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About Us
The Objectives of The Children of Artemis

To promote an ethical approach to Wicca, in accordance with the wiccan rede "An it harm none, do what you will"
To present a truthful and accurate view of Wicca/Witchcraft to the outside world.
To promote understanding of the beliefs of Wicca & Witchcraft, which are:

  • We attempt to live by the Wiccan rede, not harming anyone or anything by our actions (or lack of them).
  • We take personal responsibility for our actions.
  • We always attempt to respect and live in harmony with nature.
  • We view divinity as both male and female, in the form of the Goddess and God. We extend this view of equality to our everyday lives.
  • We view magic as an intrinsic part of this world, a completely natural and neutral force.
  • We never seek to convert others, only providing information and assistance if they actively seek it.
  • We view Wicca or Witchcraft as one spiritual path chosen by some, other religions are equally valid for those that choose them. Hence we always attempt to practice tolerance to others beliefs.
Benefits of Membership of the Children of Artemis

A copy of the Children of Artemis Wicca/Witchcraft information pack.
Members will receive our Witchcraft & Wicca magazine giving information on Wicca/Witchcraft, forthcoming events and news on relevant subjects twice a year (issued at Beltane and Samhain).
Members will receive our Witchcraft Times newspaper giving information on Wicca/Witchcraft, forthcoming events and news on relevant subjects twice a year (issued at Imbolc and Lammas).
Access to our information service, answering your questions on Witchcraft and Wicca in the UK. We regret that due to limited resources we have to limit this service to four letters a year.
Discount prices on occasional Children of Artemis events and workshops
All personal details you provide will be kept strictly confidential, unless you specifically authorise their release, such as is necessary for the group/coven finding service.

For membership details please write enclosing an SAE to:
BM Artemis, London, WC1N 3XX

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Email: Click here

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BM Artemis,
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of the Children of Artemis

Details of how to join the Children of Artemis if you live in the UK or Ireland.

Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine

Witchcraft & Wicca magazine is available twice a year at Imbolc and Lammas priced at £3.25. You can order your over the internet from our WitchShop. or order your copy at your local Pagan/Occult/New Age bookshop.
Please allow 14 days for delivery

Legal Status

Children of Artemis legal entity is:
Children of Artemis Limited
(No. SC379179
) is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated under Scottish law. Children of Artemis also organises the Witchfest festivals in the UK.

The important difference between a company limited by Guarantee and an ordinary company is that one limited by guarentee can not pay a dividend or proifts to shareholders. All of the Directors of Children of Artemis are volunteers and none receive a salary. CoA is a true non-profit organisation with all income being used to provide more facilities for it's members.

Many other smaller non-profit organisations that do not want the expense and restrictions of becoming a charity have a similar legal status.

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