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The museum that Cecil founded as the Witches' House is a lasting monument to his energy and vision.

The museum is a rare resource for students of witchcraft and the occult. The new owners are keen to point out that it is a museum of witchcraft and not a pagan museum. Visit the museum's web site .



Cecil Williamson 1909-1999

On Thursday, 9th December 1999 at 10:00am., Cecil Williamson passed from this world into the care of the Old Ones.

An eccentric elder statesman of the Craft, he was, from the age of seven, totally committed to the furtherance of the Old Religion and its customs.

Founder of the Witchcraft Research Centre, Museum of Magic & Witchcraft at Castleton on the Isle of Man and the Witches' House Museum at Boscastle, North Cornwall, he will be missed by many.

Although Cecil has gone from us to join the Ancestors, we will hold his memory in affection and respect until we meet again.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again

Liz & Graham

Cecil Wiiliamson
Historian, Folklorist, and Wise man

Died peacefully on the 9th December in Devon, England after a long illness aged 90 years.
He was the founder and former proprieter of both the Museum of Witchcraft on the Isle of Man, and more recently  the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle Cornwall.

At his own request there will be no funeral service. All who would like to mark his passing are asked to conduct their own ritual at 10:00pm GMT Sat 18th December. They will be linked to the many friends and colleagues who will be remembering Cecil at that time.

Levannah Morgan


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