn within a circle this symbol is known as a Pentacle. Is is a pure and protective symbol of the connection to the Spirit and the Elements.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Niki in Maidstone
I was looking at the way the make a simple circle cast and i was not sure if you had to stand in the middle of it or a t the edge. Please could you reply so i do it right
Dear Niki,
Generally, when casting a circle you move around to the quarters and stand at your altar. The altar generally faces to the North and is located toward the center of the circle. You can feel free to move about in the circle and do not need to stand in any particular place.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Keeley in Romford Essex
Dear Aunt Tabitha My question is that I am just starting out and have done a lot of research into witchcraft but one thing I am unable to find is a teacher. How can I find one in my area.
Dear Keeley,
Finding a teacher is a very difficult task. The many Paths of Witchcraft are highly individualised. I recommend that you firmly identify yourself and your goals before you look to another for guidance. We all come to a point where we seek the counsel of others, but you must use extreme caution. All teachers are not created equal. Choosing poorly can result in great harm. In the interim, participate in the online forums here and ask questions about the Craft. Look to the experience of others with a teaching situation and always check references. This is never a decision to make casually.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From fred in manila
i just wanted to ask about esp is this a part of wicth thing coz i always experience this kind of thing and i dont now how to or initiate about being a wicca pls tell me more about it pls
Dear fred,
ESP is the ability to connect with the psychic stream, recognize and interpret the messages. Everyone has this ability. Some are more open and aware than others. If you are interested in Wicca and Witchcraft, I would suggest that you begin by reading. I cannot possibly explain the foundation in this space. Please click on the "books" link from the home page and read about the featured authors. They have lifetimes of experience to share with you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sheila in holland
Dear Aunt Tabatha I ve got this book wrote by Carol Bolt book of all the answers I think you know it you put your hand on the book ask a question and open it who answers it I hope you can help
Dear Sheila,
The ability to answer any question is firmly rooted in you. If you trust in your connection to Wicca all answers are at your fingertips. The key is gaining the experience to separate your feelings from natural guidance.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kim in davao
Is there a spell that can remove my insecurities merry meet merry part blessed be
Dear kim,
Part of practising Witchcraft is developing a strong sense of self confidence. You need to work on self love and self respect. Without this essential belief in yourself, your Craft will suffer. Face your fears and accept yourself as part of the Goddess. See yourself through her eyes and love yourself as she would love you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From LilyMoon in London
Will Claude and I stay together
Dear LilyMoon,
Eternally, the answer is no. For now, I foresee much discord in the relationship. It will take dedication from you and Claude to make this work. While not impossible, your bond needs healing before any sense of security is attained.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From David in Leek
At the beginning of a potential relationship I find that I am linked with a hurt soul. I empathise and of course the greatest magic comes from sharing but have you any advice on something I/we can do to heal the pains of the heart
Dear David,
The desire to heal must come from the person experiencing the pain. This is best worked out by a therapeutic approach. The pain must be acknowledged and reconciled before true healing will begin. Using Magick to circumvent coping skills is a tragic mistake.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kevin in detroit
are using spells the way to go for everyday life like healing... and what is the best book for getting spells that work
Dear Kevin,
Using spells is something that requires careful planning and much thought. Generally, they should not be used for everyday life situations. It is always best to work out things on the physical plane before using Magick. I suggest that you have a full understanding of Magick before you use any spells. Every spell has the potential to work. Using spells from a book can cause more harm than good. I strongly suggest that you study about how to cast a circle, raise energy and concentrate. These are key elements to any successful spell.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Maggy in Solon
Aunt Tabatha I wish to become real witch and practice wicca but I do not know how to become one or give myself to this practice. Can you help me
Dear Maggy,
I believe the perfect answer to this question is to read "The Real Witches Handbook" by Kate West. Click on the "books" link for additional information.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leana C in Trout Lake
Tabatha is witchcaraft real true I believe in witchcarft but i never tried any spells ever in my life.
Dear Leana C,
Witchcraft is not about spells. Spells are a tool that we use, but certainly not a necessity. You should not even attempt a spell until you are well versed in the Craft. The minimum period for this is generally a year and a day.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From k in London
I feel somthing inside me is telling me to follow the path of Wicca but I am wary of organisations and whether this is the right way. I find it hard to find the time for myself and I am scared what do you suggest
Dear k,
If you are afraid of Wicca then perhaps the Path is not right for you. You are correct to be wary of joining any organisations. This is wrong for any beginner. There is no rush on your Path. Take your time, read and study, and find the way that is best for you. I do not recommend that any beginner seek an organisation. You will only be ready to join with others when you know yourself
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brunda in Bangalore
from the very beginning i wanted to go to business and earn good name and fame so i have ultimately decided to do kids wear and paper bags with a minimal investment so please tell me which is the best date to start doing the business and a spell to flourish the business. i have great belief in u.
Dear Brunda,
The best time to start your business is determined by a firm marketing plan and the best time of year for selling your product. Magickally speaking the waxing to the full Moon is best for new ventures. I have included a general prosperity spell courtesy of Julie for you. However, please make sure that you are fully aware of how to do spellwork before attempting any spells.
Materials required.
Green candle/wooden skewer/Ginger essential oil. Anoint your candle with ginger oil,
Perform the spell a week before the Full Moon.
engrave into it using the skewer the amount of money
you realistically require , but remember it must be need not greed???
Visualise that the spell has already worked
Chant the rhyme.
Money, Money come to me!
From limitation set me free!
Desire is the Money Key
That opens treasure troves to me.
Spirits good and Spirits bold
lead me to a horde of gold!
Enrich my bank account and my purse;
Break the bonds of a poor man's curse.
Rise O' Spirit, enrich and bless
My life with Good and Happiness!
Extinguish the candle.
Burn the candle each night to be completed by the time of the Full Moon.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brunda in Bangalore
hello i have got engaged and my fiancee is very good buthe has some bad habits which he has cultivated from his cousin and uncle iwant himto leave that and leave the relationship with them is ther any spell to cast on this
Dear Brunda,
I believe that you are not clear in this situation. Your fiance needs to take responsibility for his own actions. The problem is with his choices, not the influence of other people. To use a spell to change or control the will of another is not acceptable. I suggest that you speak to your fiance and try to correct the problems. Then the choice is yours. If you do not like his behaviour I suggest you move forward without him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From james in
I am 13 years old but many friends say I am bright for my age. Do you reccomend that I should try spells or would it be too dangerous
Dear james,
Spells should never be something you "try." You must first learn about concentration, meditation and energy fields. Even when you think you have mastered this, proceed slowly. If you need to ask this question, you do not yet understand. Study hard and devote yourself to our way of life. All will become clear as you learn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From amelia in lic
dear aunt tabatha i wanted to know the difference between old souls and new can i know if a person has an old soul and new soul thank u.
Dear amelia,
An old soul refers to a person who has been through many incarnations and has gained wisdom. This is something you feel from a person. They have a particularly strong aura and deep insight. Generally, they are confident and kind. I very rarely hear of people referred to as new souls. The general meaning of the phrase is someone who is at the early stage of development and insight.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sophie in leeds
hi i am woundering what advanced magic means and if you do spells without knowing anything about them is it bad or dangours My dad did a spell and he diddnt close it down propaly and his window blue in is this true
Dear Sophie,
Spells can be very dangerous if you are not properly educated in Magick. If you perform spells, be prepared for consequences. If you do not properly prepare, you can be devasted. Learn before you leap!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Iselin in sandefjord norway
Ihave done some spelss and some of them have actually s not so many covens here in norway or stores so we can t do the innocent spells we know.they do no harm to others.can this still be dangerous Iselin
Dear Iselin,
Spellwork is very serious. You should not be practicing spells without the proper knowledge. What you see as an innocent and harmless spell can easily become dangerous and cause unwanted results. Please do your best to understand Magick fully before performing any spell.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From eryl in n wales
i was baptised when i was a child can i stiill become a wiccan
Dear eryl,
Baptism will not prevent you from becoming Wiccan. Personally, I feel you are free to choose and are not bound by any ceremony.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kerri in Stoke
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am interested in scrying and would like to know if a crystal ball made from glass works just as well as one made from crystal. thanx
Dear Kerri,
Crystal contains more Magickal properties than glass. Therefore, the crystal is more receptive. However, glass will work and can be used.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joanna Marie in Davao City
I am fat is there any chance that i could be as sexy as somebody s dream girl
Dear Joanna Marie,
I know that it is difficult to see, but your body type has nothing to do with your sex appeal. The sterotype of the tall and slender model is forced to our brains every day. I can honestly say that the sensuality of any person is directly tied to their presence. It is not how you look, but how you present yourself. If you develop confidence in your own sensuality, you will be truly sensual. Take some time and people watch. Observe how they carry and conduct themselves. You will soon see a pattern. Those that believe in themselves are naturally attractive and sensual regardless of body type. Find this within yourself and you will find true beauty.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kimberley in davao
dear aunt tabatha i have a friend who wants to know about the meaning of his dreams.he choose to ask me b coz he have a trust in me.But without u re help i can t tell him what his dreams means then we decided to ask u aunt tabatha.He said he is dreaming w/ girl that dress in school in uniform and they we re on the church he said he feels like it is really true but he cannot figure out who s with him all he know that it was a girl.I wanna help him to co z he said he always feel bothered of a person. blessed be kim
Dear kimberley,
Dreams can seem very real. I am not sure why this one would bother him. I assume he is dreaming of a desire to be married, however the school uniform would indicate that he is not ready to do so. It is difficult to fully comprehend without more detail. This is my initial impression.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sheila in Morley
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am a practicing wiccan a wife and a mother of three. Recently I was asked to defend my religion which is not christian by my new brother-in-law I did so explaining my beliefs and practices. I also explained how my religion differed from that of the christian religion. Apperently he did not like my answers and chose to attack me personally by saying I was the worst mother he had ever seen and that his goal is to see me baptized in the christian faith like a decent self respecting mother should do. he also is convinced that I am possessed by demons and a devil worshipper and I don t think anything I say will change that. How should I deal with this
Dear Sheila,
It is quite sad that this person chose to present his beliefs with such insecurity. Unfortunately, we face this situation every day. I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves. With this type of person there is not much else to do. I suggest that you make a very strong statement and stay away from him. An apology is in order at the very least. If he continues this type of attack, do not allow him near you or your family. Make it very clear that when he respects you as a person, he will be tolerated. Until then, ignore him and his rantings.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chasity in waverly
Dear Tabatha I am 14 years old and really interrested in witchcraft. I have beed ever since i was 11 years old. I know i m young but i need to ask you a question an hopefully you will answer me. I m looking for a book a witchcraft book from a witch in my family from many centuries ago. I m either looking for one with the last name of Lyall or Slone and where i could find it. I could really use your help. So if you would please answer me. Thank you for your time Chasity
Dear chasity ,
I am not familiar with the text you are seeking. It may be helpful if you research the matter and obtain as much information as possible. Exact spelling, approximate dates and or title would be helpful. There is a website for searching old texts which may help somewhat. Try the following URL and good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christopher in Middletown NY USA
What you say is true. Who and what you were in past lives is not as important as who you are now and where you are going. The reason I was interested was first because one looks at the path one has come on to see where one might be going in the future and second because if I could establish that I actually WAS somebody it might cure me of the fear that I was NOTHING and will again be NOTHING which I find frightening. There are probably better ways of dealing with these questions and you have been telling us about them.
Dear Christopher,
You raise a very interesting point. The true secret to growth is to know that everyone is something. You may not have been famous or rich. To me, what makes someone truly special is the simplest gestures of kindness. By one act, you can change the course of another persons life. When others grow, we grow, as we are all connected to something much bigger. Sometimes the smallest pieces have the most important role.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Miranda in Burkesville Kentucky
Hi I was just wondering about the online membersip. Umm this may be a stupid question but how much if any thing does it cost to be a member
Dear Miranda,
There is never a stupid question! Online membership is offered free and requires a simple registration process.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alice in District heights
Dear Aunt Tabatha I had a question about how to get deeper into the art of witch craft. I have been learning about the spirits and the ghosts of the past. I realized that i have to have more literature. I m not quite sure on where to get my Book of shaddows from. I was wondering if you can send a list of books and places in the District heights area. It would do me great justice to have these books and it will be a great challenge having the book list. thank you
Dear Alice,
A Book of Shadows should never be purchased! This is something that you create or that is passed to you from an elder. The books section here contains a featured section of the most prominent and respected Wiccan authors. Click on the "books" link from the home page for complete information.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From samantha in nj
dear aunt tabatha i am a muslim. i dont like being a muslim.being a muslim sucks.all the powers are given to men.women are hidden behind clothes.i hate how the muslim religion represent women.i want to be a witch.this religion treats men and women as equals.i love nature.i love the goddess.i love god.i been reading about them.i want to follow this path.i really want my parents to know about me practicing the can i tell them
Dear samantha,
It is such a difficult time to be Muslim. Wicca is something that I am sure your parents will be very against. I suggest that for now, turning from this religion will be particularly difficult for your parents. There are many beautiful aspects of your religion. Study them for now. You will be able to decide for yourself in a few years.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From geeta in bombay india
I need love and happiness in my life which i till date have not found i m still pure and want to find my soul mate soon pls help me i will do anything u ask me to geet
Dear geeta,
There are spells to help you find your soulmate. However, you should not begin practising spells without a very thorough understanding of Witchcraft. For now, I suggest that you make a list of the qualities you truly desire. Knowing what you want and need is a most important step. Once you have devised this list you will then have direction on where to find this type of person. Impatience with this matter can be a costly mistake. Value yourself, love yourself and be assertive in meeting your needs. The rest will follow course.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From KATHY in WIRRAL
Selecting a coven is a mutual process. It can take many years to connect with a reputable coven. Full members of The Children of Artemis have access to a coven finding service. Please see the notice on the home page entitled "how to find a coven."
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christopher in Middletown NY USA
I haven t been on for awhile because I have been spending my time keeping up with the latest war. We got cable modems here and since I have a 128-bit SoundBlaster I have my computer hooked into my stereo and so I keep Radio 3 on my stereo pretty much the entire day when I am not listening to the news. Tomorrow from 7 30 pm on there is African music. So anyway I loved what you wrote about meditation on the moon. I have been doing this since the late 70 s and it is wonderful. I have been quite taken by the HedgeWitch books of RaeBeth. I just got the second The HedgeWitch s Way. This is definitely my path although since my family life was always cold I have always had this feeling for a substitute family. However I usually went on and went off in my own direction and did very well that way. So although I have a need for the sort of intimacy which comes from a close-knit family I also like to work on my own. Long ago many many many moons I was interested in reincarnation I was checking out people who had died around six months prior to my birth. I thought I would concentrate on British writers. I discovered H. G. Wells died on 13 August 1946. I did not know anything about him at the time and didn t look into it. Recently I have discovered I have a lot in common with him but this sort of thing did not do me any good at all without any memories or dreams of a previous life. On the other hand studying Wells life has given me a lot of insight into many things. Of course I have learned a lot by studying the lives of many people
Dear Christopher,
Reincarnation is a fascinating subject. I have no doubt that we all lead many different lives. To me, it is not important who you have been in the past but who you are now. We are all striving toward a higher plane of existence. Each incarnation brings us closer if we follow the Path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sandra in Methuen
I have been reading alot on becoming a witch and practicing the religion. Reading wasn t enough. I went into Salem MA 2 weekends in a row and asked many questions--I really need to know if I can have training If so where and how....I have been Catholic all my life forced then I tried Lutheran and it still is not what I want. I really would like to find out more about the Goddess and the beliefs of all the Wiccans. Please help. Thank you Blessed Be Sandy
Dear Sandra,
I urge you to proceed carefully when seeking any kind of teacher. When first learning, you need to be highly protective and selective. Vivianne and Chris Crowley offer an excellent course which may interest you. Please click on their link from the home page for details.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Heather in Cambridge Canada
Dear Aunt Tabatha Ive been reading a lot about the wiccan religion lately just researching kind of but I cant really find anything on what wicca is all about its mostly spells and stuff. Do you have any suggestions on where I could look for the information I want
Dear Heather,
The forums here provide excellent information about Wicca. Feel free to join the online member community and post your questions. I also highly recommend the "books" link from the home page. The featured author section has a compiliation of current work by very prominent Wiccan authors. There are brief reviews included to help you decide where to start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amy in Alameda
I ve read a couple books on Wicca and I think I m pretty knowledgeable on the subject. But I m still not sure about the next step. I want to find a wiccan organization in my area but i don t know where to start.
Dear Amy,
You are not ready to enter into a group setting. I recommend that you participate in the online forums here to network with others. Seeking a group can be very dangerous when you lack experience. I strongly urge you to defer this decision until you are older.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Videl in
My parents and all of my friends are Christians. I was also a Christian until I found out about Witchcraft. I need advice on how to tell everyone that I am a Witch.
Dear Videl,
It is usually not productive to declare yourself a Witch. Most people will not understand. Since you are at the beginning of your journey, I might suggest that you focus your interests on general study of meditation and awareness before establishing your Path. It takes many years before your are ready. In the meantime, confine your discussion to spirituality in general. There is much to be learned.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helena in Leeds
in Leeds where i live there is only one shop which sells witchcraft books. ive tried spells in the books and all of them havent worked. are there any books that u know that do work. Anyones that all the spells in the book work From your faithful follower helena
Dear Helena,
Every spell has the potential to work. I suggest that you first master meditation, concentration, nature and energy. When you understand these you are ready to perform spells.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Megan Markland in Arcanum
I want to know if I would be good at witch craft even though I have never really done tit beforte
Dear Megan Markland,
Everyone has Witchcraft inside of them. It is about discovering the interconnectivity of life and matter. If you are willing to devote yourself to a lifelong journey, you can be excellent.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Iselin in sandefjord/Norway
Me and my friend want to know how to be a wiccan and do you have some easy spells to do without supplies -Iselin
Dear Iselin,
Following the Wiccan Path is not about doing spells. It is a way of life and a devotion to a higher form of spirituality based on the Ancient Paths. To simply start practising spells is not safe.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jeremy in Matteson
Is it dangerous to astral project can you send me some tips on how to do it is it hard is there a certain way to do it thank you
Dear Jeremy,
Astral projection can be very dangerous. I suggest that you read several books on the subject before attempting this skill. It is complex and cannot be covered in this column. I would caution you to understand the dynamics fully before you fly.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Natalie in
I m a beginner in witchcraft are ther any books that you can suggest to help me it would be a great help
Dear Natalie,
Please refer to the "books" link from the home page. There are several featured authors that I highly recommend.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Raven Brone in round rock
i need help finding how to read tarot cards. i have a motherpeace deck but i dont know how to use it. can you help me Raven
Dear Raven Brone,
Reading the Tarot takes time and patience. It certainly cannot be explained in this brief space. You must be certain to use a deck that you understand. It is also helpful to purchase a complete set with an introductory book to the deck and general reading.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lori in nj
dear aunt tabatha i have been depressed lately. i am a freshmen in high school and i am trying so hard to pass everything.the stress is getting to me. i just want a spell to take away stress.thank u.
Dear lori,
I don't feel that you are ready to resolve this situation with a spell. You are in a period of emotional growth. It is far better to develop coping mechanisms than to perform Magick. The first year of high school is usually very difficult. It may be of help to speak with a the school social worker to help you adjust. Peer counsellors are also a good resource. Part of Magick is the ability to use the resources available to you. Seek help on the physical plane before choosing Magick.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kelly in Spotswood
When i try to do spells none of them work why
Dear Kelly,
If you have not completed basic studies in Witchcraft, it is very dangerous to cast spells. Many people feel ready to start spellwork when they have not mastered the necessary components. If you casually cast a spell the results can eventually become negative and very dangerous. I suggest that you stop casting and start studying.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ofelya in broolyn
Do you know if there is any spell to lose weight or to make your matobilism high thank you for your time.
Dear ofelya,
This is a very common question. However, Magick works with nature. Rather than casting a spell, you should make natural adjustments to work with your body. Your diet is extremely important to your health. Eat healthy, well balanced meals rather than starving yourself. Avoiding chemicals and preservatives is also critical. To increase your metabolism, count your daily intake of proteins not your calories. Protein builds muscle. Muscle burns calories. I recommend at least 100g of protein per day. Beans are an excellent source for protein. This creates a natural cycle that when given time will make your body strong, healthy and naturally slimmer as you will store less fat and build more muscle.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From geeta in bombay india
Hello aunt I m from bombay and am very much interested in knowing about wicca and its associates i also have a problem and hope to get some help i gave up my education in half and looked after my dad who was bedridden for 12yrs since then i have faced lots of difficulties alone and now i face some financial problems and also want to get married and find lots of happiness in life which all thru i have not got i have lived a very pure life and been with no man ever could help by giving me a spell where i get a nice loving life partner and lots of love and happiness and also money constrains are gone forever i shall be eternally grateful to you.
Dear geeta,
I would love to give you a spell to make your life the way you envision it. However, I do not recommend this as the method of choice. To be Wiccan, you must learn to love and respect yourself. Self respect comes naturally when you overcome the trials life has given you. It is a painful process. However, until you learn to believe in your ability to obtain these things without Magickal help, you should not be casting spells.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kimberley in Davao
Dear Aunt Tabatha It s me again kim i have told u before about a dream if u can remember it. A guy that is wearing a orange robe in my dream i can see clearly his face.So from then he is always in mind and keeps me very bothered.I want to know who he is and why he is always in my mind even if i don t want to think about him. please help me aunt tabatha merry meet merry part blessed be kim
Dear kimberley,
When we are faced with any recurring thought or image it usually contains a message. There are many things that keep us from hearing the messenger. Most frequently it is fear or denial. To remove this image, you must study him. Once you understand why he comes you will find it much easier to banish him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Venus in Blackburn
Dear Aunt Tabatha I m a bit worried about the spells I have been casting. I haven t cast them on purpose it just sort of happens in my sleep and I don t know how to control it. They re usually communication spells. Eg. I dreamt of an old school friend whom I hadn t heard from for over a year. They morning after my dream she phoned me. I m very happy that this is working but I always have destressing dreams about my father who is dead and if I cast spells without knowing it what could happen So far I ve done 4 communication spells without realising it.
Dear Venus,
The issue of casting spells in your sleep is one of great controversy. It is only my opinion that what you are experiencing is psychic communication. There are many phases of sleep. It is a fascinating study. I have found that the sub-conscious brain is more open to intuition during sleep. When you dream of people from your past, you may be linking with the person and creating a thought process of contact. This is not the same as casting a spell. It is not something to worry about. You are only creating a communication portal which is very common. I am not sure what type of disturbing dreams you are having about your father. Usually these indicate items that you must reconcile within yourself. Look carefully and without fear at the dream. Once you understand the message, they will stop.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London
Dearest Tabbatha Thank you for your kind words i am a catalyst for some may this transpire to all who read our posts. It is a pleasure to converse with you and share my progress. I now must practise the art of discipline though meditation and psychometry. I must silence myself and begin to listen. My dreaming is my open door currently. BTW I channelled properly for the second time myself today. Look forward to further updates and progress of my own. Thank you and blessed be always. Monika
Dear Monika,
It is so wonderful to watch you progress. I wish that everyone could take note of your understanding of the process. Meditation is an art that will carry you through many doors and many trials. Enjoy!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brittany in Concord
where do you get the itdem for spells
Dear Brittany,
Items used in spells can be made or purchased depending on the need. The Ancient Ones did not depend on a store to cast a spell. They relied on nature. Learn about Magickal properties. Then you will be able to substitute with confidence. If you prefer to purchase, visit the "shops" section for a variety of local and online shops.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in ny
i wanted to know about spells.i heard about magic there is alawys consequences.what kind of spells are safe to cast what kind of spells i shouldnot cast what kind of spells does not consequences i am beginner in the craft.can u please help me thank u.
Dear farah,
Three fold exists for every spell and action. What you send out, good or bad, returns by three. The safest spell is one that causes no harm in any way, is clearly thought through from every angle and is precisely expressed. Casting a spell is not something to be done casually. You may cause much more harm than good. Please be sure you are ready and fully understand spells before you experiment.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lindzy in kentwood
Dear Aunt Tabatha It is me lindzy again. Would should I do if a guy I realy realy realy like is going out with a girl that is not right for him Should I let him get hurt and find this out for himself or should in some way help him How do I know if this girl is TRUELY right for him Is there a spell that i can find out with or do I have to let love led them and also me Please help me. much luv LINDZY
Dear Lindzy,
People must learn for themselves what is right for them. It means that they must experience hurt to grow. It is very hard to standby and see this happen. However, if you don't let people learn by their choices, they will never learn. To interfere with this process will inevitably hurt this person more than help.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lindzy in kentwood
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have a problem at school. All the kids make fun of me and my 3 other witch sisters because we act like siters and kiss and stuff like that. They must think that we are gay but we aren t. They also make fun of us because we believe in witches and witch craft. What do I do to make them stop Should I put a spell on them Please help me with this problem. Lindzy
Dear Lindzy,
It is not safe to use spells in this way. If you choose to make people aware of your Path, you will always be taunted. This is expected. Most people have a need to put others down because they are not secure within themselves. Unfotunately, they will always find something to pick on. Learn now that the only approval you ever need is your own.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christie in Dix Hills
I hhave asked you a question before but now i have another. i dont know how to get a spell book or anything. i mean its ok with me but i cant buy it off line because my parents dont like me buying anything off the computer. I also dont know what they would think about a witchcraft book. i dont know of any stores around where i live and i dont know how i would get there without telling my parents. i dont have anything wrong with telling them i just think its better off this way because so people arent meant to know somethings. so iwas was wondering what should i do about this.
Dear Christie,
Most book stores have Craft books available. I would think that your parents would not object to you going to a book store. Some public libraries also have books available. You may have to specifically ask for them as they are not always on the public shelves. If these suggestions are not possible, much information can be obtained from simply reading this website. Read through the online posts, links and spell of the day.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christie in Dix Hills
If I casted a spell to make me run better would there be any bad or unexpected results
Dear Christie,
Spells can always produce unexpected or undesirable effects. If your intent is not absolutely clear, you may cause serious harm to yourself or others. I suggest that you spend your energy training and becoming physically fit. This would be a far more rewarding effort.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jodie in cheshire
I d really like to meet up with like minded people to learn and socialise with open minded individuals. No-one I know has any concept of paganism let alone wicca. They re all trying to be something that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and i spend all my time trying to teach them what little i know so they can have some kind of foundation to base their beliefs on. I d like to meet people who aren t elitist or too fluffy if you know what i mean and people that can help me find my true path many thanx in light and love xx
Dear jodie,
We each have an individual Path to fulfill. It is difficult to find those who mesh with our needs. I suggest that you participate in the online forums here and get to know people and their goals. Also, it is virtually impossible to teach those who do not wish to learn. I suggest that you enjoy your friends for what they are, while pursuing your individual Path with others.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London
Dearest Aunt Tabbatha Sorry for the delay in updates so much has been happening. To start with i am working on my mirror magic i have 2 guides and am progressing well to say the least. Besides that we have a chanelling circle with my brothers and soul sister. You can imagine this is going well. I am doing more but these are currently the most profound and so i wanted to let you know i am getting on well. I also submitted a poem for the current issue as i haven t managed to write the article. I will be back in Crete a week today and will write the article upon the return of the upcoming trip. Hope you are well i see you have clearly mastered the art of patience i admire you for this - Blessed be always Monika
Dear Monika,
Your pursuit of your Path is so heartening to me! You have taken notice of the signs and followed them carefully. I would hope that all who have been following your progress take careful notes. You are an inspiration and guide for all who seek to open the door. Enjoy your time in Crete...the Magick awaits you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chaka in Elon
I have a ouiga board and at times it doesn t answer my questions clearly what am I doing wrong
Dear Chaka,
I am not, nor will I ever be, an advocate or advisor for ouija boards. This is not something to be experimenting with. I would suggest a scrying pendulum instead. But always remember, the answer is only as clear as the question.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Elaine in St Athan
My husband and I are at the beginnings of our paths into wicca. We are reading as much as we can and are now binning to obtain the items needed for rites. We have three boys 11 9 and 2 - as a family we want to know if there is any way of bringing something of a wicca background into our lives as a whole
Dear Elaine,
There is so much tradition that can be brought to your family. Celebration of the Sabbats can be a wonderful experience for children. Research has shown that tradition passed to children is a dominant force in their happiness. For instance, Yule and Samhain can easily be incorporated to the family structure. Celebration of the other Sabbats can be wonderful family experiences. This is an excellent time to speak of the ancient teachings. Coupled with the teachings there are many projects that can be incorporated as family activities. There are also some excellent books on activities for children and Pagan Parent Groups to provide ideas and networking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alfred in accra
dear aunt tabatha i am a student and have ever been having affair with a certain lady that i promissed to i dont like her behaviour so i have quitted from her .i have as well seen another lady that i will now want to marry but this lady tells me always that she is not interested in any relationship because she is a virgin and has not finished her education but she keeps visiting me in my house everyday . infact i can not live without winning her and i am even about to write my final exams but because of the answers to my proposal i cant even learn so please try to help me win this girl now so that i can learn to write the exams..thank you.hoping to hear from you.. alfred sends...
Dear alfred,
I don't wish to appear unsympathetic to your situation, but I believe that honesty is needed. It seems from your brief description that you are unable to allow a relationship to grow and mature. It appears that you have an "all or nothing" philosophy. You have not developed a firm relationship with the second woman, yet your behaviour indicates an obsession to possess her at all costs. I feel that you desperately need to be in love. This is certain failure to your relationships. If you learn the difference now, you will find happiness. If you continue on your current Path, you will only find disappointment.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From smile in Leeds
My Dad has lots of books of meditation. As i was browsing i came accross a book called The Gentle Arts if Aquarium magic what is this and what does it mean
Dear smile,
I am not familiar with this particular book. I would assume that it refers to the relaxation techniques associated with water and observing the tranquility found with the aquarium. The solution is quite easy. If you would like to know what this is about, read the book. It sounds fascinating!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From merlin in bandung indonesia
what must i do if i want to be a good witch
Dear merlin,
To be a Witch you must understand true power. It is never used casually or to control others. The truest of Witches understands and loves themselves as a part of the synergy within nature. If you can grasp and abide by this concept, you will be a tremendous Witch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From hana in mk
i wont 2 get interested into more witchcraft after i really got into tarrot crads. wots the next step
Dear hana,
The next step is to read and study everything you have access to. Wicca is something that requires great knowledge and understanding. It will take steady devotion to find your Path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Louise in NORWICH
what does wicca mean is there a special symbol for wicca if so could you tell me what it is. thank you
Dear Louise,
Wicca is to be considered a formal religious Path. The actual meaning of the word derives from the old Germanic root of wit/wic which means to know and to see. There are many symbols that represent Wicca. The most prevalent would be the symbol for the Triple Moon and Triple Goddess. There is also the symbol for the Horned God. Many of the symbols used are associated with the different traditions within Wicca.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From medea in sheffield
i am interested in becoming a practising wiccan.... how do i go about it
Dear medea,
To be a practising Wiccan you need to learn the Path. This takes time, devotion and patience. It is very important to understand the relationship of the deities and the Sabbats. This information is available in depth from any of the featured authors in the "books" section. If you feel ready for more formal training, you may want to look into the coursework of Vivianne and Chris Crowley. This will enable you to work with guidance and the benefit of an experienced Wiccan. There is a link to this information from the home page.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Wendy in Essex
What does the word witch craft mean and are there any witch craft shops around London
Dear Wendy,
Witchcraft means the proficiency of working within the elements and nature to bring about change. A Witch practises the Craft within the realm of what is considered Magick. It requires a deep and profound understanding of the intricacies of natural energies and the ever changing relationships. Please visit the "shops" link from the home page for information about local shops.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tirgana in Traverse City MI USA
Greetings I have been on the Wiccan path for many years. I am a writer. A good one. Yes it s more than just my opinion. My question is I have published my first novel online. The reviews have been good. But the sales have been poor. How do I increase sales so a print publisher will be interested. love and light Tirgana n ha Athena
Dear Tirgana,
The struggles of a writer are always daunting. I congratulate you on your publication. Submitting your manuscript to publishers takes sheer tenacity. Some of the best works are overlooked because of financial considerations. Be persistent, and keep positive. Success takes time.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From megan in mt.savage
Dear Aunt Tabatha I want to be a witch but i dont have money for the books and stuff. Could i still be a witch without all those things Thank You Megan
Dear megan,
Growing as a Witch takes many years and a lifetime of study. There are so many resources available. You do not have to buy anything. I suggest that you participate in the online forums and ask for help with basic skills. These are meditation and concentration. There is so much information here. If you choose to learn, read back in the posts on the site. It will give you tremendous insight. You can also find advice on making Magickal tools, gathering herbs and working within nature. Do not rush your journey. The experience is invaluable and grows naturally with time.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From dazi in slough
i was wondering if you knew of a togetherness spell that i could cast so that i could bring my boyfriend and i closer... you see we re both in love and i believe - from some very strong feelings emotions and so-called coincidences - that we are meant to be however his father won t really let us meet and it s breaking our hearts and we however we live only 20 miles away from each other and yet we can t bear to be apart. i wondered if there was anything i could cast to make it feel better i m thinking it wouldn t be breaking the Rede to do something like this. any advice you can give is welcomed. thank you.
Dear dazi,
It is always difficult when a parent stands in the way of a relationship. However, casting a spell in this situation would be wrong. True love is patient. If you are meant to be together, it will be. I suggest that you work with the problem instead of against it. Find out specifically what his father's objections are. Then set your goal to compromise. Respect his father's wishes and earn his trust. It is the best solution to your problem.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rayna in mt.savage
Dear Aunt Tabatha I want to be a witch but i dont know where to start and i dont know what my parents will say. Please help. Thank you Rayna
Dear Rayna,
You need to be honest with your parents if you intend on studying Witchcraft. If they do not approve, I suggest that you focus your studies on meditation and Earth studies. Books are your best source of information when you are beginning your journey.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From natalie in indio
can i become i witch How can i start
Dear natalie,
Anyone can become a Witch. The place to start is by learning what being a Witch really means. Visit the "books" section of the website for extensive information.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in
dear aunt tabatha i hear samhain is coming it true that samhain is a new year for all who practices the craft what kind of spells can u cast is it safe to cast prosperity spells healing spells and everything can u conjure up spirits i also wanted to know what is the summer solstice what is autumn equinox thank u.
Dear farah,
Samhain is considered the New Year in some traditions. Others, consider it Yule. It is perfectly acceptable to cast spells at this time. I would, however, carefully contemplate conjuring spirits, unless you are experienced in this area. The veil between the worlds is the thinest on this night. Summer Solstice, known as Midsummer, is celebrated June 22 (the date varies from the 21st to 24th). This is the day of the Sun God. It is the longest day of the year and he is at his brightest. We invoke him to rid the powers of darkness and bring fertility to the land. There are 2 equinoxes, Spring and Autumn. The Autumn Equinox falls on September 21 and symbolises the completion of the harvest and a Thanksgiving for the Earth's gifts.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Richard in Oxfordshire
I m interested in the eight main festivals of the year and need to know how to celebrate them. I have asked and was told there is no set way. I don t even know where to begin though and I d just like a pointer on where to start that should get me on my way. Thanks.
Dear Richard,
While traditions vary on the method of celebration, I disagree very strongly that there is no set way. There are many excellent resources in print. I would recommend "In The Circle, Crafting The Witches Path" by Elen Hawke. Also, "The Witches Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar. Much depends on the tradition you follow. A simple websearch will also provide many ideas and guidance.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aurora in brighton
dear aunt tabatha from Aurora in brighton mi. i am reading the book harry potter and i would like to know if j.k. rowling is in a cult and are there schools for magic also my folks dont like magic think its eval shuld i countinu with what i belive
Dear Aurora,
A cult has nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft. Cults are about control and obsessive behaviour. Please make sure that you understand that Witches detest cults. Since you are not of age, it would be best for you to follow your parents guidelines. This doesn't mean abandonment of your beliefs, but simply abiding by your parents rules.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Veronica in South_africa
I have dreams of people and signs i never ever saw before and there are things folloing me around could u maybe help me.Do u know people called the choosen
Dear Veronica,
Having dreams about people and things you do not remember seeing before happens to everyone. I am not sure what types of things you feel are following you. If you can provide more specific information, I can give you a more precise answer.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From MO in BURLINGTON
Dear MO,
Effective meditation takes practice. You must make sure that you are not interrupted. Prepare a space that is quiet and free from phone calls, people and distraction. Weather permitting an outdoor location is superb. However, indoor space is also suitable. Learn basic relaxation techniques and clear your mind of daily chores. A good practise exercise is to visualise a perfectly round sphere of a bright colour. Red is one of the easier colours to see. Close your eyes and focus on this object. Hold the vision for as long as possible. Practise this on a daily basis until your concentration improves. Within a short time you will meditate with ease.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From deidre in
dear tabatha i am a depressed because i lost 2 friends to suicide last year. i have been depressed for some times.i have hallucions that i was killing i was killing myself by stabbing myself taking pills falling over a building.i talked to my friend farah she is a witch like yourself.she made see a shrink.she is scared for me.she is scared that she wont see me anymore.i hate life but i want a spell to make my friends forget about me.
Dear deidre,
Farah is correct in urging you to receive psychological care. Please try to understand that these feelings are indicative of an illness. There are many causes, and much help available. I send my blessings to you and those who love you. Please choose to accept the help of those who care.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gia in Philadelphia
Dera Aunt Tabatha I allredy sent you something about me not being Wiccan I am A Catholic and I would not like to change Religions. But I really would like to become a witch. I allredy have few spells and I would Like to Know if they would work without worshiping a Goddes. Blessed be.
Dear Gia,
A Witch does not need to have any religious background. This Path is not the same as Wiccan. However, I strongly caution you not to approach any kind of Magick without understanding the basics. A Witch works within the elements of nature to bring about change. If you choose to cast spells, just to cast spells, then I would consider that an abuse of Witchcraft. Please try and understand that there is much more to our Paths. To call yourself a Witch is an honour. You are not a Witch if you are just casting spells and discarding the dedication and learning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From fire in uk
hi i want to become a witch i am new i have collected many spells but where do i go next I am sopposed to read books but what kind of books What about meditation books or inner self books
Dear fire,
You should be reading books on many subjects. Meditation and exploration of the inner self are certainly important subjects. However, I would suggest visiting the "books" link from the home page and selecting from one of the featured authors.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alex Kew in High Wycombe
Dear Aunt Tabatha i am 14 year old male witch i was wondering why people see us as evl people. From Alex Blessed Be
Dear Alex Kew ,
Witchcraft has been discredited for centuries. There are many false beliefs that will take time and patience to cure. Together, we must show our strength through our ethics and devotion. There will always be those who seek to discredit us. They surround the Craft with darkness and fear. I am confident that our light will quietly seep through the deception. We need not attack nor criticise those who provoke. Our best defense is to simply shine in our own light.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Diana in laredo
dear aunt tabatha i was wondering how can i know if my withchcraft book is real or not .okay i hope u can answer.
Dear Diana,
If you cannot answer this question yourself, you should return to basics. Learn the meaning of Witchcraft. Focus on trusting yourself and your intuition. The answer to this question will then be clear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in
Dear aunt tabatha what is angel magick what other kind of magick are there thank u.
Dear ,
Angel Magick generally emphasises the Archangels, who predate christianity. Magick is a neutral force. Different types of Magick use various manifestations and representations to strengthen the intent. Various items are used such as candles, herbs, the Deities and the elements. Many people also use the Moon. The force of Magick is the same regardless of the methodology.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From David in Reading
I am new to the craft of wicca and would like to find out more about it. what is the best way to find out more
Dear David,
The best way to begin learning is to read. Books are treasures! The "books" link from the home page features several prominent authors that will open the doors for you. Explore and you will learn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Michelle in Clarksville
I just wanted to tell you that I got back from the trip in New York visiting His parents. My boyfriend and I were in Philly the day that all this happened with the twin towers in NY. My dad got called off somewhere to help with all of this matter. And my BF is military so I am just hoping that he doesnt have to go somewhere too. To make a shorter story his parents told him that they really like me they are telling me that I am like his guardian angel or something. Can that be true. Everyone has always told me that I have this light around me and I have still yet to figure out what they see all I know is I love I feel and I am happy mostly. Unless I get around the ones that are so unhappy etc and they just drain me like something fierce. I get tired and I sometimes feel like i feel their energy. I also have this problem with my BF s ex wife. Is there some sort of spell that I can use to have her stop pestering us with every little thing there is and for her to just leave us alone She is married now and I dont know what her problem is. She has 3 kids to which none of them are my BF s. she was not very monogomist lets just say and their are proven blood tests to show he is exempt as well from paternity. It would just be a better and peaceful area around me if I could not have anymore phone calls from her etc. Thank you in advance Michelle
Dear Michelle,
I would suggest that the best Magick available to you is your phone system. Stop taking her calls, block her number or obtain caller ID. The root of the problem can be easily resolved, if your boyfriend will learn to avoid her.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Paola in Providence
I want to become a witch. How do I do that
Dear Paola,
Your first step in becoming a Witch is to learn and understand the dedication and knowledge that you will need. I suggest that you read as many books on your chosen Path as possible. Also, participate in the online forum discussions. This website has tremendous information available for the beginner as well as the experienced Witch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gia in Philadelphia
Dear Aunt Tabbatha I am not Wiccan and I would like to become a witch. What should I do
Dear Gia,
All Witches are not Wiccan. You can be a Witch without any affiliation with Wicca. You should view Wicca as a formal religious tradition. A Witch may or may not have any religious background.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lou lou in england
On the 13/11/01 it will be a year since my grandad died Is there anyway i can get in touch with him
Dear lou lou,
It is always difficult to lose those we love. It is important that you understand that energy never dies. Physically, you have lost your grandad, but his energy surrounds you at all times. Teach yourself not to fear the spirits from the Otherworld. Open your mind and your heart to their presence. The signs that they are near are subtle. It takes a great deal of energy and will to contact you in a form that your mind can recognise. If you allow your mind to see, the signs are there. Please try to remember, that time is different as well. What seems like a lifetime to you, can be the blink of an eye to them. He will become increasingly clearer to you as time passes. Trust your feelings and he will guide you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lil in London
I have gone on lots of web pages and I have now run out Can you tell me loads of web pages so that I can find out more everyday
Dear Lil,
The Children of Artemis website contains so much information, it will keep you quite busy. Explore the "links" section for extensive information. There is also a search function for any specific information.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jacob in springfield
I have always been into witchs and warlocks and i was woundering how would I go about learning more about them and possibly becoming one
Dear jacob ,
Becoming part of Wicca and Witchcraft involves years of study and great dedication. Both Males and Females are called Witches. I suggest that you visit the book section and choose from one of the featured authors. It is a wonderful journey!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Autumn in hailey
I thought I was in love with this boy but I found out that I was in love with his best friend. What should I do
Dear Autumn,
You should always be honest with those close to you. This is the only way. You will love many people in your life, on many different levels. Without truth, love will never survive.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in ny
i am 14 and i want to go wiccan shops.i already have the locations of respectable wiccan shops.i am afraid that they will hate me. what should i do should i go or wait till i am much older
Dear farah,
I understand your concern. It can be uncomfortable for a young person to go into a shop. However, if you are mature and respectful to the Craft you will be welcome. Approach honestly and with good intent. You have nothing to fear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laura in Bournemouth
Dear Aunt Tabatha i am a teen witch and have been trying to follow the Craft to the best of my abbilities with books and information on the web for around 6 months. However i feel that i would like to take this a step further and goin a covern. I understand that there is usually an age prefernce of 18 so could you possibly put me in contact with a few coverns for new commers like myself in my area for my age many thanks Laura xxx Blessed Be
Dear Laura ,
You should not consider joining a Coven as you are under 18. Reputable Covens will not and should not accept members of your age. There are many ways to study. I suggest that you participate in the online forums here, and get to know others in the Craft. There is much to learn and share.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jacqueline in york
About two years ago I sought the guidence of a loving witch called Susan. She ran a group in Stockport and i learnt much from her. However due to my own stupidity at the time i stoppeed going and i never thanked her for the expirence. Since i left i feel terrible and wrong for never completing my training. I now feel that i am at the right stage in my life to continue and learn. Can you please give me some advise about finding someone to teach and guide me again. Blessed Be.
Dear Jacqueline,
I feel that in order for you to continue your training, you should contact your former teacher and end the relationship proper. Without closing that door, it will be difficult to open another.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Michelle in Manchester
Dear Aunt Tabitha My name is Michelle and I have a question for you. I m in love with this guy I haven t met yet but will be meeting soon and I feel like he doesn t love me back. I know people think that at sixteen you aren t old enough or mature enough to be in love but I really am. I don t want a spell to put on him or any thing but maybe a spell to put on myself to be patient and to accept it if he really doesn t love me back. Can you please help me Love and Blessings Michelle
Dear Michelle,
You are never too young to be in love. I am very glad to hear that you are wise enough not to use a love spell. That leads me to believe that you are far more mature than 16. Whilst it is entirely possible to fully love someone you have not met, it will not become reality until you meet. Learning patience with all things is part of your development within the Craft. A spell is not the best avenue for this. All things come to those who wait!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gia in Philadelphia
Dear Aunt Tabitha me and a freind want to be come witches how do we do this Could you e-mail me some good spells Ps. I read about respecting nature. I already do that.
Dear Gia,
You must learn much more before you are ready to practise Witchcraft. Please investigate the "books" link from the home page. There you will find many more answers.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From rhonda in missoula
will the guy l like alot make love to me before the year is out
Dear rhonda,
If you continue to view sex in this manner, you will never understand "making love." In this sense, the answer is no.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sharyn in missoula
When I go to court for my divorce will I get half of the house in the settlement
Dear sharyn,
The answer to this question is unclear. In order to predict the outcome of a situation, all of the facts must be known. In this case, you are keeping something very important out of the post.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monika in London
Dearest Aunt Tabbatha Just letting you know i am back from Crete and had a fabulous time i am even considering moving there for a season perhaps to work. I found there is so much energy there it s a great feeling feels like home. Apart from seeing imagesin a lot of the rocks on the N/E of the Island i saw the walls of the Samaria Gorge pulsing away like a heartbeat and twice four days apart when i walked passed a mirror i saw no reflection Many places i did not see but it looks like i am trying to plan a week out there in 2 weeks with my brothers which i hope will all work out as i love it there and want them to share the awe of the beautiful Island. I healed a donkey and had a lovely experience with both a homeless cat and dog. Must write more but will keep it concise till i put together an article. Wrote lots of poems there too. BTW - any info you can give me on appearing invisable in the mirror I could see everything behind me reflected just not myself Thank you as always and Blessed Be Moni.
Dear Monika,
What a lovely experience!! Crete is a truly Magickal place. The mirror image is fascinating as well. Whilst you could not see yourself in the mirror, perhaps you became part of the lovely natural surroundings. Your reflection was visible, but not as you perceive yourself in the physical sense. Being at one with the surroundings reflects your inner self. Think back and carefully examine the images in the mirror. There is a representation of beauty in the mirror that captured your spirit. Remembering that image will provide great insight to your Path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From hollie in canvey island essex
hello. i am very interested in witch craft and would like to become a white witch.could you give me some advice on how to take it further please.thankyou/love hollie
Dear hollie,
Visit the book section of the website and start by reading. Also, participate in the online member forums and chat. It takes many years of study. Be patient and you will learn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cheri in maplewood
If i have always wanted to be a witch and i work with all my heart for this do you think it is possible to be a good witch in my case
Dear Cheri,
In my opinion, if you devote yourself to the Goddess and God, respect Nature, animals and people and learn to love yourself you will make an excellent Witch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From carol in winsford
Is there anything I can do to help reduce the amount of bad things that seem to be happening to me at the moment
Dear carol,
The most effective way to reduce bad influences around you is to cast off any negative energy in your life. This can be accomplished through exploration and meditation. It may include distancing yourself from any person who is harmful to you. Also, you want to rid yourself of negative thoughts and hatred. I use a very simple technique of visualisation that involves cleansing the body of any negative thoughts and seeing them returned to the Earth as inert forces. I then follow with deep breathing to draw in the positive energies. It is critical that you resolve any issues on the physical plane as well. Courtesy of Julie, I have included a lovely protection spell which you may find useful.
Protection and Exorcism
Materials required
Draw a fine line of salt in the form of a circle.
Stand in the centre and visualise it as a protecting boundary.
Ask the Goddess for her protective help.
Chant the rhyme.
I now declare this Hollowed Ground!
Only good spirits here abound.
Evil forces quit this place
No longer show your ugly face!
This room is filled with light of love
Goddess forces from above.
Dark shadows, evil spells of doom
Are now banished from this sacred room.
My Good Luck starts and Bad Luck ends
My life is blessed with Love and Friends
Abundance comes to enrich my life
and I am freed from hate and strife!
Thank the Goddess for her protection.
Sprinkle a small amount of salt in each room of the house.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From carmen in
dear aunt tabatha i studied witchcraft and i decided to be a witch.i love nature i love the earth.i want to become a good witch. i dont want love because its not something i want to experience for now. i also dont want to do animal sacrifice. i think whoever does it is too idiotic. all i want to be is a good witch.i am a solitary witch i guess. i really dont know anybody who practice october 31st samhain. i heard it was a new year. is it a good idea to take my iniation then and take the wiccan rede thank u.
Dear carmen,
There are several areas of your question that would prompt me to suggest that you need a change of study materials. Whilst many will disagree with my opinions on these matters, please understand this is just my perspective and belief. First, many people consider themselves Witches. I believe that to be a Witch you must understand and respect nature, animals, people and astral influence. Any party who sacrifices animals or any part of Mother Earth, is not to be considered a Witch. I do not recognise white Witches or black Witches. Whilst our Paths vary, we all respect the same basic laws of nature. Those who pervert the Craft by violating the sanctity of Witchcraft are not recognised by me. Any person who controls another's free will, sacrifices anything, chooses to harm others, engages in cult behaviour or seeks to abuse the Craft through a need to control are not Witches. Please read some of the selections of the featured authors in the book section for further explanation. Samhain is a perfect time for casting off old behaviour and welcoming new changes. However, please understand the difference between Initiation and Dedication. You may Dedicate yourself to Wicca at this time. Initiation, in my opinion, can only be accomplished when you have advanced within your study to a point where you understand much more than basic knowledge. There are also different levels of mastery and Initiation. To me, the only true Initiation is accomplished by an Elder. The knowledge of the Ancients is passed during this ceremony.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Arora in brighton
is their a spell for making things float if so what is it
Dear Arora ,
Spells use the natural elements and energy to create change. In order to make things float it is much more complex than a spell. If you can learn to direct energy and understand the effort needed to complete this task, it can be done. First I suggest you have full understanding of energy, physics and molecular studies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sarah in M Town
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am a new witch and while doing some research I found that witches have craft names. How if a ceremony done and is there any certain age you have to be to get your craft name
Dear Sarah,
Most people have more than one Craft name. Your public Craft name should reflect your spirit and Path. Your private Craft name is something much more personal. This is generally something you find further on your Path. There are no age restrictions on Craft names. You may include this as part of your dedication if you choose. Basically any simple ritual will declare your name to the Goddess and God.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sasha in dallas
will i lose a lot of or alittle weight before i go to 7th grade
Dear sasha,
Generally speaking young women will naturally become heavier at your age. Taking off a great deal of weight can be detrimental. There are many positive changes that are happening. I also know that telling you not to worry about your weight is not helpful. If I may suggest that you pay particular attention to your nutrition instead of your weight. Look for foods that are high in protein. Instead of counting caloric value, try to take in 100 grams of protein daily. The purpose of this is to change your metabolism. Instead of building fat cells you will develop muscle. Since muscle increases your metabolism substantially, you will become healthy and slim down. You should always strive for good health. In focusing on this instead of losing weight, you can have the best of both worlds.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lady in N.P. New Jersey
With the recent tragedy of the World Trade Center my hair has been standing on end wondering if there will be another world war or if any other devastating thing will happen to anyone close to me. If you truly do have the ability of clairvoyance could you please answer if there would be any wars fought Please set my uneasy conscience at rest... Thank you.
Dear Lady,
I truly wish that I could tell you that there will not be wars. There will always be war. I believe that you will not see another devastating attack on the USA like in New York. However, it is time for people to become aware of the world. The issues that will surface due to this attack will take decades to address. The most important thing to remember is that many people gave their lives to call attention to the dangers that surround all. It is always best to clearly see those that wish harm to others. Unity against all harm must begin now. From this enourmous tragedy, I see a glimmer of hope for the future. It is unrealistic to hope for global healing, but I think that if we see the truth, that is where we need to be. I feel for our friends in the USA. But in my heart, I feel the souls in Summerland. The innocent are at peace. It is now those left behind that suffer the scars. For them, we must do what we can so that their loss is honoured.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Juliet in melbourne victoriia
hi i am very interested in witchcraft i just started please advice me on how to make spells Jul
Dear Juliet,
Please do not begin your journey by focusing on spells. There is much to learn before you attempt your first spell. I suggest that you study about Wicca and Witchcraft and our true purpose. Only then will you be ready to start casting spells.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Victoria Scott in London
Hi I am currently writing a novel which began as a dream. On researching this dream I found there were strong links within Celtic mythology and paganism. Previous to this I had no knowledge of this and from research have also been led to wicca. What are the differences What can I read which will help with my research there seems to be so many avenues and I have read warnings of a lot been fantasy cons Thanks for your help.
Dear Victoria Scott,
It would be quite difficulty for me to explain the intricate interweavings of Celtic Mythology, Paganism and Wicca with this limited amount of space. Speaking strictly from a research perspective, I would recommend the book Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. This is an excellent historical reference. From there, I would recommend that you choose from the "featured" authors found by clicking the "books" link from the homepage.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From paul in whitecross newquay cornwall uk
wicca witchcraft the old religion.i want to learn and involve myself is it for me .how can i meet people sharing the same feelings the want to be a part of.. i read so many books by so many people but so many conflicting conclusions what is the true and what is fiction .
Dear paul,
The quest for truth is an ancient one. I believe that it is relative to where you are on your personal Path. To find your own truth, you must look to your inner self and determine what you seek. From there you find your destined Path. The only true conclusions are those that are right for you. For now, I suggest that you participate in the online forums here and get to know the people and Paths. There is a great deal of information shared. Visit the chatroom and discuss your views and listen to those of others. The tools have been given to anyone who wishes to learn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From karyn munro in edinburgh
I am going to be wed June 23rd next year at Tara Co Meath Eire. I would like to ask u a couple of things My partner is a wiccan we have been penfriends 4 a number of years but declared our love 4 each other June 22nd this year is it right to marry a year and a day to that day or would there be a more appropriate time. we are 2 be handfasted i have tried to find websites that may help we would prefer one of the celtic tradition but small and discreet as we will be wed in a public place. All the sites i ve looked at are mainly done by americans and vary considerably. Do you know any of any good websites or books on celtic handfasting When would be the best time 2 be wed at night/day/new moon/full moon Is there any colours that the bride should avoid wearing with thanks karyn.
Dear karyn munro,
You have certainly chosen a lovely date to be wed. While some calendars celebrate the Summer Solstice on the 21st many traditionalists use the 23rd. This is known as Midsummer's Eve. Summer Solstice is widely celebrated on the 24th. I am not superstitious about colours. You can choose any that make you happy. The traditional colours for the season are red and gold. Keep in mind that many faiths practice handfasting so you will not necessarily draw attention to Paganism. The best time of day is also up to you. I would choose according to preference. A handfasting should reflect your personal commitment to each other. There are so many ceremonies, so I suggest that you choose based on the things that are most important to you and your partner. Many consider handfasting to last for a year and a day. The theory is a full seasonal cycle. However, this is also subject to your personal discretion. The Children of Artemis hosts a web page for Kate West and she has a booklet available on handfasting. Click on the Kate West link for more information. As a personal suggestion, I am quite fond of candles at any ceremony. The fire provides romance and warmth!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dee in New Smyrna beach
HI I have a friend and she has a thing in her house and I want to cast a spell to see what it is I feel I can help. What do you feel would work Anything that you can do would be great... thank you
Dear Dee,
Perhaps you could be more specific about the "thing." It is virtually impossible to give accurate advice without some specific knowledge.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From farah in
dear aunt tabatha i wanted to know what other kind of magic there are.i only know candle magick.i am confused about moon magick.what phases do i cast my spell what kind of spells can i cast thank u.
Dear farah,
Magick is a completely neutral force. You may use candles, the moon and many other representations to gather energy and focus your spells. The Moon phase or candle, strengthens the spell within the realm of nature. Simply put Magick is Magick enhanced with the representations of the type of Magick you choose. You can access more about Moon phases from the Moon Phase chart on the website.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kyle in concord
I just seen the movie holloweentown do you have to be a certian age to devolope powers and is thier any signes you can look for.
Dear kyle,
You do not have to be any age to develop "powers". However, you must be mature and focused. You also need to understand the connectivity between all things.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Angel in Portsmouth
Im a new wicca and at the moment doing a lot or reading and studying what i would like to know is when u do a spell for someone to help them do u give it that person to themselves or am i able to do it for them saying thier name during the spell.... Many thanx
Dear Angel,
Please be very careful when doing any kind of spellwork. You should be very familiar with how spells work before attempting them. You may want to read Spells and How They Work by Janet and Stewart Farrar. To specifically answer your question, you always need the permission of the person you are casting for. Also, saying their name is far too general. You must be able to clearly and precisely visualise the person and the goal. It is not the name that matters but seeing the person and goal with your mind. If for any reason you are not clear, the spell can easily cause great harm.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Michael Corbera in Las Vegas
I Have ben trying to shape shift and I come close but i cant go all the way what do you sujest. I also neade to now what book do you sujest for a warlock.
Dear Michael Corbera,
Honestly, I don't believe in using energy for shape shifting. Secondly, both males and females are considered Witches.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ALEX in Cape Town
Dear Aunt Tabatha I performed a spell about one week ago we did it after a lot of thoughts and consideration and having tried everything else anyhow we wanted to know how long before a spell can be expected to work and if it doesn t what do we do do you re do it Thanking you in advance for your advice Alex
Dear ALEX,
The answer to this question is always difficult without knowing the spell and/or your ability to properly cast. Depending on the complexity, spells can take months or years to manifest. Also, it may have been successful, but not in a visible way. At this point, only you know the necessary data to make a judgement. I suggest that you carefully review the spell and your expectations. If you "feel" that you did not properly cast the spell, you may consider casting again. Otherwise, be patient and watch for the signs.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kim in Decatur
I have two questions. Do you have to be a certain age to do witch craft and how long does it takes you to learn the basics in witch craft and spells
Dear Kim,
You do not have to be any particular age to practice Witchcraft. However, all people must be extremely careful in their search for knowledge. If you are under the age of 18, you should not even consider joining a Coven. Any reputable Coven will not consider members under this age. You also should avoid teachers who offer individual guidance and any person who makes you feel that your free will is in any way threatened. We never sek to control any person. To learn any Path takes a considerable amount of time. Your study should concentrate on basic knowledge and skills for a minimum of one year. Your rate of progression will be dependent on how seriously you take the study. Patience is important, as the actual mastery is constant learning and re-learning.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Maarten in Assendelft
Dear Aunt Tabatha this question is not really about Wicca but I was wondering if you have got for me the email adress of Cindy from Heemstede Holland. See I am Dutch too and I want to learn Wicca too and I live about 10 miles from Heemstede so we could help eachother out Please help us both
Dear Maarten,
If you wish to be in contact with any member of this site, please use the private message function. There is an icon of an envelope above the members post. This is a privacy measure to ensure the protection of all members here. We never disclose any information about members, and discourage strongly sharing information of a personal nature.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jayne in Birmingham
Dear Aunt Tabatha Where do I start to learn about wicca and witchcraft. I have looked inside and now what to expand my knowledge and practice
Dear Jayne,
The best place to start your journey is by reading. Many have shared lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom through books. The authors featured in the books section are an excellent representation of how much you can learn. Simply click on the "books" link from the home page and choose according to your Path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leah in nj
i would like to know about archangels in there any angels in wicca .who is abraxas what are the names of the angels also i would like to ask what kind of spell can i cast in the samhain thank u.
Dear leah,
There are many answers to this question. I will give you my thoughts, but only you know the Path in your heart. The Archangels, known as Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael have been recognised by many religions. There are those that include them as deities within Wicca. They are considered protective forces and representations of love by the Goddess and God. There are some who practice Angel Magick. This is a personal issue on how you view the manifestation of the deities. Abraxas is an Egyptian term that symbolises the seven creative powers and/ or planetary angels, as seen by the Ancient Ones. For more in depth information, please see the following site:
For Samhain, I frequently describe this as similar to New Year's celebrations. It is a time to reflect on the past, plan for the future and feast with the dead. Traditional colors are black and orange. Your feast should be simple and shared with those you call. A simple circle cast is sufficient. This can be a solitary or group ritual, depending on your traditions. The most important thing is to respect and recognise your past, plan for the future, give thanks for your blessings and change or banish anything that you feel prohibits your growth. To me, it is the most sacred of all Sabbats and a time for intense inner evaluation.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Farah in NY
i have a problem. something is in my apartment.i want to know what it time i was watching tv.the door opened.nobody was behind brother was sleeping in his mother was father was in the bathrooom.whenever i watch the tv channels the channel time something just smacked my hand while i was time i was awake and there was no light in my room.i saw something.there was 4 people coming towards me and passing through me.i only saw their outline.i did not see their body clothes lips eyes or hairs.just outlines.what is the matter with me i have not lost anybody.i just want to know whats wrong with me
Dear Farah,
Dear Farah,
There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with you. Many times you may be aware of spiritual energy around you. We are all trained to fear this energy. It is always around, we just are not consciously aware of it. It does not sound as if this energy is harmful. Perhaps you need to stop being afraid and welcome the presence. Normally, this happens when you are attuned to your inner senses. When you can view this without fear, the purpose will become clear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alex in Cape Town
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have read the craft by Dorothy Morrison in which she says to charge a stone you have to wash it and then put it in the freezer for 24hrs before you charge it in order to cleanse it of any negative energies is this necessary does it have to be 24hrs also she says to hold it to your third eye what and where is that and thirdly just to confirm is the period between new moon and full moon equal to waxing moon and conversely between full moon and new moon waning moon What is your opinion on the book I have read Thanking you in advance for all your advice and help Alex
Dear alex,
Dorothy Morrison is a wonderful author and a beautiful spirit. I completely admire her works. Her method of cleansing stones is just that, a method. There are many ways to do this. Your third eye enables you to see with your senses and intuition. Holding the stone with your third eye is making it a part of your energy. Also, you are correct in your moon phases. There is a moon phase chart available on the website for further explanation.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Greg in inehead
but i am willing to learn. plz could u give me som eincantations - plus n e one emial me stuff. i want to get to no u all - cheers
Dear Greg,
When you are truly willing to learn, you will stop looking for spells and devote yourself to the Craft. Spells should never be cast without first obtaining the knowledge and respect to our Path. I will suggest again, if you want to become a part of Wicca, learn about who we are and the steps that you must take before even considering spellwork. You are showing a complete disrespect for our beliefs by only acknowledging spells. You must first learn to love and respect the traditions before you look for power. Please try and see this. We are not about spells, we are devoted to higher learning and reclaiming our lost Paths. When you understand this, you will hear my words and be able to grasp the Magick.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Eleanor in england
Whats the difference between witch and wicca
Dear Eleanor,
Wicca is a contemporary religious practice based on the ancient Pagan beliefs. There are several traditions but all contain the common thread of formal religious practice and adherence to the Wiccan Rede. Normally Wiccans practice Witchcraft and therefore are considered Witch and Wiccan. Traditional Witches practice Witchcraft without necessarily any deities or formal ritual requirements. They generally work within the arts of Nature and follow the traditions of their Path. Some do not recognise the deities at all. So, to make this a bit simpler, Wicca is a religion that requires formal study and practice. Witches practice the Craft within the parameters of Magick and Nature with less emphasis on the deities and religion.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mariel in Decatur
I really want to learn more about the earth religions but I am afraid of finding the wrong advice. How can I learn real things and not fake and corrupting things
Dear Mariel,
The Children of Artemis website has been designed to give people all over the world access to reliable and accurate information. There are several prominent authors featured in the book section. I heartily recommend reading as many of their books as possible. You will start to develop using their knowledge as a seed. Nurture yourself and you will grow.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Greg in Minehead
have u got n e basic but funky spells for me as im just getting into witch craft. ps im also tom that wanted to fly sorry about being rude but i didnt get a reply
Dear Greg,
I do not believe that anyone just learning about Witchcraft should begin with spells. You need to learn so much more. I suggest that you read one (or more) of the featured authors in the book section. I am not at all offended by your questions, but cannot teach you if you are unwilling to learn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Natalie in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have noticed a lot of magic related films and TV programmes show people floating or spinning pencils and small objects. What is this called and how would I learn this
Dear Natalie ,
Films and Television are entertainment. Whilst they attempt to contain some factual information, they also accentuate theatrics. Levitation of objects is indeed possible. Science performs this quite easily with magnetic energy. With the proper application of energy, any object can be levitated and rotated. If you wish to learn more about this, study magnetic energy. Then you will be able to understand the amount of Magickal energy needed to perform this task.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cecilie in Oslo
Dear aunt tabatha Last night I saw a sight. An angel came to me and said that I had something to do. She said You are the one. Don t give up now you know too much... Then she dissapered. And the radio turned on by itself. There was a voice there saying that I had to go on. What does this mean And a spiritual force brought me to this page. Why Can you please help me Lots of Love from Cecilie.
Dear Cecilie,
We are all connected through the bonds of energy. This message urges you to look and listen to your spirit for the answers. Each person houses a life force that contains great power. It is time for you to start your journey and learn your place on the Path. Be patient, study, learn and trust yourself. The answers will unfold with each step that you take.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From gia in decatur
I had recieved a letter from a pychic that I didn t know much about that wanted to be my spiritual advisor. I don t even know how this person had come in contact with me or how they had came across knowing the situation I was in. The letter itself didn t speak of much just that I needed to be alarmed by the people that lived around me and that I may be a bit psychic thats about it. The person also asked me to pay them a fee for more info concerning what they knew about my spirituality. I was puzzled by the letter and felt that it would be wise if I didn t respond but just in case I had already prepared it to be mailed off in case bad things happen for me not responding. As if the situation couldn t get any worse the envelope and the fee winded up either being stolen or missing. What should I do
Dear gia,
If you kept any record of the person who sent this request, you should forward it to local authorities. It is dishonorable and illegal. The person who sent you this is not in any way psychic. This is criminal. Aside from alerting the authorities, there is not much you can do. I would suggest in the future that you listen to your intuition. You questioned the sincerity of this request and hesitated. Heed your inner voice and discard any further requests of this nature.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From mark in louisville
what spell could i use to be able to talk to people and would have ultimately positively and most effectively told them exactly what i meant or what was meant and what i wanted them to hear and have what i said to/in my advantage in the long run.
Dear mark,
A most important lesson in life is that people hear what they choose to hear. If you use a spell to alter the thought process, you are inviting trouble. I would hope that instead of using your energy in this type of spell, you would spend your time studying effective speech and clarity within your words.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nick in florida
Are there any spells to make me the most popular person in my school
Dear Nick,
Popularity is superficial and misleading. If you think that this is what you want for yourself, you should work on your self esteem. You deserve better!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandi in Englishtown
I am a new witch and I am seeking a protection spell for travelers. Can you be of any assistance
Dear Brandi,
I have included a lovely spell from Bella to protect your loved ones. This can be used to protect all in your life with specific intent.
Protecting A Loved One Spell
Take two rowan twigs and tie them in an X with red thread. Wind more red thread round this under and over
until the X is half full. As you do so chant the following visualising the one you love being safe and well (if
done small enough the person it is for can carry it round with them):
Fire burning hot and bright,
Goodly spirits attend this rite.
Help me use this rowan tree and red thread,
To protect the one I love from what I dread.
Listen please to what I tell,
Come now and aid my spell!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From mary in london
when someone does you an injustice for profit and keep to thier deciet and they know i know and still they decieve what good will come from this
Dear mary,
It is sad but we all have to endure injustice. The only way for good to come out of this situation is for you to learn and rise above their deceit. Sometime in the future you will have the opportunity to avoid another problem because of this experience. If you have reconciled your anger, the advantage will be yours. The advantage will always fall to those that stay the course.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From seema in L.I.C.
i want to practice candle magick and moon magick. i want to write my own spells. how do i write it i also want to know what other kind magick i can practice
Dear seema,
To write your own spells and practice any Magick you need a complete and thorough understanding of how spells work. You may want to read Spells and How They Work, by Janet and Stewart Farrar.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Delia in Johnston
What are good names for witches Like baby names
Dear Delia,
Your craft name should reflect your individuality within the Craft. There should not be a list. Choosing your name(s) is part of discovering your Path and your inner-self.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Melissa in buffalo
If you have relitives that are witches does that make you a witch How do I become a great witch
Dear Melissa,
The Path of a Witch involves many aspects of your spirit. You certainly may inherit some enhanced abilities, but that does not make you a Witch. Dedication, hard work and love of the Craft are the necessary elements. Mastering these will make you a wonderful Witch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cindy in Heemstede
Dear Aunt Tabatha This is the first time that I m visiting this site. I m from Holland and I want to be a witch I just don t no were to turn to. Could you please help me p.s. I really love and respect the nature. I don t no if that is gonna help me
Dear Cindy,
Love and respect of nature is an excellent beginning for you on any Path. I suggest that you begin by reading. The book section here contains some excellent reviews. Also, use the forums and network with others. Sharing knowledge is the way to true understanding.
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