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Aunt Tabatha
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Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Justin in Killeen
Dear ant tabitha I am a 16 year old boy and have been carefully thinking on converting to Wicca for the past three years as my own beliefs match it perfectly. Now that I have decided my parents won t let me do the dedication ritual. I want to officially dedicate myself to Wicca and start my year and a day of study so that I may be part of something that I feel I belong but I don t want to build a wall between me and my family. Please give me any advice so that I may know whether to do the ritual anyway or just wait a year or so and tell them I haven t changed my mind and do it. Thank you for any help.
Dear Justin,
Dear Justin
You are still young enough that you can afford to wait, and if you truly wish to become Wiccan then you can view the delay as a test of your commitment. I would strongly advise you not to go against your parents wishes, as you fear it would cause problems between you an your parents for a long time. In addition if you go against their wishes it is likely they will never accept your Wiccan beliefs, something that could haunt you for years to come. Parents have the role of protecting their young, sometimes that can seem to add unwanted restrictions, but they believe they are doing this for your good. You can try to discuss your beliefs with them; they may be more receptive to a positive discussion if you do this after agreeing to wait. A full and honest discussion could change their minds as they are protecting you, probably from a Wicca they do not know much about, the unknown always looks scary, especially for religions. Another suggestion would be to offer to let them read any good Wiccan books or magazines you may have, this should show them that there is nothing bad in Wicca. If all of this fails then wait until you are older, ideally 18, then you can explain to them that as an adult you still feel the same and would appreciate their understanding and support. If you wait you may be surprised, they might just accept your strong beliefs. Good luck and have patience, your time will come.
Blessings Aunt Tabatha
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aura in Salisbury
Dear Tabatha I know there s a full moon coming up soon and I would like to do a protection spell for my son. Can you advise me how to perform this What candle s and crystals I should put on my alter please Thanks.
Dear Aura,
Dear Aura
A protection spell is remarkably simple, and can be performed without any tools or supplies at all. The most powerful component of any spell is your own intent and will; if these are strong nothing else is required. However having an altar that you feel represents the goal you seek does help you get into the right frame of mind for both ritual and spell craft, so can be important. I would suggest using candles and crystals that signify the Moon to you, personally I would choose plain white candles and clear or milky quartz, but the important thing is to ensure the choice is something that feels right to you. Once you have decided on your altar, set that up before the ritual. When you perform the spell, ensure you cast a circle first, if you are unsure how to do that just visualise a ring of light around you before you start the spell. Then focus your will on any item that will remain close to your son, literally any object will do, and pour your protective thoughts into it. Once you are satisfied hold the item near to the candle and crystals, ensuring you do not go too close to the flame. Once the spell is complete, close the circle by visualising bringing that circle of light back into yourself. Then ensure your chosen item is given to your son and remains close to him. Have confidence you can do this, it really can be as simple as that, for more complete instructions please read my column in the last issue of Witchcraft & Wicca magazine, issue 22.
Blessings Aunt Tabatha
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rowan in Aberdeen
Hello Aunt Tabatha As a lapsed full member I can t talk to others about this so request your advice. I ve been researching over the past 6 years about Osiris and Isis and what exactly was going on surrounding the Great Pyramid at that time. They are not my choice deities and I don t even follow them but some of the Egyptian deities names struck deep within me.- a feeling I am now familliar with being a cross between awe and fear of death. What I have pieced together is a device/system that as a byproduct was able to heal people- including cancer used by them. My problem is that I keep seeing Osiris himself with his fingers to his lips To me this says that he does not want this knowledge passed on yet which is something I am struggling with. Did they hold all knowledge as sacred and secret or is this not the time I also get the feeling that Man needs to control himself before living longer otherwise there will be too many people and more problems. Would be grateful of any advice on this. Thank you. Blessings.
Dear Rowan,
Dear Rowan,
All knowledge is truly power and its use or sharing of that skill is a great responsibility as you rightly state. However if knowledge is not shared it is ultimately lost, something that serves no one even the Gods. The decision when to share your insights with others is a hard one, and who with even harder. Ultimately your feeling that Osiris does not want this information given to others could be wrong. It may be an indication that either the person you are considering giving this valuable insight is not ready, or even you are not yet ready to teach it. The best way to find the right students and skills for yourself is involve yourself in the Pagan community; it is there you will find the ideal candidates to carry on your work. You will also learn much from watching others speak about their tradition or skills. With Witchfest fast approaching consider renewing your membership and attending the festival, where else will you find over 2,000 Witches and Pagans in one place.
Blessings Aunt Tabatha
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kristian in modesto
i realy want to do witchcraft but my dad wont let me is there a spell that i could use to let him let me do it with out haveing to hide it i had friends that did it and i felt like i belonged when i was doing it with them but i moved a holl state away and i have no one they were just teaching me when i hade to move i have to friends down here but they live pretty far and my dad only lets me be in the naberhood so i cant go to there hous so pleas give me a spell that would chang my dads minde
Dear Kristian,
Dear Kristian,

I am afraid i can't give you such a spell.
I think you father is only trying to protect you as he doesn't understand what Witchcraft is. Just try to have a quiet talk with him and explain what Witchcraft means to you, and that above all it isn't harmful.
There are a lot of misconceptions about witches so if you explain to you father and answer his questions, his fears might be proven wrong and you will be able to pratice your path without hiding.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alison in Harrogate
I was brought up a Christian and got confirmed in the Church of England. I now feel drawn to paganism but I am finding it to be quite a difficult transition. At the moment I am doing lots of reading Kate West etc and I belong to a couple of forums but I am a bit worried about acting on what I read. I feel very alone in my beliefs they are certainly not shared by friends and family. Is it okay to take things really slowly and do lots of research and just do the rituals I am comfortable with I feel like I am not progressing and the Goddess will be getting impatient I have high standards for myself and I always want to be an expert - I feel like such a nervous novice
Dear Alison,
Dear Alison,

I can really understand what you are going through at the moment, and belonging to forums is a really good way to find like-minded people to talk and share your fears and ask your questions.
No path should be rushed in any way and everything should be done as it own pace, so if you don't feel confident enough yet, dont worry, carry on doing your research and act when you feel is right to do so.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Shannon in Wolverhampton
Hello I am 14 years old I ve been practicing Wicca for three years which I learnt from a family member. I know Wicca is right for me but does it affect me that I was christened as a baby. I m worried it might prevent me from reaching full potential in my work. Blessed be. Xxx
Dear Shannon,
Dear Shannon,

Being christened as a baby wont affect your works as a Wiccan. The Wiccan path is a journey that a lot of people chose to take no matter the religous background they have.
just relax and enjoy your path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From DZasterNet in Stoke On Trent
Do you believe I am a premonition genius who wears the sins of humanity
Dear DZasterNet,
No I really don't
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From AV in CTOWN
Dear AV,
You will have to ask a Christian, as the Devil is a Christian construct.

Witches do not believe in the Devil and if you do, you are in possible need of psychiatric help.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brittany in Augusta
Dear Aunt Tabatha I sent you a message a couple of week ago about a guy I like you replied that if I did go on with a love spell I might find myself unable to extricate myself from the relationship if the relationship became sour. You also told me I should instead do a spell that attracts me to the optimum relationship well I ve been looking for a good spell but can t seem to find one do you have any tips Also you told me I may find both of us in a different relationship than the one I envisage if you and me are thinking of it in the same way which meaning me and the guy I like would be in a different relationship than the one I want which is me and him together what could I do to make it where it s the one I envisage
Dear Brittany,
I rarely answer the same person twice but I feel I should do so here.

What you are effectively asking for is just what I have warned against - a spell which specifically aims to create a relationship between you and this man.

I know you really want this to happen but the truth is that if you did make this happen and it was not originally his will to love you it could hurt YOU. What if, in a few weeks, you realised that he's not 'the one'? What if 'the one' for you is actually someone else who you haven't met yet? And what if you don't meet him because you have constructed this relationship? You risk a lot here.

The closest to crossing this line that I could possibly recommend you go is to create a spell which is designed to make you attractive to him - NOT to make him love you but to enhance in yourself the qualities which he is most likely to find attractive and then let nature take its course.

In any spell where you are trying to change yourself in some way, a cleansing should be done first. Bathing in salt water is a good start. Burn some frankincense or sage and waft the smoke over your body. Stand naked in the light of a white candle flame and feel yourself cleansed by that - so now you have been cleansed by all four elements: earth (salt), water (water), air (smoke) and fire (candlelight).

Write your own words for this, something simple like 'I ask the gods to enhance in me those qualities which will help me to achieve my desire.'

Pink and red are good colours to use for candles in love spells as you no doubt know and red is a good power candle which will help build your personal power here. Select your candle and then hold it with its base at your heart and using your fingers, rub rosemary oil into it starting at the tip of the candle and moving towards your heart. Put it in a candlestick.

Next, find somewhere private and comfortable - you can be naked or clothed for this - and wrap one of your hairs around the candle using the oil to hold it. If you have short hair, you can pluck one or two and attach them using the oil.

Now, with the incense still burning, light the candle and say your words. Stare into the flame if it doesn't hurt your eyes and envisage yourself becoming more attractive in whatever ways you feel are important.

Lie down or sit down and meditate on improving yourself - but do NOT cross the line by imagining yourself in a relationship with this man or imagining him being attracted to you. This spell is for self-improvement only.

Let the candle burn down somewhere safely. If there is leftover wax, find somewhere safe to bury it.

Be careful with this - I cannot stress enough to you how dangerous it is to actively work to change this man's will. I have seen absolute disasters result from such magic - restraining orders, chaos and heartbreak to name a few!

If his will is to love you then there is no will to change - you are just enhancing the chances between you - and equally between you and any other man.

Right, that was a long answer and the last I will give you - please take my warnings to heart.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kassie in London
Hi Aunt Tabatha I have been a practicing witch for 8 years. This last month or so I have been having thoughts about children I have conducted several rune reading and the fertility stone is always drawn. I know that does not always have to imply children and can mean birth of something or something starting anew but I just need to know if in this case it does mean just that. I do indeed want children and would be happy to find out if I was expecting can you ask the oracle if children are certainly on my horizan. Many thanks Kassie
Dear Kassie,
Hi Kassie

I don't do readings for people online but it appears you are answering your own questions quite ably.

I would trust your instincts, I hope you have found your answer already!

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From America in la quinta
In my dreams i am hearing a chant Ordomio Decerto Malum Petro Damanus. I have been know to have night dreams and have lived with it for awhile. But now for the last week it is the same and i keep falling back to sleep after being woken my soul feels fine yet my insides tremble
Dear America,
Dear America

It's hard to say what this is. It could just be a mishmash of words your subconcious has put together to reflect an unamed fear that you have. It could be that you have heard a similar phrase somewhere and the most logical thought is that you are worried about something or something is bothering you that you are avoiding thinking about or dealing with.

Most of the words can actually be translated as you probably know. The first word appears to ahve no meaning; the last four have meanings in Latin which translate to something like a fight to the finish with an evil of some sort, perhaps an injury, something to do with a stone, and then God.

I would hesitate to put a literal translation on this as the range of meanings are too wide but if you've not looked them up already then perhaps this is some use to you.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marcie in Buffalo
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am fully aware of the Wiccan Rede and would never physically harm a living soul except for in defense of the lives of those I care about. But occasionly I have rough days. Everyone does it s a natural part of life. And on my rough days I like to wind down by watching a violent movie or playing a violent video game. Is this acceptable behavior Ever since I started down the Path I have felt guilty and unsure of this. I love scary movies and fighting games but I don t know if it s okay. What should I do Please help me and thank you for your time. Blessed be.
Dear Marcie,
Do you know, you can watch and enjoy WHATEVER you like - it's what you do yourself that makes you a good person or not. So long as you don't fancy imitating what happens on the screen by re-enacting it in real life, you're fine!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kamille in los angeles
Dear Aunt Tabatha This may sound kinda stupid but I have had this imaginary friend since I was a child and have tried really hard to find a spell that will make her into an actually person. So I would really appreciate it if you happen to have some sort of spell that could do this. I ve sort of become really attached to her and I don t really have friends that are as good as she has been. I guess I really can t live without her. I know this may be impossible and I understand that but I just feel really empty without her.
Dear Kamille,
Dear Kamille

Yours is a very interesting dilemma but I am sad to say that I am not able to help you.

You might try focussing on meeting someone who is like her - it's not unheard of for us to materialise people who meet our needs. This person won't be her, or have your history but you might be able to build a new friendship along familiar paths.

If this sounds to you like a shadow of what you want, I fear perhaps you should speak to someone more qualified than I who can help you move through this as it sounds as though you may need to open your life to new people to stop feeling so empty.

I wish you luck and many blessings my dear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Annamae in Glasgow
Hi there just wondering I m still under aged so I can t join a coven but I m desperate to learn Witchcraft any nearby covens you would suggest considering for me in the future
Dear Annamae,
Dear Annamae

I'd like to answer you because I know a lot of other people out there wonder the same things.

I think it's important to stress that most covens are still quite private, there is no central list of them (rumours aside) that anyone can just consult.

Your best bet is to study, practice, grow and keep your eyes open. When you're ready and old enough, the right coven just might come along.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brittany in Augusta
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have found myself falling for a guy i hardly know. I think he is cute but i ve never talked to him before. I ve had dreams about him but I ve never been sure on what they could mean if they are just a silly dream or something real. Recently I ve been looking up love spells to cast on him but I don t want to harm anyone. He has 2 kids and he isn t married anymore to the mother of his kids. Should I go on with a spell and if so can you give me a spell that would work on him. Thank you
Dear Brittany,
Dear Brittany

There's a level of risk involved in creating a spell that specifically targets someone else and potentially binds them to you. If the spell worked but the relationship soured you might find yourself unable to extricate yourself from it.

You sound as though you've done some thinking and made sure the ground is open for a relationship but perhaps you should instead do a spell that attracts to you the optimum relationship. You could straddle the line and do a spell to gain him the most optimum relationship too - however you may find both of you in a different relationship than the one you envisage!

blessings and good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From toni in Montgomery
Dear Aunt Tabatha I appreciate you taking the time out to read my question. Well im only 16 but i have always been interested in witch craft. I would like to learn more about this and educate myself but i do not know how i could do so. i look topics of this up on line but i would like to become more educated about spells and how to become a witch. If you could just give me a few pointers i would very much appreciate it. Thank you
Dear toni,
Dear Toni

I appreciate you asking! But this is a question I am asked a lot in various forms and have answered here before.

The best thing you can do as a minor if you are interested in becoming a witch is to read all you can - read and participate in forums like Children of Artemis - and then, practice. No matter how much you read or how much you learn from others, the best way to learn is to do.

Try things out, concentrate - practice, practice practice. You'll get things wrong, you'll get things right, you'll learn for yourself and if you're ready one day you might find a teacher to take you further.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Randy in Cynthiana
Dear Aunt Tabatha Hello my name is Randy i was into in witchcraft to researching myself for years to find out what my gift really are. Years ago one witch told me that i have very strong gift which is very important to use them. She wont tell me what it really was and she said that i have to figure it out on my own but how like i keep getting strange feeling and spirits keep talking to me like as warning and knew what would happening in future. i sometimes confusing myself so what would i do find what my gifts really are
Dear Randy,
This is not the answer you're going to want to hear but your friend was right - you do have to find out for yourself.

What I can say however is that you can't just sit and wait for it to occur to you, you have to put in some work on it. You seem to have identified your gift already which is that you hear spirits and have some precognition. Great! Work on them - when you hear someone talking to you, concentrate. Try to hear them clearly. See what comes into your mind as you listen and what your gifts are telling you.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From carol in toronto Onatario Canada
How do we learn how to make make spells work on others and how do we protect ourself from others
Dear carol ,
Dear Carol

Making a spell work on others is inadvisable (unless they are asking you to write it!) but essentially all spellcraft is the same. You focus your intent on what you want to accomplish and you decide how you want to accomplish it - using herbs or oils or candles or scrying or any of the core tools of spell craft.

It's most important to note that while there are many wonderful books out there that can teach you the basic elements of spell-craft, there is no one place or person who can teach you. You have to practice it and do what feels right to you.

There are many forms of protection, some of the most powerful are the most simple - using your own energy and will to create a shield between you and those who aim to harm you. There are several suggestions for protection in some of the older letters here, you could ask in the forums and you could look in the next issue of Witchcraft and Wicca which will have some fascinating writing on spells, including some great protection ones.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From catherine sargent in harrow england
Hello Aunt Tabatha I really need your help. I split from my boyfriend 15 years ago i know now that i love him still and want to be reunited with him could you advise me what spell or spellcaster could help me with this situation please xx cathy xx
Dear catherine sargent,
Dear Catherine

This is a very difficult one and I hesitate to advise you. In general, witches do not perform spells to change someone's behavior, potentially against their will.

You don't say, but your ex-boyfriend could be married with children now and if you created a spell to take him away from them and it worked, it could cause terrible sorrow for them and potentially rebound on yourself, bringing you great sorrow in return.

You need to aim your spell inwards, at making yourself feel more attractive and confident. You may go as far as opening up a path that might bring you to a chance meeting (but please direct this again at yourself so that he is not affected) but you absolutely must not specify that he will find you attractive, just that you will be more happy, confident and attractive to others IN GENERAL.

Cast a small circle, then lie down on the floor and feel every point of contact with the floor as a source of energy. Imagine golden light pouring into you from all the places where you are touching the ground. Now imagine the same light coming from the sky and bathing you. Feel yourself filling up with strong golden light. Let it pour through you, bringing peace and washing away any negative feelings you might have. It will make you feel stronger and confident and happy. Once you feel full of this light, sit up and put your hands on the floor and feel any extra energy leaving your body. You should feel washed and energetic and now is the time to meditate or scry into a bowl of water or a crystal ball and try to see yourself improving in confidence and attraction. See yourself glowing from within.

When you have finished, take down your circle, ground yourself again and carry on. You should feel positive effects immediately and you can do this as often as you like.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Shannon in Boston Massachusetts
I ve been practicing the craft for about a year now with my best friend and we re starting to look for our Craft Names. I thought I had chosen a good one Athena EagleFire but I seem to have become more impatient. I really like the name I chose but I think I should change it to something more calming. Do you have any suggestion as to how I can change it and also could you help me analyze it Thank you for any help. Blessed Be.
Dear Shannon,
Your witch name is something you should feel comfortable with and if you feel you want to change it, just go ahead. If you want to present yourself again to the Goddess with your new name then cast a circle and welcome her into it and write a little dedication for yourself telling her your new name. You can say something like 'Oh great goddess, I stand before you in a new guise, with a new name and wish to dedicate myself to you anew. I am now called (your new name)and I will no longer be known as (your old name). I promise to serve and honour you with this name as I did in my last, thank you gracious lady" - it's better if you write something yourself.

Many blessings on your new path!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jo in london
This is a very strange question and I dont expect a serious response but I need to find out if there is a spirit or was a spirit called arielies..arielis I have recently started having VERY unusual and SCARY things happen to me and i am desperate for any information or help anyone might be able to offer me. if anyone knows anything about this thankyou for your time x from Jo 25 London
Dear Jo,
I have not heard of a spririt, guardian or god by the name of Arielis but I am not an expert in all religions.

Certainly 'Ariel', sometimes written as 'Uriel' or 'Auriel' is a well-known Archangel under Christian and Judaic traditions. Ariel is often allied with the Earth, knowledge and healing and is often pictured holding a fiery sword as the angel of repentance.

If this sounds right then there is a lot of information for you both online and in book format to help you find out more. If this is not what you are looking for then perhaps you could post this question out in the forums as undoubtedly someone will know more than I!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alan in Dumfries Scotland.
Hello Aunt Tabatha I d like to know what are the boundaries of a spell when free will is involved Would a spell work if it involved any level of control of another whether it be a love spell or curse on any sort of level I never thought that The Lord and Lady would have allowed one person to change the course of anothers destiny but it s difficult to determine in the grand scheme or things if that made sense Blessed Be.
Dear Alan,
This is an interesting question and another witch may find a different answer to the one which I am about to give you.

Firstly, yes, it is possible for a spell to influence another person in some way - to influence how they think or feel or what they might do. How well the spell works depends on the skill and focus of the spell-caster, of course.

The danger here is that firstly, if it is not done with the utmost skill, it is highly likely that such a spell will backfire onto the person casting it - simply because they haven't thought of all the ramifications of what they are asking or of what might go wrong. For example, simply saying 'make X love me' might mean that the person who 'x' currently loves becomes angry towards the spellcaster and causes them harm. It might mean that 'x' falls in love but in an obsessive and negative way which is harmful to both 'x' and the spellcaster themselves.

You wonder if the Lord and Lady would 'allow' one person to change the course of another's destiny... It's not about 'allowing'. We are all born with free will and what we choose to do with that is up to us. If we choose to alter the course of someone's life through the use of magic we might find that the course of our own life changes as a result. Some might say that the gods might be angry with us for our actions, some might say that forcing our will upon another actually bends our own will out of shape, leaving us open to damage.

The Law of Threefold Returns (karma) states that anything we send out will come back to us three-fold, therefore many will argue that a spell such as this will rebound on us three times over - not a good thing if the spell was a curse.

I hope this has answered your question somewhat,

blessed be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From angelina in flint
will i go to hell
Dear angelina,
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leeanne in glasgow
dear aunt tabtha i have been running my own bussiness for 2 years working in it for 3 1/2 years altogether thing have been poor for i while since aug really and today after months of thought i have gave my months notice to the landlord . i am worried i ve made a mistake but i was also worried about butting myself in a serious debt any thoughts . leeanne thanks for listening
Dear leeanne,
Firstly, I'm very sorry you've had to give notice on your business.

The Gods sometimes lead us from behind, if you will, by helping our natural instincts made good decisions and so if this felt like the right thing to do then I'm sure it was. Making this difficult choice before things got worse shows great strength and now you should look to what the future might bring for you and make this change ever more positive.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Harry in Kalamata Greece
Dear Aunt Tabatha I want to ask you something and please don t be negative to me.I m a young witch I started practicing previous August 2007 I felt wicca and witchcraft is the one I need to follow anyway I want to avoid the army its a greek tradition all young men should join army for 1 year but I don t want to no I m not gay I just don t want to do it believe me I really need a spell to avoid this or at least some guidance please I hope to your answer.
Dear Harry,
Oh dear, I see your dilemma. The problem here is that if it is a legal requirement that you join the army for a year then the only way you can get out of the obligation without breaking the law is to fall into one of the types of people who are exempt.

So, if you were to do a spell to get you out of your mandatory service, it is possible that the spell will cause something to happen to you to ensure you don't meet requirements and this could be something drastic that you wouldn't want - serious injury for example.

I'm sorry that I have no real advice for you here - I hope things unfold positively for you.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Katie in Chicago
Hello. I was wondering if you consider a good spell for an impossible wish to come true. Please understand that i am not a certified witch and i don t have a lot of magical supplies. I really need this wish to come true. Please help me i have no where else to turn to.
Dear Katie,
I am sorry my dear but it is impossible for me to help you as there is not one spell that will accomplish all things - I would need to know more about your wish.

You say that it is an impossible wish and if it truly is then you may need to accept that the gods have made it that way for a reason. I hope that this is not the case and that there is some hope.

You could always meditate on your wish coming true but always remember to clearly state that it should only come true if it is the right thing for everyone concerned - we must be very careful what we wish for in case we get something which we were not prepared for.

Think carefully and good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mike in Ellicott City
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have been practicing Wicca for two years and until recently I only payed attention to neo-pagan WitchCraft. But recently I have learned about Tradtional Witchcraft and I wanted to learn more about it. Do you know any books that are about witchcraft and not wicca. Thank you O
Dear Mike,
There are a few good books out there on Traditional Witchcraft, you may find that by posting this question on the site in the 'Witchy Books' forum and I imagine you'll get a lot of good responses from people who have read the books.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Haydee in Escondido
I think someone has cast a harmfull spell on me. How do i know for sure and how can i free from it
Dear Haydee,
It is very difficult to know whether someone has actually cast a harmful spell on us or whether we are drawing negative things towards ourselves.

The best response is firstly to cleanse yourself - the simplest way is to bathe in sea salt, perhaps with some lavendar or hyssop in it. Lie in the bath and imagine all negativity coming out through your skin as black worms and then imagine them going down the plughole with the bathwater.

The next step would be to do a meditation to get rid of negative energy. Find a comfortable sized stone and hold it in your hands. Imagine all the negative things that have happened and the negative thoughts you have flowing into the stone. When you are done, bury the stone outside for the earth to purify.

Next, protect your home - a fun way is to create ornaments out of shiny materials like plastic and tinfoil and hang them or hide them around your doors and windows to reflect negativity. You can also fill a jar full of pins, tangled string and bits of mirror and put it on a windowsill.

The most important thing is for you to wipe any negative feeling as it comes to you by thinking of something wonderful in your life - even if someone has cast a harmful spell, if you are a positive person it will have a hard time taking hold.

blessed be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Julia Walker in Aldershot
I have been tempting for just over a year having quit the job from hell last August. The problem I am having is that no matter how many interviews I go for I keep getting turned down. I have re-vamped my CV and been on interview skills courses with agencies but I am still getting no where. Do you think I should stick with my current type of roles e.g. office administrator or do you think maybe the goddess is telling me to find a different area of work Also any spells tips to find out my true calling would be much appreciated. Blessings Julia
Dear Julia Walker,
I hope you have had some luck with your search.

It may indeed be that the Goddess is telling you to change paths - or it may be that there is the perfect job in your future and you are being made to wait for it.

It seems clear however that you are ready to move on to another type of work but just aren't certain what that might be.

A meditation seems in order here. Cast a circle if you feel comfortable doing that. Light a candle - a red one for power and change perhaps, or a green one to attract money. Cinnamon is associated, oddly enough, with business and so put some in tea, or find some scented incense to burn. You will also need a bowl part filled a bowl with water. Sit down and make yourself comfortable with the bowl in your hands. Be still and let your mind quiet down as much as possible. Gather your energy into your centre and then feel yourself connected to the earth (or at least to the floor beneath you!). Gaze into the bowl and as gaze, let your eyes unfocus slightly and imagine yourself happy and successful in a future job. Try to imagine what you are wearing and then bring your thoughts out to imagine what you are doing, what your place of work looks like, what sort of other people are there and slowly slowly an answer should come to mind. You may need to try several times but the more you think about it, the more your sub-concious will be able to bring the best options to you.

Once you are finished, you can either snuff out your candle and save it for another try, or let it burn out - always be careful when burning candles to ensure they are safe and never leave them unattended. Pour your water onto a patch of earth outside and keep imagining the change that is coming.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Eilean in Birmingham
Can you answer me this question. is it practical or indeed possible to join and work within a coven if you are physically disabled
Dear Eilean ,
Yes! Yes, it is entirely possible to work in a coven if you are disabled. It may be that some physical disabilities prevent a coven member from performing some tasks and movements, but provided they have the power of their mind and are able to meditate and raise energy there should be no barrier.

Whether or not it is practical depends on the individual and the rest of the coven members. Someone in a wheelchair may find it impractical to participate in a dance; someone with little control over their limbs may find it difficult to hold a wand: but as many will tell you, it is not the tools and the gestures and the words that count so much as the force of one's will, one's ability to focus one's intent and, ultimately, the depth of one's faith.

Blessed be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Melissa in Manchester
My husband died at the beginning of May after a long illness. I miss him. I have two young children and having been with my husband through his death have hit a crisis namely I have lost belief in anything. when my husband died I felt that there was nothing. This crisis of faith is enduring my husbands death is compounding any ideas I had I feel now that there is nothing and I despair for myself mychildren and all on this planet.
Dear Melissa,
Firstly, I am so sorry for your loss. Now that more time has passed I hope you are feeling more positive.

I know from experience that it is very hard to cope with the death of one so close and having young children must make it more devastating.

It's easy to lose one's belief in the face of such loss and nearly impossible to see that death is another beginning - but this is true.

I don't know if you have found your beliefs again, I hope you have as it can be enormously comforting to know that the Goddess is with you in the hardest of times - but she is and she will wait for you.

blessings, I hope this new year brings a brighter future.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leigh in wakefield
Hi brightest blessings to you and all. i have a question probably asked a thousand times a day but I have been a solitary witch for over 15 years but thats just the problem solitary is too solitary I have an internal need to be part of the fellowship of a coven I am not a person who likes pubs so moots seem to be off the agenda having said that I would very probably stand my best chances of being accepted into a coven via moot meetings but for personal reasons i dont visits pubs so please can you help I know I am far from high priest level in my knowledge but I was even considering starting my own group/ coven but that may not be as easy as it may sound what if I suggested a learning group freeom which a coven could grow there is only one moot in my area and I dont want to step on anyones toes.. b ut this latter is looking ever more appealing any help would be fantastic so with that I will close and hope to hear from you in the near future brightest blessings Leigh
Dear Leigh,

You are in a very similar situation to a lot of people who are beginning to follow the craft - people who would like a coven but who cannot find out and do not feel comfortable attending some of the more public moots.

If you haven't already met someone online, you will find that simply by posting in the Children of Artemis forums you will not only meet other people who may be willing to form a learning group with you but you will meet experienced witches who will be happy to help you.

If you have good online access, you could also sign up to the Children of Artemis site on Second Life where there are online classes which you can take. I hope you have found a group or at least people you can talk to.

Blessed be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From panthuar in Queanbeyan
For some years now an entity has been hanging around me i have handled this with the usual protections etc but just over the last week or two ive started to fight in my sleep. It is male and will only show its self as a shadow in full form just no features The problem is i am sure i know who is using this entity to get to me. A ex husband has shown himself and this entity starts to interfer in my life negative things begin to happen then it moves on from there. How do i stop this without harming anyone i want no back lash on me.I have started a new life with a new partner and a new city.
Dear panthuar,


It is difficult to know where an entity such as this has come from and the most common reason is one you may not be happy about.

It sounds as though you are on some level still very much affected by your ex-husband and you may have unconsciously created this entity or drawn it to you as a manifestation of your feelings about him.

You say you've tried 'the usual things' but I am not sure what these are so forgive me if you have already tried this.

I assume you have tried cleansing and banishing your home, have you tried doing this to yourself? I would recommend you have a whole evening to yourself for this. Cleanse yourself in a bath with salt and protection herbs dunking yourself thoroughly including your hair - be completely cleansed. Imagine all negativity leaving your body into the water and washing down the plug. Put on simple clothes of natural fibres and free flowing and do not put on shoes.

Cleanse a room you can use for your meditation with incense and herbs and light no electric lights. You can put on soothing music but I often like to have silence and only the surrounding sounds of the environment to wash through the space. Cast a circle of protection and sit inside it. Accept all the sounds you hear as part of your world and try not to focus on them. Sit or lie comfortably.

You need to make peace with your feelings about your ex - only you have the power to release his effect on you. Anything he does can only affect you if you let it and so it is important to release these thoughts.

Do this by really concentrating on the positive things in your current life, focus on your happiness, your new town, your new love and the hold that your ex has on you will wither away under this positive, happy power.

Once you feel you have accomplished this (and it may take several tries), you should find that you are no longer fighting in your sleep and overall your life will be more positive.

Many blessings!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tessa in Lincolnshire
Dear Aunt Tabatha myself and my friend who is also into witchcraft and wicca were wondering can you still call yourself a Wiccan without an intiation And if we must go through an initiation could you suggest how we would go about one or become initiated as neither of us want to join a coven. thank you very much and blessed be xxx o
Dear Tessa,

I'm afraid I cannot help you here. Wicca is an initiatory tradition and without joining an hereditary coven (which means one whose High Priest and Priestess were initiated into covens by others who can trace their initiation back to the original Wiccan covens) nobody can really call themselves Wiccan - although you are certainly able to study and practice the craft and to call yourselves 'witch' or or however you wish to be known if that is your wish - the craft is open to everyone.

This issue of Witchcraft and Wicca magazine explains a lot about Wicca and I advise you to read it if you are genuinely interested.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Geraldine in Salisbury
Dear Tabatha I would really love to learn about herbs and healing as I feel that a critical time is coming for earth and dream of it often. I feel a strong need to be of some help and would like to know where to start. Blessed be
Dear Geraldine,

I agree that healing is very important in our time and the study of herbalism is a fascinating and important path to take.

There are a great many books on the subject of herbalism, both spiritual and medical and you can probably find a wide range available online. You can also look into your local colleges - you may be surprised to find courses on herbalism offered, particularly in the UK. More and more the medical and scientific communities are beginning to realise the importance of simple, un-processed plants in medicine and the field is becoming more and more understood.

Good luck with your pursuits!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in Shipston on Stour
MM Is there such thing as a commitment ceremony what does it involve and can just two people do it Many thanks and Bright Blessings x
Dear Amanda,
Well - what I have to ask is - a commitment to what? To each other? To the craft?

You can create your own commitment ceremony to commit yourself to anything or anyone if that's what you so wish. For couples, you could write something lovely between you and commit to each other as a form of engagement prior to an actual handfasting and I'm sure you can find someone to do this for you if you asked in the forums.

For commitment to the craft, this is something different. You can commit yourself to a path of study but to become Wiccan you would have to be dedicated formally into a coven. It is not possible to do this between two of you if neither of you is a High Priest or Priestess already within the craft as Wicca is an initiatory tradition. If you just want to commit each other to studying the craft then by all means, you can do this between you and study together.

I say this often but commitment to anything - to each other, to the craft, to a goal - is only the first step on the infinite path of learning.

Many blessings.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From knowing river in Memphis
I ve found spells that don t say if a circle needs to be cast. Do you need to a circle to perform all spells.
Dear knowing river,

This is a good question and I think if you asked five different witches you may get five different answers.

You don't really need to cast a circle for all spells, but it does depends on the type of spell you are doing. If you are blessing or cleansing a whole house, you'd have to cast a very large circle and many would protect and cleanse themselves rather than cast a house-sized circle. Equally if you are simply burning a blessed candle to charm a positive outcome for something or drinking herbs to affect your inner flow of energy you may decide against casting a circle.

However, the circle has a very real function. On a very simplistic level (a study of the function of the circle would take a large book to complete) which is to take you between the worlds, out of this world and in a place where visualisation and energy raising are more focused, stronger. It also protects you from anything negative which may come to you while you are in an altered state during the casting of your spell.

Personally, I believe that casting a circle is vital for all spells of importance, but for smaller charms it is less critical - and I am fully expecting a wave of alternate views to come my way on this one!

Blessed be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Bruce in Luton
My new neighbours are rotten The police have come and the local council are involved too but the new neighbours are very child-like and see no harm in lying. What should I do to bring a sense of reality into their lives and to help them grow up and behave responsibly towards the community
Dear Bruce,
I have recently had exactly the same question from Linda in America who is also having trouble with neighbours.

As with many things, when you are being affected by another person, particularly if you are feeling threatened, there are several issues for you to address.

Firstly, there is the issue of protection. If you have a garden, plant some Vervain, which is a good purification and protection herb with the added benefit that it brings peace. It is used to sweep altars prior to ritual work to cleanse them and you could sweep around your windows and doors and all boundaries with a bunch of the leaves - or if you can't get the fresh plant, with a mix of pure water and the dried leaves.

The next step is to release through meditation any bad feelings or negativity you have about this situation or any other, as these make you feel worse and draw more negativity. Before you meditate you can also bathe in Vervain or drink it in tea. Concentrate on bringing peace and protection to your home and being happy in it no matter what happens. You could burn some frankincense and a black and a white candle to further cleanse your property (remember to be fire-safe whenever you burn anything).

The final step is to try to affect the actions of your neighbours and most will advise you to do this in a passive way by releasing or cutting the affect they have over you. Sympathetic magic is again the way to go here. Consecrate a tool you can use as a knife - this could be an actual knife but if you are to do anything outside your four walls, waving a knife around could be construed as threatening or even illegal so perhaps a piece of wood - Larch for peace or protection; or perhaps Elder for protection, wish fulfilment (and excorcism!). Try to use found wood rather than cutting anything from a tree.

Cleanse yourself and walk around the boundary between you and the neighbours - every shared wall and fence, upstairs, downstairs, front and back. Do this at night when you are least likely to be overlooked. Concentrate on visualising the things that they do to you as visible strands and ribbons coming through from their property. Whenever you 'see' one, cut it strongly with your tool and see it break and disappear. You can say some words as well such as 'You cannot affect us now, I have cut the ties, go in peace'.

Finally, there is always the practical solution of going to meet them to discuss the problems, invite them over for tea and try to resolve matters face to face.

Blessed be and good luck.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tamara in Salem
Dear Aunt Tabatha There is this boy at school who thinks he knows it all and i know i shouldn t have but i cast a spell on him to make him quiet i know i did it right but it hasn t seemed to work as well i hope. What do you think is the problem
Dear Tamara,
This situation may have resolved itself but I really would look at undoing what you have done as best as possible and releasing this boy from your spell.

It is perfectly possible to cast a spell on someone to make them do something you want them to do but it's not recommended for many many reasons. One good one is that when you want to affect someone in a negative way you are working to a certain extent with negative energy. When you build energy for a spell and release it, if it's positive energy and you're not as focused as you might be, it doesn't really matter, a little more positive energy in the world is a good thing. With negative energy, if you're not 100% focused then the energy which is not correctly delivered will quite likely attach itself to the nearest things available - such as yourself or your spell causing you bad luck and/or your spell to malfunction.

Whatever the outcome has been, best to undo your spell and try something more positive, like helping yourself not to listen to what he says!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From zachary in chapel-en-le-frith
dear Aunt Tabitha do you have to be a certain age to be a witch because i am eight years old can i become a witch
Dear zachary,
Dear Zachary

I've answered a very similar question in the past and I won't repeat myself too much here.

Many people may say that at 8 you might not properly know what you want but many witches I know knew what they were at your age so I won't assume anything here.

What I will say is that unless you have family who are witches and who can teach you, it is unlikely that you will find anyone willing to teach you at your age - and if you do you should be VERY worried about their motives. It is not appropriate for any adult to teach you privately about any subject, not just something as sensitive as the craft, without your parent's full knowledge and approval.

At your age I recommend reading and learning as much as you can so that once you are older and ready to find your own coven you will be prepared and ready to move on.

Becoming a witch is not simple, it is a long and serious path of learning.

If you are still interested then welcome! Tread carefully and truly my friend.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sophie in leamington spa
I have read a lot about witchcraft and I find it really interesting. How do I become a witch
Dear sophie,
Dear Sophie

Many others have asked the same question and so this is for all.

Some say that witches are born, not made however many only realise their path once they have found it.

It's not enough however to read a few books, wear a velvet dress and a pentacle and call yourself a witch - it does require knowledge, thought and ideally, time with more experienced witches.

Modern witches follow several paths, most of which require joining a coven and receiving training and this is the most established way to become a witch - it is also valuable experience and I recommend it to everyone.

It's not easy for everyone to find a coven however and much information does exist in book form. Study, time and practice will give you a good start.

Finally, the COA website is a great place get started and you may meet someone interested in helping you move forward.

Bright blessings!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From clair in midhurst
i wish to use spellwork to help me remove the terribly negative feelings i have towards a man who decieved me recently.. i dont want to actively affect HIM by my work just myself and my this ethical can i use his name in the spell or should i avoid this
Dear clair,
Dear Clair

You could use his name in your work but I would actually advise against it. Unless you are certain that you have worked out your intent and outcome before you commence, you risk making his influence on you even stronger.

Remember, any time you include someone else in a spell you are tacitly making them important to the outcome where-as in this case, I would imagine your outcome should be entirely focused on how you want to feel, not how you don't want to feel.

Many blessings and good fortune.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tamar in YORK
where can I find a High Priestess locally I need her to physically come to see my brother
Dear Tamar,
Dear Tamar

You might try using the Coven Finder on the Children of Artemis site to see if there is a coven near you. You could also look to see if there are any local Moots near you and then go to meet your local Wiccans and see if someone there can help you.

Failing that, it may be that you can ask for help on the site and perhaps someone will step forward.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ella in gateshead
I have had a run of bad luck since 2003. I am financially crippled on the brink of losing my job due a car accident in October 07 and am due to loose my home in March. Please is there any hope for me
Dear ella,
Dear Ella

Of course there is hope for you - there is hope for everyone.

I'm not certain what you are asking of me here but many things happen for a reason and it may take a long time to find out what that reason is.

For now, it is important that you stay strong and have faith that the gods have a plan for you. Meditate if you like on what that may be, ask them for their help but you must stay positive in all aspects of your life - positive and active in trying to make things better. While you can ask for help, it won't come unless you are already doing everything you can to help yourself.

Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leah in stoke-on-trent
Dear Aunt Tabatha I belong to a coven and I ve just had my first degree dedication. The thing is I feel as if I am the only one who hasn t discovered whether I have any special ability. I love Wicca very much and I understand that it s too early to know. I mean is it sth that takes practise and time Well sometimes I feel nervous. And sth else whenever I practise visualisation with a specific person he seems to be feeling my blockages. Why Does it mean I will not be able to evolve further in the Craft Will that keep me behind Blessed be.
Dear leah,
Dear Leah

That is a good question - but in a way you have answered it yourself.

Sometimes it can take years to develop a particular special ability - but that doesn't mean that you don't have one or that it will never come.

Often, and this applies to many things in life, when we really want something and we are really trying hard to get it, we gather stress around it which actually stops us from developing. A runner who trains too hard for example can injure their muscles and actually stop themselves becoming a better runner.

You may just need to relax - it could be that your 'blockages' are simply your worries about not being able to visualise.

Try practicing when you are close to sleep and your brain is relaxed - you may find that removing the pressure actually helps you to progress.

I'm sure you'll find your ability in no time at all.

Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From clair in crawley
i was wondering if there were any spells or there was any way of dealing with negative energy/events. it seems lately i ve had a real run of bad luck as have people close to me. i know they say trouble always comes in threes id just like to know if there was any way of preparing myself for things to come many thanks xx
Dear clair,
Dear Claire

It sounds as though you need to protect yourself from anything negative in future.

Sometimes the best protections are the simplest and an easy one is to cleanse negative energy from your home with a salt/hyssop/lavender mix. Wash your floor and all around every door and window frame that goes out of the house with this mix. You should also bathe in a similar mix and imagine yourself filling with white light so that no negative energy can come in. If you like, burn a black candle and a white candle at the same time, the black to absorb negative energy and the white to put positive energy in it's place. Let them both burn out (always burn candles safely and put them on safe, fire-proof surfaces, particularly when burning them down to nothing).

There is also a protection spell which involves filling a glass jar half-full of broken mirror pieces, pins and other sharp objects topped up with your own urine and burying it beneath your front step or in your garden. These are often called 'witches jars' or 'witch bottles' and are said to repel negative energy.

I hope you have had no further problems.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From donny in paragould
what should i give to the gods and the goddesses for a offering when they do something for you
Dear donny,
Dear Donny

A nice question! The traditional offering is to pour a little wine into the earth, or to bury some of the cakes and ale left over from your ritual as thanks to the gods for their presence.

I like to offer something more when I feel I have been particularly blessed and you can offer anything you like, as long as it is meaningful. For example, you could make an offering of your time by volunteering for a charity. You could make an offering of a particular gem stone or of silver or something appropriate to the gift you have received and bury it. You can make an offering of something you have made - make a candle and burn it, carve an image and bury or burn it, or throw it into the sea.

As long as it is meaningful and appropriate, the gods will always understand - and I personally feel that giving thanks is always particularly important.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chantelle in Goole
Dear Aunt Tabatha Me and my partner are plan a handfasting for next year so we will both be eighteen and will have been together about seven year we what to make a commitment to ourselves and our relationship and my religion which my partner has taken an interest in. But the reality of it is harder than we fist though we are having trouble finding someone to perform the rite as we want one or two friend to be there to share in our special day however as we are not in a coven it makes thing more tricky and to have no covens close that we know of is make this special day less of a reality. It s also proving difficult as we can not find a handfasting rite which we both like since I like the traditional side and my partner like the modern side to wicca and paganism. Please help me as our special day seem like a distance spot on the horizon which doesn t seem to rise.
Dear Chantelle,
Dear Chantelle

Firstly, congratulations on finding your life partner so young in life!

Now, as for the hand-fasting rite itself, you are correct in that you need to find a priest and priestess who can do the rite for you. You might try posting something on the Children of Artemis site to see if there is someone out there who would be willing to do this for you. You would have to offer them something for their services however but there may be people out there who are willing to share their gifts with those who have nobody near by to do this for them.

Next, you can of course write your own Rite - however you need to involve the Priest and Priestess who are performing this for you. You may be able to tell them a bit about what you want and they can come back to you with a suggested Rite, or you can write your own and give it to them so that they can make it work.

You may find that they have a particular rite they prefer to use and it is up to you if you wish to use it or to try to find someone else.

The most important thing is that you are happy with your partner and that you love each other.

I hope this goes well for you!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lorraine in barcaldine
can i perform spells during the day or does it have to be at night
Dear lorraine,
Dear Lorraine

You can perform magic at any time of the day or night you please.

There are, however, times which are better suited to particular forms of magic then others. There's actually an interesting article on how this relates to archangels in the next issue of Witchcraft and Wicca magazine.

When it comes to picking the time of day in which you wish to cast a spell there are many factors to consider. If you are working with a particular element, or herb or colour then there are tables you can find to show you what hour of the day is most aligned with them and that is the hour for you to perform.

The position of the sun or moon in the sky can have a bearing on when you might like to cast certain spells. For example, a spell to create something, to grow or enhance something may be best cast when the moon or the sun is rising so that the power of your spell rises with them. A spell to banish something would be best when they are setting so that you can visualise whatever it is you are banishing disappearing with the sun or moon. The sun, or daylight, would be best for masculine spells, or spells involving brightness and positivity. The moon however rules the feminine and is good for things which are secret.

There is much information available to you in book form or even online but you should also meditate and cast your spell at a time of day or night which feels right to you in this particular case.

I hope this helps you!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From hallie in pittsburgh
how do i tell my family i m becoming a wiccan
Dear hallie,
Dear Hallie

This is a question I get asked a lot in various different ways. Often people have families with devout beliefs in another faith and they are worried about causing a rift in the family. Sometimes it is just that they feel their family won't understand and will in some way reject them for their beliefs.

I can only imagine that if you are asking my advice it is because you are worried about the reaction your family will have.

Firstly, I would ask you seriously why you feel that you have to tell them about your beliefs? Many Wiccans keep their beliefs from their families so as not to cause them any worry or pain and you must look very carefully at why you wish to do this.

Do you think it would hurt them or hurt your relationship to tell them? If so, then do you really need to say anything to them at all? If however there are pressing reasons, such as you are making a change from one faith to another which means that you would no longer feel comfortable accompanying your family to their church or for another reason it is going to be difficult to disguise your beliefs from them then you need to find a gentle way to talk this through and you should approach things very carefully.

Look at their beliefs and find areas of similarity, firstly. Tell them that you have found a faith which attracts you and emphasise the humanitarian and nature-based aspect of the Wiccan faith. Many people when approached this way are very receptive to Wicca.

Don't go for a shocking approach, don't stand up and say 'I am a witch now' as many people do not know what that means and have assumptions about the term based on bad media representations witches. Don't talk about casting spells or gaining personal power as this is threatening to many people - keep it gentle and positive. Remember, what you say about Wicca and how you represent it affects us all in some way - be a positive representative.

However you approach it, remain sensitive to what your family and friends believe, don't out-and-out reject their beliefs (or non-beliefs) but find a way to bridge the gap between what you believe and what they believe so as to show that you have thought deeply and carefully about what you are doing and have sensitive and real reasons both for your choice of faith and for telling them about it.

Ultimately, if you have a close family relationship and are sensitive to them, your family should accept your beliefs - but remember, if they reject your beliefs, that is their right, just as you have exercised your right to reject theirs.

Good luck!

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Elina in Baltimore
Dear Aunt Tabatha I ve read that the Moon is known as the Great Mother and stands for birth rebirth healing women and such. And I ve just been wondering ...I ve had several problems with my menstural cycle is there any simple spell or ritual I can do to heal myslef Thank You for listening.
Dear Elina,
Dear Elina
Firstly, I’m sorry to hear of your trouble. You are right, the Moon is very much associated with women – the ancient Greeks worshiped her as the Diana, the huntress and frequently women find their cycles matching that of the full moon. If you are having difficulties with your cycle remember that the waning moon, from full moon to dark moon is a time when you can banish that which you do not desire to have while the waxing moon is a time to begin new things. Normally the three days before, after and during a dark or full moon are most potent for performing magic. Let’s take a banishing approach as the Full Moon is often associated with menses. A good way do a spell involving your own health is to bathe in a mix of herbs in a warm bath, perhaps with some sea salt in the water – the warmth and calming effect of a bath is particularly good for focusing on your body. Concentrate on the area which is causing you difficulties and imagine becoming well and healthy again. A blue candle can be burned for overall health while you do this – if this is a fertility issue, you might try burning a green one. Use herbs singly or in multiples of three – you can try Fennel, Lemon Balm and Bay as calming herbs for your bath. When you’re ready, pull the plug and imagine your pain and difficulty draining away with the bath water. The key here is your focus which must remain calm and clear. Imagine your trouble burning away with the candle and when it’s done, bury the wax in the earth. I would also urge you to see a physician about your troubles – your spell can also help to strengthen any professional care you receive. I wish you luck
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandi in Indianapolis
Hi I am getting married on the 23rd of this month and the christians will not let me get married with out being in a church. My friend referred me to you and I was wondering if you knew where I could get someone to marry us. It will be out side and I want it universal for all religions... Thanks Brandi
Dear Brandi,
Dear Brandi

I’m not sure if it’s the same where you are in Indianapolis but here in the UK you can arrange with your local registrars office to have your marriage ceremony anywhere you want, so long as the place is licensed for marriages. See if you can hire a Justice of the Peace to marry you outside a church – and, failing that, do what friends of Aunt Tabitha did in Canada: get married at town hall on the quiet and then have a friend or someone you respect write you a ceremony and perform it in front of your entire friends and family where-ever your heart desires. It’s your life, your wedding and you should make it yours to remember – anyone who loves you will want the best for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lyris in Sutton
I have a very confusing relationship issue. I have two people telling me directly opposed stories and although I do know that someone is lying to me I can t tell who. It s impossible for me to find the truth to make a balanced decision. Please could you suggest a method for divining the truth of the matter Many thanks
Dear Lyris,
Before taking any magical action, even divination, it is wise to consider all the mundane methods first. You should consider the previous reliability, or lack of it, of these two people to identify who is more likely to be telling the truth. You could also confront each of them and gauge their reaction, using your intuition here is more important than logic. If these methods fail, or you have already tried them then I would recommend dowsing with a pendulum. Unlike many methods of divination, it is the ideal method to obtain clear true or false results for a question such as yours.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Victoria in London
I am finding difficulty finding a reliable wicca shop in my local. As you can see from my date of birth I am quite young so my parents wouldn t like me travelling all that far and also they are not all into Wicca and I know they prefer it if I just did not practice it. Going back to the original question do you know of any good places to go to to try and find out places in my loaclity that would sell candles incense oils etc.
Dear Victoria,
There is a shop called Mysteries in Covent Garden that will sell everything you need. If your parents are not happy with you travelling that far across London, then why not try to persuade them to buy you things online there is a good shop at
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rhiannon in kpt
Dear Aunt Tabatha I still have feekings for my ex we are still friends and I think that he uncertain of what or who he wants in his life I truly believe that we could have a great relationship what should I do
Dear Rhiannon,
You should not even consider magic to attempt to improve the situation with your ex-partner. Such a spell would break the Wiccan Rede as you would be interfering with someone else’s free will. With relationships the simple answer is often the best, talk to him and tell him exactly how you feel. If you do not put him under any pressure he has the choice whether he wants to resume the relationship with you or not. Whichever way this works out I am sure it will be for the best, so make the effort to talk to him as soon as you can.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Louise in London
I have been asked by my cousin to perform a spellto bringgood fortune and luck to her boss. They have all been made redundant recently and I agreed to do it as I thought it was a nice idea on her part. She wants to be there and also respects my beliefs enough to ask. I m not sure how to go about it as the phase of the moon will be waning. Any advice would be good as I don t want to let her down.
Dear Louise,
Performing a general good luck spell for someone who has requested it has few risks, if you ensure the desired result remains abstract. In this situation, you are the experienced practitioner so you should decide what should be done and when. If you feel it would not be advisable to perform the spell on the waning moon then tell your cousin it will have to wait until the moon is in a more conducive phase. You can predict the dates by using the moon calendar on Think about the spell carefully beforehand, plan what ingredients you will need and arrange a time and place to perform the ritual. A well-planned spell is far more likely to work so I am sure yours will be a success, I wish you the best of luck with this endeavour.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alexandria in Halifax
Me and my friend Luisa would like to start our own coven since we have both been practsing witchcraft for a while and we would like to know what kind of things we could do where we could meet and what events are nearby or even worldwide events we could celebrate at home . . . thanks XxXxX
Dear Alexandria,
In an ideal world, there would be Wiccan training covens in most areas, giving the opportunity of initiation to dedicated seekers. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a severe shortage of covens and many of those are full. You cannot start a Gardnerian, or Alexandrian coven unless there is a Wiccan High Priestess or High Priest involved. This leaves people who would like to start a coven with a dilemma, they cannot get the required training hence they cannot even start. This problem only exists for the more established traditions; there are many other more accessible eclectic traditions if you do can find one that appeals to you. Firstly, learn as much as you can from books, good books in your situation are “Witchcraft for Tomorrow” by Doreen Valiente and “The Real Witches Handbook”, or “The Real Witches Craft by Kate West. Once you are established as a coven always be truthful about your self starting origins to newcomers who seek you out for training. Attempting to disguise your lack of a heritage is dishonest and ultimately damages your credibility. Be proud that your group of friends had the courage to start without the benefit of a more experienced guide.
To meet other like-minded people you should consider going to as many Witchfests as possible. The talks, workshops and rituals will provide invaluable training at an very reasonable cost. The opportunity for meeting people is possibly even more valuable and will give your group the confidence that you truly are not alone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amethyst in Chelmsford
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am a 17 year old girl and I have been a Wiccan for about three years now. I have two friends who are also Wiccans. The problem is I now go to college from 9.00am til 5.00pm and I have lots of Assinments and assesments and I am finding that I have less and less time to practice the Craft. I am very upset by this as I used to practice almost every night and I am begining to feel ditant from the God and Goddess. My two friends have been having similar problems and we would be very grateful if you could tell us what we should do. We are proud to be Wiccans and know in our hearts that it is the right path for us. Please could you tell us how we can work our Spell casting around our College work Blessed Be Amethyst x
Dear Amethyst,
Wicca is a pragmatic belief system and will adapt itself to your circumstances better than almost any other religion. You obviously still feel have the same beliefs now you have a busy life, even though it does not leave as much time for formal Wiccan practice, or study. You should only devote, as much time as is practical to Wicca, you should not neglect your studies. This period in your life will not last forever; after your education is complete, you will have more time. In the meantime, worship of the God and Goddess does not have to be time consuming; even a quick meditation to either or both in a break or while travelling is possible. Therefore, have patience and remember the God and Goddess will wait for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Elaine in Coventry
A dog i m very attached to died this morning i was wandering if there was a spell to help numb the pain for the owners and my self or is it best to just grieve naturally.
Dear Elaine,
I believe that it's better to allow the grief to flow naturally. However, you could light a candle for him as a way of saying goodbye and helping his journey. Allow the candle to burn all the way down, on successive nights if you can't watch it constantly.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From maria in aberdare
i would really appreciate your help. i love being a member of CoA and am learning all time through reading all posts. back to my question. i have met a man from morocco and we want to meet because we have fell in love big time. only thing is we dont know what to do because i wont go there so it means he has to come here and we dont know how. can you help me in how please. he says that he will send papers to me and i take them to embassy. but i dont even know where that is or what to do. we have spoke about our religion and he said it dont matter to him because he just wants to be with me no matter what. Help please
Dear maria,
Before I get to your question, there are some basic guidelines that you should take when you do meet this man. First and foremost, always meet in public area and have a couple of friends nearby who can step in if anything bad should happen. I don't say this to scare you, but personal safety should never be taken for granted.

With regard to him coming to this country. I'm not an immigration expert, but, as far as I'm aware he will be responsible for gaining entry visas into the country. Applications for these, I think, should be made to the British Consulate in Morrocco. You can check this with your local Citizens Advice Bureau, a good immigration lawyer, or the Home Office website.

One other thing, when he does come over, make sure he stays in a hotel. The culture in Morrocco is very different from here and respectable single ladies do not put men up in their own homes. It would not put you in a good light to do so.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lokia in boonville
i have many rules of the craft and one of them says not to reveal the coven and its members. who i be breaking that rule if i wrote a book about the events that take place within that coven even though i changed the coven name and the names of the members of that coven
Dear lokia,
You certainly would be breaking the rule, which is set up to protect those members who do not wish their beliefs to be known publically. However, if you ask permission from you HP/HPS and the other members of the coven and ensure that you change the names properly, then there should be no problem with writing the book, providing the permission is given.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brooklyn in Salyersville
What dose an upsidedown triangle mean
Dear Brooklyn,
An upside-down triangle is the magical symbol for the element of Water. The other elements are represented as follows:

Earth = upside-down triangle with a horizontal line.

Air = upright triangle with a horizontal line.

Fire = upright triangle.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tim in crawley england
dear aunt tabatha please can you give me some advice as i am not sure which way to turn i have been reading everything that i can get my hands on about wicca and witchcraft but i find that every book tells a differant way and i am not sure which one is the right one... for instance one book says never blow out candles and to use a snuffer but another says to use your fingers this conflict is confusing me as i would like to try my first spell but have read that only high priest and priestess can perform them without insulting the god and goddess. please help as think i have read to much... blessed be. tim
Dear tim,
Judging by the number of solitaries there are on the path, I pretty sure that the Gods will not be upset if the person casting the spell isn't a HP or HPS.

Different people do have different ways of doing things. The best advice I can give you is to think about what feels right for you. Just because a book tells you to do something, it doesn't mean you have to do it that way. The same goes for a teacher.

We are all different and what is right for one person, may not be right for the next person. The key is to find out what works for you and do it your way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Michelle in Roxie
I was born on Halloween and i believe myself to be a real witch because of dreams and some natural powers i possess. What do you think Is it possible to be born a natural witch
Dear Michelle,
I believe we are all born with inate abilities, but that most people are taught to ignore them so they gradually lose them as they get older. Some people, however, are able to keep focusing on those abilities and so use them throughout their lives. Whether this is because they are natural witches, or because they haven't been taught that the gifts are wrong, or simply because they have a stronger link to the sub-concious, is something I'm not too sure of.

Either way, these are very special abilities.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in Newmarket
Dear Aunt Tabatha i am new at this and i am wondering do I have to be just a witch or could i be a witch and christian i am willing to become one but if am a child of wicca am i still a child of the christian lord
Dear sarah,
You can't mix Wicca & Christianity, as Wicca has a core set of principles of its own and is a religion in its own right.

There are those who claim to successfully integrate Christianity and general witchcraft, although much of Christian dogma prohibits the use of witchcraft.

This is a complicated issue and, ultimately, one that only you can answer. Do what feels right for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From James in Satellite Beach
If a famous person were wiccan or pagan do you think they should reveal it to the public Wouldnt so many other craft users become enraged by all the fans becoming wiccan out of a -poser- sense of mind Or would it cause neglect and more negativity towards users of the crafts Its a highly debatable subject but I felt like asking you before going into the forums with it. Blessed be and thank you. -James
Dear James,
I truly believe that a person's spiritual beliefs are their own business. Whether they choose to reveal their beliefs should be entirely their decision. No-one, whether famous or not, should be forced into either hiding or revealing their beliefs if they don't wish to.

With regards to the fans. Well, there are already those who come to Wicca because of shows like Charmed and Buffy. Some do stay with the path, learn a great deal from it and enjoy the spirituality of this way. However, the vast majority come to it expecting it to fit certain ideals, only to find that it's not right for them. This is how I belief it will be with any fans as well.

Those that find fulfillment within the craft should be encouraged to deepen their studies, while those that find it's not what they are looking for should be respectfully encouraged to examine other paths.

I don't believe we need to be angry with those that only come to it because of someone famous. Some will stay with it, others won't. That's the way it has always been.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From KC in roy
my question may not have any thing to do with witchcraft but i still need help. theres a guy i like and although i may be young it feels like we are meant to be together i think he likes me as well but he doesnt want another relationship for a while because his last girlfriend used him. he believes that he is not worth being with which i totally dont agree with and i cant seem to convince him otherwise. i want to tell him how i feel about him but im afraid of rejection. also he is my best friend and i dont want it to ruin our friendship. what do i do do i tell him the truth or wait with the possibility it might be to late when he finds out that i think i love him
Dear KC,
The most important thing for you to do right now is to just be there for your friend. I'm sure he's hurting at the moment and will need time to get over this. Your support as a friend is what he needs right now.

By all means tell him how you feel, but understand that he probably isn't ready for another relationship at the moment. Be prepared to put your feelings aside for the more important friendship. Don't try to rush him. Let him come to you when he's finally ready.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lilian in Newton Abbot
Aunt Tabatha please may I ask if one ever too old to become a witch or change one s religion to that of Wicca Everytime I mention my age in my personal and public life it is as though I am dismissed as useless and past it I know I am not but I should be interested to hear your views on age in relation to Witchraft and Wicca. Blessed Be and Thank you.
Dear Lilian,
No, I don't believe you are ever too old to make changes in your life. Age should never be restrictive to those wishing to make the change to Wicca or witchcraft, as the path makes the most of life experience, something we get more of as we get older. There will undoubtedly be things from your past that you can draw on to make your first steps easier and very special for yourself. You will also find that you will continue to draw on these things as your knowledge of the craft grows.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From anjali in gurgaon
Dear Aunt Tabatha I wanted to know if covens are really safe or not. I it better to be in a cven or to be a solitary witch I faced a problem coz I joined a coven in which the mentality of some of the members did not match mine. So they attempted to defame me and I did not even know them. They announced on the group site that I had negative vibes and that I was a rotten fish taht would spoil everyone else in the group. I was very disturbed by such baseless accusations and since then have a fear of covens Can you help me out Should I do a spell to make those people own up
Dear anjali,
It does sound as though this group weren't very ethical. However, rather than trying to do a spell on them, I'd just move on and forget about the group in question.

Covens can be very beneficial, but everyone has to gel fairly well. With any group there will always be times when not everyone agrees with something. So the group has to be right for the individuals envolved, but equally, the individuals have to be right for the group.

Being on a solitary path can be harder. You have to find your own information from reliable sources, Sabbats can get a little lonely unless you have someone you can celebrate with. Having said that, you have a freedom that isn't always available to groups. You get to practise as and when you want and you can do things in your own way.

There are pros and cons for each and you have to decide what is right for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nicole in Campbell River
I am wondering about how to put a candle out. I have always been told to never blow a candle out always use your fingers or a snuffer I am just wondering if you know the full reaon as to why this is. I have read some things about it offends the fire gods but I remember a there is much more detailed reason for it just not to sure as to the reason if you could explain it that would be muchly appretiated Thank you
Dear Nicole ,
It's often said that if you ask 3 witches a question, they will give you a dozen answers. This is one of those questions.

Some people say you should never blow out a candle, as it offends the element of fire and blows away the energy that you've put into the spell. Others, e.g Ray Buckland, say that you should never pinch out the candles for the same reasons.

Personally, I always use a snuffer as I've never liked burnt fingers.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cara in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have been studying and practicing ritual for some time but sometimes I just don t feel like I m doing things right and I often use rituals that come from a book. It s not that I don t like Wicca I absolutely love it and try and do things as guided by whatever books I can get my mits on but I feel as if I m not quite there and connecting with the Goddess and God just sometimes doesn t feel real. Do you think I am doing things wrong or that I shouldn t be doing them at all or that I am a fluffy-bunny-witch That could be kind of an interesting question to answer but any insights would be appreciated a lot
Dear Cara,
If you feel that the rituals that are in the books don't feel right, then adapt them for yourself. Just because they are given in a particular way in a book doesn't mean that you have to do them that way. You may find that you want to say different words, or do things in a slightly different order. That's fine. If that's what feels right, then do it.

Keep a record of how you felt with each ritual you've done. Write down how you felt about the words you used, the actions you made, the meditation sessions, etc. That way you will be able to see where your rituals may need changing.

Another thing you can do is to create your own rituals. Many books include a section that shows you how to go about creating a ritual and may be of use. These are often the most powerful rituals, as they become very personal to us.

To gain a deeper connection to the gods, try meditating on them. Look at how you view them - how they look, what they wear or what animals they associate with. Very often you will find that you connect to a particular deity and see particular images associated with them, even if you don't know anything about them.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lisa in Nuneaton
Aunt Tabitha Witchcraft is only something I have seriously started to get in to recently and have started to practice although I have always had an interest in it. I have attempted my first spell which is trying to locate my cat that has been missing for over a week. I have fashioned a milagro and have asked Artemis to guide his way home as i have also read he is a protector of cats but now I ve read something about spells being cast for personal gain. I might just be acting naive but is this classed as personal gain And if so will it go wrong Any insights you offer are gratefully received.
Dear Lisa,
While Artemis could be seen as a patron goddess of cats, due to the Greeks association of the Egyptian cat-goddess Bastet with her, this really isn't properly her field and you may have more success asking Bastet herself.

Also, don't forget do the mundane work of putting up posters asking if anyone has seen your cat.

Regarding the personal gain issue. I don't believe that this is at all necessary to worry about. While there will undoubtedly be problems caused by casting magic out of greed, asking for things that you want, or need, to happen, doesn't pose a problem at all. In your case, it's perfectly acceptable to want your cat to come home, as I'm sure you miss him.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Andy in Gloucester
I m realy interested in Rune casting and reading and the norse panthion but I ve no idea where to look or were to get training is there any why you can help.
Dear Andy,
There are a number of good books about the runes and the Northern Tradition. Good authors to look out for are Edred Thorsson and Nigel Pennick.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dwayne in London
I ve just come across this site because i wish to explore witchcraft... where would be the best place to start
Dear Dwayne,
The best place for anybody to start is with good books. Those by Kate West are excellent for beginners and Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton is a good book for the history of Wicca.

Another good thing to do is to go out and find some of the wilder places in your neighbourhood. These can be old parks, areas of wasteland or other areas where you can get a sense of the beauty and magic of nature.

Another good thing to do is to join an online community, such as CoA, where you can ask questions and get a wide range of ideas and opinions. That way, you can learn things that the books don't always answer and also create your own path as you go.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From hannah in somerset
hi i was wondering why lots of things used in magick are black because my book said that black means death and rebirth so why are most of the cloths and things in black.thanks hannah
Dear hannah,
There are a number of different reasons for using black, depending on the circumstances. For example, you might use a black candle for a banishing spell.

Other items are black for different reasons. Witches' cloaks, for example, are traditionally black so that they were harder to spot in woods at night, making it easier to escape during times of persecution.

Black can also be associated with that which is hidden from the everyday senses. One of it's properties in the physical realm is that it absorbs light, which is why it appears black in the first place. For this reason, it's also often used to absorb energies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sue in Bedfordshire UK
I have been drawn to witchcraft since a teenager and have been studying solitary witchcraft for the past 6-7 months and have attended Wicca workshops. I have read so much but all the books I read seem to be directed to Wicca and I feel this is not the correct path for me hence I ve studied hard and continue to study but not practiced as to do this would not seem right. I believe that I should be taking a non-wiccan path could you point me in the right direction as most web sites and books appear to be Wiccan based. I just don t know where to go from here. Thank you for your time.
Dear sue,
One of the best beginners books for solitary witchcraft is Marian Green's 'A Witch Alone' which contains 13 lessons and is very much non-wiccan in format. Her other books are also very good.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helen in Cardiff
Dear Tabitha I have been somewhat curious of Witchcraft for some years now more or less since childhood . I have done some research into it s history and practices though I have not yet committed to the path though I will be attending the Cardiff Witchfest to find out even more . What has encouraged me onto this path of discovery has been my visions concerning death. In 1998 my Grandmother passed away but I was given a verbal warning the night before but am unsure by what/whom. Since then I have received similar fortellings ranging from the physical feeling of the life draining from someone to just knowing when it would happen. This has happened for all persons close to me who has passed over. I am uncomfortable with this and for some time tried to be a Christian but was told so many times by other Christians I discussed this with that the being giving me these impressions was evil and thusly so was I. I wouldn t say I was a perfect human being but certainly I am not evil and I don t feel the being who shows these things to me is either. However I remain uncomfortble because I don t know who/what it is. Since I am alone and have had no tutorage really speaking aside from reading I was wondering if you could help me identify more about what this being would be I feel I cannot commit to any path of sprirituality until this hurdle is passed.
Dear Helen,
First of all, I don't think you're evil. Premonitions of this nature occur to people from all walks of life and different paths.

Whether they are caused by an actual entity or not, isn't really something I can answer for you. It's possible that it was your spirit guide giving you the warning, or it may have been an auditory premonition, caused more by your subconcious than an actual spiritual entity.

The other feelings you've described point, in my mind, more to the latter. So, rather than being a spirit giving you the information, it seems to be more a case that you're able to tune in to the actual energy of the people involved and your subconcious mind interprets that in its own way.

I hope that helps.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ivan in beccles
i have been in vited to join a covern waht should i do will it put up my noledge abou the craft
Dear ivan,
There are good points and bad points about coven work just as there are about solitary work. On the plus side, you get to have regularly meetings with people who, hopefully, are reasonably knowledgeable about the craft. You also, hopefully, get a fairly structured learning environment.

On the other hand, you are forced to work within the framework of the group and must give up a certain amount of the freedom available as a solitary. You also have to make the time to attend the rituals and meetings of the group. No more fitting rituals in when you can.

Coven work appeals to some people, while others prefer the solitary path. Only you can decide if it's right for you, but it can be helpful when you're first learning the craft.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jacqueline in Haywards Heath
I am seeking to join a new coven and have been invited to a moot with the idea of possibly joining their coven in time. Is this the right thing to do
Dear Jacqueline,
If it feels like it's the right thing for you, then that's the way to go. It's good that you've been invited to the moot first, as this gives both sides a chance to get to know one another. The group can then determine if you're right for them and you can decide if they are right for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jessica in San Angelo
Our coven is falling apart. We are growing distant. There were four of us. Now there seems to be a rift that threatens one of us. Another is just having maternity problems which is understandable. But lately it feels like there are only two of us who are really going to stick to Wicca. Please give us some advice. It would really help.
Dear Jessica ,
The energies within groups naturally ebb and flow. It can seem, at times, as though the group is going to collapse, only to have someone new come along and revive it.

You can still work with just the two of you, although you may have to adapt your rituals to fit.

Be there to support your friends. It may be that they just need some time away from the group for a short period. If they then find they are ready to return, that shouldn't be a problem for any of you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lady Forest Pixie Mother of Baby Fire Pixie in South Africa
Dearest Aunt Tabatha My baby pixie girl is a true blessing in my life and she lights up any dark day for me in seconds of her sweet smile I am a stay at home mom my husband works alot so my job is to care for our baby and the house. With a baby you don t get a day off I get so tired sometimes it feels like I just can t relax. As much as I love my lovely pixie girl I feel she s too much for me sometimes. I m realy worried that she ll grow up and think I was a bad mother or that I did something wrong Going from Maiden to Mother was wonderful but I thought it was supposed to be so magickal all the time and that I d know everything and be patient with everything Well to tell you the truth I feel like I don t have a clue Is this normal What can I do to feel more in control of my life and role as a Mother
Dear Lady Forest Pixie Mother of Baby Fire Pixie,
I think what you're feeling is normal with any new mother. As you say, with a baby you don't get a day off.

One technique that you could use to handle the tiredness is what's called 'power napping.' When the baby is asleep, set a timer for around 20 minutes and settle yourself down on the sofa to sleep. Do this a few times throughout the day if you can. Recent tests have shown that this can make up for lost sleep and is a technique used by round the world yachtsmen.

Nobody has all the answers when they first start out. You're not alone in feeling you don't know anything. A good book on parenting can help, as can mother & baby magazines. But the best place to get tips is going to be other mothers. Try to find the time to be around other women who have already been through the stages you're going through. Socialising with others who have already got the experience of being mothers, can help you a great deal and may provide tips that aren't always in the books.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tom in Birmingham
Dear Aunt Tabitha blessed be how are you these days I need your guidance i have twice attempted a Lost Things spell using a gold ring and a gold coloured metal ring they both yielded no results is t because it was is the daytime I have just tried to find someof mybrothers CDs which have ben lost using the spell how long do you think the spell will take to work if at all If i try this spell for a third time might it be a better idea to try in the next four few days when teh moon is full Can you help or offer any suggestions please Aunt Tabitha Blessed be take care Tom Tom
Dear Tom,
I'm not sure what you were expecting to happen with the spell. You say you tried it with a couple of rings. Do you mean you had someone hide them and then tried to use the spell to find them? If this is the case then it wouldn't have worked, as the rings weren't really lost.

When you did the spell to find the cd's, did you then continue to look for them? Most spells of this nature generally guide you to the location of the object, rather than drawing the object out into the open. You still have to put the mundane work in, as with all spells.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stefan in Chicago
Dear Tabatha.I asked a question earlier today but forgot to include this one.I m interested and drawn to the more Traditional Witchcraft.Not interested in wicca.Can you please suggest one or two extreemly well written books on Trad. Witchcraft covering all its tenants ways and practices To many books claiming to be witchcraft but their actually wiccan or something else.Looking for one or two of the best complete comprehensive books on Trad. Witchcraft by very authentic time seasoned Trad. witch authors.Thanks may the universal force always flow freely in you Stefan
Dear Stefan,
Good authors to look out for are Marian Green and Paddy Slade. Seasonal Magic, by Paddy Slade is an especially good book to look out for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stefan in Chicago
Dear Tabatha Hello.Iv e heard that originally witches wore white robes in the old early times in history and black came into vogue much later in history.Is this true If so can you please elaborate more on this historically and why and is it ok to wear white robes and capes if one is a traditional witch Also If one is a tradtional practicing witch oppossed to being wiccan what is the proper direction to place alter in facing north or facing east or traditionaly does it matter and whats the differences to the two directions Thankyou
Dear Stefan,
I'm not sure where you got your information from, but I don't believe their has ever been a uniform for witches. Of course, what we call witchcraft now, is very different from what our ancestors called witchcraft.

Modern witchcraft has it's roots in the pagan revivalists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It can also be linked to the practises of the 'cunning' men and women that can be traced back to around the 16th and 17th centuries, but these practises weren't actually called witchcraft then. In fact, the cunning-men and women made a lot of money selling charms to use as protection from witches and 'black' magic. It's only within the last 50 years or so that we have come to see witchcraft as anything other than negative. Actually, when the inquisition was first set up in the 12th century, it declared that the belief in witchcraft was a delusion. It only changed it's stance after Kramer and Sprenger published the Malleus Maleficarum.

On a practical level, assuming that witches did practise in the woods or fields, I think they would have worn black cloaks, so they would be harder to spot when making their escapes. What they would have worn in pre-recorded history is open to conjecture. The Celtic Druids were supposed to have worn white robes, but they, again, were not witches.

On a personal level, I believe that witchcraft is a very personal path. What you wear and how you practise should be down to personal choice. If it feels right to you and doesn't harm anyone else, then there shouldn't be a problem.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marisa in Clarksburg
Dear Aunt Tabitha I am a thirty yr old woman that was seriously involved with a 24 yr old man we lived together about ten months and was going to be married I put it off wich I m glad I did. He has this clan of friends that I always had a problem with because they are trouble well he is too but he behaved himself for the most part of our relationship. He was very hostile and when we got together but I worked very hard to help for him myself and our relationship. We became very close very quick. But he started hanging with these people again and started acting funny so I had him leave also there was financial problems that were eating at me also. Well he was on probation and he had to go to anger management and not drink or do drugs well since he left he started getting into everything heavy again didn t go to anger management violated his probation didn t go to a status hearing he could of just decided to go to jail for thirty days and not worry about going to anger management. That s all he was facing but instead he s hiding when he knows that there is a warrant for his arrest now he is going to be in more trouble when he gets caught. Well here is my questions is he going to get caught soon I think jail is the best place for him will it help Will he stay away from these people and learn his lesson Does he still love me and should I get back with him after this is over Also we were trying to have a baby if I end pregnant its too soon to tell and if we don t get back together should I let him know about the baby or even let him see it Jeremiah was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and when he drank and was around these people it would set him off I also seen his personality switch at other times without drugs or alcohol or being around other people but he wasn t violent. the whole reason that he is on probation is because of domestic battery against me. There were 3 incidents 2 he got caught for and all were alcohol or drug related and the anger management didn t even help he would act worse because he was in group with people that was in there for pretty much the same thing. Also he wasn t on meds I believe he needs to be. Other than that we had a very loving relationship and he was a great father figure to my son he helped my son out a great deal. My son had alot of problems because of his biological father not wanting to and not being around. He helped with his homework and everything and was not abusive to him except for the time my son seen him beat he didn t touch my son he never did on me that can cause a child to have alot of problems but thankfully he s fine. I was very comfortable with him and he with me and he didn t have a problem with me wanting to be a witch and we had alot of things in common. But the list goes down the line with woman in my family being in abusive relationships. was I suppose to be in this relationship to overcome this and break the chain and move on unlike my family members Also for me to help Jeremiah and for Jeremiah to help Tristan. Then this happen and me move on or is he going to be reformed and the two of us get back together especially if I m pregnant but I know that is no reason to be with someone if it is not right. Are we meant to be together or should I stay away like I think I should. So Sorry for taking up so much of your time I thought I should ask someone wiser than me. I hope you write me back and hope if other people get to read this in a simialar situation it will help them to because I know alot of women would keep this to themselves and do they really shouldn t. Thank You and Blessed Be
Dear Marisa,
First of all, there are a number of your questions that I can't give you a definite answer too, as I'm not psychic. But I will try to answer as fully as I can.

The most important thing is that this man has hit you, on more than one occasion. Why would you want to be with someone who could do that, whether alcohol was involved or not? Whatever else he may have done for your son, this is not a good father figure. Your son, seeing him hit you, may grow up believing that it's okay for men to hit women and may continue the circle.

I'm no expert on this, but I'm not sure jail would be the best place for him. Rehab and psychiatric help would probably be better, although he may be able to get this in jail.

I think you know, in your heart, that you need to do the best thing for you and your son. To my mind, that is to cut all ties to this man.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Briony in kent england
hi recently i have been bullied because i have been doing witchcraft since i was 11 and i connect with spirits ihave my own close spirit friend named Mary may and she helps me through my problems and she told me she watches over me as im like a mother to her because her mother always used to send her away is there any way i could stop being bullied just because they dont believe me about this as thy have been brought up in a world to only belive what theyve been told and to fear what they dont understand blesed be Briony
Dear Briony,
Bullying is a nasty thing to happen to anyone. Make sure someone knows that it's happened - either your parents or a teacher.

People often do turn against things they don't understand. The best course of action for you may be to only talk about your experiences with people you completely trust. You could also keep a diary of your interactions with Mary May.

But don't forget to try to build friendships in this world, as well as the spirit world. Then you will have someone who can help you stand up to the bullies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From louise in sunderland
hi aunt tabatha i have beeen looking into witchcraft now since i was 16 and now feel ready to enter a coven but can not find one in my area can you help me
Dear louise,
It's not always easy to find a coven, as they don't tend to advertise themselves. One thing that a coven doesn't want is anybody and everybody turning up on the doorstep looking for acceptance. Because the members of the coven need to trust each other implicitly, covens need to be very selective about who they allow into their circle.

So, the only real way to find a coven, is to mix with members, get to know them socially and hopefully they will introduce you to the HPs who may invite you to join. This is one way to go about it, there may be others.

Try and find out if there is a local gathering that you can attend. Some of the people who attend may be members of a coven, although that isn't guaranteed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ashley in Wayne
Aunt Tabatha I want to know if I am a witch or wiccan it is a questin that has been bugging me for the past six years my friend is a wiccan and she says that I am one because I believe in all the things that wiccans and witches believe in but I don t know please help me I have to know. Is there any way I can see if I am or not Please help.
Dear Ashley,
Only you can decide if you are really a witch. To start with, you need to understand what generally held beliefs are and how your personal beliefs fit in with that.

The best place to start would be to read a good beginners book, e.g The Real Witches Handbook by Kate West. This will give you a very basic framework that you can begin to work with if you wish to.

Witchcraft is a very personal path and can be very freeing. Wicca, on the other hand has some very specific core principles, but at the same time can be more structured. Though that isn't always the case. The only real way to decide which one suits you, if any, is to read as much as possible on both and make your own mind up. But don't let anyone force you into becoming something that you're not comfortable with. You may find that the path isn't for you and that's okay.

Good luck in finding what you seek.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From clair in crawley
dear aunt tabatha i ve been iterested in wicca for a while but my knowledge is rather limited. my best friend has recently discovered she is very ill and although i ve prayed many times to help her recover i was wondering if there is anything else i can do. she s a good person who has already been through a lot i hate seeing her this way. anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated. many thanks.
Dear clair,
I'm sorry to hear that your friend is unwell. It's good that you are trying to help her, but it is important that any healing practises you perform are done with her permission.

One of the simplest healing spells is to light a white candle, somewhere safe, and let it burn down while visualising your friend becoming well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From skyoberne in Norfolk
I don t consider myself a practicing witch or a psychic however I have experienced a number of unusual situations. Recently I purchased a quartz crystal ball and was admiring its beauty when I began seeing images from inside of it. I am baffled by this because I am nearly fifty years old. I have unusual encounters throughout my life but the ability to scry has not been one of them. Why is it happening now
Dear skyoberne,
It may just be that you were in the right frame of mind at that particular moment. Or you may have been focusing on the ball in just the right way.

The mind is a wonderful thing and give us messages when we least expect them. The important thing is to record images. It may be that the subconcious was trying to tell you something.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tanya in manchester
I am 15 and I go to a Catholic school even thought I changed my religion over a year ago the forms STILL say Catholic my parents even thought my parents changed as I wanted to they still make me participant in things confection and it is really annoying also when I told my teacher as one day I refused to prey in something I don t believe in I was a Wicca he said he would prey for my soul and hope I don t go to HELL What should I do please help
Dear tanya,
While you're still at school, especially a Catholic school, it might be best to keep your beliefs silent. You can still hold your beliefs in your heart and when praying, pray to your own gods, rather than that of the Catholics.

Your path is nobody's business but your own and you do not have to tell anyone about it. It's certainly not advisable to go around telling all and sundry about it, as that can lead to all sorts of problems.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mandy in Holiday
Hey First of all sorry ppl think ur a phycic It must be so anoying I see the letters you get I love EVERYTHING about the wiccan religion but I hear from books and stuff that there are things that you have to do to be wiccan and those things involve nudity I basically want to know if I have to do anything nude or sexual to be wiccan I m very scared of being naked It s because of something a friend did a long time ago... I want details on this five-fold-kiss thingy that I ve heard of too Sorry if I seem demanding. I just wanna know if I can be wiccan without have to...expose myself Please e-mail me your answer I really need your advice
Dear Mandy,
While it is true that some people do practise naked, or 'Skyclad', this isn't for everyone and nobody should be forced to do something they are not comfortable with.

The five-fold kiss is symbolic of the homage paid to each other by the Goddess and God and consists of kisses placed on certain points on a participants body. Again, you shouldn't be forced to do this if you don't feel comfortable with it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jan Denn Arriba in
i m a 13 year old neophyte in the Craft Aunt Tabatha. I have done spells and rituals. i am proud of myself of becoming a witch. but my parents didcourage me to practice the craft. and i have been scolded by my father once about it. and my neighbors friends and relatives view me as a black magician and demonic. what should i do my father told me to transfer me in another school if i continue witching because the one who influenced me studies there .
Dear Jan Denn Arriba,
While you are living under your parents' roof you must follow their wishes. There will be time to learn all you can about witchcraft once you are 18 and able to move into your own home. Once that happens, you will be free to practise whatever religion you want and nobody will be able to stop. Until that time, however, it may be best to put witchcraft aside for the time being and focus on your schoolwork. You have your whole life to look into witchcraft, but only a few short years in which to make the most of your time at school.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nadia in switzerland
Dear Aunt Tabatha Since 4 years as my little daughter died there is a big black cloud over our life. The bad time began with death of our 4-year old daughter we love and miss her so much Then 2 years later my sister died. She lived in the States and we dont know where her 4 children live. Last year i had a surgery and almost died but now i have a life with lots of pain. We wished so much that we could have a baby but that wish wont come true either. Dear Aunt Tabatha - when will the sun shine come back in our life Will the good old lucky times come back Thanks for your help and advise.
Dear Nadia,
You have certainly had a lot of hard times. I'm afraid that I can't answer your question, as such, as I'm not psychic.

I am sure, however, that you will find the light again. Many people go through dark patches such as the one you're going through, and come out smiling at the end of it.

You have to ask yourself if a child is something you have the energy to take care of right now. If you feel you truly can, then you may want to get yourself and your partner checked out to rule out a physical problem preventing you from conceiving.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lisa in Huddersfield
I m having my first weekend away alone from my 2 year old daughter tomorrow. I m getting married to the man of my dreams with handfasting in just over two months. I m going away to find myself again. I feel 30 years older than I am nearly 25 spiritually as well as physically at the moment. i m afriad that with all the usual stresses and strains of being a mother and to be wife I have huge guilt about letting my chosen path slip. I have not been dedicating enough time to my beliefs and chosen path. Is there any simple rtual or blessings you can recommend that I could help to return my central enrgies I already plan to plant in the garden and thank the gods but I am only taking limited things I m drawn to the ocean and I m very lucky I have a loving partner who understands my way of life and is supporting me all the way... I just need a hand to lift this silly glum patch and get back in touch with my peace the gods had blessed on me. I lean towards the celtic path please forgive all typos and grammar mistakes I m all bob-thebuildered out
Dear Lisa,
A weekend away may be just what you need to recharge the batteries. We all go through periods where the craft has to take a back seat for a while. It's not something that you need to feel guilty about as the Goddess and God both know what's in your heart.

To reaffirm your path, spend your time in silence, for the most part. Walk along the shoreline if you can and really think about what your path means to you. Spend some time meditating on the Goddess and God. Don't try to force any images, just sit quietly and see what comes to you. Listen to the world around you and see if any words come to you.

I hope the weekend will find you more relaxed and in tune with your path. And I wish you well with your handfasting. I hope you both have many years of happiness.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sarah in montgomery
hi my name is sarah and i have a for you im 15 and every other day or two i get these weird picturings in my head and then in a matter of 15 to 20mintues it happens. what am i exspriencing am i a witch or sumthing bc i was just wondering and yea i was just asking if u if you knew wut was going on with me. if it helps i dont think it would but my nephew just married a witch and i was gonna ask her wuts goin on but im not close with her i dont hardly ever talk to them so im asking you wut u think it is and wut i sould do. thanks for your help sarah
Dear Sarah,
I'm not sure what could be happening, as there may be a number of things. What I suggest you do is record what you see, feelings that you have etc., just as if you were making a dream journal. This way you may see a pattern forming in the pictures.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Vas in london
Hello Aunt Tabatha first of all I would like to apologise about my my last email I sent you I dont know if you got my problem but I changed my email shortly after sending you my problem so that my be the reason why you could not have sent me your opinion but maybe that was my destiney because my problem was that me and my younger sister Stephanie we could not find a way of coming out the broom closet and telling our mother and the rest of our siblings that we are Witches and I sent you an email on how to do it but shortly after I sent you it I found a way of dropping them hints that we are what we are I think now they have some sort of clue about me but my sister is very good at keeping her path to her self which is very good because just like many Wiccans say our religion is our own affair and it is our choice to be open about it But now I am currently a member at the C.O.A Children of Artemis and I have just received issue 11 of Witchcraft and Wicca magazine and I must say I am finding the articles in there very interesting espcially the one about Goddess ISIS she really amazies me and I also received my first copy of the Witchcraft Times newspaper even my future fiancee who infact is a christian and is willing to go through the handfasting with me likes the magazines and I am very happy with her because she accepts me for who I am anyway I just would like to say sorry about forgeting to send you my problem through my last email and I just like to say even though you did not get my problem I feel that you helped me anyway please send me an email because it would be wonderful to receive something from you thank you aunt tabatha and Goddess and God be with you and us thank you once again and many bright blessings Vassos Panayiotou xx
Dear Vas,
I'm glad that you're enjoying the magazine. I always find the articles really interesting.

Congratulations on finding a way to tell your family about your path. It can often be hard explaining our beliefs to those who may not fully understand them.

It's good that you have someone in your life who accepts your beliefs even though she has different beliefs herself and I wish you well for the future.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From piper in ipswich
hi Tabatha. I don t know whether you can help me or not. i really need help from a psychic. i ve been with my partner for 5 years and recently i cheated on him with his best friend which is totally out of character for me. the thing is i think he really likes me and i can t stop thinking about him. should i be splitting up with my boyfriend or would that be a terrible mistake. i can t tell my boyfriend for his mates sake it would kill their friendship they ve known each other since they were kids. i know i m getting this back times three but i just don t know what to do. if i leave my boyfriend i ll loose everything. soz to lay this on you. honestly have no one else to ask. Thanks Piper xx
Dear piper,
I think you need to start being honest, both with yourself and with your boyfriend. If you split up with your boyfriend to go with this friend, it will destroy their friendship just as quickly as you telling your boyfriend.

You need to ask yourself what it was that made you sleep with his best friend. Is there something lacking in your current relationship? If so, how can you bring that something into it to make the relationship more fulfilling? Talk to your boyfriend and find out how he feels about the relationship. It takes two to make a relationship work and only by talking to each other can you find out whether the relationship is worth saving or not.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lady m in in fife
Merry Meet. I have ladies problems and although i have seen many qualified alopaths who belive there is very little wrong with me i definatley still get the feeling that there is. after trying for nearly four years and having a very complex family history i feel desparate. we have been told to go away and relax can you see if there is anyone who will take our concerns seriously in the near future. i am being torn up inside by my lack of maternity and it appears no alopath will help us in a convencional way despite our insistence on assistance. we know things are not right but are being ignored by the local hospital. Blessed Be Lady M
Dear lady m,
Stress can cause problems with conceiving, so the advice to relax is good. If doctors can find nothing physically wrong with you and you've tried more than one doctor, then the chances are there is nothing physically wrong with you. Has your partner had tests to check his sperm count, as there are many factors that can harm a man's sperm that are easily remedied.

On the other hand, it may be that you're going to be unable to have children of your own. There are other alternatives, however. Have you thought about fostering or adopting? There are many children within the social services system that could have their lives changed by being placed within a loving and nurturing environment.

Don't give up hope as there are other options.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From fatima in san antonio
I want to get work done for me and I am having a hard time finding a real witch to believe. so many people charg so much and promise alot yet nothing comes through. I know it s not me lacking faith because i do believe. how would i know the person is real before i give money and waste it like i ve have so many times already
Dear fatima ,
It really depends on what sort of work you want to get done. If it's spell-work that you want done, then you are probably better off learning to do them for yourself, as the spells we create ourselves have more personal energy put into them than those that others do for us.

On the other hand, if you are looking for healing work, then look for people who are accredited with reputable organisations. Also, if you know of anyone who has used the kind of treatment you're looking for, then ask them where they went and whether it worked well for them.

Above all, don't have the work done if you're not entirely comfortable about the person doing the work. Don't be afraid of asking questions, either. Most reputable people will be more than happy to answer questions without making you feel forced into having the work done.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in gosberton
Dear Aunt Tabatha Hope you can help Friday the 13th is always a great day for me but saturday the 14th is always absolutely horrendous. This year was particularly bad as everything myself boyfriend or our dog did it went horribly wrong We did try to have a good day this year but 4pm saw me on the way to finishing a rather large pack of chocolate biscuits and flatly refusing to leave the sofa It is all small things going wrong but it is just one after another with no break. What is going on and how or indeed can I stop this as its all wearing rather thin now after several years of it Thank you for taking time to read my question. Blessings Sarah.
Dear sarah,
Sometimes things like this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because when you are positive that things are going to go wrong, very often they do.

To start with, try doing a house cleansing to make sure there are no negative energies at work. There are several good ones available in the good books on Wicca and witchcraft.

Then sit down and go over your all the things that happened that day. Rather than focussing on the things that went wrong, though, try to pinpoint all the things that went right and the good things that happened. The human mind has an uncanny aptitude for ignoring things that go well and focusing on those things that bring us down. It takes time to break it of the habit and focus more on the positive things in our lives.

I hope next Saturday 14th turns out to be better for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From voyager in alva
Merry meet aunt t the problem is with me and my partner. this isn t the normal sort of relationship stuff i can do that. i am a hedgewitch and aries trust me all will become clear and my partner is shaman and cancer and an empath. we ve known each other since teenagers and got together just before yule there and have been living together since well the start. the problem is although we have nearly 2 decades of wisdom and experience being opposites in the zodiac me fire and him water and him being an empath i burn him out literally. my aura sits about 9 feet out on average and i have lots of energy which he cant handle. if i am frustrated or excited he can only sit with me on average 10 minutes then has to go into another room. we don t know anyone who has experienced this before and believe me i have asked lots of people from wiccans to healers. is there anybody tht has had a similar experience on how to deal with this situation. although he still celebrates the sabbats he doesn t want to do any spells. please we are happy but burnt out. blessed be one and all who reads this. voyager
Dear voyager,
It certainly sounds like a frustrating situation and I'm afraid it's not something I have any experience of, either. The only thing I can think of is that your partner visualise a circle of white light around himself whenever you're feeling frustrated. Hopefully that will protect him to a degree from your emotions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tam in Huntingford
Dear Aunt Tabitha I ve been Looking forward to exploring and learning about the natural laws of things and how to help people find their way through. It has always seemed to me that was what a witch was. Perhaps I m a little older than most who ask questions of you and the young have preoccupations and easily lose sence of life s priorities. Where/how can I find a true teacher locally or on the net who can manage an apprentice Many thanks for your time and consideration. yours Tam
Dear Tam,
It's often said that when the time is right, a teacher will come to you. If you really want to put yourself out there so that a teacher can find you, then the best places to start are local meetings. Your local pagan/new age stores may be able to tell you where these are. For official CoA local gatherings have a look at the Local Gatherings page from the CoA homepage.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sharon in watford
A few weeks ago I asked you a question regarding the removal of a love spell which has been performed on a friend of mine. I think that the question may have been a little complicated for the public forum how do I go about asking a private question Thanks for your time in light and love
Dear Sharon,
At the bottom of the form for asking your question you will see a check-box saying "I agree to having my question published by Children of Artemis." To ask a private question, simply make sure the check box is not ticked and your question and answer will be private.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christa in Dallas
I want to know if I am pregnant what spell could I use to find out.
Dear Christa ,
You don't need a spell to find out if you're pregnant. A simple trip to the GP or a home pregnancy kit from your local chemist will give you the answer one way or the other.

If you are pregnant, then a trip to the GP will be necessary anyway, to check that everything is okay with the pregnancy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lindz in stoke-on-trent
hiya tab i am a girl of 16 who has wondered about wicca for awhile all a want to know is when i say my prayers to call upon the elements how can i do in the most affect way also my firend want to start and i would love to teach him but i dont know enough please do you know any one could help maybe teach me bless it be lindz
Dear lindz,
When you call upon the elements, try to picture in your mind things that you associate with that element e.g birds for Air, or trees for Earth. That will help you form a link with the elements.

Regarding your friend, I would say that you would both have to learn together, rather than you teaching him. It's difficult to teach something if you don't know much about it yourself. Sit down with him and practise the exercises that many books contain with him. That way you can build up knowledge together and help each other on your path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Magpie in Newcastle
Hi. I have a bit of a problem. I have been intrested in wicca for a few years now. In the past I could not do anything in the way of rituals due to where I lived and who I lived with. Now I can I cant due to my boyfriend who wants to spend every minute with me when I get home. he is wicca as well but I just want to start off by myself and I am scared I am going to push him away to much. He has an altar set up but I am scared I am going to harm his feelings about me using them. Please help.
Dear Magpie,
My advice would be to talk to him about it. Explain to him that you want to have some private time for your own practise. Although I would reccomend that you share the Sabbats with each other, as that can make the celebrations much more fun.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ashley in Pendleton
i have only just recevtly started looking into wicca and paganism and was wondering if there is any kind of spell or something that would make my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years open up to me more i mean we hardly hold hands let alone anything more. please help if you can i really like him and don t want to break up with him but if things dont start moving faster i would rather find someone else. sincerly ashley
Dear ashley,
You're young and you have your whole life ahead of you. There is no reason to rush into anything and you certainly don't want to rush your boyfriend into anything he's not comfortable with. Your boyfriend may be unsure about his own feelings at the moment and so may not be able to express them to you fully at the moment. Sit down with him and talk to him calmly. Tell him how you feel, but remember that teenage boys are often encouraged to keep their feelings hidden, so don't push him too hard.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kimiey in Cleveland
Why do I feel things when I am around other people. I get their feelings. I can also tell when something bad is going to happen because I get this feeling inside my stomach. I also dream things that come true. Is there a reason why I do all this.
Dear Kimiey,
What you've described is empathic ability - the ability to sense others' emotions. This is a great skill to have, although I'm sure it can be disconcerting at first. Don't be afraid of it as it is a gift that can help you, although you may need to learn to control it so that you don't get overwhelmed by it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kat in Sunderland
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have been researching witchcraft for about 4 years now and I wish to met a coven how could I find one in my area
Dear Kat,
As I understand it, you generally have to be introduced to a coven by one of its members. The best way to find others, who may or may not be in a coven, is to attend local meetings. Your local pagan/new age store might be able to tell you if there are any in your area, or go to for the official CoA gatherings page.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lyra in London
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am very concerned about a friend of mine and want to ask your advice. I recently went to Witchfest with one of my friends who is also interested in Wicca. I have known for some time that I am a witch but she wasn t sure. She is very interested in spells and magic and the history behind witchcraft and is thinking of taking it more seriously. However she has told me that she is in no way religious and does not believe in gods or godesses. I do not think she properly understands what it means to be a Wiccan. I am afraid that I might upset her if I approach her with this. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but I sense for her that Wicca is more of a fad than a serious way of life. What should I say to her Thank you Lyra London
Dear Lyra,
Your friend doesn't have to be Wiccan to be a witch. There are many witches who don't believe in deity and they are just as serious about their beliefs as those who do. As your friend is interested in the history of witchcraft, it would seem to me to be something more than a passing fad.

Encourage her to read as much as she can, especially the non-Wiccan authors such as Marion Green, Paddy Slade, etc. Above all, support her in her search and be ready to answer any questions she may have.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dominic in Norwich
Aunt Tabatha I m having real trouble trying to get an altar together. I have tried around the shops and the internet but I can t qafford the expensive altar tools How can I overcome this problem
Dear Dominic,
You don't need expensive tools. The only real things that you may need to buy are candles and incense. Other things can be found if you really want them. You could use an old kitchen knife or a letter opener as an athame, for example. Remember to cleanse and consecrate it first and be careful if it's sharp. For a wand, you go for a walk in the woods and find a fallen stick on the ground which you could make into a wand.

Alternatively you don't have to use any of it. I've performed a number of rituals with absolutely no tools at all, with good results. The tools are there to help focus the mind. They make your rituals easier, but they aren't always essential.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From amanda in surrey
this may sound a silly question but are all pagans vegetarian and if they re not do you think they should be I don t want to waste your time but it bugs me
Dear amanda,
No, not all pagans are vegetarians. Everybody is entitled to make their own decision on all matters that affect their lives. One thing the craft teaches us is to take responsibility for our own actions. That also means that we have to allow others to be responsible for their actions and not judge them by our own standards - to a certain degree, at least.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Varga in Helsinki Finland
Love and Light Aunt Tabatha I checked last hundred questins and I have to wonder ARE THERE ANY ADULTS THERE They all seem to b 13-18..I would love to talk about these things with somebody older than 25. I am solitary wicca and sometimes its really boring nobody to talk with nobody to ask anything. Me and my lovely soulmate are getting married on September and we both agree it has to be wiccan handfasting seremony.Well all the books and articles in the net they are talking about high Priestess etc.WHAT ABOUT IF U R JUST SOLITARY WICCA AND HAVE NO COVEN not even friends who believe the same path I we want to do it right Yes I know there r many ways call the element ring the bell etc.but we have just 2-3 friends who could join our ceremony and these friends dont believe in wicca Whats your opinion Leave them out or celebrate with them Who will help us in the ceremony then We r going to have weddings the very next day 17.9 with relatives and friends but not in the church no priest or anything like that. We want to make our handfasting AND the party unforgetable and HONOUR the Lord and Lady and elements too. Any good ideas I have read more than 35 books searching from internet - no answers. Handfasting cords - what r the right colours for that Thank u Blessed Be
Dear Varga,
You could always adapt one of the coven rites for your own use. Or write your own ritual based on one or more of the coven rites.

I've no experience of handfasting, as I've never been to one, but I'd want to have someone who was experienced in the craft to conduct the ceremony, although of course I'd want friends and relatives there to mark the occasion. You may feel differently in this however, and it's your decision that is important.

Whatever your final decision is, I wish you a long and happy life together.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jimmy in summerville
hi my name jimmy i am 25 and i just started in witchcarft and i would like all the info and advice that i can get thank you.
Dear jimmy,
The best advice I can give you is to read as much as you can. Author's to especially look out for are Kate West, Marian Green and Fiona Horn.

Also, spend time outside when you can. Watch for the magic that is all around us - the sunrise and sunset, the appearence of leaves on the trees and their disappearance in the autumn.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sharon in Cleveland
Hello do you see romance with a decent man at my age Thank you sharon of ohio
Dear sharon,
I'm afraid I'm an agony aunt, not a psychic. However, I don't believe that age should be a hindrance to love, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to find someone who will love you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandra in Walsall West Midlands
Merry Meet Aunt Tabatha What I am trying to decide am I truly Wiccan this is not a crisis of faith I know what I believe. I have put this question out on the forum and it has coursed a bit of an argument but there are a lot of people who say that If you are not initiated into a coven that can trace it s linage back to ether Gardinarian or Alexandrian traditions you cannot be Wicca. It has also been said that if you don t do as the founder of the religion says then you cannot use the title. So I couldn t be a Baptist if I haven t been baptized. I was initiated Seax Wicca in 1985 but Seax Wicca is not recognised by traditionalists although R Buckland the founder was an initiated Gardinarian. Later I studied with a hereditary Witch who said initiation comes from the divine and a witch knows when they have reached initiation no ritual will make that happen As far as I know she never performed an initiation ritual. So what Makes Wicca I m probably opening a can of worms. Blessings Brandra
Dear Brandra,
Personally, I feel that saying you can't be Wiccan unless you were initiated in a lineaged coven is like saying you can't be Christian unless you've been baptised into the Catholic church. It's complete nonsense.

Certainly you can't claim to be Gardnerian or Alexandrian unless you've been initiated into those covens, but my personal believe is that, as long as you follow the core principles of Wicca, you have every right to call yourself Wiccan.

To say that you have to do everything that Gardner did is nonsense. By Gardner's own rules, each coven was free to practise in it's own way. Both Alexandrians and Seax practise in a different way from the Gardnerians, but both founders were initiated Gardnerians.

Wicca has evolved in the last 50 years. Everybody has their own way of doing things. If you follow the core principles of Wicca, which are available in books by Doreen Valiente, Vivian Crowley and Ray Buckland, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to call yourself Wiccan. I met several Gardnerians and Alexandrians who share this view as well, although there are always going to be those who are close-minded enough to not be able to think outside of the box.

At the end of the day, it's your path. No-one has the right to tell you what you should call it, or what your beliefs should be.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in epsom
Dear Aunt Tabatha first of all welcome back. I don t know where u were gone but i sure missed your advice. Hope everything is ok so..on the last fullmoon i was speaking to the goddess and decided to raise energy for no reason at all. All of a sudden i started wishing for love in my life i set a few criterias to make it work etc. It did a work later i found a girl i really like and she desperately loves me..which is quite unusual. But the goddess did exactly what i said..and just didn t guess the rest. the person i love who loves me lives more than 1.30hrs away from me in train.and as a college student i dont have the time or money to go and see her. Im wondering should i let go knowing this can t work..or should i make some kind of spell to..release the energy and dissolve the spell..i dont want to hurt her it s not her fault. if only i had known that a few words were enough to bring love in my life.. i only saw it as a simple wish..not a spell at all.. what must i do she really likes me and i dont think it wud be right to say hey i found u thanks to a spell..and it cant work between us...forget me waiting for ur guidance Aunt Tabatha blessed be scorpionwing xx
Dear tom,
There's no reason why a long distance relationship can't work. You may not be able to see each other regularly, but with the internet making communication a lot easier, there is no reason you cannot talk to each other regularly. Perhaps you can take it turns to go to see each other. One month you go to hers and the following month she comes to you.

Wishing is one of the oldest and simplest forms of spellwork. Given the right intent and feeling, as you did on this occasion, it can work very well. The good thing is that you simply asked for love, you didn't ask for a specific person, so the spell has not forced this girl into this against her will. If you are both really like each other, you can work things out, if you make the effort.

I wish you both well.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From babs in stevenage
Hi i have an odd problem and i ve never heard of anything like it so i thought maybe you could help. the thing is whenever me and my friends hold hands and meditate i seem to recieve all of their happens a lot and i don t know what to do. i am quite good at healing spells and i thought it might be related but any light you can shed on my problem would be great. thank you
Dear babs,
It may be that you are very good at attuning to others' feelings. Do you ever experience the feeling that you know how someone's feeling without even speaking to that person. If so, you may be empathic - able to feel emotions.

When you say you take their pain, do you mean that they no longer feel any pain after the session, or is it that you simply feel their painl? If you actually take their pain away, then you may be a natural healer. However, you must make sure that you ground that pain, otherwise it can build up in you and not do you any good.

To ground the pain, visualise it moving down your body and into the earth. Do this before you open your eyes at the end of your meditation sessions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sarah in London
Dear Tabatha I have read that if your are the 7th son born from the 7th son you are a wizard. I am the 7th daughter born from the 7th son. According to the litrature i have read this supposedly means i am a white witch. I am a very spiritual person and have always been interested in magical and mystical things. I am always drawn to the moon as if looking for answers. I also do healing for people and attend regular meditation class. My six brothers and sisters have always called me a witch jokingly. I know anyine can be a witch but do you think that some people are born natural witches Do you know anything about the seventh daughter born from the seventh son Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Sarah,
According to Irish legend, the seventh son of a seventh son had great powers. Frequently they would be a healer. The powers were considered to be granted by the gods. Presumably this would be the case, regardless of whether the child was male or female, although I have no way of proving that.

There are people who have the natural ability to cause things to happen without really thinking about it. Such people may be natural witches, or they may simply be more in tune with their minds abilities than the rest of us. I do believe it's something that can be learned, however.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brianna in alliance
How do I know if I m a witch/ wicca I believe in the wiccan religon and I feel powerful and stong..but Im not sure how to go about all this...I m just confused..
Dear Brianna,
Your first step should be to read all you can about the path. Author's I particularly recommend are Kate West, Fiona Horn and Marian Green. Try and spend time with nature. This can be as simple as finding a green space in your neighbourhood and just watching nature. Think about how you view the gods and find books and websites that give you the myths for each of them. It's not always an easy path to follow, but it can be very rewarding.

Good luck in your search.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Adrian in Chicago IL
Hello. My name is Adrian and I m 18. I have a HUGE problem. My whole family except me is catholic I m a Wicca. recently my parents realized that i don t believe in catholic god. they are very pissed at me. I want to just be able to tell them the truth but I m affraid of their reaction Please tell me what should i do
Dear Adrian,
This is a tricky situation. Given your parents reactions already, it may be best to leave it for the time being. You don't have to tell them anything about your beliefs, although I know it's not always nice to hide things from your parents. Sometimes though, it's better to keep quiet than start having stand up arguments with them.

Keep up your learning and your practise and gradually they may realise that you are not a bad person just because of your beliefs. Gradually you may be able to start discussing different aspects of the craft with them, but keep the word 'witch' out of it for the time being. At the end of the day, though, your beliefs are your business and nobody has to know anything about them if you don't want them to.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From maria in cardiff
need to talk to people bout wicca and witchcraft so i can learn and understand more. also bout dreaming the future.
Dear maria,
The best place to chat to people is on an online forum like CoA. You can ask questions about anything you like and will usually get several different viewpoints in response.

Also CoA have various local gatherings around the country. To find one in your area have a look at the gatherings page at
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Solace in Hertfordshire
Greetings Aunt Tabitha. I am hoping that this question is not too much of a red-herring but i understand it s probably almost impossible to answer. I am what seems to be one of the very few people who still believe in the Gods as actual corperal entities and not just an energy or life force but recently i have been asking myself the age old question that Christians get - if the Gods exsist why is there so much sufferring I expect there is no simple answer you can give me to this but it is seriously compromising my faith to the point where i am becoming very despondent with life and losing my love of the Goddess. Are you able to suggest anything that i should bare in mind or that i can do to try and find my answer Like i said i greatly understand if this is a bit of a no-hoper and i thank you for your time in reading this you provide an invaluable service Love and Light to you Solace x
Dear Solace,
Well, where do I start. You are quite right when you say there is no easy answer to your question. Or maybe there is - Free Will - but that doesn't really feel satisfactory.

One thing that makes Wicca/witchcraft different from Christianity is that the Gods are not seen as being all-good or all-loving. Recognising that fact, you can see that suffering is as natural as love and death.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, during the journey of reincarnation, the soul's main goal is to experience everything it can to achieve enlightenment. This includes a certain degree of suffering. However, this doesn't mean that all suffering should be accepted and that we shouldn't try to help those in pain.

A large part of the world's problems today are caused by the greed of those in the business world. This is something that the gods have no control over - the Christian idea of Free Will. There are things that we can do about it, though. Avoiding companies that use products tested on animals, cause unnecessary pollution in the developing world and exploit their workers can go a long way to helping with these problems.

One thing to think about is light and darkness. If it wasn't for the darkness, how would we know where the light was? Hope that helps
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helen in Derbyshire
Hi I am 15 and I have been practicing and studying Wicca for about two years now. I studied alot about herbs and runes and healing. I believe that this is the path that I want to follow. Since I am under 18 I cannot join a Coven but please could you tell me where I could get Initiated as I would like to have full access to my powers. I have performed many spells that have worked but none that have yet had any huge effect. And how can I find out what Clan I belong to like Woodbane and the others and is there really a council of witches If yes then where is it Thankyou
Dear Helen,
First of all, let's seperate fact from fiction. No, there is not, nor has there ever been, a council of witches. The only Clans I know of are Scottish or Irish in origin and have nothing to do with witchcraft. The only way to find out if you are related to these clans is through genealogy. You do not have to be a witch to be a member of these clans, but you do have to have Irish or Scottish ancestry.

You also don't have to be initiated into a coven to be a witch. You say that you have performed some spells which have worked. I'm not sure what you were expecting, but I'm afraid that the flashy magic depicted in most fiction, whether in books or on tv, is just that - a fiction. Real magic works, but it works in simple and natural ways.

To learn to be a witch, you need to move away from the fictional books and start reading some non-fiction. A good place to start is Kate West's Real Witches' Handbook which will give you a very good grounding in witchcraft. This will be very useful if you do decide that you want to join a coven in the future, as most coven's expect you to have done some work on your own before they will accept you into their circle.

Good luck on your path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kathy in Manchester
(17.04.05-17:57) 15 and have been studying the craft for about 1 1/2 -2 yrs i kno its not very long but im dedicated to finding out more for as long as i can remember i ve had very low self-esteem/confidence due to the many yers of bullying i ve had.i was wondering if you knew if you know of any spells to help me boost my confidence. i ve tried the normal way-talking to friends/adults joining clubs and drama groups read books/sites and nothing is really working.i know i sound like a stupid teen whining and i should just get over it but i cant.i feel so friends are starting to get worried as it seems to be getting worse and i appear to be a depression victim waiting to happen.please give any help preferably magickal as nothing else seems to be working you can.i cant stand feeling so pathetic. BB kathy. ps sorry for going on so much
Dear kathy,
I know it's hard, but I'm afraid there isn't a quick fix solution to your problem.

The first thing to do is to make sure someone knows about the bullying. Tell your parents. If the bullying happens at school, make sure a teacher knows about it as well.

Keep up with the drama group. That can be a very good way of learning to deal with stressful situations.

It may be worthwhile talking to your parents about seeking some counselling to deal with your self-esteem issues. Your GP should be able to recommend a counselling service that doesn't cost a fortune.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waylan in atoka
i can feel things that are not there like sprits are something like that and some of my frinds r like that as will we have talked about it and we dont know how to explore the gifts that we have thank you for your time
Dear waylan,
One way of learning to explore your gifts is to join a spiritualist church in your area. While these can be very Christian-based, they do have experience with mediumship and can offer good help in learning to deal with the subject.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From elizabeth in scotland
Dear aunt Tabatha i would like to do a ritual to celebrate the dark moon but i dont know when it is. could you please tell me thank you
Dear elizabeth,
The Dark Moon is known astrologically as the New Moon. It is the point where the sun and moon are in the same area of the sky and so the moon isn't visible. It occurs approximately 14 days before the Full Moon. A good diary should give you the times of the different phases of the moon.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From will in huddersfield
me and my boyfriend gareth have split up after 4 months he cheated on me but want him back but he doesnt want me bavk at this moment in time i have been really down and even tried doing silly things to myself because i am so down is there any way we can get back together/ and would a love spell work i really love him pls help
Dear will,
I know this is going to sound very harsh, but I'm afraid you need to hear it.

This guy has cheated on you. If he's done it once, he will do it again. Why would you want to be with someone like that? You have to move on - there are plenty of people out there who will treat you far better than this guy.

I don't believe in using love spells. For a start, the only ethical ones are the ones that draw a general love into your life. You cannot force someone to go against their will. Not only is it totally unethical, it's likely to fail anyway.

Go out and make some new friends. Have a good time. Maybe you will meet someone who will care for you properly.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rebecca in Essex
Merry Meet Aunt Tabatha. I have been a practacing wiccan for about 11 months now and I am loving every minute of it. I am so happy I have finally found the right path in life. However I am taking my GCSE s very shortly and cannot get motivated at all to revise and study and I am also really panacking about not passing could you suggest any spells or rituals I could do to ensure that I pass me GCSE s and possibly a spell to help me revise. If you could help me I would be so eternaly greatful. Blessed Be Becky x x x
Dear Rebecca,
Meditation is an effective way of relieving stress and bringing a peacefulness that allows our minds to function easily. Just sit or lie quietly in a darkened room and concentrate on your breathing for about 10 minutes every day. Afterwards you should feel refreshed and ready to tackle you studying. Going for walks can also help with the motivation, especially on sunny days.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sonie in Hong Kong
i am very interested in witchcraft. and i want to be a witch. how should i started and those books related to witches are hard to find in hong kong is there any online book shop can find
Dear sonie,
The best way to get started is by reading, meditating and spending time in nature. There are a number of online bookshops that stock books on the subjects. COA's own shop, at has a number of books by various authors.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laverne costen in baltimore
am i pregnant right now i need to no
Dear laverne costen,
I'm afraid I'm an agony aunt, not a psychic. If you really want to know if you're pregnant, go along to your gp who will be able to tell you. Alternatively you could buy one of the home pregnancy tests which will also give you an indication.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From phoebe in london
I would like to join a coven i live near camden london Uk.i am 15 please can you help me i also know about 3 more people who are intersted too. thank-you.Blessed be.
Dear phoebe,
I'm afraid no reputable coven will accept members under the age of 18, although some will offer support for younger members. For now, the best advice I can give you is read everything you can on the craft until you're old enough to join a coven.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Victoria in Fanborough
I ve become interested in wicca but right now my family and i are living in an awkwared situation where do I start
Dear Victoria,
I'm not sure what you mean about your family being in an awkward situation. If you want to learn about witchcraft the best way to begin is with books. Your local library should have quite a number on their shelves and they can always order any they don't have for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Shamanic Mickey in Wirral Birkenhead
I am looking for a wicca pagan gathering in which to explore my interests and meet others simarly inclined. Where in Wirral can I go
Dear Shamanic Mickey,
If you go to the CoA gathering page at you may be able to find one of CoA's many local gatherings in your area.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kelly in Norwich
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am 18 years old and my ambition is to become a singer. Unfortunatly being over weight has held me back alot. I was just wondering if it would be a good idea to use a spell to help me to focus on loosing weight or evan a spell to help me loose weight. Please help me.
Dear Kelly,
I'm afraid the only surefire method to losing weight is exercise combined with a healthy diet. To gain focus on the exercising use your meditation periods to visualise yourself doing the exercises. Feel yourself getting fitter and stronger as you meditate. Then go and physically do the exercises - you'll often find that you can work harder if you meditate on what you're about to do first.

If you need further help and support as you lose weight, try finding your local Weightwatchers meeting.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joan in Glasgow
Merry Meet Aunt Tabatha As with so many things in life I doubt there is a definitive answer to my question but here goes. I wonder if you could clarify for me the difference between wicca and witchcraft. I have looked at the forums on CoA but am still puzzled as everyone appears to have different views. For example I have read that Wiccans are iniatiated into a coven and that witches can even be christians. Any clarification on this would be gratefullly received. Brightest Blessings
Dear Joan,
This is a very complicated subject and one which, as you say, has no real definitive answer. Wicca is the practise of a core set of beliefs laid down in the late 50s by Gerald Gardner and then added to by others, such as Doreen Valiente and Alex Saunders. It comes in two main forms, Gardnerian and Alexandrian. Some people believe that you can't be Wiccan if you aren't initiated into a coven with direct lineage to Gerald Gardner. I won't go into my own personal beliefs on that subject.

Witchcraft on the other hand is a very personal belief system. It can be almost whatever you want it to be. There are people who claim to be able to mix Christianity with witchcraft, but I can't say for sure how successful they are.

This is a very basic explanation of the differences, but I hope it has helped you to some extent.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kelli in St. Clair Shores MI USA
I have purchased a bone athame with a single dull edge because it drew my attention. But now I m not sure how to use it- I read the athame should be double edged steel with a black handle and the boline should be able to be used as a cutting tool. Should/can I sharpen the bone Should I change the handle to black how important is it that the athame is double edged Also I have a weeping pussy willow tree that died in my garden over a year ago it s still planted in my garden . I was going to use this as my wand and staff but then I read they should come from a living tree. Wouldn t it be good for this tree to have a use in its death or does it carry negativity Is a weeping pussy willow equal to a willow I m probably over thinking but I want my tools to be the most helpful and powerful for me as I m just actually beginning and need all the help I can get Thank you for any and all guidance Kellisue
Dear Kelli,
I know that the traditional athame has a black handle and you could paint the handle of your bone black, or cover it in tape. However, it actually doesn't really matter if your athame doesn't match up to what's 'traditional' as long as it works for you. So you could leave the bone in its natural condition if it feels right to you.

With regards to the willow, I think using it as your wand or staff would be an excellent idea. I know many books say you should collect wood cut from a living tree, but I believe it's better to use wood that has fallen from the tree, as then it has been given freely. Providing the willow is dried properly, it would be a very fitting use for it and would suitably honour the tree.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From TARA in HYDERABAD
Dear TARA,
You don't have to come from a family of witches to become a witch. If you really wish to follow the craft, the best way to start would be to read books by author's such as Kate West, Marian Green and Fiona Horn. They will provide a very good foundation that you can then build on.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kelly in Sydney Australia
i want to set up my own business can you see if there are going to be any problems or obstacles to it
Dear kelly,
I'm an agony aunt, not a psychic. I'm afraid the people you need to be speaking to are small-business advisors and financial advisors.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From penny in
a lady told me my ora is always dark i have wanted to become a witch since i was10 is it a good sign that i will become one even if my ora is always dark
Dear penny,
Well, the colour of your aura changes depending on your mood, your health, etc. So it's not an indicator of whether you will be a witch or not. If you want to be a witch, then you can become one by reading up on the subject, spending as much time as possible around nature and learning how to become a witch. On the other hand, if you don't want to become one, you don't have to. Nobody can make you do something that you don't want to do.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From dragontear in peterborough
hello im sorry that this is a little off topic but im stuck and will try any thing i have a one year old daughter and ive tryed everything i can think of to get her to sleep at night but nothing seems to work but when i finaly get her to sleep three hours later she wakes and then theres nothing that i can do to get back to sleep pulling my har out now please can you sugget something no matter how exreme or weird im willing to try anything.... it would really be appretiated.
Dear dragontear,
I'm afraid I don't have a lot of experience with children, not being a parent myself. However, I understand it's quite common for young children to not sleep through the night. One thing I can suggest is what's called power-napping. This involves grabbing 20 minutes of sleep whenever you can throughout the day. It's a technique used by round the world yachtsmen and is supposed to be just long enough to revive the body, without being long enough to fall into a deep sleep.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rose in Birmingham
Do all spells have to be cast at night time
Dear Rose,
No, spells don't have to be cast at night, unless the timing specifically calls for it. I've performed a number of spells in the daylight, with good results. Of course, it can be more comfortable in the dark, when there are likely to be fewer people around to disturb you or see you doing something they might consider strange.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Meghan in New Hamburg Ontario
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am just starting to get into witchcraft.I think witchcraft is very awsome.are there any of these gathers in Canada Ontario i could go to and see what they are like
Dear Meghan,
I'm afraid I don't know of any gatherings in your area. CoA currently doesn't have any in Canada. I'd suggest looking in local mind, body, spirit type magazines, which often have listings for gatherings or moots. Also, try asking at local pagan stores as they often know of meetings in the area.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sheila in Hamilton
Is there anyway we can get a gathering closer to me I live in Hamilton MO in the USA. I was told that there is a witches coven between hamilton and gallatin which is only 10 miles from each other but i have never seen the coven that i know of and i do not know if they welcome new commers. please if you can help me. thank you.
Dear Sheila,
I'm afraid I don't know of any gatherings in your area. CoA doesn't currently have any gatherings in the US. I'd suggest looking in local body mind & spirit type magazines. Many have listings for gatherings or moots. Also check local pagan stores, they often know of meetings in the local area.

I hope you find what you're looking for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From shelley in scotland
hi im seriouly in love with my best firend but he is in love with a girl called kirsty i think i may have powers of some kind because when i see them togeher i get really upset than something happens to her like she ll get hurt or get sick i have so much hate for her and can t stand the way she treats him ive loved him for so long now im never going to give up i need something magical for him to fall in love with me can you help
Dear shelley,
What you've described sounds very much like jealousy to me. I do think you need to step back from the situation and look at it from a fresh perspective. Why do you feel this way about this woman. Is it really something about her, or is it more because she's with him? If he is your best friend then you should be happy he's found love. Isn't that what friends do?

Also, if he really is your best friend, why would you want to put him under a spell that forces him to do something against his will? A more general spell to bring love into your life may be more suitable. You may find that it will bring someone new into the frame that will take your mind off your friend's situation. Just don't focus it on a specific person.

In the mean time, be a true friend. Push your feelings to one side and be happy for him (trust me, I know it's not an easy thing to do).
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marina in Kidderminster
This isn t a question exactly but ever since I ve been online I ve used my middle name Marina. It just feels so comfortable. The first website I became a member of I chose the username Marina s Myst . Again it just felt right I don t even know where it came from. Nowaday s though I go by Marina Myst as on this site . A few days ago I was researching into the craft and found a list of Witch Names I checked in Air as it is the element of my birth sign Gemini. There were a lot of names like Aether and Hurrikane but I was shocked to see another name Myst. Was this fate or mere coincedence do you think
Dear Marina,
I don't think it was fate, as such. Myst is a very common name for people who associate with the element of Air, as it relates very well with that element (think about the mist that forms on a cold day). It may have come from you subconcious mind, as that is where many of our symbols are drawn from. Either way, it's a lovely name and you should be pleased you've picked it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brian in Deltona
how do i find out if i m a witch and if i was also born in to a family of witch s
Dear Brian,
If you want to be a witch, you can become a witch. You don't have to be from a line of witches. The best way to learn is to study the natural world around you. Read books on witchcraft to make sure it's what you really want to do.
The only way to find out about your family's past is to talk to the older members, learn the family stories and start tracing your family history. But just remember, the chances are you won't find any evidence of witches in your family history, as it's not something that was openly admitted.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jane in Northants
I feeling a bit low at the moment.We planted a friend 3 weeks ago he was only 39.Then my oldest friend of 27 years had a near fatal car crash. only to find last sunday another friend died of the same op we met in hospital. My health is improving But we have a 7 year old daughter.If anything happned to me and my husband she would have no one. I m not one to dwell on stuff but this is now playing on my mind Even though it s silly as you wouldn t get out of bed for risk of injury herds of elephants metiors plauges etc Iv e tried to meditate but struggle.Which Goddess would help I feel like Richard Burton on the Midus Touch Thankyou for your time.
Dear Jane,
It sounds as though you've been going through a rough patch at the moment. I can't really offer you a specific goddess, as different people are drawn to different gods. Try focusing on the Goddess in general. See what particular images come to mind. Then do some research into the myths that relate to the various Goddesses and try to see if there are any that fit the images you've seen. You may be surprised at how your subconcious mind can supply you with the symbols that are associated with the gods.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From georgina in manchester
Dear Aunt Tabatha Is there any school for witchs or is that just made up and do the wand and the brooms realy work your faithfuly georgina
Dear georgina,
Wouldn't it be great if there was a school like Hogwart's? Sadly, I'm afraid that's something that J.K. Rowling made up.

When you ask if the brooms really work, well, in a way they do, because they sweep up really well. Unfortunately, I've never heard of one that can actually fly, so that's also something that's made up, although it wasn't J.K Rowling that made that one up. Witches flying on broomsticks and other household tools, have been around for centuries.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tiffany in easton
i have friends that are witches. they all tell me that i am a natural witch. one of the reasons is because i have dejavu that has been happening since i was a child. ia am 19 and i was wondering if i could be one
Dear tiffany,
If you want to become a witch, then you can become one. You don't have to have to be psychic to be a witch. At the same time, you don't have to be a witch just because you are psychic. Try learning more about the path, read books on it, search the web for information. If it feels like it's right for you, then that's great and you can move forward from there. If it doesn't feel right, though, don't let your friends push you into becoming a witch. Read and learn, then you can decide for yourself whether you want to become a witch or not.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Natalia in Birmingham
Hello Aunt Tabatha I have always been drawn to the craft and recently started practising as a solitary witch. I love it and it has made me feel better than I have ever felt I would like to go Witchfest but I don t know any like minded people that would go with me My partner is supportive of my chosen path but does not want to attend the event. Is there any local clubs or somewhere I can go to meet people like myself Thank you for taking time to read this x
Dear Natalia,
I'm afraid I don't know what meetings are in your area. However, CoA do have local gatherings in many areas and if you check the local gatherings page at htp:// I'm sure you'll find one in your area.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chloe in Derwood
Aunt Tabatha I have been having a problem. I am 13 yrs old and have taken an intrest in the Wiccan studies. My grandma found out and she s all no if you do you wont live with God and you ll probably go to hell. My best friend who told me about Wicca is all like You re too obsessed with this Wicca stuff I think she thinks i m crazy. My Dad is afraid of me hurting myself and won t let me try any rituals. Everyone except my Mom who supports me thinks it s black magic or devil worship. I keep on trying to tell them it s not but they get so worked up it s like they think i m a black spot a devil follower. I feel so alone no one to talk to I wish I was in a coven so they could help me out. The people in the covens probably and they do know more about Wicca than me and I really need to turn to someone eho understands me. I chose Wicca because it feels right to me. It s a part of me I never knew existed and it s really the only good think I have to do right now. My granny might send me to a shrink if she has to People try to stop me from practising Wicca. I would like to know how people can respect my decisions that I make in life and that they have to open up to other things. I really need your help Aunt Tabatha. Please Hurry Chloe
Dear Chloe,
I'm afraid that, while you are living under their roof, you will have to follow your parents' wishes. It may be best to let it go for now, until you're an adult and can make your own choices. If you still want to follow Wicca then, no-one can stop you. No reputable coven would accept someone under the age of 18, so I'm afraid that isn't an option for you at the moment. For now, concentrate on reading, meditating and learning what you can about the natural world. Spend as much time as you can outside. Try to see the God and Goddess in everything around you. Just don't let your love of Wicca stop you living your daily life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Denise in
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have been interested in Witch Craft well my entire life. I didn t start really studying and reading everything until the age of 16 though when libraries in different towns and shops became more accessible. My family up bringing was Roman Catholic and my mother feels that any sort of Witch Craft or spells is wrong and messing with something you should leave alone. Then she started doing Tarot Readings for money. She said that they were nothing more than a tool for counseling some people just need to see things in a different way. If this is true then why can t she see my view that spells are just like prayers or like sending out energies to achieve something. You re still asking for something you want/need in your life. What s wrong with positive thinking I m almost 20 have been living on my own since 18 and paying my way since 16 and she still can t seem to accept my opinion. I m not interested in Wicca I am but I m not. I have a religion Christian Catholicism whatever you want to call it. Can I be a Catholic Witch There are some things in the Catholic religion I disagree with but many things I agree with. There are also things in Wicca I disagree with and strongly agree with. But can I truly separate out Wicca from witchcraft as a lifestyle I know that I m still young and still have a long way to go in studying but I m afraid that I ve reached my limit to what I can do on my own. I ve been reading everything I could get my hands on but I have no guidance other than my own thoughts and opinions. I don t know where to go from here. I m also afraid that with working so many hours and going to school full time my studying of witchcraft has taken the back seat in my life and I don t want it to. I m asking for a group. I know this will sound awful since I am but a teenager my self but I ve been avoiding going to meetings that appear to be full of hopeless teens or people just grabbing on to the fad. I know I haven t proven myself near anything yet but I don t feel that this is a fad in my life. And I m looking for a more serious source of guidance. To get to my real question I live in Arizona. I ve been to all the shops looked at all the flyers and read all the books. The only thing I haven t done is purchased the merchandise partly because I feel that companies use items simply for profit and partly because I feel anything you need should be made yourself. My question is do I simply keep studying on my own Will I keep finding more information that will start satisfying me again or do I need to seek out a group or guide I want a teacher and feel that I need one. But I m not sure where to go to find help. Your time spent reading this is greatly appreciated and I hope to hear from you. Denise
Dear Denise,
You can't mix Wicca with any other religion, as Wicca has it's own set of guidelines. However, it is possible to practice witchcraft and draw on some Christian beliefs. I know some people have managed to combine the two, although I'm not sure how, as Christianity has always been against the use of magic. Whether you should keep practising alone or not is something only you can answer. Certainly there is plenty of information out there for the comitted seeker. Online bookstores stock hundreds of titles on the subject of witchcraft, some better than others. But if you feel you want to join a group, then you have to actually go out there and join. Don't necessarily be put off by the members' ages. Try the group out. If it doesn't feel like it's for you, then move to the next one. But until you find one that fits, don't stop learning by yourself. Good luck with your search.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From elizabeth in letterkenny
I dreamt two dreams that came true. The first one was I dreamt for a week until the day before my granddad died a weird dream. In the dream was my cousin Marie giving my uncle James the coffin screws but in the dream I didn t see any face just their clothes and the kitchen. They were dress in the every clothes I saw in the dream that dreamt every night that whole week the last dream was the night before granddad died. He died on a Sunday at 7 pm. The second dream was about my great aunty dieing three month later she was his sister but this dream was different the dream only happen once on the night she die. I woke from the dream at 4 05 am I went back to sleep and at 6 30 my cousin Marie her daughter woke the whole house to tell us that her mom die at 4 05 that morning in the hospital the dream was also different in that I could only heard sounds of someone running up the stair and into my uncle room I then heard her say that her mom was died she was cry the whole time she was in the his room I woke up cause someone shout. I don t know who I could see only blackness. That was the only times it happen. Could you tell me happen and how I can learn to control it.
Dear elizabeth,
What you've described are known as 'precognitive dreams'. One of the best ways to learn how to understand your dreams is to start recording them in as much detail as possible. Then you can go back to them and may see certain patterns forming in the symbolism over a course of several dreams. In this way, you will be able to build up a personal collection of symbols that have specific meanings to you, which will, in turn, help you understand your dreams better. I also recommend reading books by CG Jung, who was an eminent psychologist and believed that dreams were the mind's way of telling us what was wrong in our daily lives.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sideny in stoke on trent
dear aunt tabatha hi i have been interested in learning wicca for ages but i am not sure about how to start
Dear sideny,
The first thing I would recommend is to read as much as you can on the subject. Your local library should have a number of books on Wicca if you don't want to, or can't afford to buy them. Authors to especially look out for are Kate West, Teresa Moorey and Fiona Horne. Also, joining an online forum, like the Children of Artemis, will enable you to find additional information and enable you to ask questions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From shyanne in Beaver
I am way interested in witchcraft and i want to know how to become one and everything about it
Dear shyanne,
MM shyanne,

Thank you for your question. The best way to learn about the subject is to read books; I suggest Kate west’s Real Witches Handbook is a good place to start. You can also join the children of Artemis as a member which will give you lots of information.

Good Luck & Bright Blessings

Aunt Tabatha
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From dhem in manila
how can i make a flame by only using a words w/out equipment what words can i use to take a oath
Dear dhem,
Personally I would use matches or a lighter to make a flame. I have heard that some people can produce fire at will but I have never witnessed it myself.
As for oaths you can use whatever words you like. It is common to swear on something very important to you such as, a god/goddess, of the life of a loved one. The more personal the oath the stronger it will be. Just be wary before swearing oaths as they should be taken as binding.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Susan in Perryville
Hi Tabatha. I am a 24 year-old female with some serious questions. I have spent the last 12 years of my life trying to find out whether or not I come from a family of witches. My grandmother who passed on in 2002 told me stories all my life of spiritual encounters that she had instilled in me all her superstitions that eerily to me have proved to be true told me how we are given warnings and strangely knew a lot about gardening folklore etc. I hope this is not sounding sterotypical I m just explaining things. Also my mother was the same as her mother. My mother passed away in 1991 from cancer and I ve never gotten over that and never will. I find myself still trying to learn the person that she was since I was only 11 when she passed. My only connection to that sort of information was my grandmother she was very open-minded about things and would listen. My mother s sister my aunt she has seen spirits had strange things happen in her life yet she denies having any connection with that sort of thing yet I think that it s in her somewhere. She is closed-minded. Although all of us grandmother mom my aunt and I all had dreams informative ones that tell us what will happen in the future about some particular thing have seen spirits feel certain feelings or pain of ones that are close to us before we are even told about them very strange things. Also my mother was in the Order of the Eastern Star and my father in the Order of the Masonic Lodge my half-brother in the Order of the DeMolay and I a Job s Daughter when I was younger. I was raised in a Christian setting and sent to a Christian school yet things were different than I guess the expected Christian family is suppose to be. I have heard that those Orders that my parents my brother and me were involved in have Pagan ties. Which confuses me and I ve tried to research it too. I d ask my father although he would probably not be at liberty to tell me and he passed away in 1992. At age 18 I became strangely drawn to the Wiccan section of my favorite bookstore and have collected a lot of books and have dabbled in the Craft I know dabbling is not good but I seem to have a knack for it. Some of things just seems to come naturally to me. At age 20 I spoke with a respected older witch who looked into my family s past and all she told me was that at some point in my mother s life that someone had put a curse on her. I don t know why anyone would do that my mother was a very wonderful person very open and giving and loving and not the sort of person that you would consider casting a harming spell against. Anyway since all this time I kind of stayed away from witchcraft pushing away my urge to read about it or learn anymore about my parents because some of it actually scared me. I guess I wouldn t know how to take it all in if I knew it to be true but now I desperately want to know. Recently I ve had another dream on Mother s Day actually where I was visited by my mother and grandmother. These dreams that I speak of having are like real life and could possibly be unless I m subconsciously connecting to them on the other side. I have a lot of out of body experiences which I ve learned from some research in the Craft is how witches really flew like time travel on another plane of existence. I wonder if this is what I m experiencing. Anyway the dream was nice they just stopped by to say they loved me and to wish me a happy mother s day. I am a mother of a 28 month old boy and a 18 month old girl. That s another thing My children look off into space and have conversations with people who I don t see or play with people that I don t see Maybe I m not letting myself see or maybe I m not meant to see. These children are very bright and I catch them doing things all the time that I haven t taught them or that they couldn t have picked up from anyone around me. I m totally lost yet I feel like there s more to my family s history than what I know or have been told. Also my grandmother on my father s side was a full-blood Cherokee Indian with her own practices although very religious Christian was plagued with demonic dreams and other warnings and informative dreams. Before she died she drew pictures of her dreams and wrote a diary of these events. She was an artist as was my father and the things she drew symbols examples are all things that I ve seen in books of Witchcraft. I feel like my mother is still with me not just how you keep someone s memory alive I mean like she s in me pushing me to figure things out like there s something else I am suppose to know. My earliest memory which came to me in a dream a few years ago I remembered this after I woke was making a spell book at the age of 6. Where else could I have gotten that This wasn t some Disney cartoon witch thing this was very serious I remember. I remember being a tom-boy and the kids in the neighborhood not wanting to play with me because I turned my sand box into a make-shift cauldron. Where else would I have gotten the knowledge to even THINK about something like that at that age if I wasn t exposed to something of that nature I am so lost and so confused and desperate to know SOMETHING about my parent s lives. Now that I m an adult I just feel that there s more. Tabatha can you PLEASE tell me ANYTHING about all this Am I crazy Have I just put too much thought into something that I never should have put thought into in the first place Please help. That s all I can say. Just please help. Susan Perryville KY
Dear Susan,
Firstly I do think you have thought a little too much about this issue with the inevitable results that you are going round and round in circles without resolving anything. I think you need to put a little distance between yourself and these family issues. You have suffered many traumatic bereavements and your grieving has been disturbed by the visits albeit comforting from your dead loved ones. I think you need a break from contacting them so that you can become used to the change in your relationship.
As for your family history it does sound as if certain skills and aptitudes run in your family. However, this doesn't mean that your family were all witches, merely that they had these skills. Maybe there is some big family secret, but I think you need to focus on yourself in the present. What is lacking from your life at the moment that you feel would be changed by knowing this information? Although interesting and useful the most important thing to know about is yourself, your skills and your beliefs.
As for the occult orders you name some of them certainly have some links to certain high ritual magic societies. The book Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton goes into these links in some detail.
As for your children it is common for children to stare into space, have imaginary friends and indulge in a lot of fantasy play. This may involve them seeing entities we adults cannot or it may simply be that they become more intensely immersed in imagination than adults are capable of. Either way I don't think it's anything to worry about - although you should be aware that it is likely they will have inherited your own skills in this area. Be ready to guide them. Your own childhood experiences are again quite common - having working in childcare I can assure you that an interest in magic and spirits is common in childhood. As are writing spell books and setting off on magical adventures. Don't feel that your childhood interests mean you have to go down a certain path in your adult life. Instead take a brak from everything magical and meditate on what it is you want to do in life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah mclean in
I need to know if i am a witch because i have this urge to become one or i am one i need a spell to try to see if i can do it i have faith that i can
Dear sarah mclean ,
You don't do spells to see if you are a witch. You do spells when you have to decided to become a witch and have studied for a long time. The way you become a witch is to decide to become one because you feel this is your path in life and you are dedicated to it.
The way to start is to learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tabitha in elkview
Hey tabatha thats my name too thats cool umm.. i want to become a witch but i dont know how to and if i do will i have magical powers if youcavt get to my qestion thats ok.
Dear Tabitha ,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Imogen in Peterborough
Dear Aunt Tabatha I wrote to you some time ago about some confusions with my sexuality. After following your advice I have solved that problem. but i have been unable to motivate myself to come back into Witchcraft. I have been initiated for 3 years but at the moment I feel very low. I live with other people so rituals and spells are difficult and its almost impossible to fnd somewhere quiet outside. When ever I cast circle I cannot completely switch off as I am always concious about other people being around. My house mates do not understand my beliefs and whilst they do not interefer they do interupt What can I do to get my motovation back for rituals and for finding somewhere to practice Blessings Imogen x
Dear Imogen,
Everyone who has a spiritual faith goes through crises of faith from time to time. It sounds as if this is what is happening to you now. You've just dealt with a huge issue in your life and that is bound to have emotional repercussions for you. You may well find you have subtley altered your perspective on your spiritual life and there may be changes you have to make as a result of this. Don't push yourself to get back into witchcraft before you are ready. You may need some time out - or even feel your path has changed completely. When you do feel ready for some spiritual work the best way to start is by stripping it down to the basics. Rather than trying rituals or spells do some simple, but deep, mediation or visualisation. Meet your guides or deities and assess how your relationship with them has changed. You should find this easier to do with flatmates around. Take your time and let your instinct be your guide.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ashley in philadelphia
i really like this guy alot his name is steve and i want him to like me bac too but how i wish i could make him but how do i fall into his heart i wish i had a spell but i sometimes feel like a witch sence i was little can u please give me a spell or help me with this guy and tell me weither or not im a witch bye
Dear ashley,
You become a witch when you choose to become a witch. Some people may have been born with certain skills whihc help them along this path, but you can't be a witch without knowing it.
No, I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From vartan in beirout the capital of lebanon
plz i wanna ask u a very important questions a question that no one could was able to answer to my question i m willing to be a greath spell caster do powerful spiritual things well will i be one one day and whether the answer is yes or no tehre s another important question will i ever b hurt by any attack by any spirits or anything of that sort knowing that i will never be involved in black magic just for love stuff and to reach to higher places and for fame and pride well that kind of stuff plzzzzzz help me
Dear vartan,
I am an agony aunt not a psychic. I cannot tell you what is going to happen in your future. However I can tell you that if you wish to become a good spellcaster and you work hard at it there is no reason why you should not become one. If you protect yourself properly at all times, which all good spellcasters do, there is equally no reason why you should come under spiritual attack.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Roy in
hi i have a wiccan friend who showed me about witchcraft and stuff.As i have always had an interest for these things i really wna to know more and iz it true that if you practice wiccan you have to change your religon to wiccan
Dear Roy,
You can practise witchcraft without being wiccan, but if you want to practise wicca you do have to be a wiccan. Otherwise it would be like practising Christianity without being a Christian.
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Adrian in DeRidder
I ve tried over and over and over to write a spell but none work and I m not near an herb shop and I wouldn t know what could be wrong with my spells. Do you know what s wrong
Dear Adrian,
I think creating your own spells is a vital skill but it can be hard to know where to start. Firstly, don't get too hung up on the idea of a spell as a written piece of poetry spoken out loud within some kind of ritual setting. This is one way of doing a spell but by no means the only way - although it may be the most glamorous and most often shown on TV! Group spellwork is obviously also different from solo work and often needs to be done aloud in order to allow everyone to participate.
The first step to creating your own spells is to find your spell style - ie work out how you feel comfortable working and what your skills are. If you love language then poetry or prose spells may be for you, if you are musical or artistic then singing or making talismans respectively may be for you. If you are interested in herblore then charms and healing may be your thing. maybe you are drawn to a particular element such as fire or water, in which case you could incorporate this or all the elements into your spells.
At the heart of each spell, it's only vital component, is your intent. This is the powerful bit and you need to learn to focus this intent as energy and direct it towards your purpose. Meditation and visualisation are necessary skills for this.
I realise that this isn't a step-by-step guide to spell-creating, but I don't really think there can be such a thing as we are all different and unique and all have different skills and preferences to the way we work. I hope I've given you some pointers and food for thought anyway.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brigit in Larnaca
I need help. My mother does not want me to be Wiccan and I was forced to throw away all my tools. I have tried to forget everything but the love for the Goddess is too deep in my heart. What should I do
Dear Brigit ,
While you will have to abide by your mother's rules while you live in her house you do not have to abandon your faith completely. There is plenty you can do unobtrusively and requiring no tools such meditation, visualisation, keeping a herb garden, going on country walks, keeping a dream diary and sacred cooking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tina in Kurri Kurri
Aunt Tabitha do you know if my compensation claim will disappoint me I lost a limb whilst being a passenger in a car somehow the insurance found me partially liable I can t seem to move past this fear that I won t be able to provide for my children and that my limb loss will destroy me if I can t financially provide for my kids. Please help.
Dear Tina,
I am not really the person you need to speak to about this. I presume your solicitor will have given you some idea of the kinds of compensation you can expect to receive. I suggest you also go to see your local Citizens' Advice Bureau who will be able to advise you on possible benefits and financial support available. I would imagine you are also somewhat traumatised by such a shocking experience and would recommend you take up some form of counselling to help you adapt. Ask at your local hopsital, who I am sure will have some kind of service for rehabilitation of people such as yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From PATRICIA in MANCHESTER
I am not sure what you mean by 'black magic' witches don't tend to use the terms 'black' or 'white' magic. Different people have different ideas what is meant by these terms. However I don't see how an action of your mother's should have any effect on your character. Specific acts can be termed 'evil', people can't.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From PATRICIA in MANCHESTER
Reputable covens will not take anyone under 18 - quite often much older. This is because they expect you to have done some work on your own first and to know what exactly you believe, how you like to practise, and some specific skills. They will also expect you to be fairly settled in your life. Coven training can be very intense and is no something to attempt while also concentrating on school or college work. You need to make a big commitment to a coven, both in time and energy knowing that you will be in the same area for at least the foreseeable future. For these reasons you would be much better to study as a solitary for at least the next few years to build up your skills and experience.
I'm afraid I don't know Manchester but you should be able to find any local witchcraft shops in the local Yellow Pages under 'New Age'.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in plymouth
dear aunt tabatha my best freind and i have recently starded practicing wicca and i am in need of help. my freiind has recently broken with her sons father and he is very broken up about it. his sister has told us that he tried kill himself and he has become very unstable. we have tried to help him buy casting spells for emotional strength and clear thinling but it doesnt seem to be helping at all. if you could help us by telling us of something else we could do i would be eternally grateful.
Dear sarah,
I would recommend sending him regular healing which will then be directed to where he needs it by his own psyche rather than doing more specific spells based on your own diagnosis of his problem. you can send healing by visualising him surrounded with golden, silver or blue light. You may find that you start with these colours but other colours come during the course of the healing. Go with whatever happens. It can be useful to have a photograph or belonging of his to focus the mind when doing the healing. Bear in mind that although this can be very powerful it is him who actually has to heal himself. you can only do your best to support the process for which he is responsible.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From starfire1 in Roswell New Mexico USA
I was just wondering if could learn to become a wiccan through meditation and visualization. I really am attracted to the magic and the earth alot. I want to improve my life and help out my family with the magic but how should I get started on becoming one Thanks
Dear starfire1,
What you are describing is general paganism than the more specific path of wicca. I would recommend you read the book Pagan Path by Pete Jennings which describes many different pathways with some ideas on how to get start in each.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alan in Guildford
I have been with my girlfriend for 7 years or so and I am very fond of her and would never intentiionally hurt her. However I am not that attracted to her. I would probably be reasonably happy to stay with her but I feel that there is something missing. Are there any indications of any changes in my immediate future
Dear Alan,
I'm an agony aunt not a psychic and I can't tell your future. I do have to ask you some questions: Why do you stay with someone that you are only fond of? Why do you stay in a relationship where you are only 'reasonably' happy? Are you frightened to be on your own? Or of change? It is obvious that you want to make changes or you wouldn't be asking me if I could see this happening. The key is: you have to initiate change. It may be difficult and it may be painful, but will be worth it in the long run.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From darling apple in iloilo city
aunt tabatha hello i just wanna say i have problems with my classmates in school and i wanna avenge on them its been a year and a month and they still do it i wanna charge a spell unto them. Do you think that s the better way so that they ll stop on bullying me darling apple
Dear darling apple,
I don't think that is the best way of dealing with it. If you are being bullied report it to your teachers, tell your parents, get them to put a stop to it. Stand up to and ignore the bullies - don't give them the satisfaction of any response. Find others who are also victims and band together for support.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Samantha in Genesee
I have just started to learn how to become a Wicca and I was wondering if it would be better to learn alone or with someone And if I sould learn with someone who could help me
Dear Samantha,
This is up to you. Do you learn best alone or in company? Do you know someone that could help? There isn't a 'best' way of doing things - only what you choose.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From margaret ross in Manchester UK
Can I curse my own property. Kids sit in the trees which are on the top of my garage roof they are abusive rude and throw alcoholic glass bottles down where our dogs play they have been told by us police and parents not to go up there but they still do is there a way to curse the trees or our property so they cannot go up there ever again Help please. Thank you.
Dear margaret ross,
Cursing a very dangerous and complicated business. Simply put: if you need to ask how to go about cursing then you are not qualified to do it. You will need to look further into mundane ways of achieving what you want.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Simon in Cardiff
I m sure you ve been asked this before but are there any rites of initiation for new Wiccans
Dear Simon,
Initiation is generally which is done by your coven or you can do a rite of self dedication if you wish. You can find examples of such ceremonies in most wiccan books for beginners. Try Kate West's The Real Witch's Handbook.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Winona in Raleigh
I m at a point where I m very unhappy with my job and marriage life in general . I m depressed all the time. What do you see happening
Dear Winona,
I am an agony aunt not a psychic so I can't tell you what will happen. However, what I advise if you are this unhappy is that you see your doctor straight away. You may be suffering from depression in which case you should not be making major decisions about your life until you are treated. Ask yourself what do you want to happen? What job would you like to have? Why are you unhappy in your marriage? What steps can you take to achieve your desired outcome?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Deanna in LasVegas
I need to know if wiccans/pegans believe or can believe in god. I know that they work with nature alot so i would really like to know. Thankyou so much. Deanna
Dear Deanna,
The good thing about paganism is that there are no hard and fast rules. You choose the path you are drawn to. Many pagans certainly believe in various Gods and Goddesses, some believe in more than one of each, some believe in a Lord and Lady, some believe in one deity who is beyond gender or who incorporates both genders. However, if you are asking about if pagans believe in the the Christian God the answer is generally no, unless they believe that all Gods are the same God under different names.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From dameah in desmones
what dose deity mean
Dear dameah,
A deity is a god or goddess.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chris in NY
how do i know if i am a witch or not how do i become one. I really want to be one
Dear chris,
You know you are a witch when you choose to become one. The reason you choose to become one is that you feel drawn to the earth, nature, magic and feel it is your path in life to study, heal, and become one with the land. The best way to become a witch is to learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nicole in
Um ok lately I have been have some weird dreams. I can t remember much from them just that there s a guy from school in them. well I can t stand the guy I ve know him sense the age of 9 but sense I started having the dreams I can t stop thinking about him. I m only 17 and I m really not looking for relationship and I m so confused. I ve tried clearing my mind that did help. I tries keeping myself busy still I can stop thinking about him. Sorry I know there s really not a direct question here but I hope you can pick up on it. Thanks - you Wuv ya Nicole
Dear Nicole,
You need to meditate on what this person represents to you. Could he symbolise parts of yourself you dislike? Or is he part of a memory from your childhood? Is there something about him that you fear? You subconcious is obviously trying to tell you something. You are the person in the best position to work this out.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marie in Crawley
Dear Aunt Tabatha my friend has broken a mirror and she is desperate about this seven years bad luck is there anything I can do to help her Bright Blessings Marie
Dear Marie,
While I know that this is a very old tradition I have broken many mirrors in my life with no ill effect. I believe the tradition remedy is to throw salt over your left shoulder. However I think this must be done at the time of the breakage. It all depends really on exactly the associations your friend has with mirrors. I can't see any reason why she should have bad luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Maja in Guildford
Hi my name is maja. I m not witch and I dont know anything about witchas But I have one question. Since I was born I had many expirience with mystic natural forces. I cant Explain them and for long i have been searching for some answers why I see light when is dark Why I understand animals and why everytime when animals look at my eyes are scared. why I understand what wind is saying why I feel most of time big energy in my hearth and my arms I just want to know why
Dear Maja,
It doesn't matter if you are a witch or not. Natural forces are there whether you acknowledge them or not. You have obviously tuned into some of these natural forces, which is a good thing. There doesn't have to be a big question about this - just be grateful for your gift.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From brittany in erie
Dear Ant Tabath I v ben thinking about the path of witchcarft but Iam scard that my family well not except it. My question is should I be scard that my family stop loving me because I choose this path
Dear brittany,
I don't think you should be scared but I can't tell you what your family's reaction will be because I don't know them. You presumably do know them and should a good idea of how they might react. There is no reason why they should disown you for simply embracing an earth religion so it will be your task to explain gradually and gently to them what is really involved so that their reaction will not be out ignorance.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From liliana in London
I v been let down almost all my life and I m sick of it so I always try to find some kind of happines but I m always again let down. It can be family friends or men. why are they doing this to me i m a good person Im alawys there when people need me but I always left alone.
Dear liliana,
Unfortunately in life very few people come up to the expectations we may have of them. This could be because we expect too much, or because we don't tell people clearly what we expect. There is no point being a doormat. If someone lets you down explain to them clearly what they have done wrong and then don't tolerate it a second time. Demand the behaviour you deserve and don't settle for anything less. Start expecting people to treat you well. What you expect tends to come true. If you believe everyone will let you down, that is what will happen.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Margaret ross in Manchester UK
When am I going to have lots of money so I can move house to somewhere where there are no trespassing people and kids.
Dear Margaret ross,
Focus on the outcome you desire i.e. to live in a better area. Is there any way you can achieve this without lots of money? Could you move to a cheaper area? Get on the council house waiting list? Try a housing association? Speak to your Citizens' Advice Bureau for other options. In the mean time is there anything you could do to improve your area? Such as join or start a local residents association? Talk to your local community police liaison? It is better to focus on the positive outcomes and take action than wish for windfalls.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Mark in Stoke
Hello Over the last two years I have had so much bad luck anything that can go wrong...has gone wrong. And i am sure that i am cursed or somthing to that tune....My whole family is getting the bad luck - but everything seems to happen around me... Is there anything that you could advise What do you think about the situation Thanks alot.
Dear Mark,
I think it is unlikely you are cursed. However it can be the case that you can end up in a downward spiral. Once you start expecting everything to go wrong, it tends to become a self fulfilling prophecy. You can edit out anything good that has happened. Break out of this cycle by focusing on everything good in your life. Do you have your health? A job? A roof over your head? Food to eat? Friends? Family? Maybe things have gone wrong because you are on the wrong path in life. You need to sit down and reassess where you are doing at this moment. What are you trying to achieve? Send out positive energy towards your goal. Banish negative expectations.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lori in Boston
Hi I want to be a witch but I am a little scared of what the out come may be. And where can I find a good friend with the same interests as me thankyou Lori.
Dear lori ,
I don't understand what you fear may happen. Witchcraft is a system for using natural magic - there is no reason to be scared. Maybe you should spend some time thinking very hard if this is really the path for you. While it is wise to treat the forces of nature with respect nothing is going to 'happen' to you as a result of attuning yourself with the universe. Maybe you have a slightly unrealistic picture of what witchcraft might entail and I can assure you it is not like Charmed, Buffy or The Craft.
As for finding a similar friend keep an eye out for local talks and courses on magical subjects, visit your local new age shop, see if they have a noticeboard advertising local moots or events. Be open to new people and experiences.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in epsom
Dear aunt tabatha i have been thinking about the books i use as sources and after studying herbalism with scott cunningham s encyclopedia of magical herbs i realised that most of the plants etc are common in USA but not in question is..are there any authors native to UK which wouldve had done a same type of book with only plants and herbs native to UK I thank you again for the help you offer to us all bright blessings
Dear tom,
There are many modern herbals written in the UK ranging from Culpeper to new books coming out every week. most of them will focus on healing and culinary aspects but as the magical tend to be an extention of this and very much in the eye of the beholder this shouldn't be a problem. the easier way to find one would be to look through as the reviews on there tend to be helpful in finding exactly what you want.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jennifer in thayer
Dear Aunt Tabitha I am really confused on what route of witchkraft i should go for. There s alot of people that tell me to follow my heart but everything I read and study makes me want to learn more about everything and not just one thing. Do you have anything to help understand am i just confused or is it something else.
Dear Jennifer,
It's good that you are interested in lots of different things. However you are right to think that you need to choose one or two subjects at a time to study properly otherwise you'll end up not knowing very much about anything. This is more an issue of impatience than confusion. You wish to do everything now and know everything now. This isn't possible. Try doing a special meditation on the different subjects that draw you and see if you can pinpoint the ones you are most interested in. It doesn't mean you have to abandon all the rest, merely choose a couple of subjects to start with. Witchcraft is a long-term commitment and you have your whole life ahead of you to study every subject that draws your interest. I can also recommend the book Pagan Paths by Pete Jennings that has a good overview of various paths which you might find helpful in making your initial choice.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ella in Ipswich
My best friends mum is a really strong christian and won t let my friend be wiccan and if she found out that i was wiccan too she wouldn t let her see me can you please help
Dear Ella,
Your religious faith is no one's business but your own. Why should your friend's mother find out anything about it? There is no reason why a Christian and a Wiccan cannot be fine friends anyway, but if you suspect this person's ignorance of wicca may lead her to disapprove then don't tell her. As for your friend's religious faith this is for her to work out in her own family situation. You should not become involved. If your friend wants to share this with her mother I suggest that she initiates discussion by chatting about religious beliefs in general and then tells her mother some of her own beliefs without naming it first. From there she could go on to ask her mother to read a sensible introductory book on wicca and talk about it together afterwards. Hopefully this would quiet any fears her mother may have concerning the wiccan path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From morgan in coventry
there is this girl at school and she is causing me and my best friend grief. we have tryed other spells but nothing has worked. do you have any sugestions PLEASE HELP
Dear morgan,
My main suggestion would be to ignore this girl. You don't say what kind of grief she is causing you so it is difficult to be more specific. If she is bullying you tell your parents and your teacher straight away as this should not be tolerated. If it less serious simply avoid her and ignore her and everything she says. After all why should you care what an obvious idiot says or does? This is a situation that requires common sense not magic.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandy in Radcliff
Dear Aunt Tabitha I had this dream two nights ago that kinda surprised me and scared me abit. in the dream I was praying for some prince to come rescue me No I wasn t locked in a tower I was either at a bus station or an airport and as I was laying on the ground looking up at the people walking by I spotted him. I knew it was him from that moment and I wanted him to know that I loved him. So I followed him out side but quickly turned around and went back in cuz I knew there was monsters out there. I thought for a moment and decided I would chance it for love. I was smokin as I went out but that was because I was nervous. I knew they would threaten you especially if you were smoking. I ran out side and looked everywhere for him but couldn t find him. Eventually I sat down on a bench beside this gurl and she told me that I needed to put my cigarette out before the monsters come. I was about to put it out when I glanced across the road and spotted him coming right towardst me. About that time something was snapping and clawing at my legs. I screamed and instantly put out my cigarette. The monster yelled at me when I looked over at my prince he looked scared and he turned and ran. I promised the monster I was her friend and she took my word for it and promised she wouldn t kill me. I was thinking of how to kill her and win my prince back just as I was awakened to eat breakfast. This dream stumps me can you explain what it saying to me I don t understand......... Brandy
Dear Brandy,
To dream of princes can signify a wish for romance in your life, more specifically a boyfriend. Airports and bus stations are transitory places which can symbolise that you are feeling out of place and need to make a fresh start or form new plans in your life. Cigarettes and smoking can point to all kinds of issues depending on your associations, but they often indicate issues of dependency. It also sounds to me as if you have some subconsious guilt about smoking and feel this habit may stand in the way of romance. Monsters can represent parts of yourself that you dislike and find unattractive and your desire to befriend, trick and kill the monster in order to win your prince indicates you wish to suppress the unattractive parts of yourself in order to find romance.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leanda in Wirral
what can you see in store for my future
Dear Leanda,
I am an agony aunt not a psychic. You hold the key to your own future. What would you like to happen? How can you achieve this? Whatever you desire, set it in motion.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jenny in bronx
Ever since i was born i will feel some kind of strange energy like if i was more then just a that im in my teenages i feel it even more but for some reason im connecting myself to a cat like if im some kind of catwoman i feel as if i can communicate with them is this strange or are there others like me
Dear Jenny,
I suspect that the power you can feel is the power of nature and of the universe which flows within us all and in all things. It is good that you can feel this energy but not uncommon.
Some people do feel a natural affinity to a particular animal - if so then cultivate this, try and communicate, make a relationship with your cat. Some people find familiar spirits in various animals and utilise this to great effect in their magical practice.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rene in Vernon Alabama
I am beginning my journey into the Wiccan faith. I have no mentor or teacher that I have found in my area. Could you please help me locate someone
Dear Rene ,
I'm afraid I have no knowledge of the witchcraft community outside my own town, let alone my own country. The best way to locate a teacher or mentor is to become involved in your local witchcraft scene. Go to any local moots, talks or courses on magical subjects. Frequent your local new age shop. Be open to meeting people and put your need for a teacher out into the universe. When the time is right you will find the right person.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From James in Somersham
Dear aunt tabatha I am only just starting out in witchcraft and jut wondered what are some good ways of training and how do i perform a successful spell.
Dear James,
The best way of training is to immerse yourself in the natural world, which is the only important thing in a witch's practice. Experience your local environment, learn about its seasons, weather, plants, animals and history. Study the lunar and solar cycles. Learn important techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Learn a healing technique such as herbalism, aromatherapy or an energy healing technique. Learn to feel the power of the universe within you and without you - and how to tap into it. Once you have done all this (this could take many years) you will be ready to cast your first spell, but this isn't the first thing you should do. You will need to make a study of ethics before you even start on magic.
I hope this gets you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Corvinus in Kuressaare
hi aunt Tabatha. I have a problem a week ago my best friend moved to finland then in suffered in a very high fever for a week then i got in an arguement with a few of my friends then my mountain bike got stolen wasnt a cheap one and today i went swimming and lost my very expensive granaat almadiin crystal of the ring into the water...whats the next worst thing that will happen.... I feel so depressed and yesterday i watched a video scary movie 3 nothing in the movie made me laugh. Its like something or someone has cursed me or something in the art evreything i do goes wrong. please tell me waht to do or e-mail me a spell please...
Dear Corvinus,
Pull yourself together. Events such as you describe happen to all of us and we all know what it is like to experience a 'run of bad luck'. However this is simply all it is. It is highly unlikely you have been cursed. Nasty things happen to everyone. It is a natural part of life's balance: without bad things there could not be good. There is no reason why anything else bad should happen to you, but, in thinking so negatively you are sending out your own spell into the universe to attract more of the same towards you. Focus on the good things in your life. Visualise the things you desire happening. Expect positive outcomes. This is the most powerful spell you can do to attract good things.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Atlanta
Hey agian thanks for answering my other questions. I know alot of Chritstain people and most of them are my friends. and when they ask me what religin Iam. what should I say. should i lie and say something else or should i tell them the true I really hate keeping things away from my friends but then i dont want them to dislike me cause Im Wiccan. So what should I do.
Dear Pamela,
Your faith is a private and personal thing and you odn't have to tell anybody anything if you don't want to. If someone asks you and you don't wish to reply - for whatever reason - simply say that you consider it a private matter.
However if you really wish to share this aspect of your life with your friends there is no reason why you should not. There is nothing in a wiccan or pagan faith for a Christian to object to and any that does so is either ignorant, bigoted or both. Do you really wish to be friends with such a person? Could you really call such a person a friend?
As long as you are non-confrontational and willing to discuss the similarities and differences with your friends there is no reason why your relationships should not be harmonious.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stephanie in Texas
I am 13 and I have been interested in witchcraft for many years now. I have a few problems... One is that my parents don t want me to be a witch. I asked my mother a couple of years ago and she brushed me off. I asked her again a couple of months ago when a family friend was pushing us to convert to Christianity and she considered it. My problem is though that I have a genius level IQ and my mother won t even let me get books on the subject. Me and my two best friends have been casting spells for the past couple of months and they ve mostly worked What should I do about this Second I read somewhere that you could be a witch and a member of another religion. Is this true Because my two best friends are also interested in witchcraft and one isn t religious but the other is Muslim and I don t think she wants to leave that. My third question is what should I do if my mother lets me become a witch since I am only 13 My last question is just curiosity. Have you seen the show Charmed and if so do you think that the demons spells etc. could be real I have tried many of the spells and they do work for me... I m sorry this was so long Thank you very much...
Dear Stephanie,
Does your mother understand what witchcraft is about? Although she may not let you buy a book you could always try your local library or buy one yourself with your own money. Perhaps suggest to your mother that you read a book together and then discuss it. However if she is still against it you will have to abide by her rules while you live in her house. Witchcraft is a lifelong path and commitment so you will have many years to pursue it once you have left home. There are mnay things you can do to advance your paractice without attracting attention such as learning techniques such as visualisation and meditation, studying herblore, mythology, healing, the lunar and solar cycles, seasons etc. Spellcasting is not the best place to start, even if your spells work you should do a lot of study before reaching this point.
It is true that witchcraft is not a religion, however to combine it with a religion you need to ensure the two practises are compatible. I would have thought it would be very hard to combine witchcraft with a religious such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism as all these faiths specifically denounce the use of magic. With a lot of study and insight into the original texts of these religions you may find a way. I am not an expert.
As for Charmed this is purely fictional TV show with no elements of reality whatsoever.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From efrain in belize
after my grandmother teached me the witchcraft i feel like i am being watched or followed everywhere i go should i stop or maybe is just my mind
Dear efrain,
If your grandmother taught you the witchcraft you now practise, you would be best to discuss any problems you are having with her as she is best placed to be your continuing teacher and advisor.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From natalie in marysvill
In all my years I have never come across dragons blood where do I find it.
Dear natalie,
Dragon's Blood although it sounds exotic is in fact a resinous wood and should be stocked by any reputable herbalist.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in essex
when you go to the witchfest international 2004 when you buy the tickets do you have to bring money to go in the shops or can you go in the shops when you go to the witchfest thank you
Dear sarah,
On the day of Witchfest you turn up at the venue with your ticket, hand it in at the door and receive a wrist band in exchange. This allows you entry to all the talks, workshops and stalls. The only things you will need to pay for are any good purchase you purchase from the individual stalls or any food or drink.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jason in salisbury
could you tell me if there are any groups in salisbury or are there any others in this area who want to start
Dear jason,
I am afraid I have no idea. The best way to look for like-minded individuals is to investigate local moots, courses and talks. Try to attend and chat to people. A good place to find out about such things is often your local New Age shop where they have noticeboards and courses quite often.
However, please do not leave your common sense at the door, always make sure you are safe when meeting with strangers. Unfortunately it is the case that there are many more seekers than coven places. You may need to search for a long time before finding the right coven for you. Don't give up hope - solitary practice is incredibly valuable in its own right. The right teacher or group will come along for you when the time is right.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Atlanta
my dad is letting me do witchcraft. but my mom is trying to tell me all this negative stuff about it to stop me from doing it. how can i let her know that im the one who gets to chose my own path and not her.
Dear Pamela,
Don't be confrontational about this. Instead of telling your mother it's your business and not hers, try to see things from her perspective. You are her child and she's concerned for your well being. Sit down with her and reassure her you are safe and happy. Explain your beliefs to her calmly. Offer her a basic sensible introductory book on witchcraft, ask her to read it and discuss it with you.
I am sure that once she sees you have a made a mature and sensible decision regarding your beliefs - and that she understands fully what these beliefs are - she will be happier about you practising.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From yuri in elizabeth nj
what is coming in my future in men .
Dear yuri ,
I don't believe anyone can truly give you an answer to this. The human heart is a complicated matter and many different things could happen. The question is what do you want to happen? If you put this desire out into the universe and open yourself up to the possibilities what you want will be more likely to happen.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From yuri in eliabeth nj
what do i do when i cant find dat true love and nbody likes me .
Dear yuri,
I am sure that one day you will find true love, most people do. You need to give it time. It will happen when the time is right. Be open to it and be positive.
What makes you think that nobody likes you? Many people think this - but it is rarely true.
As for what you should do, think positive, cultivate self-confidence and work on your self-esteem.
If you appear to like yourself, to be friendly and be open to making friends other people will be drawn to you. If however you sit around wondering why nobody likes you people will assume that you standoffish and unfriendly and it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Unknown in Warwick
hey i heard that if you do a spell during the wrong phase of the moon something bad will happened. if so what if i find a spell but mentions nothing about the moon how will i know if something bad will happened
Dear Unknown,
This is one good reason to use spells you create yourself, then you can take this into account.
However, I feel that casting a spell at the 'wrong' time of the moon won't have bad results so much as not so effective ones. It is like using a river to row a boat - if you row downstream you harness the power of the river to help you, whereas if you row upstream the power of the river is against you meaning you have to use twice as much energy to go the same distance.
Generally speaking, use the new moon for new intentions, starting out with things, planning and such like; the waxing moon for growing things and putting plans into operations; the full moon for healing and fertility and related items; the waning moon for banishing and ridding yourself of unwanted habits; the dark moon for shaodw magic or for things to do with the subconscious or hidden things.
Most spells can be written to fit in with the time of the moon you wish to cast them, but don't feel bound too strongly. If you need to cast a spell today, then do it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marisa in oceanside
where can you get a book of shadows cause i live down the hill from barnes and nobles thats were i got my first book do you think they ll have it there
Dear Marisa,
I don't know of Barnes and Nobles I'm afraid, but pretty much any book which can be written in is suitable for a Book of Shadows-type book. It all depends on what you want to use -some people use ring-binders or computers, some use lined exercise books, some use elaborately decorated books. It's up to you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joonas in Kuressaare
i use wicca moustly for herbalism. I have a ring that has a stone a art of crystal that symbolises the elements of fire and earth... Is it possible to transform a amout of my and the energy of plants and trees in it so i could have a enrgy reserve just for case something happens
Dear Joonas,
It certainly should be possible to 'charge' a crystal, or indeed pretty much most natural items, with power from natural sources. You would need to leave the ring in the environment you wish to charge it from and visualise it being charged. You may like to leave it in the sun or moon light or wrap it in a leaf to properly symbolise the power.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Atlanta
How can I find out if Im a real Natural witch. cause ive been to many websites and they all say differnt things do u have an actually website that says the real stuff and not the fake things
Dear Pamela,
There is no 'One Truth' within witchcraft - it is an individual path and so different people tend to believe different things. You have to make up your own mind.
As for natural witches, I don't really believe in them as such. I believe there are certain skills which are helpful for witches and tend to predispose you towards such a path, and that some people may have natural talents with some of these skills, but that is as far as it goes.
I can't really see why it matters if you are a 'natural witch' anyway. Either this is your path in life or it isn't, i don't really see what difference it makes whether you believe it is a natural talent or learned skill.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lisa in Cardiff
Dear Aunt Tabatha I live with my partner who suffers with high Anxiety and phobias. He use to have a bad phobia which he has overcome but he still gets anxiety. Is there a spell that can help but wouldn t harm him I hate seeing my partner suffer with this as he is a lovely guy who would help anyone and he helps disabled people.
Dear lisa,
You can help him with relaxation and meditation techniques which can be very helpful in overcoming anxiety, as well as hypnosis which can guide him through situations which tend to make him anxious. Find a qualified hypnotherapist to show you both the technique and then you should be able to work on him when needed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lindsay in Jackson
I m tring to get my mum to understand the religion i chose. But she keeps saying that it s evil and worships the devil. how can I get her to understand Wicca/Witchcraft
Dear Lindsay ,
Ask her to read a good basic introduction to witchcraft such as something by Teresa Moorey, who is a mother herself, and answers all these kinds of queries.
Of course, nothing will stop your mother from believing what she chooses, no matter what you tell her or show her, so be prepared for her to still prefer her own beliefs.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Shannon in Saint Simons Island
I have been friends with a man for 5 yrs and we have crossed the friendship line . will it work if pursued
Dear Shannon,
That's something no-one can tell you, but you will probably regret it forever if you don't at least give it a try.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Samantha2 in worster
I some times find it hard to medatate ant tips
Dear Samantha2,
I'm sure that everyone finds it diffuclt to meditate at least sometimes. Some tips that might help: find a comfortable position to meditate in - physical discomfort is a big distraction. Try to find a time of the day when you're neither too hyped up nor too sleepy. If you're having a day when it's difficult to concentrate, just do what you can and don't beat yourself up about not meditating for very long. Don't necessarily try to empty your mind, just let thoughts swin around aimlessly in your mind without engaging in any of them. Whatever you can do is better than doing nothing at all, so do what you can and build up your time gradually. Better to meditate regularly for 2 minutes a day than once a month for half an hour.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From melissa in dover
how would i beable to move things with my do i bild up to that status what do i practice to do
Dear melissa,
I have never personally met someone with this ability and I believe it is pretty rare. I don't really know how you would go about cultivating this particular ability, although like with any other, practise has got to help!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ami in scunthorpe
i really like this lad i think he likes me he acts like he likes me but i want his true feelings for me to come out so i know how he feels can u send me a spell hats will help me make him love me and his true feelings to come out cause i want to be with him i really love him
Dear ami,
The best way to find out someone's true feelings is to ask them. You can sit and speculate endlessly but at the end of the day you ahve to take a risk for love - make yourself vulnerable by admitting your interest and asking them their feelings. If he acts like her likes you then the chances are that he does. Try asking him on a date - the worst that can happene is that he says no!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Laura in Plymouth
I have been going to my local COA gathering since January but apart from the coordinator who himself rarely goes on COA and 2 new members i am the only person who regular logs on to COA. Many of the moot formed a group and we have been holding workshops and rituals together. Unfortunately some problems have occurred and now most of us have been told we re no longer welcome at the moot/workshops etc. Obviously this has upset me as I wish to meet new COA members who want to go to the local moot etc but now have no way of doing this - should i aim to set up a second COA moot or one to replace the original one I really don t know what to do as I wish to carry on going to a local gathering and meet new COA members.
Dear Laura,
I don't think it would be a good idea to try and replace the original moot, but I can't see why you couldn't start up a second one - the more opportunities people ahve to meet others the better! Obviously, if you wanted it to be a CoA approved one you would need to speak to Merlyn and Epona.
I would also try to work out exactly where the problems occurred before and try to ensure they can't happen again. You never know, you maye be able to build bridges with the original group if you leave some cooling off time and approach them with an open mind.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jo in dorset
who are the English gods we know the Greek Norse and Roman but who were the English Who do we turn to
Dear jo,
This is a matter of conjecture mainly - the 'English' aren't actually an ethnic group or race in themselves but are made up of successive waves of immigration and conquest and are a huge mixture of various different Celtic races, indigenous British tribes, Roman, Anglo-saxons, Vikings, Jutes, other Germanic tribes, Norman and a whole host of others. The gods of England are amongst all these groups somewhere and tended to be very localised. There are a couple of good books on this subject, related to each other but by different authors - one called 'The Lost Gods of England' and the other called 'In Search of the Lost Gods of England'. These should help clarify your search.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kymberli in Greensboro
Dear Aunt Tabatha My question is about diasporan religions African mainly. I have a personal need for peace of mind right now. Instead of casting spells I would like to know how I might acheive this. I try to meditate but I am so stressed it is many times hard to concentrate. It seems that serving a pantheon may add to the stress and confusion in my life. The path I would like to create is eclectic more like hoodoo...what is the best way to find clarity of worship without muddying up my magic ... blessed be
Dear Kymberli,
I can't really give you any specific advice on African religions as I'm afraid I really don't have any experience with them, but I think what you need to do right now is stop trying to do magic and stop thinking about things. It sounds as if you've been going over and over this in your mind until you are exhausted and don't know what to do. The key is to stop doing everything and then tune in to your own inner voice and instincts again. You'll only be able to do this when you've ceased the striving and external chatter.
You need to go back to square one and build up a new practice, bit by bit, based on simple instincts. Only analyse and research something once it has come to you by instinct. I understand you're finding it hard to meditate - but that is precisely the time you need to do so most of all. Don't try any kind of complicated meditation though - just try to lie down for a few minutes each day, let your body relax and your mind wander where it will. You'll probably start to find your mind going off on long and bizarre trains of thought - these can be very helpful if you write them down straight afterwards and then read them back later.
Your subconscious knows what it needs you to do, you just need to relax and listen.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in london
Dear aunt tabatha..i did something i shouldn t of had done i know and now i want to be sure if i m paranoid or not. had some friends come and wanted to prove them doing spiritism with ouija board wasnt just jokes..while doing it a friend felt dizzy and absorbed by it so i decided to stop.1 nite after last nite i had some half dream half reality in dream i woke up light a lamp in the room and it didnt light well so i went to door and light the main light and this 1 didnt light at all. Tv screen colour started changing into blue and then intense orange. suddenly i felt very very dizzy and tried opening the door to call my parents now starting to wake up i fell on the floor and tried screaming for help now awake but i had no voice so i trie shouting NO NO NO NO but i was being absorbed and felt like if something was posessing me.i understood this so tried screaming with all my strenght and i finally le ou a big NOOOOOOO then it left all of a sudden and i was normal again. but during 20 minutes i felt like i had been running for an hour..this happened to me 3 years ago after doing spiritism also..was i really being posessed or not im doing a purification spell tonite for me and my friend hes ok with it but i just want to know what is was exactly.. by the way..when we did spiritism the ouija board didnt reply anyways. bright blessings i know doing spiritism is wrong..and i usually protect us by doing a magic circle but i didnt this time..and last time 3years ago
Dear tom,
I don't think that trying to contact spirits is wrong necessarily, but ouija boards always seem to me to be a particularly clumsy way of doing it and seem to leave a kind of 'back door' open after the session is closed.
I don't know what it was you experienced, it could have been to do with a spirit, it could have been a dream or some kind of mixture of the two or something else entirely. But if I were you I'd heed the warning you've had on two occasions now to leave the spirits well alone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lola in
Will my friend and I soon reconcile
Dear Lola,
Only you and this person know the answer - have you tried to reconcile? If you both want to there is every chance.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From maria in athens
will i get the money i need to pay my bills till the end of this month from lottery or lucky game will i live happy ever after
Dear maria,
It is unlikely you will win the lottery I would have thought - the odds against it are usually huge. You would be better off getting some money advice from some kind of debt counsellor who can advise on maximising your income and giving you personalised advice on trying to get more if you need it.
As for living happily ever after - I don't think anyone is ever happy ALL the time, but there is a lot we can do to help us become happy as much as possible. This includes working out exactly what does make us happy and pursuing that, cutting out things that make us unhappy, and living life positively.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tam in fairfled
send me so things about witches
Dear tam,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Trace in Liverpool
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have followed a complementary path for the past few years becoming a reiki master/teacher but I feel drawn towards a more wiccan way of life although there are aspects I am a little unsure about. I have been reading runes and using my dowsing crystal for answers to my questions in life but never seem to get the same answers. Can you help me find a place to start I have read so many books need now to put into practice Thank you and blessed be
Dear Trace,
I think you probably get different answers each time because there are many different answers. Although you feel drawn to a Wiccan way of life, maybe you're not ready to limit yourself to one tradition at the moment. If you were truly ready to start practising then you'd be completely sure about it - listen to your inner instinct on this. I think you have yet to find the exact path that is right for you. Maybe trying to put a label on your path is making you uneasy, maybe try just doing what you feel is right for you without putting a label on it.
I don't know what books you have read in the past, or what your specific problems with Wicca are, so it is difficult to be more specific. however, i really think you may find the book Druidcraft by Philip Carr-Gomm very helpful right now - it is very practical with many ideas for starting a practice, but also incorporates more than one point of view.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From willow in cardiff
i did this love spell to get this boy i fancy to go out with me but now all his friends are asking me to go out woth them and the boy i want to go out with hasnt even spoken to lately his friends wont take no for an answer. is there any spells to do to get out of this mess im in
Dear willow,
This is one of the reasons that love spells are such a bad idea - they are notoriously difficult to get right.
The best thing to do is to do a spell to 'put things as they were, and as is best to be'. You can do this in any way that seems appropriate to you but focus very hard on the outcome and hopefully things will resume their natural course. It may be a good idea to use water or water imagery as rivers tend to revert to their natural courses no matter what happens. Cream may be a good colour to associate with neutral outcomes. Burn or bury any kind of charm or result of your previous spell to neutralise its potency, after dowsing it under running water.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From zara in shropshire
can you give me a spell to forget the love of my x boyfriend
Dear zara,
There's no real quick-fix for this unfortunately. There are some magical ways of helping to move on, but time is the only true healer in this situation.
You can try to break the emotional link that grew between you and your boyfriend when you were together by writing both your names on a piece of paper, then tearing it in half between the names and burning each half separately, while remembering the good times and the bad times of the relationship. Then say something about leaving with good feelings, but moving on happily.
Also, making general changes to your life such as changing your hair, job or other habits, clearing out your house, making new friends can be extremely powerful magically.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From neko in bucarest
what shell i do if somebody whant s to hurt in some way my family
Dear neko,
Protect yourself and your household but don't worry too much about this unless it actually happens.
For protection, shut your eyes and visualise a shield of light surrounding your whole body. the light may be golden, silver, blue, white or any colour you wish, but it must completely surround you and should be shiny on the outer surface in order to reflect back negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through and reach you. You will need to recharge this shield as often as possible - every night is ideal - and over time it will become stronger.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Helen in Swindon UK
I have been considering practising wicca and witchcraft for a long time and have adopted wiccan beliefs however I would like to be a practising witch. The problem is that I have a disease that will be with me for the rest of my life and I have read that you should practise witchcraft if you re ill. What do you recommend
Dear Helen,
I think the reason it is sometimes stated that you should not practise witchcraft if you're ill is that it may deplete you of necessary energy. However, if you're channeling the energy properly from the earth rather than using your own energy you should be OK. Another reason may be that your energies may be distorted by the illness, but I think that if you start gradually (as you should anyway) and take careful note of how the illness affects your magic, power and focus, then you should be OK on this score as well.
Some people don't think that healing can be carried out by people who are not themselves healthy - but I think that healthy is rather a vague concept and, as long as you feel yourself well enough to do things you wish to, you can still count as healthy even with a long-term chronic condition. You may also find that you may be able to alleviate your symptoms somewhat with healing on yourself.
Problems can arise when a witch with emotional, health or spiritual problems which she is unaware of or has not acknowledged practises magic, as her state of mind and body can affect her magic, but if you are well aware of your limitations and reactions, there should be no reason you cannot practise.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From cathy in antrim
is midnight the best to contact the dead
Dear cathy ,
Some traditions think so yes, but personally I think that dawn or dusk are far more favourable. I guess it depends on your method and what you find works best for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From wishing on a star in knox
dear aunt tabbatha this may sound unbelieveable but im a slayer yes a vampire slayer so fx right no but see a man came to me in my kickboxing class and said he could see much strength in me and told me about vamps and ive been slaying ever since i need a spell for strength because a rival vamp is stalking me and he is like ten times stronger can u help me thanx sincerely slayer under stress
Dear wishing on a star,
Pardon me but is this not the plot of the original Buffy movie?
I'm afraid I can't help you as my knowledge of vampires is sketchy, but I'm sure that if you're a Slayer as in the fictional tv series, then you'll obviously have a Watcher to whom to direct these kinds of questions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chelsea in paris
i think i may be a witch how can i tell
Dear chelsea,
You decide to become one, that's how! If you want to study magic, tune into natural forces and learn about seasonal cycles and healing, then you could become a witch if you choose to and if you feel this is the right path for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emma in sheffield
Can you provide me with a good banishing spell to use on a house if you have one because i believe there is some sort of evil presence about it.
Dear Emma,
The best thing to do here can depend on exactly what is wrong in the house. You could try to find a medium to come to your house and try to identify what is wrong and help the spirit leave. or if it is more of a feeling of negative energy than a specific spirit presence then you could follow this cleansing ritual: open up all the windows and doors, take down all the curtains and blinds and wash them thoroughly. Open up all the cupboards and pull out all the contents. Sort through all the stuff before you put anything back. Have in mind as your aim to throw away as much stuff as you can. get rid of things that remind you of bad times, things that store bad energy, things you don't need, things you hang onto because you are afraid. Move the furniture around in each room if you can. Polish and vacuum while singing loudly and dancing around to dispel negativity and staleness. Clean all the windows and bake something nice in your kitchen such as bread or a cake to reinforce the feeling in your house as a home. Once you have done the house and baked, have a bath - put in lavender or rose or neroli as well as a hand full of salt to dispel negative energy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in epsom
Dear Aunt Tabatha thanks to a friend i finally met another witch with whom i could discuss the subject without being stared and laughed at. she said that since she was little she cud see dead people and similar things. i want to believe her but it just reminds me of sixth sense the movie ..i believe in the existence of ghosts as well as spirits had the chance to throw one out of my house but it seems a bit hard to believe this..even if i want to because its not the best way to start a friendly relation. do you think she can really see them bright blessings tom
Dear tom,
I'd go with your gut instinct on this - just becasue you're both witches doesn't mean you have anything in common necessarily. Don't feel you have to jump into friendship with the first person you meet who also claims to follow your path. Unfortunately, there are just as many nutters and fakes out there in the Witchy world as in any other sphere of life, so be as wary of this person and their claims as you would in any other part of your life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anna-Marie in bristol
I ve been getting these visions like I know what someones going to say or do like 5 minutes into the future but they are blurry and they always come true i m scared what could this be help Anna-marie
Dear Anna-Marie,
This could be the skill of precognition - don't be scared it is a gift. You need to get used to it, and learn how to use it wisely.
What kind of events trigger the visions? Could it be that you're meant to be able to help with the event that happens?
I expect that as you get more experienced, these visions will get less blurry and you'll be able to control them more. Give it time and don't be afraid of this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anna in bristol
How can i make the boy/girl i adore start to love me what spell can i use
Dear Anna,
No, I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Wendy in Cambs
Dear Aunt Tabatha Merry meet You are always there for us helping and answering our questions. How are you tonight BB
Dear Wendy,
I'm very well, thank you for asking.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Becky in Warwickshire
I live near Stratford-on-Avon and there doesn t seem to be any wicca and pagan shops in my area would you please be able to tell me where i would find out where the nearest shops are i would be very greatful with thanx Becky
Dear Becky,
I'm sorry but I don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single new age shop in the country. The best way to find a local one is to look in the the local phone book or yellow pages. If you can't find any there are hundreds of shops online, most of which also do conventional mail-order where you can order by post and pay by cheque or postal order. Just do a search on google to find literally hundreds to choose from.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sheba in Rio Grande
Dear Aunt Tabatha My friend and I are really serios about wanting to be witches but we re only 11 we need to know where to get some real witch-training.Help
Dear Sheba,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sameer in Mumbai
Aunt Tabatha I am 27years old young man. I work with an advertising agency. Right now I am serving but I have anambition to become an ntreprenuer one day and start my own ad agency. Will it be possible for me to do something on my own Please advice.
Dear Sameer,
Many things are possible if we believe in ourselves. if you want to do this, you will do it if it can possibly be done.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Heather in Amelia
Since I ve been working with the craft it seems like I m conjuring up spirits in my house. Only two I ve had to banish. Am I doing something wrong I also just ordered an authentic witchboard. Can I use it by myself
Dear Heather,
If I were you, i'd stop doing any kind of workings until I had worked out exactly what it was I was doing that was causing this unwanted effect of conjuring spirits. Thinks carefully about the kind of magic you do, how you build and focus power and what entities you work with. You certainly shouldn't be getting any kind of unexpected visitors due to your own magic, and especially not as a common thing. Try working in a different way or protecting yourself or your house more thoroughly.
I certainly wouldn't use a witchboard while this kind of problem is ongoing, whether alone or in company.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rhianne in Shrewsbury
I would love to meet other Teen Wiccans in my area. Do you have any suggestions Thank-You
Dear Rhianne,
This is a very sticky area, safety-wise. Unless you have a moot in your area that allows teens, it is difficult to safely meet others. Never give out your details to anyone on the internet, this is far too risky. the best thing I can suggest is to go along to any local courses or talks on witchy subjects and see who you meet. But always remembering to be very careful and take someone with you for safety.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From zack in sparks
i have a x girl friend named kym and we broke up beacause all these tings like her lieing to me alote and stuff like that and now i like this other girl nina and weve been holding hands and hangin out but but i dont know who i should be with because kym apoligized for the things that happend that made us breakup so im confused can u please help is their a spell or something that i can do to find out
Dear zack,
An apology is one thing, but would things really be different if you went out with Kym again? If you think she's learned her lesson or if the circumstances that made her lie were a one-off, then maybe you could give it another try with her, but I'm doubtful. People who lie a lot don't tend to change - they do often apologise if caught out, but that isn't the same thing at all.
Personally, I would stick with the new girlfriend rather than get messed about again.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joseph in Sunrise Florida
Hello I was wondering if it were possible to open up ur third eye I do have psychic potential but it doens t come out fully any help
Dear Joseph,
I'm presuming you've read up on the subject and it just hasn't worked for you? If not, then the first thing I suggest is to get a basic book on psychic technique and follow the exercises suggested within it.
Otherwise, I really think you would need a real-life teacher. Do any of the new age shops have psychics running courses or giving readings? have you or a friend visited a good psychic that you could ask for recommendations?
You should aslo consider that if it isn't working, this could be because it isn't the right time for you to develop this skill - maybe there is something else you're supposed to be focusing on right now?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kath in durham
Hi i have been printing off the spell of the day for a while to type out for my book always putting at the bottom of the page who has written it i printed one on the 19/7/04 and i think it shld have been 2 pages but only got one where can i find the spell of the day from earlier thanks blessings kathx
Dear Kath,
I don't have anything to do with that part of the site I'm afraid! Try emailing [email protected]
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jayne in west sussex
can you give me any idea of a way to help me through my heart operation in the next couple of weeks as im so scared
Dear jayne,
I'm not surprised you are scared. I think there are some good ways of helping though. Firstly, practise some relaxation exercises where you lie down and relax each part of your body in turn until you are in a drowsy state but not actually asleep. In this state, you can try some self-healing by reciting a mantra like 'I am healthy and whole'. You could particularly concnetrate this on your heart area by placing your hands there.
You could also consider some sort of complementary therapy to help in the run-up to your surgery such as reflexology or reiki.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From mAnGo in Ontario
What s the differnece between Celtics Wiccans and pagans
Dear mAnGo,
I'm not really quite sure what you mean by 'Celtics'. The Celts included many different ethnic and cultural groupings of people from Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Breton and many other places over a very long period of time from pre-history to present day. There is no real connection between most of these groups in language, culture, religion or aything else. It has become fashionable these days to talk of Celtic culture, but this is a huge over-simplification and pretty patronising to the peoples involved.
As for Pagans and Wiccans, that is a big question and one which has been discussed a lot. I think the generally accepted reply is that Witchcraft is a way of practising magic which may or may not be associated with a religious belief, whereas Wicca is a religion with a fairly formal structure and beliefs. As I see it, Witch is an umbrella term for someone who practises spellcraft, including hedgewitches, solitairies, traditionals, eclectics, Pagan Witches, Christian Witches, and Wiccans. Wiccan is a much more specific term for someone who follows the (generally initiatory) path introduced by Gerald Gardner.
Paganism is an umbrella term for the many different forms of nature-based spirituality which also generally recognise a male and female aspect of the divine, and which may well be polytheistic or pantheistic.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From leandra in london
what is the wicca rede how is it said
Dear leandra,
There are many slightly different versions of the Wiccan Rede but the full version goes something like this:

Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.
For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme.
Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much.
Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,
let love and light be our guides again.
Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the joyful tune.
Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,
and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.
When the Lady's moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two.
When the moon rides at Her peak then your heart's desire seek.
Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail.
When the Wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast.
When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss you on the mouth.
When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts will find peace and rest.
Nine woods in the Cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birch in the fire goes to represent what the Lady knows.
Oak in the forest towers with might, in the fire it brings the God's
insight. Rowan is a tree of power causing life and magick to flower.
Willows at the waterside stand ready to help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn is burned to purify and to draw faerie to your eye.
Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
White are the flowers of Apple tree that brings us fruits of fertility.
Grapes grow upon the vine giving us both joy and wine.
Fir does mark the evergreen to represent immortality seen.
Elder is the Lady's tree burn it not or cursed you'll be.
Four times the Major Sabbats mark in the light and in the dark.
As the old year starts to wane the new begins, it's now Samhain.
When the time for Imbolc shows watch for flowers through the snows.
When the wheel begins to turn soon the Beltane fires will burn.
As the wheel turns to Lamas night power is brought to magick rite.
Four times the Minor Sabbats fall use the Sun to mark them all.
When the wheel has turned to Yule light the log the Horned One rules.
In the spring, when night equals day time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached it's height time for Oak and Holly to fight.
Harvesting comes to one and all when the Autumn Equinox does fall.
Heed the flower, bush, and tree by the Lady blessed you'll be.
Where the rippling waters go cast a stone, the truth you'll know.
When you have and hold a need, harken not to others greed.
With a fool no season spend or be counted as his friend.
Merry Meet and Merry Part bright the cheeks and warm the heart.
Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.
When misfortune is enow wear the star upon your brow.
Be true in love this you must do unless your love is false to you.
These Eight words the Rede fulfill:
"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"

However, most people only quote the last couple of lines.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joanna in Nottingham
Dear Tabatha My ex and I split up a couple of years ago and I didn t want him to go. For nearly the whole of this time he has been changing his mind about whether he wants me or not and it gets me so down as it is good between us then he breaks my heart again. Also I lost a baby last year and I think of him often. I know you re not a medium but I can t help feeling sad about him and wondering if he s okay and whether I will ever get chance to be a mother again or even just be happy. Please tell me what I can do to recover from losing them and is there any way I can bring my ex back to me or at least stop crying about it
Dear Joanna,
I think letting go of your ex is the key to you moving forward. Why do you still want someone who has hurt you so much? You deserve someone who appreciates you and i want you to remind yourself of that every morning and evening.
Of course you're finding it hard to move on - you are still grieving for the triple loss of your partner, your baby and your lost future. Is part of the reason you keep taking your ex back that you want another baby and think this would be quicker than trying to find a new relationship? Do you perhaps feel it will be finally letting go of your baby if you give up on the baby's father?
I think you have a lot of pain and that maybe seeing a counsellor or a grief therapist might help you. The Miscarriage Association or SANDS could also help you talk through your grief for your baby.
I am sure you will come through this and meet someone new, be happy and have a child, but you need to take the first step in healing.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leslyann in Michigan
I am getting into Egyptian culture I want it to be my path and the witchcraft that I follow. I was wondering what I would call myself if someone were to ask me if I was a witch. The only reason I care is because I dont want to call myself a Wiccan. Sorry but I have a problem with the Wiccan religion. Nothing against witchcraft in general obviously cause I have written to you before and I joined this site so hopefully you know what I mean. Do you know the name of the Egyptian religion or if it even has a real name Thanks.
Dear Leslyann,
I don't know if it has a name or not. Maybe you could research this - the British Museum have a good Egyptian section in their bookshop, you could try there.
As for what you call yourself - that is really up to you. 'Witch' does not imply 'Wiccan', at least not to me. I am not Wiccan either and I tend to call myself some combination of Pagan, Eclectic, Solitary Witch. You could call yourself an Egyptian witch or a magician, or make up a term you feel comfortable with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From scott in townsville
dear aunt tabatha why dont you put curses onspell of the day.
Dear scott,
I have answered you on this matter twice already,please read my previous responses. If you post it again, i shall delete it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From dawn in Wolverhampton
Me and my son are at logger heads over the family moving to wales. Will he ever be happy with our desision to move
Dear dawn,
I'm sorry, I'm not psychic, so i can't tell you what may heppen in the future. And obviously, I can't really give much advice as I don't know you or your family or your reasons for the move. He may just need time to adjust, or it may be that he is cross he wasn't consulted and had no input into the decision. Just talk to him as much as you can.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Carlo Bryan in cavite
Dear Aunt Tabatha can i ask a spell to be a good looking person in the eyes of the others
Dear Carlo Bryan,
People who are confident, kind and charming are seen as good-looking in the eyes of others, so cultivating these attributes should help do this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christine in Acton Town
I am new to Wicca and don t really know which path to follow. Can you help me
Dear Christine,
I would recommend the book Pagan Paths by Peter Jennings whch details an overview of many different paths which may help you decide. I would also recommend that you meditate on what exactly it is that draws you to your spiritual path - is is healing, magic, divination, meditation, or something else? Clarify within your mind exactly what you want out of it, what you are willing to put into it, and what you feel you are meant to be doing. This should help to narrow down the path you choose.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ASHLEY in CORTLAND
Patience is the key to successful relationships. She has many years ahead of her for this to happen, so she should just wait until it is right. having a boyfriend is not the be-all and end-all of life and when it is meant to happen for her, it will.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waterdaggerz in Derby
Could you reccommend any good books for beginners. Thanks
Dear waterdaggerz,
I would recommend SpellBound by Teresa Moorey and anything by Vivianne Crowley.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in New York
Dear Aunt Tabatha My birthday is coming up and all I want is a spell that will permanently change my eye color to Hazel. Can you help me
Dear Amanda,
This is a spell that is always done in fictional witchcraft films and books but never in real life. It is far easier and more efficient to use coloured contact lenses.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From natasha in stoke-on-trent
i have not long been interested in withcraft and am having trouble finding anywhere i can get all of the relative things i need from that is local to me could you adviseme on a good sop i can go to in my local area please
Dear natasha,
Have you checked your local telephone directory? Try under 'new age' or similar.
But i have to point out that you don't actually need any 'stuff' to be a witch. Start with a couple of decent books, you'll be able to get or order these in any bookshop. Until you ahve researched thoroughly, you won't know what you need, if anything.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From talliah in london uk
dear tabatha my life is a real mess nothing goes right i live with my husband mother who i dont think likes it even thou we been here so long cant seem to move forward can you see any luck in the future for me i feel like giving up some times got nothing left inside to move forward can you see us moving from here look forward to hearing fronm you soon talliah xx
Dear talliah,
You need to start expecting things to go right, rather than wrong. Presuming that things will go wrong is a spell in itself and sends out negative energy which clusters around you.
Take a deep breath and decide that things are going to change. What is keeping you in this house that you don't like? is it lack of money? Could you look for a new job, check you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to, move to a cheaper part of the country? Have you been to a Citizen's Advice Bureau to check out how to manage any debt you're in, to find out how to get on Housing Association lists for subsidised housing or check to see if you're eligible for council housing? If you have to be a carer for your mother-in-law, have you checked out home helps, respite care and carer's allowances?
have you discussed the situation with your husband to see what ideas he has?
Things won't change unless you can make them change, so make the effort to pull yourself out of this rut. have you considered that you may be mildly depressed and that this is to blame for your lethargy? have you seen and discussed it with your doctor? What about other family and friends.
Things will get better, break it down into tiny steps and try to do just one little thing every day towards a bright new future.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dominick in New York
Do You know any covens that will take me in and initiate me into a witch or any witches that I could chat with
Dear Dominick,
You can chat with thousands of other witches online in the forums within this site. However, no reputable coven will take you till you're at least 18, or maybe older, and they will expect you to know quite a bit already by that time.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dominick in New York
1. I hear of many things such as witches casting curses and spells of revenge and I wanted to know that if there is the threefold law how could anyone do that but you answered that for me. It s not that I want to harm anyone. 2. The book I m reading is by Ly De Angeles WitchCraft Theory and Practice and she mentions performing a fetch wherein you write down your desire and put it in the fetch and so forth. Is that possible Is a fetch even real 3. As a witch and a practioner of witchcraft isn t it possible to cast spells and work magic as well as be in tuned with the earth 4. After my friend saw the book I was reading he wanted to work magic and cast spells because he thought it was cool. He said he would play a lot of tricks on his friends and teachers at school. On the website online-school they said that if you are more interested in the result of your spell and not interested in the worship of your god and goddess the spell will never work. Is this true. Can t you just follow what the book says and perform the spell.
Dear Dominick,
1. I'm glad I answered that for you.
2. I've never heard of the book, so i can't really comment on its contents, but I have never used a 'fetch' in my own practice.
3. Obviously working magic and spells are part of witchcraft, but you need to be tuned into the earth first because that is where the power for the spells comes from.
4. Different witches have different ways of doing things. I don't personally believe in a god or goddess, but what the online school was trying to point out was that you need to have personal involvement with a spell, you need to know where the power is coming from and know how to channel it. You need to create the spell and make it personal to you or it won't work. I would think it unlikely that a spell from a book written by someone else with no connection to you or your situation would work if you just performed it by rote from the book.
I think you should read at least 2 other books on magic and witchcraft by completely different authors with different styles to give you a feel for the variations there are in the Craft and to enable you to build the confidence to assemble your own way of doing things.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Artemis in Chicago
My best friend is having flashbacks about the strangest things. What is this about
Dear Artemis,
It's a bit difficult to know without a bit more detail but it could be any of these things or many others: the results of taking drugs, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness, some sort of psychic event, depression/stress problems, spontaneoous past-life regression, deja-vu...
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Angela in London
Dear Tabatha several months ago my brother died. I want to recall his spirit.How can i do that.Please help me
Dear Angela,
I am so sorry for your loss, this must be devastating for you and your family and I can well understand your wish to reassure yourself that he is OK wherever he is now.
My advice would be to seek out your local spiritualist church who can put you in contact with a reputable medium to help you contact your brother. You should be able to find them in the local phone directory.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Malena in Belgrade
Dear Aunt Tabatha How can persone know is she a natural witch because I think that im visionary because i see things before they even happen.Please tell me im so confused.Also I heard that people who are pieces in horoscop have that capabillity
Dear Malena,
I'm not really sure that there is any such thing as a 'natural witch' any more than there is any such thing as a natural plumber or a natural pianist. Some people may be born with certain skills and talents that means they will find magic or plumbing or piano easier than others, but nothing more than that.
If you have such a natural skill, then that is great. If you are a natural visionary, that's fantastic and you must try and practise, cultivate and hone this skill so that it works for you. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be a witch. You can choose to be so if you like. Maybe certain astrological signs are more likely to have certain gifts, but this can vary widely and I wouldn't base your whole life on your sun sign.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dea in Jagodina
Dear Aunt Tabatha.Im searching for a perfect love spell.I love one boy but i dont know does he loves me because he is so shy.Please help me.I need his love.
Dear Dea,
The only person's love you NEED is yours. If you think everything will be perfect if only this boy loves you, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and a lifelong career as a girlfriend doormat who will do anything to keep her man because she feels she is nothing without it. I want you to think very hard about this.
I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Carlo Bryan in Cavite
Daer Aunt Tabatha Can i Ask you for any magic spells for everyday living and for family protection thank you
Dear Carlo Bryan,
I don't have spells for everyday living because a spell should be very specific to a certain situation and a certain person who is casting it. But I can give you some ideas for protection.
For protection, shut your eyes and visualise a shield of light surrounding your whole body. the light may be golden, silver, blue, white or any colour you wish, but it must completely surround you and should be shiny on the outer surface in order to reflect back negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through and reach you. You will need to recharge this shield as often as possible - every night is ideal - and over time it will become stronger.
To protect a whole house, sprinkling salt and water over each threshold prevents negative energy entering.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From erika in cortland
do you have a potion that makes a boy/girl like you
Dear erika,
No, I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lizzie in Warwick
Dear Aunt Tabatha I keep on having reoccuring dreams that my boyfriend is having other relationships with girls that I don t and do know some I don t even like . Could this mean that he is doing something behind my back Or keeping something away from me that he doesn t want me to know Please help.
Dear Lizzie,
This dream is more commonly to do with your own fears and insecurities than anything your boyfriend may be doing behind your back. It more usually signifies your fear that he will leave you, or your wish for more attention from him, or a general lack of satisfaction about your relationship. Do you suffer low self-esteem? Are you a jealous or possessive person?
Look to yourself first and be honest about your feelings.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ASHLEY in Cortland
As I said before, I have never met anyone who can make things happen 'in the blink of an eye', so i don't really know what to advise. Surely, if you can do this, then you can control it - after all, what you have just said is that you can control events but that you can't control it. This is somewhat of a contradiction. If you could really make whatever you feel like happen, then you could just wish that you could control this power and it would happen? I don't know what else to say, I'm sorry.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From monica in east fresno
im 15 im 135 pounds and 5 4 im not fat but i have a little gut and big boobs and but is there any kind of spell you can offer me that way i can lose the lil gut i have on me
Dear monica,
Hypnosis may help to re-programme your subconscious, but other than that, doing a 'be healthy' spell may help but not replace exercising. However, if you're not fat then maybe this is just the shape you are supposed to be and you need to accept that. Women are supposed to have a rounded tummy, that is the way we are designed and is womanly, as are big boobs.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in tayalor
what dose that picher maen and what is the close way i can become a godess
Dear sarah,
I don't know what picture you are talking about, I'm afraid. As for becoming a Goddess - that depends on what you believe regarding divinity. Some people believe that each and every one of us is part god or goddess and some people believe that gods and goddesses are separate beings that we may or may not be made in image of. In which case, you would never get to be a goddess. It all depends on what you believe.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From wendy in tayalor
how can i become a member of you group.andhow can i become a witch
Dear wendy,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jason in Malden MA USA
Hello my name is Jason and I have a little problem with my beliefs. I have been a pagan since I was 14 and I was raised in a metaphysical household. I am not a flake I promise. I have had many occult experiences in my life. I am 22 now and I have been doubting that Any of what I have experienced is real. This is probably due in part to the overly rational environment that my college trains a person to be. for the record I am a sociology major with trust issues. Well throughout my college carrer I have been getting less and less proficent at my abilities to where now they are almost nill. I can t feel anything anymore when it comes to psychic energies. I am having trouble believing anything anymore and It is killing my spirit. NOTHING seems to be working and it continues to make me frustrated dispirited and sad. When I try some energy work or something it doesn t seem to be very effective. I just can t rid myself of that part of me that says This is stupid I cant believe I am still doing this. What if there is no form of divinity and no such thing as magic. I am not trying to have you solve all of my problems or anything I would just appriciate some kind words if you wish to give them. Thank you for your time and concern. Bright blessings to you ---Jason
Dear Jason,
I think that everyone who studies sciences or rational subjects in the West experiecnes the issues that you are coming across now. As you say, we are taught that such things are part of the ignorant, primitive world and find ourselves stuck between 2 worlds - the logical on one side and the emotional/magical/spiritual on the other. However, it is good to remeber that this is a man-made dichotomy which need not exist. Logic and rational thought need not rule out spiritual experience as one complements the other. It may be that you need to find a new basis for your spirituality or new ways in which to express it in order to fit your new world view. have you tried reading Jung's work on spirituality? Very academically rigorous and logical. Or Lynne McTaggart's work on the convergence of magic and physics? Try this kind of book to help build your new practice. And also remember - what is reality? What is real? How do we know that the material world is the 'real' one? Maybe the material world is the unreal one and the spiritual world the real one. Try also reading some philosophy on this point. Descartes is the good starting place for this. If you approach this crisis of faith in a rational manner, you may well find that you find a new rational basis for the beliefs you held all along and will emerge from this stronger and surer about the beliefs you choose to keep. Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sarah in meavindal
what happens when you becoum a witch
Dear sarah,
Nothing happens unless you make it happen. You decide to become a witch, so you study witchcraft and gradually begin to practice. I can't be any more specific than that as it all depends on what kind of person you are, how serious you are in your training and what individual skills and talents you have and choose to study.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Maria McLaughlan in Bradford
How am I going to get rid of my lover without hurting his feelings Is there any spell or Can I ask a spellcaster to do this for me
Dear Maria McLaughlan,
A spell would seem a little cowardly in this situation, even if you could write one accurate enough, which i doubt. If you really care for this person, you will be honest with them. yes, they are bound to be hurt, but it will be better than leading them on in the long run. Try to give them an honest explanation of why it wasn't working for you, without being overly critical of them as a person. And then make a clean break without giving false hope of a reconciliation.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ross in london
why am i not being granted access to the forums. i dont know if ive done anything wrong please write back to me. last thing i remember was chatting on the forums and then logging off then when i came back on just now i was refused access so naturally i re-logged on to make sure i had typed in my corect user name etc and the same thing happened. to my knowledge i have done nothing wrong and i feel dissapointed that ive not been able to enter the forums. love and light Ross.
Dear Ross,
I'm sorry but I have nothing to do with that part of the site so I really couldn't say what is wrong. Your username and password are both case-sensitive, so are you sure you typed them correctly? If you are still having problems, email [email protected] or [email protected] to alert an admin.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ann tammadge in wigan
i want to undue something i went for treatment and it gone wrong and made it alot worse and nothing can be done it was wrong to go i need a undo spell or time travel spell
Dear ann tammadge,
It's a bit difficult to know what to suggest without knowing more detaisl of the situation. What kind of treatment did you have? In what way did it go wrong? have you been back to the practitioner to ask for help? Have you tried general healing spells on yourself?
The best person to write a reversal spell for yourself is you - have you tried to do so?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in epsom
Dear Aunt tabatha its me again. The other day i was thinking about healing and then i thought well i dont know when i ll have the chance to try that..i ve never actually tried. Then I realised how do you learn to heal..what if everyone around you is healthy Do you need someone ill to practice healing on knowing that without their permission u mustn t do it do all wiccans practice on others or what Thank you again for everything Tom
Dear tom,
You can practise on yourself, that's a good place to start. Hopefully everyone around you will be healthy and stay that way, but that doesn't mean they won't have odd aches and pains, headaches, bruises and such things. These minor ills are good places to start. You can learn an integrated healing systems such as reiki, aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbalism etc, or you can try and learn to focus your own healing power without formal instruction, or learn spiritual healing from a book.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ASHLEY in Cortland
I feel as if im not like all human i must say I can make things happen in a blink of an eye what do you think of I
You must be very lucky to be able to make things happen in the blink of an eye - I certainly have never encountered this myself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lydia in ontario
if witches can really fly brooms whats the spell that you have to put on your broom to make it fly
Dear Lydia,
As I said before, they can't really fly brooms, that's fictional witches, not real ones.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lydia in ontario
can witches really fly brooms
Dear Lydia,
No they can't.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Reuben in Baton Rouge
I am new to the Wiccan world. I found out that I need a wand but I don t have any money to get one. Do you think you could get me one PLEASE. I really need it to do some of the spells I have found. If you could send me one e-mail me at xxxx
Dear Reuben,
I'm sorry but no - do you think I am paid to do this? Or that I ahve a budget of money to buy things and send them to people? For your information, I am a non-paid volunteer and I struggle to get my family the things they need, such as food, let alone buying complete strangers things they don't need.
You don't need a wand to be a witch - all you need is your own power and focus and a lot of practise!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Andy in Plymouth
Can a Crucible Ritual Right Hand Path be undone without the need to reknew xtian vows My friend knew what was involved but didnt understand everything in ritual. Her guide had her full trust etc and has now backtracked on his assistance and friendship and has told my friend threat it cannot be reversed. And now my friend is very concerned And so am I Thankyou.
Dear Andy,
I'm sorry I am not a ritual magician so I know nothing about such things.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From monica murillo in fresno
my stepaunt has a step kids and i have a crush on one of them and were kinda flirting is that bad
Dear monica murillo,
Your step-aunt? I'm trying to work this out - is she the wife of your uncle, or the wife of your step-uncle, or your mother or father's step-sister? In any of these cases, she is not blood-related to you, and therefore her step-children, which aren't even blood-related to her, seem pretty far removed from you to me.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From debbie in glasgow
dear aunt tabatha i have been reading all sorts of books and other onfo on wicca witchcraft and both together and i was wondering if i will ever be any use as a priestess because i don t really have much confidence in myself is that a problem
Dear debbie,
I think it is something that needs to be worked on before you really get into witchcraft more seriously. In order to cast effective magic you need to be 100% focused on the goal, and not wondering if it will work or thinking you're a rubbish witch.
Having said that, lack of confidence is something that many if not most of us struggle with at some time, and you can certainly still practise while working on the problem.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Atlanta
My partents dont take me really serouis when i tell them i want to do witchcraft they think its just another Phase Im going through how can i get them to take me seriously Thanks Alot
Dear Pamela,
Start gently, approach the parent you feel most comfortable with and ask them their views on religion and spirituality. Tell them that you have been getting interested in the subject and have been researching different religions. Explain some of the beliefs that attract you to witchcraft, such as earth-honouring, personal responsibility, and healing. If it seems to be going well, have a book on basic introductory witchcraft ready - make sure it is one that will answer all of your parents' potential questions and worries. Ask your parent if s/he will read the book and discuss it with you afterwards as this is something which is important to you.
Remember to be calm and mature as you talk, even if your parent is horrified and forbids you to have anything to do with it! The more mature you seem in behaviour and outlook, the more likely you are to be respected and listened to as an adult.
If you carry on with your beliefs in a consistent and dignified manner over time then you may find your parents gradually come to have greater respect for your faith. Persistence, and showing them it isn't just a phase, will help.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jenna in london
I need a protection spell that I can use daily without all the fuss of using the objects and stuff Is greek magik stronger than white English magic
Dear jenna,
For protection, shut your eyes and visualise a shield of light surrounding your whole body. the light may be golden, silver, blue, white or any colour you wish, but it must completely surround you and should be shiny on the outer surface in order to reflect back negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through and reach you. You will need to recharge this shield as often as possible - every night is ideal - and over time it will become stronger.
The 'strength' of different colours entirely depends on the emphasis and associations they have for you personally. So, if you're drawn to using a particular colour within a particular spell, do so.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jenna in london
Why do I fell like I am a Natural witch and that I have powers that I don t fully know how to use Is there any one who can tell me about my past lives and if I have any mystical powers thankyou.
Dear jenna ,
You need to spend some serious time studying this and meditating on it and then you will be the best person to know what natural skills and talents you possess.
A good hypnotherapist who specialises in past life regression would be able to take you through your past lives, or you could try to regress yourself using self-hypnosis or guided dreaming techniques.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jenna in london
I am not rearly familiar with majik. But one day I decided to try a love spell I light the red candle and burnt it down visulizing what I wanted the boy in question to be like to me. All went well we got together but I lost a friend through doing it. Anyway my question is can I finish the spell properly or can I do something to stop the three fold rule as it has been driving us up the wall.
Dear jenna,
This is why love spells are a bad idea. To be honest, I'm surprised the spell worked, as you say you're not very familiar with magic.
I would suggest you do a spell to undo your previous one and restore things to the natural order.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Abertoril in northampton
Dearest aunt Tabatha. i sent a letter to in london over two weeks ago for two yearly magazines. inside the letter also was a cheque for 5.99. could you tell me when i will get my copy s of the witchcraft and wicca magazine as i am going on holiday in two weeks and i would enjoy reading the magazine s whilst away. please reply as soon as you possibly can. Blessed be Abertoril.
Dear Abertoril,
You should always wait 28 days for anything from CoA Central before chasing it up. After this period, if it has not arrived, you should email [email protected] or pm one of the site admins to chase it up for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dominick in New York
Dear Aunt Tabatha 1. Is it possible that a fourteen year old Boy can become a witch 2. Also is it true that as a witch you MUST do good things because the bad things you do such as seeking revenge and tricks will come back to you three times worst 3. I m trying to become a witch I have a book on it Witchcraft Theory and Practice and when I get my items to empower summon and become initiated I will perform a fetch and I asked for a lot of things. It was as if as I was greedy but will all those things come to me such as mind control powers being a true witch making things happen within my head attracting desires and Being Pyschic different talents success and things from the past to appear on tape so I may enjoy them again 4. Last Is it possible that I can protect my identity so NO ONE at all will no I m a witch unless I say otherwise.
Dear Dominick,
1. Yes.
2. Every witch has to find his or her own ethical system to work by. many use the simple ethic 'harm none', some believe in the Threefold law you have quoted, and others judge it on a case by case basis. A lot of people live by the idea of karma whereby every action of yours has repecussions and consequences, and bad acts may result in you having to atone, learn a lesson or be punished in this or another life. But my question to you is this: why would you want to do bad things anyway? Surely all decent people can see that the world is much nicer for us all if we try to act positively.
3. I don't know what book you are reading but it all sounds highly far-fetched and nothing to do with true witchcraft to me. No, I have never known anyone end up with the powers you mention apart from psychism whch is a natural talent anyway. Witchcraft is not about asking for things like a Christmas List, it is a spiritual, earth-honouring discipline. Your power comes from being in tune with the earth, not from a 'fetch'. This takes time and experience to learn. I would suggest you get a different book, I can recommend SpellBound by Teresa Moorey as a sensible starter.
4. No-one will know you're a witch unless you tell them, it is a private matter, just as any religion is. After all, no-one would know you were a Buddhist unless you told them, would they?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From selen duygu in istanbul
merry meet have a question about do I have a chance to go to Belfast and make some research about wiccas in there I am a cultural anthropologist and work on shamanism my thesis was about the shamanic influences in Turkey especially in traditional healers in Anatolia and their ways connected with central asia shamanism.
Dear selen duygu,
I'm afraid I have no influence on research appointments i Belfast! The best thing would be to investigate the universoty in Belfast and see if they have such a department which might support such research.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Assyria in Phoenix
I have just started learning about the craft and I don t know how to tell my parents I think that if i tell them the wrong way they ll think I m crazy. What should i say
Dear Assyria,
Right, DON'T say 'I'm a witch' as your opening line! Start gently, approach the parent you feel most comfortable with and ask them their views on religion and spirituality. Tell them that you have been getting interested in the subject and have been researching different religions. Explain some of the beliefs that attract you to witchcraft, such as earth-honouring, personal responsibility, and healing. If it seems to be going well, have a book on basic introductory witchcraft ready - make sure it is one that will answer all of your parents' potential questions and worries. Ask your parent if s/he will read the book and discuss it with you afterwards as this is something which is important to you.
Remember to be calm and mature as you talk, even if your parent is horrified and forbids you to have anything to do with it! The more mature you seem in behaviour and outlook, the more likely you are to be respected and listened to as an adult. Good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From liz in reading
dear tabatha my friend s step-grandaughter is being drawn into a group which i feel is not quite right.she has been told to meet this man in his caravan on her does nt matter what we say to her she just won t listen to reason he says he follows the ways of aleister crowley but everything i have read about this man is bad.i ve cast a protection spell for her but i still fear for her saftey as she is only 19 and this man who say s he is a high priest is 40.any suggestions gladly recieved as in true teenager fashion she knows best. bright blessings
Dear liz,
Do you have any contact with any other local pagans? If so, it could be this man is well-known (infamous) locally as these dodgy types tend to be and you may be able to find someone who has had a bad experience with him who could meet your young friend and chat peer to peer, rather than adult to teenager. If you know this man's name or group name, you could try ringing Merlyn 020 8406 1117 as people tend to tell CoA about groups with bad reputations and he may know of this person.
Apart from that, it is difficult to know what to advise - unfortunately such people tend to be very plausible and charismatic and your young friend is technically an adult. Could you or someone accompany her next time she visits this person? Could you ask at your local police station to see if he is known there? Generally, try to amass as much information and evidence on him as possible and hope that she sees sense if you have hard facts.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Samantha2 in worster
hiya I m kinda hoping you can help as noone else will.I have e-mailed the site about six times and had no answer I payed my money and have a receipt fro paypal and have had nothing back from the site no magazine or pass word to get me into the members chat rooms I have tryed to get in with my old pass word but it keeps telling me I need to be a member I am as from the 6th of june can you help as noone else is answering my mail. thanks sam xx
Dear Samantha2,
I'm sorry but I have no ocntact with that part of the site. The best thing I can tell you is to pm one of the admin to chase this up for you - try Ultraviolet or Tailtiu and expalin what you have to me. You normally should allow 28 days for response, but it is always possible that the response has gone astray somewhere if it has been longer than that. Also, your upgrade to FM status on the site isn't automatic, you will ahve to post in the upgrade forum with your full member number once you receive it.
I hope this helps.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sandy in Cambridge
Two questions that might be interesting to others as well 1. How do you know if you have been a witch in a previous life 2. Do you ever feel the Wiccan movement has been hijacked by fashion and commerce 3. How do you reconcile atheism and Wicca Are they incompatible Many thanks.
Dear Sandy,
1. Some people just feel that they have, or get flashbacks to this previous life. Other people get themselves hypnotically regressed. Either way it should be remembered that witchcraft today and witchcraft in times gone past are very different things within very different cultures.
2. Yes, I do sometimes feel that Paganism and witchcraft have become fashionable and have spawned an industry selling stuff which is neither necessary nor useful and which goes against the whole non-consumerist ideals of the original movements. But that is merely my opinion and is mot aimed at anyone in particular.
3. I think that Wicca and atheism are incompatible because Wicca is a mystery religion which worships a god and a goddess. But non-wiccan witchcraft is perfectly compatible with atheism as it advocates no belief in any particular deity.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ASG in sPRINGFIELD
I despertly need a spell for getting money. My finances need help and very quickly.
Dear ASG,
You have to be very careful with money spells to specify exactly where the money you are hoping to attract would come from. For example, one of the ways people gain money quickly is to inherit it when a relative dies, and you don't want that happening to you.
A common spell would be keeping a magnet in your purse to attract more money, or sleeping with gold under your pillow. However, money spells tend to work gradually over time and may not help with your urgent problem. In this case, I would also have to suggest that seeing your local Citizens' Advice Bureau debt counsellor might be a good idea as they may be more useful in getting hold of money quickly and of helping you to sort your fincances long term.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From scott in townsville
how can i predict the future by interpreting my dreams
Dear scott,
Dreams do not necessarily predict the future. Some people have the gift of precognition, whether in dreams or visions, but even they only have glimpses of the future every now and again, not as a regular thing.
What dreams can reveal very effectively is your own subconscious. The subconscious is very powerful because it bypasses the everyday, waking part of the brain and taps straight into the primeval, reactive part of ourselves. Dreams can reveal our problems, fears, desires and our true path - even if we have consciously repressed this information. It is very useful to keep a dream diary for this reason. But having said this, most of the dreams we have will be rubbish, just a process of sorting through the information we received that day. It tends to be images which recur or which are disturbing which can point to useful information about ourselves.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From scott in townsville
can you put curses in spell of the day
Dear scott,
No, Children of Artemis believes cursing is wrong.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Wendy in Cambs/Beds
Merry Meet Dear Aunt Tabatha Following about five very confusing years I can feel energies comming together and starting to help me make sense of all that has happened. I vadly need guidance for the future possibly by understanding and them purging myself of things which come back to haunt me. Is there any thing I can do to make sur I make the most of the situation and do not overlook the signals I am getting
Dear Wendy,
It sounds like you are pretty in touch with things right now. Keep listening to that instinct as it will guide you well.
Cosider if you need some sort of mundane help in coming to terms with your past - counsellors can be very useful in the right circumstances. Also, banishing spells, done on the waning of the moon, particularly at Samhain, can be very effective in getting rid of unwanted emotional baggage. Pay particular attention to your dreams, easiest by keeping a dream diary, and note the themes that recur or which make you feel anxious or afraid. This will lead you to the areas needing most attention.
Otherwise, as a general point it is always best to look forward in life expecting good things, rather than looking back at difficult times. Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in epsom
i just wanted to thank you..i had thought about the consequences and although i have spent a few days thinking about it all..the way u made it really put me off..i hope you are right about everything and after copying the message you replied she asked me not to do it that you were right and that time would choose. So hey..i won t do the spell even if i wanted to do it with al my love as i love these two friends..and i ll keep you informed if everything works out well between them two anyways. thank you for your advice brightest blessings tom
Dear tom,
I'm glad you've been able to look at this differently. I know it will all work out for the best!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Christine in san jose
dear tab.... well i want to find out how to put up a ad for witches who live near san jose or silver creek to join a coven with me . How can i do this love christine
Dear Christine ,
This site doesn't allow advertising for covens or coven-members unless the leaders are personally known to Merlyn or Epona, organisers of this site. This is because of the huge potential for abuse in such adverts and the fact that we can't verify that people are really who they say they are, or that they are qualified/suitable to teach others.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From sinead in huddersfield uk
for many years i have been interested in witch craft at first it was just me and a friend watching a few videos such as the craft and practical magic but then as we got older we actually got involved. My problem is i want to be in a coven but i have no idea how to start one or get involved i have read various books but i am still unsure of the basics could u help thankyou so much
Dear sinead,
The way to find a coven is to get involved in your local pagan scene and meet people. Eventually, when the time is right, you will hear of, and find the right coven for you, but be warned that this can take many years. No reputable coven will take someone under the age of 18 and many much older than that.
It would be a mistake to try and start your own coven when you admit you ahve not the first idea how to go about it. As with anything else in life, first you join one run by someone else and only later, when you have a lot of experience, would you start your own.
You could try an informal group for studying and celebrating together - this would be much easier to deal with and probably more helpful at this stage.
But as a start, try visiting a local moot and meeting some likeminded friends.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in london
Hello Aunt Tabatha i ve written to you before but this time i must ask you advice for another problem/suggestion. I am planning on doing a spell for a very good friend.well for two friends. They lie each other very much but the guy has an obstacle his ex-girlfriend..which is ALSO the new best friend of my friend. The ex girlfriend is realising they like each other but she is VERY VERY aggressive and wont let them be together..anyways..knowing that it will be impossible to convince this girl of leaving them live their live now and forever i decided to do a keep her away from them to turn a page. I m thinking on making poppets and i wanted to put a personal object of each of them in the poppet.I have something from the girl my good friend but since i prefer not telling the guy what i m about to do he knows i m a wiccan and he wouldnt mind at first..but he d get i prefer not warning him..even if he d love the idea..he really would .my friend doesnt have any objects of his i could i was thinking..can i just use a picture..wud the object have enough of his own energy or do i really need something that belongs to him Hope you won t fall asleep reading this i didnt know how to make the message shorter. Hope you do answer though. Thank you Bright Blessings Tom from Epsom
Dear tom,
This all sounds like an incredibly bad idea, ethically speaking, and could have really bad repercussions for all of you. Firstly you should never do a spell on or for someone without their express knowledge and permission - it would be a violation, even if your intentions are good. Secondly, this situation is none of your business and you would never know if you really had the full story. Thirdly, have you thought of the possible results? What sort of things could result in this ex-girlfriend being kept out of the way? Death, injury...just for starters. If these two friends of yours really like each other as much as you say, they wouldn't and won't let someone else stand in the way. You should let this love develop naturally, if it is meant to. If you interfere, it could derail the whole path it is meant to take and have big consequences for both your friends.
Affairs of the human heart are very very complicated, and even if we are directly involved in them we never know the whole story, and you should never do a spell in circumstances where you are not positive about all the circumstances as it is quite likely to have totally unforeseen consequences.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alyssa in Amherstburg
How do you know wether you re a witch or not...i practice it but does it mean i am. I have a wiccan name Aki ra but am i really a witch
Dear Alyssa,
Would you ask me if you were really a Buddhist? Or really a Hindu? No, you wouldn't. If you practise Buddhism or Hinduism then you are one. It's the same with witchcraft - if you practise witchcraft then you are a witch. It's just a label for a group of specific activities - you can give yourself whatever lable you like.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Megan in Flippin
AuntTabatha I was wondering how I could become a witch I want to learn how to do spells but good ones Can you help me
Dear Megan,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From in Ellsinore
Does Pagan and Wicca mean the same thing
Dear ,
Depends who you ask, but i would say definitely not. Pagan is an umbrella term to describe many different paths including wicca, druidry, asatru and other broadly nature-related spiritualities. Wicca is a more specific path within that definition, an example of a Pagan religion in which practitioners believe in a god and goddess and use fairly formal ritual ceremonies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nisha in Essex
Blessed be. I have recently found out that the store where I get my witchcraft tools is shutting down. I can make some of the stuff and use substitutes but mainly it s the crystals I m worried about. I want to study crystal therapy and healing which I can t do without the crystals themselves. I know about a shop in Waltham but I don t think my mum would let me go find it. If I order them off the internet my dad will find out and go ballistic. Please help Thank you in advance
Dear Nisha,
I am not sure what you expect me to say. You are best-placed to know your own local stores and I can't say that I know Essex at all. Have you tried your local phone book or yellow pages? Have you asked in the shop that is closing down for their recommendation of an alternative?
many online stores do mail order as well as online sales - would this be any more acceptable to your father?
I can't really be any more help than that I'm afraid, other than to suggest you buy several crystals now while you can and study them at length.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From MANDY in wakefield
i have a evening primrose plant in my garden and i dont know what to do with it. do you have any advice as how to make things for medical uses and majical i have been a wiccan for many years but this one has stumped me. your help would be greatly appreciated. blessed be.
I'm sorry but I'm no great authority on herbal matters - try checking out the net for gardening or herbalism sites which are far more qualified to answer this one than me.
As far as magical uses go, i would associate it with female cycles, fertility and balance myself, but I am sure there are many other possible associations too.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From larien in bath
i have didcovered i am a narural witch after reading a book on it and i am not too sure what to do about it
Dear larien,
Take things gradually and don't place too much faith in what one particular author has to say. Maybe you have natural talents and skills that many witches have but that doesn't mean to say you have to become or label yourself a witch. Maybe you wish to use these talents in an entirely different way. Try reading some other books on witchcraft to get a more balanced view and to decide if this is something you really want to get involved in.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hailey in Martinez
Dear Aunt Tabatha hi it s me again.I have been looking into witchcraft lately and I came across another witch.She s about my age and claims to be in touch with the Goddess of Wind.I believe her in a way but not completely.I asked her if I had ESP she said yes.Is it true By the way I admire your awesome wisdom.
Dear Hailey ,
Many people have a special relationship with a specific god or goddess, whether by choice or natural affinity, but equally many peple do not, or do not even believe in a god or goddess. This is a very personal matter - if your friend has this kind of relationship then that's great for her but is a bit irrelevent for you.
The person best placed to know if you have any particular skills or talents is yourself - why would she know this is you don't? have faith in yourself that you would know this for yourself. ESP is a wide category covering any kind of extra-sensory perception such as telepathy, mediumship, psychism, divinatory skills and many more, so it is entirely possible you do possess one or more of these skills or could develop one with patience and practise - your friend's pronouncement is not as amazing as it may sound!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Atlanta
Hey Again. i just asked you someting but i forgot to metion something. sometimes i have dreams when im asleep and then these dreams they seem to happen in reality. why is this and one more can i learn how to fly on a broom
Dear Pamela,
Witches don't really fly on brooms, they use aeroplanes! The broom is used to sweep a sacred space in which to use magic.
Having dreams which sometimes come true is known as premonition and is a useful skill which can be enhanced with practise and experience. Try to note down when you are most likely to have these kinds of dreams, for example when in the lunar cycle, when in your menstrual cycle, in any particular weather conditions or times of the year. You'll soon learn how to maximise your chances of having a dream when you want one and minimising it at other times. Lucid dreaming is also a very useful technique to learn as it helps you to direct your dreams so you can try and dream about specific events you want guidance with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Pamela in Bronx
Dear Aunt Tabatha I want to learn more about this religion. Do you have any advice to get started Or maybe any books I can buy to help me out Thanks so much
Dear Pamela,
Please see the answer to the question below for advice on how to get started, but I can also recommend books by Vivianne Crowley, Teresa Moorey and Kate West.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From courtney in Ellsinore
Im 15 year old new to the craft. My parents don t believe in it so it is hard for me to go to a bookstore and buy books to learn and im having trouble on the computer finding websites to learn. what should i do
Dear courtney,
Have you talked to your parents properly about this? Just because they don't believe in it is no reason why you shouldn't get a book on it yourself, or even get one from a library.
Otherwsie, there's plenty you can do without books and without tools. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From frances in Colchester
I was enrooled into our family witch covent when my mother was carrying me she was six months pregent at the time I am Scottish and we follow the old ways of the celts I have not used my powers for a long time as my mind was all over the place due to one thing or another is it to late to return to my powers and if not what would be the best way to reinstate them.I ask this only because when I was a child I hurt someone through my powers but I now know I was to joung to use them. can you advise
Dear frances,
Our skills and talents never go away - we hone them through practise and experience, but if you don't use them for a while they don't just vanish. Just start small and gradually and do some ethical study before you start in order to preclude hurting anyone. And if possible, ask the advice of the coven you were part of previously as they know you and talents and way of working, and I don't.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From paige in far away
dear aunt tabatha i dont want this guy to fall inlove with me i just want him to see a better side of me cos i have a bad embarressing past with him but i still like him but hes never liked me cos we have a funny past its kinda embarressing and stuff but id really like him to sort of forget it and try and see me in a good way but i dont think he ever could so could you sorta help me out with a spell not to force him to love me just to forget my bad and try and see the good you know thanks sooo much
Dear paige,
I still don't think this is a very good idea. The most straightforward way of sorting this out would be to go to him and tell him what you've just told me and ask if you can make a fresh start. If he doesn't like you anyway, what have you got to lose?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From aylwin in Abuja
Dear Aunt I am worried and need an answer to this question. I am not financial buoyant but I can give out my last money to whoever asks me but they pay me back and when I eventually ask for these monies it ends up in enemity with them. What is responsible for this omen Best Regards Ukah W
Dear aylwin,
There is a saying 'never a lender or a borrower be' and think this applies here. Don't lend money to people any more. If you can afford to, give it as a gift, but don't lend. That way, you won't get into the awkward situation of having to ask for it back, and the problem won't arise.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joe in Abuja
Dear Aunt I am terribly publicity shy. This often prevents me expressing myself clearly when in mist of a crowd especially when the members of the sex female are present.What could be the cause and its immediate remedy Best Regards Joe .
Dear Joe,
I don't think there is an immediate remedy, you'll have to work hard to re-train yourself to act differently. I presume this stems from a lack of confidence in yourself and lack of experience of women. It would probably help if you kept reminding yourself that women are people, just like men. get to know each one you meet as an individual rather than lumping them in a category due to their sex. Then work on feeling more confident in general - what is it that you afraid might happen if you speak out in public? Is this really likely to happen? How bad would it really be if it did? Find a role model - someone whose behaviour you admire and then try to emulate it in your own way.
There's no quick fix for this but with some hard work you can overcome this problem.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From SLIM in BROOLYN
Dear SLIM,
You'll either have to discuss this with your parents and hope they will allow you to practise or you'll have to wait until you're a bit older to practise it. There's plenty you can do without books and without causing parental concern such as going out into nature, growing and learning about herbs and plants, learning about the lunar and solar cycles, becoming environmentally aware and conscious, researching your local history, tuning into the land that surrounds you, and practising meditation and visualisation techniques.
have you sat down with your parents and actually told them what Wicca involves? If so, and they still object, then you'll have to wait until you're older. It is a lifelong practice, so you'll have plenty of time!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in Palm Beach Gardens
Dear Aunt Tabatha Im a 14 year old and my friend and myself are just now starting to get into the craft. We have been reading for about a month and a half. And i want to convert to wiccan but im having a hard time tryin to tell my mom and dad And my questions are how do i tell them and when is a good time to start practing magik Thanks Amanda
Dear Amanda,
Don't rush into practising magic. You'll know when you're ready as you'll have studied ethics and when not to use magic as well as when to use it, and you'll feel confident to create your own spells for your own situations.
As for telling your parents - remember that your faith is private and you don't have to tell anyone at all. But if you want to tell them then do it gradually and gently and without confrontation. Ask their own thoughts on religion and spirituality and relate their answers to what you believe. Don't go straight in there saying 'I'm a witch' instead spend some time explaining what you believe and why, so that when you do name it, they won't freak. And have a good basic book ready for you to read and dicuss together to answer their questions and worries.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jon in baghdad
In rituals why is a circle cast and is it to keep out evil spirits which may come when you call on others
Dear Jon,
The purpose of casting a circle can be for any or all of the following reasons: to protect the participants of a ritual, to create a sacred space, to contain and focus the energy raised. Not every witch does it and not every witch that does do it does it the same way.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Xylia in Cranston
Dear Aunt Tabatha This has nothing to do with witchcraft but your the only one I can count on. My family is supposly rich. My older brother 27 also supports my parents with his money that he makes which is alot . Today I found out that he is quiting his job and going back to finish school. I then asked my parents if they would have trouble if he didn t support them anymore. I know this means very little to you but I can t bear watching my parents suffer with money or insurance. Please help.
Dear Xylia,
I don't know what you want me to say. It is your brother's choice what to do with his money, and if you have asked your parents for reassurance that they will be financially ok without his support, and they have said they will be, then I'm not sure what you're worried about. Maybe you should have a more detailed talk with them about this. Maybe your brother didn't support them to the extent that you thought he did. Or maybe they have other sources of income such as pensions or investments. Do they have jobs?
I am sure that your family wouldn't have decided on this step without thinking through the figures. Please talk to them about your worries on this - are you scared you'll have to move or something? There's no reason why your parents should suffer in the future. Most people in the West manage to support themselves quite adequately, especially if they have been considered rich in the past. I'm sure your parents didn't want to bother or worry you with the details but i really think you should explain how worried you are and ask them to go through the figures with you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From stacey in doncaster
my friends keep fighting each uther what should i do.
Dear stacey,
Stay well out of it. Make it clear to each party that you are friends with them, but also remain friends with the other one. If they can't get on, advise them to stay apart, but don't get drawn in to what is none of your business.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From vix in wakefield
my partner and i split up 3 yrs ago . our relationship was not a easy one him being a virgo and me a cancerian. i have 2 children with him and i m very confused about how i feel about him we ve tried to sort out our problems and are trying to get back together but i dont know if things have changed or rather if he has changed. i know he s still in love with me i just dont know if i am in love with him still i need to know because this confusion is hurting him and me. please help
Dear vix,
Only you know the contents of your heart, but i would guess from the doubts that you are expressing that you actually know deep down and are frightened of what it will mean for you.
Of course if you have children together, you should make every attempt you can to make your relationship work, but if you don't love him, then it will just go wrong again which in the long-run would be even worse for your children. It is often a mistake to try and go back to the past. The only way your relationship can work is if you have identified what caused it to go wrong last time and have remedied this.
I would think that some couple counselling with Relate would be a good place to start, with a lot of deep thinking on your part as to whether this is really what you want. If you have instinctive doubts, listen to them!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ann in Manila
I ve bought books on witchcraft and spells and read it. I try to do a spell but discontinued. I cant concentrate. Then i read about visualizing thru CoA but i think its not enough. I need more information about visualizing. can u help me please. thanks
Dear Ann,
Visualisation can be a tricky skill to master and can take quite some time, so my first piece of advice is to give yourself time and not rush it.
Although it is called 'visualisation' and this calls to mind a visual picture of a thing, it is more than this. Many people have trouble 'seeing' something in their minds as the visual isn't their strongest sense. Instead, try using your other senses to bring something to mind. Think of a favourite holiday or place. How does it manifest in your mind? Is it a picture, a sound, a smell, a taste, or the emotional feeling of being there? This will tell you what your strongest sense is. You can then use this sense first during visualisation sessions and exercises. Lie down and try to bring something fairly simple to mind, like an orange or a double decker bus. Start with the sense that is strongest for you. If you feel your mind wandering, don't get cross, just acknowledge it and bring your mind back. Once you've used the sense you're most comfortable with, try another sense to help flesh out the image in your head. Add layers with other senses until it is a real as possible.
Keep the sessions short at first, maybe only a couple of minutes at a time and then see if you can work it up to 20 minutes or more.
This should help, I hope!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From bill in buckeye
how could i become a witch
Dear bill,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ella in
Hi I m only 12 years old but have been interested in Wicca for quite a long time now. From looking at websites and reading several books I ve kinda got the impression that children doing witchcraft are looked down upon even by other witches. Is there anything wrong with practising the craft at this age
Dear Ella,
Unfortunately you are right - many witches do seem to look down on younger people practising witchcraft, utterly forgetting that these very young people are the future of the Craft.
I think the main problem comes from some young people (by no means all) being influenced by the current fashion for all things witchy rather than being motivated by a true calling. It can be the case that teens and younger are only interested in daft spells such as trying to change their eye colour rather than knowing or caring anything about real Craft. But then, some adults are also like that so it is rather unfair to tar all younger witches with the same brush.
There is nothing wrong with you practising whatever faith you are drawn to. Obviously, start gently, research thoroughly and be careful - but otherwise, go for it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cant tell....sorry in Cant tell
Hey I ve got a question. Would you help me to become a good mage You know what I mean by that right I ve been noticing powers and all I wish comes true... But I ain t sure how to train myself to get stronger. Please contact me asap. I m always online on msn
Dear Cant tell....sorry,
I'm not sure what you mean by a mage, no. I'm presuming you mean someone that practises magic of a fairly formal or ritual sort. I'm afraid that I don't practise in that way, so can't really help.
If everything you wish comes true, then I don't really see what help I could give you, or that you'd need, anyway.
Generally speaking practise and experience are what helps to hone most skills and talents, so this may help with you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From fiona in manchester
will carl and come back together for relationship
Dear fiona,
I'm sorry I am not a psychic. Human affairs f the heart are complicated and I don't believe they follow one predestined path - our actions influence events if not dictate them. If you want this man back, do everything you can to make this happen. That way, even if it doesn't work, you know you have given it your best shot and then can move on.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sayeeda in Brooklyn
I want to learn more about witchcraft but online it costs money to either get at least one spell and my family discourages it. But I can t seem to get witchcraft out of my head.I want to learn now instead of waiting until I move out of my house and get my own life and i m kind of embarssed to by witchcraft books what should I do
Dear Sayeeda,
If you are embarrassed to buy or borrow a book on witchcraft, and you let this put you off, you're not going to make a very good witch! Witchcraft requires commitment and strength of character - I would ask you to think seriously now whether this path is really the one for you.
If it is, then you have to overcome your embarrassment and do some research - you don't have to buy books, you could try your local library.
Once you have done this research, you will realise that buying spells isn't necessary or a good idea as spells should be created for a particular situation by the witch who is to cast them.
There are many ways to get started on witchcraft that no-one could be concerned about. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Samantha in Birmingham
I feel alone and lost. Im inspired and amazed by Wicca i desperatly want to do the spells and get the magazine etc. But my perents would proberly refuze to help say that im weird and i have better things to do. My freinds at school are different to me in more ways then one if i tell them i believe Wicca they will consider me a freak. But i do believe deep inside desperetly. Should i just throw away my hope is there any chance i could do anything
Dear Samantha,
Witchcraft is a personal and private thing, like any spiritual belief. There's no reason why you have to tell your friends or your parents or anyone. And there's no reason why you need to have magazines, tools or anything else either. Magic comes from inside you. However, i would encourage you to talk to your parents about this. You could start gradually by asking them their religious or spiritual and beliefs and talking about aspects of yours, without naming them as witchcraft. Once you are comfortable with this, you could take it further and ask them to read a basic introductory book on witchcraft with you and discuss it together.
If you are really serious about witchcraft, it will be a lifelong commitment, so you have time to come to this gradually.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Andrew in Watford
I always suffer from headaches during a full moon. Any ideas on the cause and more importantly any remedy that you know of Regards Andrew
Dear Andrew,
It could possibly be because your sleep is interrupted by more frequent and vivid dreams, or that you are generally more tense than usual as you are tuning into the lunar cycle. Either way, the solution is to channel this extra energy - keep and dream diary and try lucid dreaming techniques to influence and use your dreams for psychic purposes. Try using magic around this time - healing spells can be particularly potent - and see if this helps use up the energy that has been building up and causing headaches.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ruth in nottingham
i am having massive probelms with my ex who is making life so hard. he is stopping me from fianancail independance and is causing me and the kids fianancial worry. he is avoiding and ignoring what could mean me and teh children could lose our home. is their any spell that will free me and the kids of his irrisponsibility and hostility.
Dear ruth,
I would think that the best thing you could do in these circumstances is to get officaldom on your side and know your rights thoroughly. What you need is more confidence, more knowledge and more help and support. Go and see the local Citizen's Advice Bureau, the Child Support Agency, a lawyer, or anyone else that could get involved and support you in this situation. The CAB is the best place to start as they can advise you on where to go next. There is no reason why you cannot cut the connection between yourself and your ex, although if he is the kids' father you will need to acknowledge this and try to retain a link for their sake.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jen in newcastle
dear aunt tababtha ive been studying witch craft for about a yr now and im nearly 15 soon is it ok if i can do more like doing safe spells etc.. my sister is also a witch and she has helped me along the way
Dear Jen,
You can do whatever you like as soon as you feel ready for it. If you have studied witchcraft enough to be confident of your ethical basis, when to use and not to use magic, and how to create your own spells, then you're probably ready to start using spellcraft.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dennis Davenport in Richland Center Wis U.S.A
I would to now about me living in Great Britain and working there to can you see that is there amy i can make this heppy thank you Dennis Davenport
Dear Dennis Davenport,
I'm sorry but I'm not a psychic. My advice would be to find out about the process you need to get through in order to make this dream happen and work through it a step at a time.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From stephen in hugglescote
merry meet i am sure well i hope you are aware of the upcoming blue moon this month on the 30th of july now i understand hat witchs and spells are at the most powerfull well usual they are on a full moon i was wondering what if any is special about a blue moon except they are rare. blessed be
Dear stephen,
Blue moons are an excellent time to try something new or something challenging, whether magically or in the mundane world. So if there's something you've been dying to try but are worried it's too difficult for you, the blue moon might be a good time to give it a go!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emmaunel in Lagos
Dear Aunt I would like to know what is responsible for a number of misfortunes in my life. Best Regards Emma.
Dear Emmaunel,
It could be all sorts of things but the most likely explanation is that it's just life! bad things happen to everyone at some time or another and quite often one bad thing seems to lead to more - the old saying about trouble coming in threes. Instead of trying to find someone or something to blame, try to see what you can learn from the situation and how you might change it for the better.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kate in Birmingham
How would i go about meeting other teens in my area im looking to start/join a coven. I ve been on Witchvox but not many people have replied
Dear Kate,
I would be very careful about doing this, especially if you're trying to make contact with people via the internet. As a general rule I would say never give out any personal details online, even when you think you know someone - they could be anyone in reality.
The best way to try and meet other locally is to find or start a local moot where everyone meets in a public place and you can have someone with you for safety's sake.
You can also find out about local events by visiting your local new agey shop and seeing if they ahve a noticeboard or flyers for talks, courses etc.
You are unlikely to find a coven to take you under the age of 18 anyway as covens require you to have done quite a bit of work on your own before admitting you and will expect you to be able to commit quite a lot of time and energy which you will be unable to do if you have schoolwork. I would also recommend that you don't try and start your own coven without having been part of one first. By all means start an informal study group, but an actual coven is quite different.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From isabelitatheaxo in Belfast
Can you tell me how I can contact other witches as I am quite new to to it and would like to meet some other people Thanks.
Dear isabelitatheaxo,
Firstly, you could join the free online area of this website and chat to others in the forums and chatroom here.
I don't know what things are like in Belfast, but if you have a New Age-type shop near you, they may well have a noticeboard advertising talks, meetings, courses and moots which could give you an idea if there is a witchy scene in your area.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Melanie in USA
Can you tell me ingreadiants to a coldre please
Dear Melanie ,
I'm afraid I don't understand what you are asking. Is it about a cauldron? or a cold?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sherri in Colorado Springs
I have a friend who lives above me and they have a spirit in the house who is harrassing their little boy. this spirit from what i felt is nothing nice. How would i go about getting rid of it without causing trouble and making the spirit angry
Dear Sherri,
Children are often more sensitive to spirit presences than adults, and if this one is troubling this little boy, it would be a good thing to get rid of it.
I can't say as I have any experience in removing roublesome spirits, but one way I can suggest is to find your local spiritualist church, if you have one, as they should be able to advise further and may be even be able to do this for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chloe alcock in hawaii
how do you make a book of shadows how can i make a boy fall in love with me
Dear chloe alcock,
According to classical Wicca, I believe a Book of Shadows is supposed to be a magical journal, copied from the coven which initiates you. However, if you're a solitary witch, this obviously cannot apply, which really leaves it open to be what you want or need it to be.
Things authors often suggest to put in are spells, dreams, divinations, outcomes of magical work, rituals, poetry, journal entries, and things you are studying such as herbs, lunar phases etc.
I think the key here is not to get hung up on what you feel you 'should' put in it. After all, there are no hard and fast rules - it is supposed to be something which helps you with your magical work, so you should put in the things you find useful and helpful in this area. There is no rule that says you have to have a Book of Shadows at all. Many witches merely have a diary or journal. Some witches put everything they record into one particular book, others separate according to subject. Some witches think of the Book of Shadows as a sacred place to write in 'best' in special ink, others as a working book. Some use books, others ringbinders, sketchbooks, computers or tapes. It is entirely up to you.
As for making someone fall in love with you - no, you can't and you shouldn't interfere with someone's free will in that way. And also, why would you want someone who had to be forced into loving you???
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tiffany higgs in berlin
how do you burn a stick by thought also what do you have to do to be a whitelighter or charmed one
Dear tiffany higgs,
I have never met anyone who can really make fire with the power of their mind alone. The odd person claims to be able to and maybe it is possible, but generally I would say not.
As for whitelighters and charmed ones, they are fictional characters in the tv series Charmed and do not exist in reality at all.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aset in Belgium
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have a big question and maybe a strange one. I m married but I m not happy with it and I told him and made it very clear that I don t want this anymore but he doesn t listen. He always keeps pretending nothing is wrong he keeps being friendly when other are around and when we re alone he act like strange. What do I have to do to make him understand that he s better off with another woman Is there no spell or something Please can you help me. Blessed be Aset
Dear Aset,
You don't need to use a spell in this situation. If you want to leave your marriage, then do so - leave the marital home and file for divorce. Your husband can't fail to notice this. His state of mind is not your responsibility. You have told him the marriage isover, so now make this real with your actions. Tell your family and friends and move on with your life. If you can't leave the marital home, pack his stuff and give him a deadline for moving. He may not accept your words but he can't fail to react to your positive action.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Josephine in Corpus Christi Texas
Dear Aunt Tabatha can you give me lesson on witchcraft i feel weak now i think i going out can you help me out Aunt Tabatha
Dear Josephine ,
I'm not sure what you mean by a lesson in witchcraft - what i will tell you is that if you are having a difficult time with your faith, always go back to the basics. Practise useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start to renewing yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From talia in midlothian
what is the threefold law
Dear talia,
The three-fold law states that whatever energy you send out, for positive or negative, you will get back with three times the power.
Some Wiccans subscribe to this law, others seem to believe it isn't Wiccan in origin. And many witches don't believe in it at all. It seems to be a simplistic version of the subtler concept of karma.
Personally, while I do believe that, crudely, whatever we send out we get back, I think that we should strive to do the right thing because it is the right thing, rather than because we might be 'punished' if we don't.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Holly in Las Vegas
Can you show me what the triple goddess sign looks like please
Dear Holly,
I'm afraid i don't have the software to show graphics here. There are lotsof different signs that ahve been used to represent the triple goddess but probably the most common is a representation of the moon in three of its phases - waxing, full and waning all in a row, stuck together. This triple goddess symbol is shown on this website: as a pendant and a head dress.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Elowin in Ilfracombe
Me and my boyfriend want to start a book of shadows together but how would you start one
Dear Elowin,
However you like. Technically, a Book of Shadows is the journal a coven keeps of its magical workings, and you would start one as a new recruit to a coven by copying out the contents of the coven's Book of Shadows.
However, the name has been adopted my many witches, wiccan and not, and coven-based or not, to mean a form of magical diary.
In this case, it can include whatever you want to include in it. Some examples might be spells, dreams, divinations, outcomes of magical work, rituals, poetry, journal entries, and things you are studying such as herbs, lunar phases etc. I think the key here is not to get hung up on what you feel you 'should' put in it. After all, there are no hard and fast rules - it is supposed to be something which helps you with your magical work, so you should put in the things you find useful and helpful in this area. Some witches put everything they record into one particular book, others separate according to subject. Some witches think of the Book of Shadows as a sacred place to write in 'best' in special ink, others as a working book. Some use books, others ringbinders, sketchbooks, computers or tapes. It is entirely up to you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anna in winchester
I just wanted to know if my uncle could have forseen his future because he quit drinking and he is going through withdrawals and he predicted that a dog that was going to have pups one pup would die and the rest live and their mother would die too. he said that he saw people in black hats trying to get into the house and it wasnt even a door and he was trying to shut nothing because he said that they were trying to get in and he said they were saying the only thing that was keeping him alive was because he was going to have 3 kids and 4 grandkids. he has 2 kids now one is 8 and one is 5. thanks for listening if you dont know do you know of any free physcics or someone who would know.
Dear Anna,
Maybe he did see the future or maybe he just came to his senses and realised that if he continued drinking he may well end up killing himself.
To be honest, his visions may be genuine or they may be a part of the withdrawal from alcohol. Hallucinations aren't uncommon with drinkers and recovering drinkers, especially if he ahs been given medication to cope with the the withdrawal.
I don't know if any psychics would attempt to check the precognitions of another person, but in any case, I don't know of any psychics to recommend. My advice would be to spport your uncle in his attempt to become healthier and wait and see if his predictions come true. It's the only way to know for sure.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jayne in west sussex
im about to go into hospital for a major heart operation is there any pagan groups around west sussex england that do hospital visiting
Dear jayne,
I'm sorry I really don't know the answer to this one. The best way to find out might be to check with the hospital chaplain as, if there is such a group nearby, s/he would have been involved with setting up their visits.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kayla in charlotte hall
how do i bless a ring ive been looking for an answer for a few months now i want to bless it from evil and wrong doings i want it to be like a protection ring. i dont have a lot of herbs or any thing. please help me
Dear kayla,
Do it however seems right and personal to you. This could be with a poem, dance or song, with moon or sun light, by charging it under your pillow or by any other means which seem appropriate to you. The mian thing is to be specific about the intent you have for the ring when you perform the blessing.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Lynnette in North West
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am wanting to study Medicine and was wondering whether you could see anything which may indicate my success or otherwise in applying or in completing the degree. Is this a good move It is a long process with an initial application and an interview. Any insight would be great. BB L
Dear Lynnette,
I'm not a psychic I'm afraid, so I can't help you there, all I can recommend is to meditate on this issue and try to locate your genuine gut instinct on whether it is right for you. And try not to worry too much - if it turns out not to be right, you can always do something else instead. Sometimes these tasters of things can show us to the better path for us.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Emma in Doncaster
I can t find any wiccan sops or gatherings in my area and I can t get transport to those in differant areas. What should I do Do you know anything about the seven original wiccan clans
Dear Emma,
For the companionship of likeminded folk, I would recommend you join the online forums on this website - it is free and a safe and friendly community for those who don't know anyone Wiccan in real-life. As for shops, there are many mail-order companies online, just search on google.
I've never heard of the seven original Wiccan clans. For a definitive history of Wicca, try reading Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From karima in milton keynes
Hi sorry its me again so is an alexandrian witch nothing to do with the place alexandria in eygpt blessed be karima
Dear karima,
No, Alexandrian witches have nothing to do with the Egyptian city.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tom in surrey/london
Hi Aunt Tabatha after a few years of practicing wicca wasnt really good at it only used lavender and rose in ALL spells s i realised that i still didnt know how to cultivate herbs. I haev Scott Cunningham s Encyclopedia of magical herbs but if my memory and eyes are right it doesn t mention it either at any moment. I moved to a town not long ago which is quite..deserted and it is hard for me to access my occult shop in london now. i therefore planted some useful herbs and plants i d need in my garden but now i need to know how to dry them to then use them..all i know is that u mustn t use an oven i heard.. Well this is my problem and i hope that you can help me. Thank you very much Bright blessings Tom
Dear tom,
You need a culinary book rather than a magic book here - different herbs can be stored in different ways. For some it is fine to dry them carefully in a low oven, others can be microwaved and others can be frozen in ice-cubes. However, it all depends on which herbs you ahve and what you wish to sue them for in the future. Try looking for a book specifically on growing herbs for storing - you should be able to find one on amazon and then order it in your local bookshop.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tony in Sidney
I have been ripped off. For the second time. I guess I trust mankind too much. It is up to me to return three fold correct .
Dear Tony,
I personally don't believe in Three-Fold Return, but I'm pretty sure the idea is that the universe returns things, not you personally.
I presume you are referring to yourself taking revenge against those you feel have slighted you. Again, personally I am against this - revenge ties you to the person you take revenge against and roots you in the situation that hurt you in the first place. By far the better option is to learn from the experience, move on and be happy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hailey in Martinez
I want to know if I m a witch or not because i have had two weird experiences.One was with a moth it had landed on my arm and stayed their even when i touched it.The other experience was when i predicted a phone call from my freind and was 100 right about it.
Dear Hailey ,
Well, neitherof these experiences is particularly unusual. Moths can be pretty sleepy at certain times of the day, and most of us sometimes predict phonecalls. neither thing means you have particularly 'powers' necessarily.
Being a witch is something you choose to do if you decide to study magic and healing. Some witches have certain natural skills, others don't. Some people who have psychic skills are witches, others aren't. It all depends on you and what you are drawn to. If you are drawn to witchcraft, then investigate further. If you are not, then it doesn't matter.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jhon in wrangell
y do not know if y am a wiccan
Dear jhon,
Being Wiccan is something you decide to be when you realise that your instinctive beliefs are the same as those grouped under the heading 'Wicca'. So, the best way to find out, is to read a book such as The Real Witches' Handbook by Kate West and see what you think.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From woodsage in poole
Hi Aunt Tabitha. I read in one of your replies recently that you yourself do not case a cirlce. My question is - is this ok I have always believed that casting a cirlce prior to any type of working or ceremony was pretty much compulsory Is it ok and is it safe to work without having done this first Many thanks
Dear woodsage,
Nothing is compulsory! Who is there to compel you? You can work in whatever way you think fit, and no-one can tell you otherwise. There is not one 'proper' way of doing things - there are as many different ways of doing things as there are people to do them!
Yes it is OK to work without a circle, many people do so. Yes, it is safe - I protect myself personally rather than the space in which I work. Solitaries often do so.
Start thinking more freely - you don't have to get the ok from anyone before you do things - there isn't some witches regulatory body that will come round and confiscate your broom if you don't do it right. Celebrate your freedom to do it your own way!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jessica in Sudbury
Dear Aunt Tabatha My friend and I are both teenage witches we work as a team but we have not really started doing witchcraft. The only thing that is holding us back is trying to find the right spell books to use When you get this email can you please respond and my friends and I will give you our address and mabye you could send us spell books or recomend some. P.S Do you think we are really witches or do we just think that What do you think because we do believe we are witches. Love your idols Jess and Gina
Dear Jessica,
This is in answer to both Jessica and Gina in Sudbury - firstly, I must say that you should never offer to tell anyone on the internet your address. I could be anyone! Never give out personal details online.
As for whether or not you are witches, I don't know. The way to tell is this: do you seriously study magic, ethics, the earth and your beliefs? Do you consider you ahve found your life's path and intend to follow it for the rest of your life? Witchcraft is all about a serious practice of magic and healing arts, and it takes commitment and discipline.
I can't send you books but I can certainly give you some guidance of how to get started in witchcraft.
A good book to read would be SpellBound by Teresa Moorey. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From caz in essex
Dear Aunt tabatha do you know of a spell to help me see someones true colours. There real personlaity not the front they put up. Thank you blessed be.
Dear caz,
In this situation, I would work on feeling and trusting my own gut instinct as this is usally very good at seeing someone's true colours. It can be very easy for you to ignore this instinct or to confuse it with the general social perception of someone or prejudice. But in order to clarify it, take conscious note of what you think of someone when you first meet, when they first speak, and when you think of them in their absence. This should give you a start. Meditate on your instinct and try to call up the instinctive part of yourself, meet and chat to her, get comfortable about trusting her judgement.
It sounds to me as if there is a specific person you have in mind, and i think that deep down you know what this person is really like, you just want it confirmed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From solowitchwoman in Keighley
Merry Meet as a solo practitionerI have studied and practiced Wicca for almost 5 years now. during the past 3years I have been working on a tempary supply basis and adore my job as a full time vaccancy has now come available I have applied for this possition and realise that I am feeling desperate toget the job I love the work the other staff and have wonderful relationships with all aspects of the job and I believe I do the job very well too.I have preyed to the God and Goddess and conducted some rites and Majik ie candle and runes I just hoped you might have some tips for me to secure this job and get the contract love to you and blesssings
Dear solowitchwoman,
I presume you've done all the mundane things you can to get the job, such as taking care over the application form, brushing up on your skills, networking with the right people and everything?
In that case, a good luck charm might help and won't harm! You can make your own luck charms quite easily using herbs such as lavender and heather, a symbol of the reason for the charm - such as the job advert, or something to symbolise the area of work, something of your own such as piece of hair or piece of jewellery you wear often. Place all these items, plus anything you personally associate with luck, into a small bag made of natural fabric and sew it shut while concentrating hard on your hoped-for outcome. This is the important part of the charm - your intent, so focus hard and with a very specific outcome in mind.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sora in Pembroke Pines
There is alot of bad energy around my house and myu friends is there anyway to get rid of it because I cant find away and a barrier isnt working they keep comming..some of them arent just spirits they are demons but they havnt caused any harm yet cause I wont let them how can i get rid of them
Dear Sora,
I have already given a detailed response to this kind of question - if you'd look three questions below this one, the question from Moni, it should help your situation too!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Betty in gothenburg
How can i make a guy i like love me Please can u help me he s name is Juned Dahlin i really really like him but i don t know if he likes me so i wonder if you can make him love ME
Dear Betty,
You can't make someone love you, and even if you could you shouldn't! If it's going to work out, then it will do so naturally. If it isn't, then why would you want someone to love you only because you forced them into it? You need to get some perspective here and start respecting this man as a person and not something to be slotted into your life as you want.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From karima in milton keynes
What s an alexandrian witch because i read the name and was wondering are they like eygptians thanx for your time blessed be karima
Dear karima,
Alexandrian is a branch of Wicca. It takes its name from Alex Sanders, the founder of this branch, and has many similarities and some differences to Garnderian Wicca - the branch that traces its lineage to Gerald Gardner. They are both initiatory, coven-based ways of working.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Moni in
My house is full of negative energy and I can t seem to be rid of it. I ve tried all I know but it s affecting my life and my fiancee and my relationship. Help me please to dispell this negative energy.
Dear Moni,
If you've tried to get rid of the neagtive energy and it hasn't gone, maybe the energy is actually hanging around either you or your fiancee. This is the ideal time of year to cleanse yourselves and your house - open up all the windows and doors, take down all the curtains and blinds and wash them thoroughly. Open up all the cupboards and pull out all the contents. Sort through all the stuff before you put anything back. Have in mind as your aim to throw away as much stuff as you can. get rid of things that remind you of bad times, things that store bad energy, things you don't need, things you hang onto because you are afraid. Move the furniture around in each room if you can. Polish and vacuum while singing loudly and dancing around to dispel negativity and staleness. Clean all the windows and bake something nice in your kitchen such as bread or a cake to reinforce the feeling in your house as a home. Once you have done the house and baked, share a bath together - put in lavender or rose or neroli as well as a hand full of salt to dispel negative energy. While in the bath, chat about your shared future and goals.
This may seem like a lot of effort to go to, and it is a lot of effort, but the results should be well worth it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amy in none
do spells and incantations really work
Dear Amy,
I can't speak for incantations as I've never tried any but, yes, spells do work - as long as you know how to cast them and put time and energy into it. If however, you find a spell in a book, read it out loud and light a candle with no input from yourself - that probably won't work. magic involves tapping into the power of the universe and directing through yourself into the direction you desire.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From samantha-nicki in cledford
hi i was just wondering if you could help me. my boyfriend went away and emt a girl called laura she knew he had a girlfriend but kept tryin 2 get with him now he is back they are obsessed with eachother i have been with him for a long time and love him as much as i can my age but this laura is upseting me because she always rings him and texts him saying that she misses him alot and loves him. i was wondering if you know of a spell which can stop her having feelings for my boyfriend or to stop her sharing her feelings and to just be nice to me as he is my boyfriend not hers. lv samantha
Dear samantha-nicki,
If there was such a spell it would be highly unethical to perform it. You can't go round manipulating other people's feelings just to suit yourself. It sounds to me as if you need to have a big discussion with your boyfriend as he is the one with the problem here. Obviously it isn't good to try to interest a man who is attached, but a man who is happily attached will not be lured away even by the strongest temptation. You need to ask your boyfriend straight who he really wants as currently he is keeping you both on a string. You need to set out some boundaries for your relationship so that he will not walk all over your feelings like this. Either he is with you and loves you, and stops this relationship with the other woman. Or he loves her and your relationship finishes. This is a painful situation but it will be better for your own self-esteem in the long-run if you stand up for yourself and find out where you stand.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From christine in margate
dear aunt tabatha merry meet...i need help on how to gain confidence on my actual driving test. i think i m a good driver. i ve taken practical driving test before but the nerves kicked-in and ruined my judgment in driving thus failing the test. how can i maintain my confidence on the big day how will i control my nervousness thank you so much your help. blessed be.
Dear christine,
This is a tricky one that many people have trouble with. I thnk the best way to help with nerves is self-hypnosis. If you've never done it before then going to a reputable hypnotherapist for a session or two could make the world of difference to your performance and allow your true skills to shine through.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Wendy in Cambs
Merry meet Dear Aunt Tabatha I am sure you have many similar enquiries. I am constantly worried about my son. It is making me feel quite exhausdted and unlike carrying on with my own life. In a nutshell he is in a very unsuitable relationship ccording to his friends and family alike. I have now heard that this person has already physically abused her husband now divorcing. There is concern over the little girl from that marriage and now my son has a lump on his back and bruises all doen own side. He said he fell down a chalk pit while walking on a local heath. Perhaps he did. The lad is 21 and so too old for me to interfere. Obviously there are other concerns including finacial ones. Please help Exhausted
Dear Wendy,
I'm so sorry to hear of your situation and sorry to agree that it is a common issue. As you say, your son is an adult and you cannot interfere in his life or force him to confide in you. It is very common for victims of domestic violence to try and keep it a secret, out of shame, embarrassment or loyalty to their violent partners. The shame and embarrassment may be particularly acute in cases of male victims. The main thing to do for your son is make sure he knows you are there for him. By all means tell him your opinion of his current girlfriend - but in a neutral and non-confrontational way - and then assure him that despite this opinion you want to maintain your relationship with him and will tolerate her for his sake. Don't then repeat your opinion ever again - you've said it and it's on record, any repetitions may make your son defensive.
Make sure you stay in regular contact and don't let him become alienated from friends and family. There are several organisations you and he could contact for help and advice - Men's Aid ( and a whole range of toher more localised services listed on this website:
It may be worth trying to open a discussion on the whole subject of domestic violence with your son if you can do so subtly - maybe by discussing a magazine article or tv programme.
As much as we would like to we can't choose our family's partners and often their choices seem inexplicable. Maybe try and investigate this woman's good points. Ask your son what he loves about her and try to spend time with them together in a family situation. Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jade in Australia
Auth Tabatha I was wondering what you know about past lives and sole mates I feel a great connection to a certian person thoe I have never meat this person. Please tell me what I should do before I obsess over this even more cause he is unreachable. from Jade
Dear Jade,
I do believe you can have connections with people, whether from a past life or for another reason, but this doesn't have to be a love connection. We can have unresolved issues with people from past lives for all kinds of reasons and it needn't resolve itself this time round in a romantic relationship. In fact, maybe if we have had a romantic relationship with a person in a past life then we actually need to have a platonic relationship now in order to work out issues.
If you feel a connection to someone by all means pursue it if you can do so reasonably, but there is no point at all in obsessing over someone you haven't even met. If you have unresolved issues then you will be destined to meet up in some way anyway, so just wait and see.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nisha in Essex
Aunt Tabatha I recently found an ad in a magazine informing me of a Wicca shop in the county I live in. Trouble is that my family is not Wiccan and I can t drive. I do not have any witch friends who can help me out either. I get some of my supplies from a stall in the market but it has a few dark occult products and I m not really comfortable there any more. What do you suggest Thank you in advance
Dear Nisha,
Firstly I'd suggest that you think hard about what you feel you need and why. Tools and props can be handy in witchcraft but none of them are necessary so try not to become over-reliant on them.
Have you tried mail-order or online shops? If you don't have access to a credit card most online shops will take cheques or postal orders in the post.
I'm not sure what you count as 'dark occult' products, but you may well find that many new age suppliers also stock items which could be defined as this.
My final thought is - have you tried making or growing the items you need most? Things are always more full of power if you do this, so the more you can produce yourself, the better.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Samantha2 in worster
MM and I hope you had a good Litha. I am a soliatry who is more than happy one my own BUT I have started doing a little wed weaving a getting a few pagan friends for chats its some thing that I do on line and we meet evry other month the thing is my husband as started to make comments saying he does not want me to get into any thing he knows the score so I think its the association he does not like now a friend as asked if I would like to jion the Pagan Association and I think I would.How do I tell him we have been married for ten years and I have never let the craft get between us I say it is who I am and as he loves me thats ok with him but I have always done thing alone before and I think new people frightens him any ideas how I tell him I want to go to see what the P.A is like sam x Bright blessings
Dear Samantha2,
If, as you say, your husband is fine with Paganism in general then I would say you are right to think he is afraid of what might happen if you chat to people online. It might be a good thing to define exactly what he frightened of. Maybe he is scared you'll find someone else you like better than him? Or maybe he's scared you'll end up stalked by some nutter. Maybe he's worried that you'll find new friends and new interests and he'll be shut out of your life.
Until you can be sure exactly what his worry is, you can't counter it. The more you keep things secret in fear of worrying him further, the more he'll feel shut out and the more worried he'll become. Try asking him what he's worried about. Invite him to sit in on one of your monthly meetings so he can get to know your new friends and not feel left out. Maybe suggest you join the PA as a couple. Above all, do things gradually. Don't change everything all at once overnight. Let your husband have a bit of time to get used to each new idea you introduce so he doesn't feel threatened or stupid.
Do you know any other Pagans with non-Pagan husbands or partners that you could introduce to your husband so he can have a good moan about you with someone who understands?
I'm sure you can sort this out but do tread carefully!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leslyann in Michigan
My mom purchased something and it was in a bag. The place and what the item was aren t important. But I took the item out so I could use it and I left the bag on the table where it was when I first saw it. My mom and I went somewhere and when we came back the bag was shoved undermy bed a little. I looked in it and saw something important that I figured my mom would want to keep. I gave it to her and she was confused as to why I had it. It told her the bag was under my bed. She said she didnt put it there. I sure as hell didnt put it there. If I were to do something with the bag I would have removed the things inside and throw the thing away. The important thing in the bag that I gave to her earlier was worth 70 and anyone could have taken it and used it for themselves if they were in the house. But it was still in the bag. I know for a fact I didnt move the bag and if my mom were to move the bag which she says she didnt she would have removed the important thing first. Can you maybe give me a theory or two as to what the heck happened Thanks.
Dear Leslyann,
Your question is a little confusing what with all the 'things' in bags, but I can certainly offer some theories. Maybe someone else was in your house that you didn't know about. Maybe an animal from outside or a pet moved it - under beds are very common places for animals to place things they are investigating or wish to hide to investigate later. Maybe you or your mum moved it yourselves while on a tidying autopilot. Or maybe it was one of those little household gremlins that seems to move and hide things only for them to turn up exactly where you have been searching for them all day!
I honestly don't know what it is - spirits, time slips, a buildup of emotional energy, ghosts, pixies or whatever - but there is definitely something that happens in houses to move things. You can drive yourself crazy thinking about it or you can just accept that it happens and it's bizarre.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amanda in San Fransisco
Dear Aunt Tabatha i know i may sound a little young to be doing witchcrafting but i find it fascinating i know this ll sound dumb but do you know a spell to make me be able to fly I ve always wanted to be able to fly and it s always cought my imagination. Can you help me live my dream
Dear Amanda,
Unfortunately, I have never known a witch anywhere to claim that they can really, phsycially, fly. Through lucid dreams, out of body experiences and astral travelling, yes. But if you want to physically fly in the sky, I would suggest hang-gliding as the best option!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From terry in louisville
Thanks for your frankness. of course you are right. and thank you for advising me to read. I am doing just that. If I may bother you with another question. Is it possible for ones energy to be blocked by say physical/health problems when I was younger and living in scottland I could feel my energy very strongly and was able to use it to revitalize my self and relax. Now I have a severe neck injury that has damaged the nerves and for some reason I feel blocked. Although it seems to return at various level when I am in water. To me that is my second home and were I belong. I seem to gain much strength there. does this make any sense I know I need to find some one here to speak with and that you are very busy but I just don t know whom to see or just how to start things off. Sorry for your time. Blessed Be.
Dear terry,
It's very common to feel blocked following or during an illness or injury. The physical, mental and spiritual are all part of the same body and same person so they affect each other hugely. Pain in particular can be a very big block to spiritual energy, and maybe this is why you feel better in water, if it helps with pain from your neck?
I believe that a big part of being spiritually healthy is consciously getting your body as healthy as it can be. This is not to say that people with serious and chronic injuries can't be full of spiritual energy - far from it. But you have to find your balance and accept where you are - if you spend some time making changes to improve your health as much as possible, so that you become as healthy as you can possibly be within your current constraints, that will help with your sense of connectedness a lot.
It is always vital to start with physical and emotional problems before properly beginning your magical path. This is not a distraction from your spiritual path, it is essential preparation for it.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From terry/waterdweller in louisville
I have recently returned to the idea of truth in witchcraft and my wounder of the craft. As a child I believed many great and evil spirits haunted and have continued to do so these 43 years. I am honestly interested in the craft but do not know where to start I also truely believe that a curse or a hex has been placed on me since my birth. This may sound silly but to me it feels very real. Can you tell me if my susspissons are correct or just my imagenation and also the steps to take to continue my search in the craft
Dear terry/waterdweller,
I would doubt very strongly that such a curse had been placed on you. This is for many reasons - why would someone have placed such a curse? Who could have done it? Who would have the power and energy to cast such a long-lasting, wide-ranging, strong, and non-specific curse? I don't mean to belittle your feelings here, but you seem to have hit the nail on the head yourself when you said 'it might sound silly but to me it feels very real'. Many of us effectively 'curse ourselves' by believing this. The first step out of this is to break the cycle and stop believing you've been cursed. Sit down with a friend or two that you consider to be 'lucky' people and soberly assess your life events compared to theirs. Have you really had any more bad things happen to you than ordinary? Do they react differently or have a different attitude - can you learn from them at all?
The next step to take is the learn to protect yourself every day form negative energy - that way, even if someone has cursed you, it will fail. For protection, shut your eyes and visualise a shield of light surrounding your whole body. the light may be golden, silver, blue, white or any colour you wish, but it must completely surround you and should be shiny on the outer surface in order to reflect back negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through and reach you. You will need to recharge this shield as often as possible - every night is ideal - and over time it will become stronger.
As for where you go next in the Craft, try reading some good introductory books on the subject - I can recommend Vivianne Crowley for the more mature reader. But beware of looking for 'The Truth' in any one philosophy or religion. There are many truths out there and you may find bits in different places.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From vix in wakefield
How can i become more involve in witchcraft. For years I ve had a special affinity for the craft and badly want to become a fully fledged wicca
Dear vix,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From scott in townsville
why dont you put curses in spell of the day
Dear scott,
Because everyone involved with this website subscribes to the 'harm none' ethic which precludes cursing people. Most witches and all wiccans have such ethics whether it be due to law of three-fold return, belief in karma, or generally trying to be good people. CoA as a whole doesn't advocate cursing people, so we would never include curses in Spell of the Day.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Caitlylynn in Briggsville
Dear Aunt Tabatha I have been studing witchcraft for about a year and a half now but I have really really bad lucky dating I was wondering if you know any good spells to help me.
Dear Caitlylynn,
Have you sat down and thought hard about your bad luck. What exactly is it that goes wrong? Is it the same thing each time or different things? Are you attracted to the wrong sort of guy? Do you come across as too needy or push for commitment too soon? Are you taking the time to get to know your dates as people and friends before assessing them for long-term potential?
Do some meditation on this issue and try to work out what's going wrong. After that, there are some spells you could try to open yourself to love or to help pinpoint the right person. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From alyshia in woodstock
I have a problem with rejection even though i say i dotn care. I want to take this 1 guy to grad but we rae on diffrent levels on the social chart. do i ask him any way
Dear alyshia,
Put it this way: if you don't ask, you definitely don't get to take him. If you do ask him and he says no, you don't get to take him. What have you got to lose? And there's always a chance he'll say yes.
No-one likes being rejected, but it's good to learn not to take it personally as a fear of rejection can really hold you back from doing all sorts of things.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marie in Crawley
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am doing a corresponce Wicca course at the moment with Vivianne Crowley.It is a fabulous course.I have been sent a leaflet of a 1 day course SOLITARY ECLECTIC WITHCRAFT INTRODUCTION taking place on 10July Croydon and I would like your advice on that.What is an eclectic course using non-wiccan style Hope to hear from you soon. Marie
Dear Marie,
Eclectic witchcraft is witchcraft using elements from lots of different places. It can include bits from Wicca and/or bits from other spiritual paths and is built up by each individual practitioner in order to suit their own individual needs, path and style. This kind of witchcraft is usually completely different in style to Wicca and is much less formal, using fewer or no tools or rituals. It tends to suit solitary practitioners best and those who dislike the drama and mysticism of Wicca or more formal styles of witchcraft.
I hope this might help you decide if this course is for you or not!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From cahrlotte in birmingham
what is witch craft and what sort of spells do you do
Dear cahrlotte,
Witchcraft is a way of practising magic using earth energy. Witches do all kinds of spells, depending on what they need but most have a strict code of ethics which prescribes never harming anyone.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aerie in Ipswich Suffolk
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am only 14 years old but i have been a practicing witch for over a year now. I have my sights set on a career as an actress but i cant seem to get any auditions. I was wondering if you had a ny spells for example a ggod luck in your new career spell that would perhaps bring more auditions and job oppertunities my way. Thank you for your time i hope you can help me. Blessed be
Dear Aerie,
You can make your own luck charms quite easily using herbs such as lavender and heather, a symbol of the reason for the charm - such as a page from a script, or something to symbolise the part you are auditioning for, something of your own such as piece of hair or piece of jewellery you wear often. Place all these items, plus anything you personally associate with luck, into a small bag made of natural fabric and sew it shut while concentrating hard on your hoped-for outcome. This is the important part of the charm - your intent, so focus hard and with a very specific outcome in mind.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Charlotte-Louise in Norwich Norfolk England UK
Hi my name is Charlotte. I ve only recently found out about Wicca and the path I now feel I want to take. My family my mum and younger sister don t approve of Wicca and witchcraft but I feel this is the right path for me. For a few weeks now i ve been scouring the internet and books and allsorts trying to find a link to a coven near me. i live in Norfolk but wouldn t mind if it wasn t too far out I really feel a coven could help me along the my path and I do want to do this but I need help in getting started. Do you have any idea of how I ccould get in touch with a coven near me that would be amazing. thankyou
Dear Charlotte-Louise,
You will need to be at least 18 before any reputable coven will even think of taking you, and some will expect you to be much older. There are many good reasons for this. Firstly, covens expect you to have done things in your life and reached a certain point - not necessarily magically, although they will expect evidence of your commitment to this path, but mundane things such as jobs and relationships. You cannot know what you want to commit to, or even what you will be able to commit to, until you have experienced some of what life has to offer.
Secondly, when you join a coven you are expected to commit a fair amount of time and energy to your training and to coven life. You cannot do this while you are at school, doing exams and stuff. Once you leave school or college or university you may even leave the area.
Covens expect that all members, once initiated will be able to take a full part in coven life, including late night meetings, meetings on school nights, emotional support of other members and training of newer members - this might be tricky if you are young yourself and especially if your mother doesn't approve of your path.
For all these reasons, I wouldn't recommend a coven as the place to start. It might be theplace to aim, but not the first step.
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tony in utica
how do i perform a love spell and whats are the words to chant
Dear tony,
I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Cait in Pennsville
Will the boy Andrew that I love on and off ever go out with me
Dear Cait,
How can you love someone on and off? Anyway, I can't tell you that - I'm not a psychic. Why don't you ask him out? If he says no you can can move on and find someone else. But you never know, he might say yes!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dannie in Derbyshire
Dear Aunt Tabitha Thank you for your advice on my earlier questions. I wanted to ask your advice on a recent series of events in my house. A few times now I have seen a black cat out of the corner of my eye either sitting or running just behind me. Now we do have a black cat Salem but on the occassions I ve seen the other cat which appears to be bigger Salem has emerged from another part of the house a few minutes later. The best example was when I saw it following me down the hall and assumed it was her but got into the living room and she was alseep on the sofa and apparently had been for an hour or so confirmed by my mother who had been there the whole time. I mentioned that I kept seeing this cat and my mother said she saw it too and thought she was going mad Salem is the only black cat we ve owned and I can t think what it can be except an omen but I don t know what black cats mean. Could you help me on this subject. I apologise for the length of this letter
Dear Dannie,
It might not be an omen, it could simply be a spirit of some kind, maybe even attracted by your real cat.
Cats can have many symbolic meanings and it all depends on your own associations. It could be the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, or it could be an animal guide or familiar seeking you out. It could represent the divine feminine or your own feminine side or even your own intuition trying to break through some kind of barrier.
Try meditating on the situation and see if you can come up with the explanation that fits for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Monica in Bucharest
Dear Aunt Tabatha strange and negative thinghs have been happening to me lately. Until a few months ago everything was more than OK but now.. All good things turned into bad all friends turned into enemies. Nothing I do seems to be OK. How can I find out if someone put a spell on me and my familiy Please help I am getting desperate. Monica
Dear Monica,
People often ask me this question, but I must say that it would be unusual for someone to have put such an effective curse on you. Why would they have done so? Who could have done so? It would take a trememdous amount of energy to put such a wide-ranging and constant curse on you.
It is far more likely that these things are simply life happening to you. We all go through highs and lows and when the circle turns, it tends to turn completely. One negative thing tends to attract another and another and so on.
The best thing to do is to boost your personal protection to prevent any more negativity getting through and then completely cleanse your house to get rid of any lingering negative energy.
Then start each new day expecting good things. Try and see what you can learn from the things that have gone wrong. Is the universe trying to point something out to you? Had you wandered off your life-path? Do some meditation on these questions.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Elen in Dudley
Dear Aunt Tabitha A couple of years perhaps to signify their attempts to understand my emergence from the broom closet o my parents bought me a spell book but to be honest I m not comfortable with it as it focuses on attaining love and success which does not fit with my interpretation of Wiccan philosophy. Having it in the house concerns me as I would prefer that my daughter doesn t use it as part of her own education. I would like to dispose of it but I m concerned over the repercussions of passing it on to others or destroying it. Could you advise on a safe method Blessings...Elen
Dear Elen,
Well, unless you think it is actually evil, I think that giving it to a charity shop or selling it on Amazon or Ebay would be an environmentally-friendly way of disposing of it.
If it does not fit with your philosophy I can understand why you might not want it in the house, but it is always worth remembering that it is valuable to read things which you don't agree with from time to time merely so you refresh your memory on why you don't agree. You could also use it as a teaching tool for your daughter, by discussing the book and its philosophy with her and explaining why you don't agree with it.
Although you don't like it, it could be just what someone else is looking for, so by all means pass it on.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From jesse in syracuse
dear aunt tabitha i am really into absorbing and using energy but i cant seem to make it visable. can you give me any advice on ways to help this
Dear jesse,
I'm not really sure. Some people work with energy and never see it in a physical way - they may see it in their mind or feel it instead. Maybe you are one of these people? Some people say that with practise and experience they learn to see it. But I don't really think it matters. If you find you can work with energy, it doesn't need to be visible to do that. After all, we can work with electricity without seeing it directly and other forms of energy are the same.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Atlatann in Grenoble
Thank you Aunt Tabatha for your advices about breathing excersices as well as realxations. I m glad to tell you that they work very well I sort of combine them all together and I had results. But different then i though It was not the girl that I heard like last times but my mother and sisters. You see we are in a very hard situation and they cannot wait for me to live the USA for France in 2 days now becasue both my mother n sisters are in a very deep depression and they feel that I bring them the light to there life. So what I heard were prayers of my mother and my sisters together preaying for me to have a safe journey and that I be here quick to protect them. My question is Is it possible for someone to hear a person s prayer like I felt
Dear Atlatann,
Yes, I think it is perfectly possible to hear the prayers of those that love us. When we are connected by blood or love to someone we make an emotional link with them which connects us psychically to them. Your mother and sister obviously love you very much and have been feeling very desperate to see you. And you are obviously pretty receptive to their presence. It sounds like a very special link.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ana in Loule Portugal
Thank you for answering my question As you say I sound confused what might happen because I m writing in English and don t have much vocabulary related to this topic so I kind of would like to clarify my question or If you like put it in another way I thinks it is not that much a matter of beliefs but probably and I assume it it is more like a fear of committing myself more than I would like and I think that by believing there s automatically a commitment and I m okay with that kind of commitment with any kind of belief religion or deity. Anyway that was basically the question how far can I take my practices without an official commitment or even an assumed one and how can that non-commitment be an offense to any deity entity etc I still sound confused Whatever what can you tell me more about that thing I ve been saying Thanks again for answering me
Dear Ana,
I see what you mean! You can take your practices as far as you like without making any sort of commitment. Commitment is a personal thing and you should never make any that you are not ready for. Don't feel that just because you are exploring a certain religion it means you have to make any sort of official or implied commitment.
I think it would be considered far more offensive to make a commitment without really thinking it through deeply and then to go back on it. Much better to go into things gradually, really thinking hard all the way before really committing yourself.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Raven in Kent
Hello Aunt Tabatha Recently i have been seeing a shadow of a black cat everywhere some of the most common places are on the windowsill on top of the television on the ceiling and under the bed/table. I m quite into Ancient Egypt so could it possibly be Bastet I m not really sure but i ve been seeing it for about 2 months now and i think it s time i did something. I haven t done any major spells or rituals so I didn t summon it myself. Thanks
Dear Raven,
Cats can have many symbolic meanings and it all depends on your own associations. It certainly could be Bastet, or it could be an animal guide or familiar seeking you out. It could represent the divine feminine or your own feminine side or even your own intuition trying to break through some kind of barrier.
Try meditating on the situation and see if you can come up with the explanation that fits for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Deniz in London
my mum is really making me suicidal. i am a wiccan and have tried realistic methods of trying to talk to her write a letter even went to the doctors to see if i could get some help but they all took my mums side. my friends have tried helping me but it hasn t worked. i really do feel like killing myself. I ve tried absolutly everything and before i do anything stupid is there any thing else i can do I understand what my mum means. but i dont think she understands how i feel. No one can make her listen to me.
Dear Deniz,
You don't actually say what it is that your mother is doing that is so bad? But anyway, I am not the person to talk to if you're suicidal. i can sympathise, but I'm not qualified to help other than that in any way. My advice would be to ring up the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90. They are very good at listening to people and they won't take anyone's side.
Please give it a try, and please think again before doing anything desperate.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chelsea and Michael water and fire in morrisville Vermont
Me and my friend would like to ask you the following can you have accual powers like for example move objects with your mind is someone able to dream the future I think I do but nobody believs me except 1 of my friends O
Dear Chelsea and Michael water and fire ,
Everyone has different skills and abilities and some people have powers that are more magical than mundane.
I have never observed anyone move something with the power of their mind although I have known of people who claim they ca do so - so I can't give a definite answer on that.
However, i must ay that i have known people who seemed to be able to foretell in dreams or using scrying tools, divination tools or even just spontaneously. This seems to be quite a common skill in certain circles so don't doubt your instinct that you can do this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Atlatann in Grenoble
Thank you for answering my question Aunt Tabatha. Now i know that it is nothing evil or at least i feel more secure. I sure will try to listen what she says but since I wrote you i haven t heard her. At least I no what to expect now. Well my question is Do u no breathing excersice that are simple to do to get in this state of trance I am reading a book on the science of breath unfortunately its quite difficult. Well I will move to France in 3 days and i hope everythign will go well Thank you very much for your advices and I hope you are doing very well Bless be Atlatann
Dear Atlatann,
Generally deep and regular breathing is what you need to aim for to help you into a trance state. Lie down and relax all your muscles one by one. Close your eyes and sink back into the bed. Breathe deeply and regularly without forcing it. There are many different techniques for doing this and you could try counting your in-breaths up to 10 and then starting from 1 again. You could try visualising a set of steps down a winding tower and feel yourself relaxing more the further down the steps you go. You could try focusing on a candle flame or scrying ball. The idea is simply to block out the outside world and intrusive random thoughts and enter a state of relaxed heightened awareness. Give different methods a try and find which works best for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Ana in Loul Portugal
Well... I m not a witch but I m really in to witchcraft druidism and so on. I ve read some books and stuff on this topic and I feel encouraged to start doing some rites and meditation. Although I m not a witch and don t want to oficially do witchcraft even though I m really interested on th whole thing. Can I do the rites and meditation just by my way Or will I be ofending any deity because that s not my wish at all Can one practice witchcraft without being a witch Pleas e help me.....
Dear Ana,
You do sound confused! let's try and sort this out a bit. Firstly, meditation is not tied to any one deity or even any one religion, so go right ahead with that.
I'm not sure what sort of rites you are thinking of. If you don't believe in gods and goddesses, why would you want to do a rite involving one? And why would you be worried about offending one that you don't believe in? If you mean some sort of celebratory ritual however, such as a dance or thanksgiving, then again these belong to no particular deity or religion and there's no reason why anyone shouldn't perform such things.
As to whether you can practise witchcraft without being a witch - that's pretty much just semantics. You can call yourself whatever you like, it doesn't really matter. Of course you can do magic, spells or whatever you want to call it without calling yourself a witch. But it may be that some people will think it's a bit of a cop-out.
I think what you really need to do is clarify your own belief-structure and aims a bit more. Have you read Druidcraft by Philip Carr-Gomm? I think this might help you.
At the end of the day, you must do what you feel comfortable with and label yourself as you feel comfortable but if you want to do everything that witchcraft consists of but not call yourself a witch, then perhaps you need to sit down and ask yourself why this is.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From kitty in bangor north wales
hi aunt tabatha what should i do if i have a really bad crush on a guy called chris who my mates are telling me not to trust him that he is nothing but bad news please tell me i cant stop thinking about him it just driving me insane
Dear kitty,
If all your mates are telling you the same thing you'd be mad not to at least listen to what they have to say. Sit down and listen with an open mind - is what they tell you gossip, rumour, or more verifiable? Can you speak to anyone with direct experience of this person? Is it possible that lust is blinding you to danger? Do you find the 'bad-boy' image secretly rather appealing (which of us doesn't!!!)
What I am saying is find out more about this before jumping in with both feet. Maybe this peson is best left as a delicious fantasy.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From christopher in Lancaster pa
i am wondering what is the best way to get my parents to agree with me being a witch and not to thinck it is bad
Dear christopher,
Be tactful, discreet and mature. Firstly, it will do no harm to keep things private for a while so that you can do some studying and reading up on the subject and sort out your own beliefs before trying to explain them to anyone else.
Secondly, when you do tell your parents (which you don't have to if you don't want to), be gentle and do it gradually. Start by asking them their views on religion and spirituality. Then introduce some of your beliefs without naming the religion and see if they are happy with that. Only then tell them more and give them a good introductory book on the whole topic to answer their questions and worries.
If they oppose you or dismiss it as a phase, keep your cool and just let your actions speak for themselves. Keeping at it will show it isn't a silly fad. But if you encounter severe disapproval it might be best to keep things private or low-key for a while. We all need our parents' love and support and you don't want to alientate them over something which can keep until you are more independent in life.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Alyssa in Koloa hoone rd.
Well... I am part-witch but I have a hard time keeping it a secert and that I can t control my spirit inside me. I need help Please.
Dear Alyssa,
Hmm, I'm not sure how you can be a part-time witch - witchcraft is a whole view on life not something you only do sometimes. But that's by the by - you don't have to keep it a secret, it's up to you. If you fear the reaction of those close to you and choose to keep your private beliefs private, then that's your business and perfectly fine. Why do you think you're having a hard time with this? Is it because you actually want to tell people? If so, maybe you should consider the best way to do so.
As for your 'spirit inside you', I don't really know what you mean by this so I can't comment.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From carys in london
i need a simple but effective love spell. i m not allowed into any wicca shops to buy things so i can only use basic things like candles and herbs - any suggestions
Dear carys,
I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue. Items that are traditionally associated with love and that could be used in such a spell are as follows: the colours red and pink, apples, chocolate, apricots, avocado, brazil nuts, foods you eat with your fingers, herbs and spices which are warming and exotic such as cinnamon, the element fire, the full moon, the spring and summer.
Cooking and baking magic particularly seem to suit the topic of love, so baking cakes or biscuits with the intent to find love and eating them yourself or offering them to as wide a circle of people as possible could be a good, and discreet, way of finding that special someone.
Just don't aim it at any one person in particular.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Dejana in Jagodina
Dear Tabata im totaly lost. Please help me.I have so many problems.Anything i do its not right.Is there any spell for good luck.I really dont know what to do.Am I cursed...Please tell me what to do bad luck tracking me.
Dear Dejana,
You can certainly make yourself a charm for good luck and also take some protection measures in case someone out there is sending you negative energy, but the far more likely solution is that these things happening to you are just the usual problems we all face in life, unfortunately. It often seems to be the way that when one thing goes wrong, it attracts more bad energy and something else goes wrong and then another, until we then expect more and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Break out of the cycle now!
You can make your own luck charms quite easily using herbs such as lavender and heather, a symbol of the area of life you want good luck in, something of your own such as piece of hair or piece of jewellery you wear often. Place all these items, plus anything you personally associate with luck, into a small bag made of natural fabric and sew it shut while concentrating hard on your hoped-for outcome. This is the important part of the charm - your intent, so focus hard and with a very specific outcome in mind.
For protection, shut your eyes and visualise a shield of light surrounding your whole body. the light may be golden, silver, blue, white or any colour you wish, but it must completely surround you and should be shiny on the outer surface in order to reflect back negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through and reach you. You will need to recharge this shield as often as possible - every night is ideal - and over time it will become stronger.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Atlatann in Grenoble
Dear Aunt Tabatha for the past 2 days every time I am about to fell asleep I start hearing a voice of a young girl. I do not recall what she was saying but I know that it was bothering me stoping me from sleeping. I dont have any idea who she could be or why speaking to me. I dont believe that she wants me any arms or perhaps she is trying to tell me something except that I dont remember what she said. When this occurs I am not scared I just listen and after a while with my thoughts ask her to be quiet so I can sleep. My question is of course your opinion on this matter also who do you believe it could be in a general way. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Atlatann
Dear Atlatann,
It sounds like someone is trying to contact you and being fairly insistent about it. When we fall asleep, we usually pass through that trance-like state of being not quite asleep but not fully awake either which can allow this kind of communication through. It is possible that if you deliberately try to enter this same trance state while awake, through self-hypnosis or meditation for example, that you may be able to recall more of what is said afterwards. If you find entering this state difficult, you may like to try visiting a hypnotherapist to help you and to record your responses for you.
As to who this might be, that is difficult to tell. Do you know anyone who died as a child? Have you moved house recently (in which case it might be a spirit in the new house)? Do you have any issues in your own past (it could be your own inner child trying to speak to you)? Have you started something new in your life which may have triggered the start of this, such as a new relationship or job?
Have a think about this, but I definitely think you should try and hear the message - the speaker obviously thinks it's important, so it must be worth trying to hear.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Woodhwk in Sanpoint
I have the strange ability to Shape shift but I can t controle it it just happens. can yo help me controle it
Dear Woodhwk,
I've never known anyone who claimed to physically shapeshift, so I am assuming you are meaning on an astral/magical level. In which case, the answer is, as with any magical ability, practise and experience. Start small, and relax. Attempt to recreate any conditions in which you can spontaneously use the ability and learn what triggers this for you. Firstly, try to learn to stop yourself from changing when you don't consciously wish to. Then, once you learn this, try to deliberately change. This kind of skill can take a long time to fully consciously control, so relax and take your time with this.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tabatha in Belton
Am I a witch
Dear Tabatha,
Again, only you know the answer to this, but it is a fairly simple question to answer. Do you practise, or study to practise one day, spellcraft? Do you believe in and use magic? Have you made a commitment to a magical path in life? If yes, you are a witch - if that is what you want to call yourself. If you don't wish to call yourself that, then don't. 'Witch' is merely a label which you can choose to adopt or not.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Tabatha in Belton
Will I ever find the love of my life or is the man I am with now the love of my life
Dear Tabatha,
This is a question only you can answer! It sounds to me as if you are doubting that he is the love of your life, because if he really was, you wouldn't be asking the question. Having said that, I'm not sure that I believe there is only one 'love of your life' out there for each of us. I think there are many people who can become a great love depending on timing and our experiences.
I also think that many people miss out on love because they are constantly wondering if the grass isn't greener somewhere else, and whether they should hold out for something better or more perfect or more perfect or whatever. Love is different for all of us and is different each time we experience it. Sometimes it may be all fireworks then burn itself out. Sometimes it may start off with fireworks but grow into something longerlasting. Other times it may creep up on you gradually.
To find out if a relationship is right for you, you will need to meditate on this question and question your deepest assumptions on what you think love is. You can't know if you've found something unless you can define what it is you're looking for.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From christine in margate
dear aunt tabatha first i want to thank you for answering my question. i know it has nothing to do with this section but to be quite honest i really didn t know what to do. i m just thankful that you explained things to me. aunt tabatha i have a problem dealing with my mother-in-law who is depressed. you see sometimes it s too much for me to handle especially that i m pregnant. i ve been trying to help her but she s so negative about her life. she s so hard on herself and can t seem to forget the past. i m reaching the point when i m almost fed up trying to help her. is there a spell that i can perform to banish her negative thoughts about her past because i think it s destroying her. blessed be...
Dear christine,
It's very hard being a supporter of someone who is depressed and it is very easy to get dragged into their spiral of negative thinking. It sounds harsh, but the only person that can help her is herself. You can't cast a spell to heal her and you can't sort her depression for her. As with any other illness of this type, she first has to recognise she has a problem and acknowledge she needs help. Try concentrating on helping her take this first step. It should not be your responsibility, although obviously you care about her and want to help. Is she seeing a counsellor or taking any form of treatment? Could your husband try to persuade her to? Does she have other children who could help take the burden off your shoulders? Could you try speaking to her GP to see if s/he has any suggestions? You could also try for further suggestions. There are natural ways to help with depression but it all depends on why she is depressed, so it really would be best to see a doctor first. If, as you think, it is to do with not coming to terms with her past, then a counsellor would probably be of more help than tablets, although they can also be helpful in their place. Maybe at that point, and with her permission, you could try magical ways of helping her leave the past behind. Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From phillip in denver
how do you become a witch
Dear phillip,
If you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Allie in
Dear Aunt Tabatha - do you know of any groups/covens in Cumbria preferably in the West as I feel like I m the only witch up here and I m getting lonely. Also are there any meetings up here that you know of that I could regularly attend. Many thanks Allie
Dear Allie,
Please see my response to the previous question, to which I would add - check out the online forums for official CoA Gatherings in your area, and also go to local new age shops and check out their noticeboards. Or, think of setting something up yourself!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From ann in sheffield
i want t find a coven but havent got a clue where t start.please help
Dear ann,
Unfortunately, covens tend to be few and far between, especially covens which are actively recruiting. The best way to find one is to get involved in your local Pagan scene and meet people. Go to any local moots, courses or talks and let it be known you're lookig for a coven. If and when you find one, be cautious and sensible - find out about them first and don't just join the first one you find if it doesn't feel right.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From christine in margate
dear aunt tabatha i ve just recently applied to become an official CoA member last week and still got no confimation from them. i sent them email three times and haven t got a reply. is something wrong with the website i also tried to log-in the online members area but it seems i couldn t access it. please help me out aunt tabatha. i don t know where i stand with this membership thing. thank you..blessed be...
Dear christine,
This is a spiritual agony aunt column, not technical help. The standard response to your question is to allow 28 days for a response to your membership application, and then if you ahven't heard to ring up and check. Merlyn and Epona run CoA alongside their ordinary lives and jobs and they get more than 500 emails a day. Patience is a virtue. Once you have your official membership number, you then post this in the Upgrade to Full Membership forum on the online website and wait to be upgraded for FM access.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Akrum in Yonkers
Who does Richard Link really work for
Dear Akrum,
Who is Richard Link?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Akrum in Yonkers
Why did my friend take me with him to see a fortune teller when he was the only one going in for a reading.
Dear Akrum,
Why do we take our friends clothes shopping when only we are looking for a new shirt? For moral support, company, advice... Sounds fairly usual to me!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura-lou in nottinghamshire
dear aunt tabatha i have loads of books on witchcraft but nothing has seemed to tell me the difference between witchcraft and wicca could you give me some advise please blessed be lou
Dear laura-lou,
Well, that is a big question and one which has been discussed a lot. I think the generally accepted reply in the UK is that Witchcraft is a way of practising magic which may or may not be associated with a religious belief, whereas Wicca is a religion with a fairly formal structure and beliefs. As I see it, Witch is an umbrella term for someone who practises spellcraft, including hedgewitches, solitairies, traditionals, eclectics, Pagan Witches, Christian Witches, and Wiccans. Wiccan is a much more specific term for someone who follows the (generally initiatory) path introduced by Gerald Gardner.
However, in American books the 2 terms may well be used more or less interchangeably. Many people may disgaree with my summing up, but as a non-Wiccan witch myself, i feel it is important to keep a distinction between the 2 terms.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura in nottinghamshire
I have been doing tarrot for a while now and it has took alot of practise but i have finally got the hang of it i have also been practising crystal gazing of as long as i can remember and im not getting no-where with it and im getting to the stage of giving in. could you give me some advise PLEASE thankyou blessed be lou
Dear laura,
We all have certain skills and abilities, such as yours with the tarot, but with this, we also have to accept that we are not so good at other things. This could just be the case with you and the crystal gazing. Maybe you just have to accept that the tarot is your gift, and the crystal isn't.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From laura-lou in nottinghamshire
i have been practising wicca/ witchcraft for a while now and im not sure when you can start to call your self a witch maybe you could give me some advise thankyou blessed be xloux
Dear laura-lou,
You can call yourself whatever you like, whenever you like! The words are just labels, nothing more. If you make a sincere decision to be a witch and start studying the path, that seems like a logical time to start calling yourself a witch if you so desire.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Liz in
I m very much into crafts and was wondering if it s ok to make my own Tarot cards I can t find a set that I like or that I can afford. Many thanks
Dear Liz,
Yes, more than OK - it should always be remembered that any tools we use are just that - tools. Therefore, the more personal they are to us, the more useful they will be. If you are able to make every single tool you use, I am sure it will work all the better for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Gypsy in
Dear Aunt Tabitha I have to keep my beliefs hidden. i keep my ritual and spell materials hidden. Is this bad. I am still going to a baptist church because i am afraid of what my dad will do to me when he finds out that i am wiccan. I am new at this and am studying and learning on my own but not by my choice. Do you have any advice that you can give me Gypsy
Dear Gypsy,
There's nothing wrong with keeping your beliefs private - spiritual beliefs are a very private and personal thing and you shouldn't feel that you have to tell anyone yours if you don't want to. You also shouldn't feel bad about trying to keep the peace within your family. Families are very important and very complex things and it can stir up very deep emotions if you start questioning the family religious assumptions.
I would go very gently at this, exactly as you are doing. If Wicca really is the path for you, then it will be a lifelong commitment with plenty of time to tell your father as and when you are ready and it will be easier.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From stephanie in west new york
I want to do a really easy simple revenge spell.what should i do
Dear stephanie,
Don't, would be my advice. Revenge is a tricky thing and it can often come back and bite you on the bum. As a general rule it gets you no-where, binds you to the person you are getting revenge on when you should be moving on, and puts out nastiness into a world already too full of it.
Karma makes sure people get back what they put out, and the cool thing is that you don't have to do a thing. If you really feel you must do something about a person's actions, then I suggest a justice spell as a last resort - but be careful, it might just give you your just deserts too, so be careful that you are totally innocent before you do it!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jadza Hunter in Sydney Australia
Hey Aunt Tabatha I would like to ask a question about Soul Mates Have you the knowledge to tell me when I will meet my soul mate and who I feel a connection with certain people in photographs but I have no way of finding out if I belong with them. Or if I have known then in a past life. have I even had a past life Please help me before I fall in love with every photo I see -Jadza
Dear Jadza Hunter,
I can't tell you about soul mates as i am not a psychic, but I believe that some people probably can help you here - either past life regression therapists or certain psychics.
Not every person you feel a connection with is a soul mate - it may be for many reasons - maybe you share some sort of genetic kinship with them which you subconsciously recognise. Maybe you knew each other in a past life. Maybe you have some sort of spiritual path in common. But just because one or all of these things is true of someone, doesn't mean you have to fall in love with them!
If you feel some sort of connection to someone, acknowledge it, put it to the back of your mind to remember or write it in your journal, and then move on unless and until your paths cross again. You may learn what it is you need to do in order to work out your connection, or you may not. We all ahve many connections to many people in this life and in others, but the key is balance - don't go off madly after one person when there are many others you also need to know.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Silly in
Dear Aunt Tabatha I know that I ve bothered you once before. But I tried and I had faith in doing witch craft and that spells will work. I started practicing it everysince I was 11. What am I doing wrong Please Help. --Silly
Dear Silly,
I presume you're saying your spells don't work? If so, the only answer is to practise more. Spellwork isn't easy - it takes hard work, dedication, concentration, focus, practice and experience.
Maybe you're trying too complicated a spell? Maybe you're not being specific enough in your spells? maybe you aren't focusing the power properly? Maybe you aren't connecing to the power in the first place? Maybe you aren't creating spells whcih really have a personal resonance for you?
There are many things which can go wrong in the spellcasting process, but time and experience usually sorts them out. However, you should be aware that it can take many years and some people never get the hang of it.
In the meantime, forget doing spells for a while - say a year or so - and practise meditation and visualisation skills instead. These skills are vital for the performance of a spell and it may well be this which is letting you down.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From LuNa in Metairie
Hi i wanted to know what does the star with the circle mean..i always wanted to know.Thank You
Dear LuNa,
A five-pointed star enclosed in a circle is called a pentacle and it is generally used as a symbol for Pagans and Witches to know each other by - it symbolises the elements of earth, air, fire and water, with spirit ascendent, all encircled by the neverending circel of life, death and rebirth.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Donovan in Lawton ok
i need some help on psi or pranic energy just some info you you could thanks love Donovan
Dear Donovan ,
I believe prana is the Indian word for the energy which flows around our bodies and is called chi or lifeforce in other spiritual systems. I also believe it is related to the breatha nd to yogic practice. I am sure that if you type it in to a search engine you will come up with far more information on it than I can tell you.
Psi, is just a word to encompass all the so-called psychic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis etc, so psi energy would be the energy of the mind.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Sam in Metairie
what does it take to be a witch
Dear Sam,
To be a witch means you use magic using power you gain from tapping into hte natural energy of the planet and the universe. So, to be a witch, you need to learn to use magic, to appreciate the natural energy of the universe and to direct this energy within you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Victoria in Detroit MI
Dear Aunt Tabatha I m a pretty nice person I don t mean to toot my own horn but thats what people tell me but the problem is I have a really nasty temper and when somebody make me EXTREMELY angry which takes alot I somehow re-route my negative energy toward them and something really bad happens to them. For example this kid who made me angry a few years ago and I re-routed all my negative energy towrds him and things for him went downhill he even got into a car accident earlier this year. I didn t mean to but I don t wanna hurt people sure I was angry at the kid but he nearly died in the accident and now he has severe memory loss. What should I do I ve been like this since I was a kid before I got into the craft. Please help me out. Victoria
Dear Victoria,
Firstly, calm down. It may well be that your anger had nothing to do with this car accident. We have all had instances of nasty things happening to people we don't like, but if we add up the times this happens and put it against the times nasty things happne to people we love, we can see that by the law of avergaes, nasty things happen to everyone at some time or other.
The second thing to do though, is to acknoledge your anger and work with it before it gets to blowing point. I am sure you are a nice person, but you need to really acknowledge that you have this nasty temper, start to recognise when it builds up and then defuse it before something happens. We all ahve the power to control our emotions if we want to and if we practise, so this is obviously your next project.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kaylene in Sherwood Park
My Friends arent really including me that much like after school they dont call me or they dont hang out with me at lunch is there a spell i can do to make them include me more
Dear Kaylene,
This isn't a situation that calls for spells, it's a situation that calls for dumping these losers and finding yourself some real friends! Why would you want to hang out with people who can be that cruel to you? They obviously don't really care, so find yourself some friends that do.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Liam in Sandpoint
I have seen thet I have vary unusuwel Powers and the ability to do vary strang things. I was wondering if by joining wica i whold lose this or have more. My friend and I have had the same suff happen to us and it is vary strang.
Dear Liam,
We all have different skills and abilities and when we gain new ones or have unusual ones, it can seem puzzling, but witchcraft is merely a framework for practising magic and magical skills, so it alone will not either help or hinder your skills. It is you that ahs to work hard to recognise your skills, hone them and use them wisely. Witchcraft can give you advice and experience with this, but it is not necessary to become a witch.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aunt Tabatha in Children of Artemis
Aunt Tabatha is on holiday from June 1st to June 8th, so either wait to post your question, or wait to see your answer!
Dear Aunt Tabatha,
Aunt T
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Celia in UK
For the past year I have been doing all I can to read and learn about paganism so I can find my path. I have one huge obstacle and that is that for 20 or so years I was a member of a fundamentalist happy clappy christian church. I can t go into the details here but I was never comfortable there and only had the strength to leave when a family crisis hit and they turned against me. For the past eight years I have been trying to unbrainwash myself it was like a cult believe me and now I find that I can t believe in the God and Goddess or worship them or get it out of my head that what I want to do is wrong . I so want to embrace this new life but is there anything out there I can read that will help me or is it possible to find a counsellor who is open to the occult as I was told to call it I live near London and there are at least two new age shops I could ask in but I am afraid they might think I am still a christian and spying on them. I m so mixed up and no spring chicken at 47 Sorry this is so long but it s come to a head recently and I need help. Thank you for reading this.
Dear Celia,
My sympathy to you in a difficult stage in life. I, too, was brought up in the style of church you mention and I know how it can effect a person.
I think the key is not to feel you have to make a complete break with your previous life - instead try to find common ground between your new beliefs and old - there are more than you might think, so don' throw out the baby with the bathwater! Jesus' message of love and doing good chimes well with the Pagan 'harm none' ethic. Some people even describe themselves as Christian witches, so that is an avenue you may wish to explore. Or even Spiritualist churches or Quakers, both of which ahve a more mystical approach to a broadly christian-type belief, and could be an alternative to god/goddess worship.
I must also mention that you don't actually have to believe in or worship a god or a goddess to be a witch or Pagan. You could look into pantheism, atheism or humanism instead.
The main thing is not to try and make yourself believe anything that does not come naturally. Most of us find our beliefs evolve over many years and we can end up somewhere very different from where we start out. This is fine. You don't have to 'prove' to anyone that you're really a pagan now, honest guv. No-one is even going to remotely think that you might be a christian spy, for even if you were, we ahve nothing to hide and much to share. It may help if you were to find a christian who is pagan-friendly, in order to show that the 2 beliefs are not at war and mutually exclusive.
Do try to pluck up the courage to ask in your new age shops - they are there to cater for new pagans as well as the more experienced and will be glad to help you without thinking any the less of you.
good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Yessie in Metairie
yes i have this boyfriend which i d liked to say that i m in love but i just don t know that for sure... I m leaving to Miami soon and i don t know what to do. He says that he s gonna wait for me but i don t think he can wait for two years.. i told him that i would come back and see him..should i just forget about it should i insist what should i do...he says he loves me and cares for me..
Dear Yessie,
This is entirely outside of your control - it may work out or it may not. It would be too simplistic to say that if you love each other it will work out. Plenty of couples who genuinely love each other cannot keep a relationship going during a long period of separation, but others can and do.
Essentially you ahve 2 choices - you can see how it goes while continuing the relationship as a long-distance one. That way, if it splits up you will at least ahve tried your best, and who knows, he may miss you so much he moves to be with you!
Or, you can decide to call it a day before you go in order to end the uncertainty and heartache the long-distcnace can produce. Only you know the correct way to go, based on your knowledge of yourself, your boyfriend and the kind of relationship you have.
One hint though - if either of you are the jealous type, if either of you are the unfaithful type, or if you ahve the type of relationship based very much on the physical side of things, or peppered with misunderstandings, you will need to do some HARD work before you go. Good luck.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jaden in Whittier
Can Karma cause something bad become good
Dear Jaden,
Karma is generally defined as the moral law of cause and effect, ie what you do comes back to you, although it is much more subtle than that. It can be seen as: if you do bad things, you will get bad things. If you do good things, you will get good things. But there is more to it than that - it is more a case of each action of yours sending out a vibration into the universe and you must then deal with the effects of that vibration, whether that be to atone for your action, to reap rewards, to relive it, or to understand it. The key being that this is something in each individual's control - they can choose which way they want to live. In this way it is distinct from the more western idea of fate or destiny.
I am not sure what you were really asking, but I hope this answers your question.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Autumn Lightning in
Hello I ve been studying witchcraft for a while now and Iv e learned that a good way to release energy was by visualizing white light coming out of the body part affected well ive tried it a couple of times and I could never visualize it althought i understood the fact that it takes time for things to work...therefor iv e kept trying...Iv e seen the white light come out two or three times now but not so long ago iv e tried it and iv e seen read light come out instead of white is this normal or could this be a sign of something Thanks for taking the time to read my Question Lots of love your wiccan friend Autumn Lightning
Dear Autumn Lightning,
Red can symbolise many things both bad and good: it is the colour of anger, aggression and blood but also the colour of love and passion. It can indicate the need to stop or the release of powerful pent-up energy. The interpretation for you will be entirely personal and will depend on where on your body this colour has been associated and what meaning this part has for you. Think carefully about anything that has happened recently which could fit in with any of these interpretations - have you fallen in love, got very angry, lost some blood?. The answer will come for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Aylwin in Abuja
Dear Aunt tabatha Pls I would want to know cause of unfulfiled promise from almost the number of people that come my way. Is my high libido as a result of negative forces Aylwin.
Dear Aylwin,
The sad truth as I have experienced it is this: many people make promises they cannot fulfil, have no intention of fulfilling, or that they do not think hard enough about to know consciously whether or not they will fulfil it. This is not your problem or anything to do with you. You merely ahve to get to know people better before you raise your expectations. there will be some people you can rely on in this manner and you will soon find out which ones. This is merely a problem with human nature, I'm afraid.
As for your libido - this is just another part of your personality and character. Some people have high ones, some people ahve low ones. Some people ahve high ones because their needs are not being met currently, but they will settle donw with the right partner. Again, this is part of everyday life and nothing to worry about.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From chryste in Las Vegas
Ma am I am just starting off and I wanted to know where to go for support on this because my family hates the fact that I am studying witchcraft. Where should I go There also is this woman I work with who is just a horrible person and thinks that everything I do is wrong from getting married to having my first child and I would really like her to realise that she is wrong for judging me because it is not the exact same way she would do it is there anything that I can do to show her the error of her ways Thanks alot. Chryste form Vegas
Dear chryste,
Firstly, why do you care what this woman thinks of you? She is obviously an opinionated and judgmental person, so why would you be remotely interested in her opinion of you, let alone want her approval? rather than seek to change her, which would be very hard, change yourself and your attitude to her. This will be easier. Next time she criticises you just say 'really? I will bear that in mind' and then change the subject or stay quiet. And ignore hwat she has said. As you say, you are the expert on your own life, so let her words be water off a duck's back. I know it can be irritating to work with someone like this, but if you can't change this, you will ahve to learn to live with it or else it is your peace of mind that is disturbed, no-one else will suffer!
I don't have any contacts in the US as I am UK-based, but you could certainly join the online forums here (it's free) and learn from others throughout the world. Or you could try your local new age shop - these often have noticeboards or run courses and talks, and can be a good place for finding out about your local 'scene'.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Anna in Gunnison
hi i need help My little brother is being possessed by somone in his blood line and i dont know what to do or how to help him. Can you tell me what to do to help him
Dear Anna,
What do you mean by 'possessed'? If you mean that he thinks he's being taken over by, and made to do things by, another person or entity, then I ahve to say that this is far more often a symptom of a mental illness than anything spiritual. So, rule this out first and take him to a doctor. If you mean something milder, such as a spirit appearing to talk through him, then it is possible he could be a natural medium. Have you asked the entity what it wants? What kind of behaviour does it display?
What age of person are we talking here? What do your parents think? Either way, this is not your repsonsibility, it is theirs.
Personally, I ahve never seen a case of possession and I generally think that spirits ahve better things to do with their energy, and that ancestors tend to have recincarnated. PLacing protection around the house and teaching him to visualise his own protective shield should help in case he is receiving some sort of negativity from somewhere.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From wolf of shadows in musqudoboit
blessed be Aunt Tabatha i was wondering what the best way to raise energy in the circle is.
Dear wolf of shadows,
There are lots of ways of raising energy, both in the circle and out of it - dancing, singing, chanting, meditation, sexual activity (with a partner or alone). Anything that stirs the passions or that induces a trance state will work.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waterfox in hugglescote
thank you for your help but i have one last question well for now hehe p i don t know if you know or not or if you have any power to change this but anyway for sometime now i have been banned from this site but i have never been given a reason i really like this site and use to come on here a lot to talk to other witchs and i really enjoyed it but now i cannot the only thing i can do on this site is ask you questions i cannot even read other posts or write any. if you could please try and find out either why i have been banned or ask if there is someone for me to talk to about being banned so i can know for my self and so i can find out if i am allowed back on the forums or/and chat at any point then i would be extremly greatful. i have already tried e-mailing them and contacting them using the link from the web site. thank you please. blessed be
Dear waterfox,
Right, I don't normally get involved with forum things, but just this once - I have talked to admin and you were banned for multiple rule-breaking: swearing in chat, disrupting teen chat, posting rants on the forums, a multiple id, and attempting to use another person to post your messages once your id had been banned. Several other people complained about you. Any one of these things breaks the site's rules, but altogether they add up to banning I'm afraid. The admin's decision is final on this and I ahve no influence and will not enter into any further discussion on this topic.
I am happy to answer any of your magical or spiritual questions, but I really cannot and will not go into this subject further.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waterfox in huglescote
yes the probalem is i liked it i had the power i was incontrol so what i was hurting people i had power for once in my life i could do somthing ha i thought you would bring teen in to this i have gone past that and controlled it it is hard to explain but i was force to grow up by my mother and so i have been there done that now i am not sure what it is i have worked out to control my anger and use it to hurt people and then i want more and more anger for more power but this isn t me this isn t the thing i like doing i don t want to hurt people
Dear waterfox,
It's all very well saying you've 'gone past the teen thing', but it is obvious you haven't! What you are describing is absolutely classic teen stuff. I'm not saying this to belittle you or your experiences and I'm aware that it doesn't make it any less real or hurtful, bu it is true. You should take comfort from the fact that many others share the experience you describe, or have gone through it in the past. What do you think sparks off poltergeist behaviour? Exactly the anger you describe, and in exactly the way you describe 'sending' it.
The fact is - if you don't want to do it and aren't enjoying doing it, then it is in your power to stop. Stop giving your power and control away to an external force. Only you can give it away and only you can take it back. Doing that, and being a master of your emotions, at least most of the time, is the hallmark of truly growing up. Bad experiences can make you seem to 'grow up' on a superficial level, but this maturity is the inner sign. Some people never achieve this! Anyway, good luck!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From oliver in philippines
hi mam i am a victim of witchcraft can you teach me how to combat the spell being used against me...and can you teach me how to open my htird eye thanks for your consideration
Dear oliver,
If you think you have been the victim of neagtaive magic, the best thing to do is strenghten your personal protection. In order to do this, visualise a shield of white, gold, blue or silver light surrounding you to form a kind of oval shell. This lets in positive energy and surrounds you with healing and strengthening light, but it reflects back anything negative towards the sender and makes sure it can't reach you.
The 'third eye' area is associated with communicating with the gods and with psychic abilities and the best way to activate it is to meditate on this and practise. It can take a long time or a short time depending on how naturally skilled you are in this area, but everyone should be able to do it with time and persistence.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waterfox in hugglescote
help i am normal the type of person that knows that yes there is lots of bad in the world either by going through lots of it my self or feeling it in other yes i am an empath but i always want people to use their skills for good make the world a beter place i wouldn t hurt anyone unless they are trying to hurt peopel who are weaker but now i don t no what is happening to me i become angry all the time i bite some of my friends heads of for no reason not litrally last weekend without trying i managed to make my step-mum get very bad cramp in her foot everytime i tensed mine and even when i knew i was doing it i kept on doing it eek normally i would ask on here for help and advise i don t want to hurt people i want to help people but i have been banned of here and never been told why and so that adds to my anger so i have very little abilaty to talk to other witchs sorry to go on and on but i am quite streesed and angry for no reasson and really do want help before it all gets out of hand please help.
Dear waterfox,
Right, take a deep breath and calm down. You ahve the ability to control your emotions, but you must believe that you do. Currently, you seem to believe that you are at the mercy of some other force. This is not true. You are letting your power scatter off in all directions like a catherine wheel. Stop focusing on what you feel people ahve done to you, or what they deserve and focus on yourself, your emotions and your behaviour, When you feel yourself starting to get angry, withdraw from other people for a while and channel that energy. Shout, sing, dance, punch a pillow, run very fast.
Also, be aware that as a teen, it is a natural part of growing up to be angry and feel frustrated - we've all been through it and come out of the other side. As you gain more control over your life and your world, the frustration will drain away. Just hang on in there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joe in Abuja
Dear aunt tabatha I must apologize for being impatient in my last enquiry.I do appreciate that you have family to cater for but did t mean to hurt you.I was only trying to find solutions to my problem. I should say that I m very sorry if i have got you annoyed by my action. Well I might be forced to believe that there might be some elements of collusion on my own part for my present situation in life but being very naive on whats and what have been my own personal contributions since I have been working so hard and not lazy I still need to guided on how to find my blessings and stop blaming others.I am also interested to be a member of the children of Artemis . Best regards Joe.
Dear Joe ,
Apology accepted!
As for your present situation - all I can really say is that unfortunately, hard work doesn't always guarantee rewards. At least, not always in the way we want them. bad things happen to good people as well as to bad people and that's just the way life is.
Stop and think hard about your life. Is the universe trying to tell you that you're on the wrong path? Are you doing a job that you feel you ought to rather than the one that is in your heart and passion? Are you scared to make changes that moight be for the better? have you passed up opportunities for love because of low self-esteem or other problems?
There are always blessings in everyone's life but sometimes we can accidentaly blind ourselves to them. Maybe we compare ourselves to someone who is apparently doing 'better', maybe we poison our own life by being bitter.
Obviously, we can all be affected by negativity or ill-wishes sent to us by others, but we can protect ourselves from this with simple but powerful visualisations of a shield around ourselves, reflecting bad anything nasty.
To see how to become a member of CHildren of Artemis, go to the members page and click on INternationl Membership.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Abertoril in northamptonshire
Dear aunt Tabatha i have been involved in wicca for since i was 13 and three years on i have finally become deep enough in it to say that i know much of what i speak. i strongly believe that being wiccan is my calling. recently i have become less practical and i regretiblly fear for the wanning of my faith. i have 2 friends who are both also wiccan and we have discussed wicca numerous times but never have we held a circle. i have asked and they have said yes but every time it comes to casting our light they decide that they don t want to. i know that you must NOT forse somebody elses will and i have not tryed to but i am running out of patience. what do you advise blessed be Abertoril.
Dear Abertoril,
Just because you happen to know other Wiccans doesn't mean it would be a good idea to do a working with them. many people fall into the 'convenience' trap of choosing who to work with but in reality this should be a very serious decision. It sounds to me as if all of you know deep down that working together wouldn't be a good idea. This is not to criticise any of you, but you may just not be quite compatible.
My advice would be on restoring your own faith and trying to work through what is obviously one of those regular 'lean periods' with which we all suffer from time to time. Spend some time on focusing inwards and shelve the plans to work with others for the time being. When you feel stronger in your faith again, the solution may well come to you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joe in Abuja
Dear Tabatha You have not answered my secord question of 21-05-2004. Iam eagerly waiting please. Best regards Joe.
Dear Joe ,
Yes, and it is only the 22nd May now. You're very impatient. I do ahve a life and family you know, I don't just hang around ont he computer all day!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From lene in manchester
i ve got this feeling that somebody has cursed me. i know it seems silly but i went to a moot and this person and he said that he would curse me. At the time i laughed it off.I don t know why he said his as i ve only met him once.Plus i ve never done anything to him. Since then i have not been very well. i have not been sleeping well and i ve been getting this feeling that someting has been pressing down on my chest while i have been in bed making it hard to breath. i keep getting flu and getting a tight feeling round my chest. i went to the doctors and he gave me some penicillin. but now its come back. i know its silly to think he s cursed me.iT JUST Seems funny that this all started when he said that. i also think it could be just a thought form in my head even if he has nt then that could do me damage. My question is how do i heal my self and protect my self from future attacks. Also i know about the rule of three but does it still apply if the attack has worked on the victim Does that mean the energy sent out would go back to him How should i handle this What should i do
Dear lene,
I don't believe in the Rule of Threefold Return, but I do believe in general karma. I am positive that if anyone has sent you negative energy then that will rebound on them.
However, i have to say that true curses are rare, and that effective curses are even rarer simply because the kind of person who does this kind of thing tends to have no power anyway!
I would put this man's threat from your mind, increase your personal protection by visualising your shiny shield every evening. See it reflecting back anything nasty towards the sender but letting in goodness, healing and love. This kind of protection is very effective. Next, give yourself some healing. Lay hands on yourself and visualise the healing energy coming in from the universe through the top of your head, spreading throughout your body and coming out throught the palms of your hands. Let this energy fill you - it might be golden, silver, white, blue or turquoise. See the negative energy leaving your body through the soles of your feet.
The chest area is typically associated with emotions and feelings, so if you've been feeling nervous and upset, it is classic to have a tight chest and suffer from these kind of ailments. The kind of dreams you describe where it feels as if something is sitting on your chest are also a well-known thing known as being 'hag-ridden' - no one really knows why they occur, but with any other sleep disturbance, stress is a huge factor. Try some relaxation exercises before bed and valerian tea (this can be bought at most health food shops). It might be just a case of getting back into your normaly sleep patterns again.
If you have seen a doctor and he has ruled out anything serious, try a qualified herbalist to prescribe something to build up your immunity to ill-health. Also consult a book about yoga positions for opening up the chest and helping with congestion.
I don't think you're being silly at all, but don't let anyone take away your control of your life. This is yours alone, but no-one can take it if you don't let them!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joe in Abuja
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am very worried because of some myterious things happening around me. As you can see by the date of my birth I m 42years old I m of this reaped age without any meanful achievement to reckoned with. Iam still single and stll struggle each day to eke out an existence.Aunt there have been strong beliefs that my misfortune are caused by wicked witches who are close me. Can this be true in this mundane world What can I do to free myself from this wicked group. Best regards Joe.
Dear Joe,
It is true that negativity can affect your life, but i don't think it can blight it to this degree without some kind of collusion from you yourself.
Bad things happen to us all and i believe that the outcome depends on the way we deal with that. Some people will still be ekeing out an existence all their lives but be grateful for family and love in their lives or vice versa.
the key is to look for your blessings, stop looking for excuses and sort things out yourself. You hold the key to your own destiny.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Joe in abuja
Dear aunt tabatha Could one being wiccan enable him or her some solve diffcult problems caused by the black witchesandwizards such as ill-luck lack of progreess in life /business
Dear Joe ,
I don't believe in 'black' or 'white' magic. Magic is simply magic and can be used to do good things or to cause harm. If you are versed in magical techniques, whether within Wicca or another magical system, then you will be able to use your knowledge to protect yourself should you need to.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From susan in scotland
I have been interseted in wicca for some time and just recently I happened upon this website. I was very excited with the site and decided to apply for membership. Unfortunatley I have as yet not been able to access the members only area despite my payment having been accepted I should be greatfull for this rectified so that I can increase my knowledge on this what looks like informative site. Obviously I have done other research and reading into wicca. Can you help or guide me with the next best for of acction.
Dear susan,
This isn't a technical help section!
Have you posted your Full Member Number in the appropriate forum in order for your membership to be updated? You ahve to do this or Merlyn and Epona cannot connect your online name with your real-life name and FM number! If you have done this and it still hasn't been updated, try posting again and also send a pm to UltraViolet or Merlyn to look into it for you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Stella in Redwood City
How can I lessen the pain of losing/parting with someone I loved dearly whether dead or alive I hurt so much...
Dear Stella,
The only real healer in this case is time. You ahve to go through the pain and cpome out of the other side. If you try to bury it or remove it, it has a habit of coming out again a lot later and in a way which is harder to deal with.
Don't be afraid of expressing your grief and letting out your feelings. Try to change your habits for a while so that you don't do things and go to places that you used to share with the absent person. If the person is dead, you may find it comforting to go to a good medium to hear or send a message one last time.
If they have left you but are still alive, you could try a spell to cut the emotional connection between you and let each of you go your separate ways.
Things will get better.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Unknown in
Hello Aunt Tabtha I was wondering if you have any love spells .
Dear Unknown,
No, I don't have any love spells and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, spells should always be created by the caster as their power lies in the intent and the personal connection to the person who casts them. Secondly, it is highly unethical to try and force someone to feel things that they don't genuinely feel. Thirdly, why on earth would you want someone who had to be forced to love you? And fourthly, spells are notoriously complicated in the area of human emotions, as emotions are hugely complicated. You really could not possibly anticipate the outcome and it could have all sorts of hideous side effects on you, on the other person and on many innocent bystanders.
The only love spells that are a good idea to do are ones designed to bring love into your life, but leaving it open as to who that person might be. Or to open yourself up to love and the possibility of a relationship. By all means, do a spell on this issue.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Leslyann in Michigan
I know a witch can write her own spells. Thats commun sense. But can a spell be carried out when the person is in the process of writing it I was writing a spell for a loved one to release their pain and when I was done I said it a few times to hear how it sounded. All of this was yesterday. Today I saw that loved one and they seemed like they were actually alright. Aside for a little incident today all their previous pain seemed to be washed away. Can that really happen
Dear Leslyann,
Yes. The power of a spell is the intent, not the 'performance', so it is entirely possible that as you were writing it you really focused your energy and 'sent' it. Well done for doing such an effective spell!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From confused in Edinburgh
Hi Aunt Tabatha I read your advice and it helped me but I got kindof upset. I don t want to cling on to a shadow but at the same time I don t want to let go.I m not afraid of people or the real world I am afraid of myself my life and what happened in the past.I wonder what my secret mind is planning although its planning against the one I have control of.I want to be able to be in control of my life and not have to feel unworthy of myself and friends whenever my emotions run out of control.Is there anything I could do to help myself because I don t want to be insecure of my own mind Thanks for all your help.
Dear confused,
It sounds as if your main problem is low self-esteem and insecurity stemming from this. Don't gove in to this: you are valuable, unique and worthy of all the love in the world. You are just as worthy as all your friends, and don't let anyone or anything that has happened to you make you think otherwise.
The issue of control is one that a lot of us have problems with. If something has happened to us at some point which was out of our control, we can sometimes try to compensate by going overboard in an area we can control. This is an understandable reaction but not necessarily one that is healthy for us.
As much as we may want to, we cannot control everything that happens in our lives, especially not where other peoples' emotions are concerned. It can be hard to let go and let what will happen, happen - but that is what we all have to do in the end.
I think you should think seriously about seeing some kind of counsellor to help you talk through these issues in a safe and controlled manner. You can do this!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Nick in smithville
I am really into Wicca but i havent done anything with it yet. i have read books about it and i want to try it but i don t know where to start with it all could you help me thanks for your advice
Dear Nick,
If you ahve done the research, it is definitely time to start living up to your beliefs. You could try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Chessi in newport
I have been wicca for ages and my altar is in my cupboard on my top shelf. My mum doesn t know about me bein wicca because i havent told her i want her to know and accept my religion but im afraid she ll force me to be something im not when i wanted to be a vegetarian she forced me to eat meat. I dont want to be a christian. I am Wiccan.Blessed be Chessi
Dear Chessi,
There is no rule that says you have to tell your mother or anyone else your personal religious beliefs. Your faith is a private matter and can remain so.
However, I think secresta re usually very hard to keep so you should think about introducing this idea to your mother slowly and carefully.
Many parents (including mine when I was a teen!) are not happy about children going vegetarian - they worry about all sorts of things such as you getting a balanced diet, and the extra work it means for the person cooking the family meals. Just becasue your mum wasn't happy about you becoming a veggie, doesn't mean she will react in the same way to other changes you make in yourself.
And remember, no-one can force you to be a CHristian or anything else - it's your beliefs that matter and that make you a certain faith, not outward empty observances.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From anja in southampton
dear aunt tabatha. Ive never been a religious person but I always had a respect and love for nature so Ive recently been thinking about getting into wicca of some sort. Ive read some about it but there are some stuff that bugs me do u really need all this material thing for whitchcrafting the wand the stones candles books special papers and oils and perfumes Is there a simpler version of the art love anja
Dear anja,
The simple answer is 'no' you don't need any 'stuff' at all. I can't answer for Wicca as I am just a plain old witch, but witchcraft itself does not require any religious beliefs, any props or stuff, or anything apart from you, your intent and anything you want to use, such as herbs, plants, oils etc...
Try reading up on natural/green witchcraft rather than Wicca - RaeBeth, Marian Green or Fiona Walker-Craven.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From confused in Edinburgh
Hi Aunt Tabatha I really need your help I am in love with a guy and have been for the past six years but its like he doesn t exist I have a drawing of him but thats the only thing I have ever seen of him. Even if he doesn t exsist I know that I truly love him I can look at other people and say they re nice/good looking but I could never really start loving them because I feel as if my heart is chained to a promise to someone I have never met. I did have crushes on guys when I was 6 years old but I have been in love with him since I was nine and obviously teenagers like famous people and even if I look at a famous person and say they re nice I apologise to him and I know he forgives me. I think about him every day and I fantasize about him wonder what we would say to each other. Because I love him so much I refuse to have relationships with other people or even so much as kiss them as I am waiting for him to show up for me because he is the only one for me. I can t say to my freinds that I am in love with someone because they would think that I am deranged. What I am asking of you is to help me because I want proof that he is there and will be there for me soon or at least he knows I exsist and loves me too. Please help me thank you very much for any help you give me.
Dear confused,
I'm sorry but I can't give you the assurances you want. Where did you get this drawing? Who drew it? What makes you think this is of a real person? Do you know when the drawing was done? Even if it is of a real person, it could have been done years ago.
I really think you to sit back, distance yourself from this a bit and take a long hard look at yourself. What are you afraid of in the real world, with real people? In a way you're protecting yourself by being in love with this drawing - he can't reject you or hurt you because he's not really there. You are wasting your life by waiting on a shadow.
My advice would be to put your drawing away and go out and experience real life. Stop comparing every guy you meet to an imposible ideal. How could anyone real ever live up to this statue on a pedestal you ahve created?
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Raven in Owensboro
Dear Aunt Tabatha I am 14 years old I have been practicing witchcraft since I was 11 I have also been with the person that I am with since I was 11. I never told her that I was Wiccan and she just recently found out and since then she has been acting a little strange lately I need to find some way to explain to her about my religion but I can t ever seem to find the words. What should I do I don t want her to continue to act strange around me but like I said I m not sure how to start a conversation about my religion with her. Any help would be greatly appreciated Blessed be Raven
Dear Raven,
I think being direct is the key - say straight out 'you've seemed a little odd with me recently and I think it may be because you ahve found something out about me. I'd like to explain, if I may'. If she's known and loved you for 3 years, she should know the sortof person you are and that you won't be into anything nasty. But on the other hand, she may feel a bit left out or hurt that you haven't confided in her before, or shared your religion with her.
It also might be worth thinking about why you find this hard to discuss with her and why you've kept it to yourself up till now. Are you afraid she'll laugh or dismiss your faith? Are you afraid she won't share your feelings on this? If you can work out what you afraid of, you'll find it easier to approach her.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jayne in Wolverhampton
I have bad neighbours. Their children are tormenting the local community many of whom are elderly and infirm including my mother. One of the mothers launched a verbal assault on me the other day because I d told her son off. I moved to this area to escape the Neighbours from Hell. Their harrassment led to be depression feeling suicidal and self-harm. I fear that neither me or my mother could bear to go through the experience again. I have thought long and hard about doing a spell. The local authhorities/police/council are useless. The spell would not just be for myself but also others. I thought a spell for justice or something that will show these people that their actions are wrong rather than a spell for harm or revenge. I would be grateful of any advice.
Dear Jayne,
I think that spell for justice would be very appropriate in the circumstances although be careful in working this ont he behalf of others as well as they may be hiding wrongdoing that you know nothing about and which could be uncovered by such a spell! Also consider doing a working for the protection of your family and house, and ones for health and happiness in roder to counter the possibility of becoming depressed again.
I really feel that the best way out of this situation is to move again if at all possible. But if this situation has occurred to you before, you might also like to consider what the universe is trying to teach you about this situation. If you can do so, it may help resolve it, if mundane processes such as the council and police have failed.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From daniel in london
well i started seeing the craft through one of my friends well after that it was history my first book was about shaminism. and i got hooked now i want to know is that fate or the craft calling me
Dear daniel ,
It does sound as though you are drawn to this kind of thing, although whether you choose to label it fate, destiny, the Craft calling or something else is up to you, and probably irrelevant. The important thing is to follow your instinct and go with it. This will help you find your true path.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Brandy in Hopkinsville
Dear Aunt Tabitha My cat Tiger just recently died. He died in my arms sometime early friday morning. I ve been really upset cuz I ve had him since he was 2 and I was 5 and I ll be 19 in three months. Anyways since he died I ve been having the same reaccurring dream. I m always holding him and he s always dying. I can feel his fur and hear him take his last gasp of breath. It s upsetting cuz I know if I got to him in time I could have prevented his death. What should I do this dream is upsetting me
Dear Brandy,
It's bound to be very upsetting when a pet dies - they are members of the family and we get to know and love them very well. Give yourself time and space to grieve for him.
What you need to do is accept his death - I don't knwo the circumstances and whether or not you could really have saved him or whether you are torturing yourself with unnecessary guilt - but the fact is that you didn't save hima nd you can't change that. he knows and knew you loved and would ahve done anything you could to save him, but sometimes you can't do anything. It is hard to accept that a loved one is gone, and hard to accept our powerlessness over this process but it is part of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Time will lessen the pain. Try to replace your last memory of Tiger so that you don't dwell on his last moments but instead think of the good times you had together throughout your lives.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From pheonix in cardiff
hello aunt tabitha i have studied witchcraft for over a year now and im finding it difficult to maintain my conection to the divine more recently the beauty seems harder to see and i was wondering if u have any advice that could help me feel the way i did when i first started practising.any advice is worth listing to so any reply would be most appreciated.blessed be pheonix
Dear pheonix,
I think faith goes in cycles - when we first start out it is easy as we have that enthusiasm and the thrill of novelty to keep us going. After a while that wears off and it is hard to keep it going, but then someting happens to bring us back onto the path again and it is like at the start - and so it goes on like this. Like in any relationship, the trick is to ride out the bad times, knowing that the good times are just around the corner again.
Try to find out what triggers your 'distant' times - is it that you get busy with other stuff, that the mundane seems to weigh you down, that a couple of spells in a row don't work? Is it a particular time of the year? Do you feel stake and stagnant in the rest of your life? This could be a pointer that you need to change something in your life.
To try and put the pep back, do the things you would in a relationship - spend some more time on your spiritual life, lavish some time and attention on your connection with the divine, spoil yourself in doing the things that connect you most.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From tara in Glasgow
hi I ve been interested in and practicing witchcraft on my own since i was about 12 on and off i have recently joined a gardenarian coven and much as i truly love the folk in this coven i m not entirely sure gardenarian wicca is the right path for me. can you give me any advice
Dear tara,
Follow your heart and your inctsinct - group work isn't right for everyone and neithe ris any one particular type of witchcraft. If you feel Gardnerian isn't for you, then go with that.
There are many people out there who don't feel comfortable with this kind of practice - myself included - and who have been solitary through choice and preference all their lives. You could be one of these. Only you know for sure, so meditate on it and go with your instinct as to where your true path lies.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Kaylea in Olympia
I m very interested in wicca but i am afraid of what i might experience and who to go to...who do i do
Dear Kaylea,
What sort of thing are you thinking of here? You won't experience anything you aren't ready for. It is true that ameeting with the god or goddess can be awe-inspiring, but not scary in the way you are thinking.
Witchcraft isn't for the faint-hearted, it can affect every aspect of your life and make you experience big changes in your life. The best thing to do is to read widely before you try to do anything furhter - try The Real Witches handbook by Kate West or SpellBound by Teresa Moorey.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Hannah in Palm Springs
I want to become wiccan but my grandmother hates the stuff and she is a christian i dont know what to do
Dear Hannah ,
There's no need to tell your grandmother or anyone about your personal faith. Religion is a private matter and you don't need to tell anyone you don't want to tell - it is no-one else's business.
You don't need any paraphenalia to practise, so no-one needs to know.
If you do want to tell her, then introduce the subject gradually. bring up the subject of faith, and tell her your thoughts on the subject. Emphasise the parts that she will agree with such as care for the planet and harming none. Don't give her the name of the faith until she underdtands exactly what it is you believe. Then give her a good introductory book on the subejct to read and discuss with you.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Rhonda in
I have been introduced to wicca through the art of meditation. I would like to know how do i sense my own power if i do sense it what do i do with it. I prefer to get in touch with my earth magic. But i was told the other day just by being a mother it was earth magic. Is that true is a mothers love magic on its own
Dear Rhonda,
I definitely think it is true that amother's love is magic on its won - after all, it connects you with the land, with your ancestors, with the miracle of making life, and it gives you a real intuition. There is magic all around us all the time, it isn't something out of the ordinary, it is in every single thing and we use magic all the time without realising it. You just need to think about the things you do - healing your children with a kiss, putting love and protection into a family meal as you are cooking, these are ways that your power manifests itself. Don't look for lightning and weird stuff, tune into the everyday and that is where your power is.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Marco in Monteagle
i ve been looking at some other organizations and none are anywhere near me in physical being. is there anything i can do
Dear Marco,
not unless you want to try and start your own moot! Seriously, numbers-wise Pagans and Witches are relatively few especially in certain areas, so you aren't necessarily going to find any organisations or current moots right next door to you. This can make life difficult but not impossible. You could try and start yourown, you could check out the noticeboard at your local new age shop for courses and talks. You could get an online or snail mail penfriend, or you could join the online forums here at this site. there are plenty of ways nowadays to contact likeminded souls.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Amethyst in Portland
Aunt Tabatha I am a mother of three young children and I am a semi-newbie in the craft. My husband is a Catholic and not interested in learning about what I am into now. He is sapportive as in watching the kids w/o complaint on my coven nights etc... He even helped me prepare for a ritual. But I want to teach my children the wicca path and my husband is like NO WAY So what can I do to ease him and my children into the life choice I have made
Dear Amethyst,
It's one thing to choose a certain way of life yourself but quite another to teach it to your children - as with any other aspect of your child-rearing your husband is allowed equal input into this decision. Are your children being taught about his faith? If so, it is only fair they also learn about yours. If they aren't learning about his, it undermines the case for you too!
Personally, I consider a spiritual aspect to be a vital part of children's upbringing, so depriving them of this is something you should both think carefully about. I do think it is unreasonable of your husband to refuse to let you teach your faith to the kids but also to refuse to learn about it himself. How can he object if he doesn't even know what it is about? Explain to him that as a matter of respect to you, the mother of his children, he has to explain to you exactly what it is he objects to in Wicca. This might be a starting point for discussion on his actual understanding of witchcraft.
I don't really see what he can object to as there are a great many simiarities (as well as differences) between wicca and Catholicism - candles and incense, rituals and mysticism. Try pointing out the similarities. And also, agree that neither religion is to have the upper hand with the kids - they are to learn about both equally and not told to practise one or the other. maybe he fears that if the children choose your religion, he will 'lose' tyhem in some way. Don't be confrontational about this issue - instead discuss exactly what your husband's fears are. maybe he fears he's losing you to a new and strange thing he is no part of? If this divisions is really bad, it might be worth seeking relationship counselling to help solve it as it is a very fundamental issue within your relationship and one which it is difficult to compromise on.

Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Bonnie in Brisbane
Thank you very much I have looked at the sites you listed and found them intriguing. But neither of the authors had read the code . Oh and I also want to know how best to begin my journey in Wicca.
Dear Bonnie,
Here's another link for you to investigate then: but I must point out that there are literally thousands of websites debating the Bible Code, and many Jewish and Christian sites disbelieve it too.
As for starting out in Wicca, if you are new to Witchcraft then the best thing you can do is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Try a book by someone such as Teresa Moorey, Kate West, or Fiona Horne. Also, try chatting to other Witches, for example in the Forums on this site. Learn some useful techniques such as meditation and visualisation. Go out as much as you can into natural setting and attune yourself with the natural world, observe the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the plants, animals and weather in your local environment and become more aware of your place within that environment. Learn about plants and herbs for healing and eating. Be still and listen for the energy that fills the earth and the universe. Feel it flowing within you and without you. This should get you off to a good start.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Myst in Dothan AL
I m stuck my best friend s mom works at a church but I m Wiccan I don t know how to tell her that I m not Christian. How should I tell her
Dear Myst,
*Why* should you tell her is perhaps a more relevant question. I really see how it could possibly be any of her business. Presumably she knows lots of people who aren't Christians, so why should she care anyway? I presume she knows that you don't go to church - that should tell her you aren't Christian. But exactly what your beleifs are is a very personal issue and one that is private and is often best kept so.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From waterfox in hugglescote
well for quiet a while i have thought everyone could dream read feel others feelings and things like that until i came on here and found out it wasnt. now someone has surgested to me i might be an empath and apparntly its not normal to know what someone is feeling and why over the internet and not being told about any of it b4 hand what is the world coming to and i have look it up on the net and i was reading what most empaths are like and well it was like reading a discription of me. one thing the web site didnt tell me was how to control it. it told me what happen if i didnt but not how to control it so emr any help would be good please
Dear waterfox,
Lots of witches are empaths, it's also fairly common amongst teachers, counsellors, parents and other caring roles. The key to learning to control this is experience and practise I'm afraid. There are some tricks, such as visualising your emotions and those of others and then visualising a shield or cut-off switch to stop them coming in to you or your emotions flowing outwards. If you don't learn to control this gift then you could end up feeling swamped and drained by other peoples' emotions. It will take a while to learn to control it but is well worth persevering with.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Jessi in
Hey Aunt Tabatha... i dont have a question but i just wanna say thanks to you... because you have helped me out alot over the last few times i have wrote to you and i just wanna let you know how much i appreciate it.... thank you so much for being there for all of us luvs Jessi
Dear Jessi,
*blushes* - thanks for the vote of confidence, glad I could help!
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From theo navarro in mosta malta
hi I was wondering if you knew any wiccans in malta who are looking for a coven as I have just established my own
Dear theo navarro,
I'm sorry but i don't know of any witches outside of the UK - you could try emailing Merlyn on [email protected] but I don't think he has any contacts there.
Dear Aunt Tabatha - From Bonnie in Brisbane
I am a very confused person at the moment. I am torn between believing in christianty and Wicca. You see my dad is a strong christain and he read this book called the bible code and it says that the world is going to like end in 2012 and there is going to be a plauge in 2006. It was so convincing up untill reasently I thought the bible was a lode of Cr p I love wicca and I love Magick and going things with nature it just feels me but I just dont no what to think any more. can you please help me
Dear Bonnie,
I haven't read the Bible Code so i can't comment specifically on its contents (although from what I have read about it in papaers I'm pretty sure it predicted things that were going to happen in the year 2000 which didn't). However, I really think that this book is a load of horse manure. I suspect you could find all sorts of 'hidden messages' in any text if you used enough numerical formulae. Also, was this analysis undertaken on the Bible in its original language and format? I don't think so. Therefore, how could anything have been encoded in a random translation? Who is supposed to have encoded it? I think that if you chekc around the internet a bit you will find that quite a lot of people ahve debunked this book. Here's one:
And another:
I don't know if your true path lies in Christianity, Wicca o